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Terms Definitions
Name? Category?
Insufflation Tubing
Irrigation Tubing
Suctioning and Irrigation Accessory
Name? Category? Uses?
Name: Smooth Pickups
Category: Grasping and Holding
Uses: pick up/ grasp tissue/ items in the surgical wound.
* Delicate to heavy
* various sizes
* This instrument is ATRAUMATIC
Name? Category? Use?
Name: Deaver Retractor
Category: Retracting and Exposing
Use: Deep abdominal retraction
* Also have a "Baby Deaver" used in vaginal and pedi cases
* Hand-held
Name? Category? Uses?
(Note: This instrument has serrations and teeth)
Name: Bonney Tissue Forceps, Cowan, Victor Bonney
Category: Grasping and Holding
Uses: Grasping heavy tissue or bone
* Lengths: 6.25", 7.75", 9"
Balfour Retractor
Gemini Forceps
Poole Suction
Deaver Retractor
Babcock Forceps
goodell dilator
Halstead-Mosquito clamp
Kocher clamp
USA-army retractor
Crile Clamp
EZ Wrap
spring retractor
ribbon-maleable retractor
Parker Retractor
Bookwalter Retractor
Bonney Forceps
Harrington Retractor
Metzenbaum Scissors
Goelet Retractor
Pean Clamp
Snook hook
Sterilizer Forcep
Suture Scissors
Mayo scissors
Wire Cutters
kavorkian curet
Grooved director-mickeymouse
Aneurism hook
Backhaus towel clamp
Hurd Dissector-Pillar Retractor
Army Navy Retractor
Freer Septum Elevator
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors
backhause towel clamp
Lebsche sternum knife
single tooth tenaculum
frazier suction tip
Knife Handle #3
sterile technique
surical asespsis
Number? Stab incisions.
graves vaginal speculum
van buren dilator-male
cushing vein retractor
heany hysterctomy clamp
#3 Knife Handle
Brown-Adson Tissue Forceps
Halsted Mosquito Forceps
Adson Tonsil Forceps
Allis Tissue Clamp
Knife Handle #7
Mayo-Hagar needle holders
Tissue Thumb Forceps
Jones towel clamp
Olsen-Hegar Needle Holders
Schnidt tonsil clamp
disposable myringtomy set
ballentine hysterctomy clamp
Poole suction tip
v. Bandage scissors
Cuts bandage
Davis Brain Spatula Retractor
bakes common duct dilators
Tissue Forceps with Teeth
straight mayo "suture scissors"
Bandage Scissors
Lister Bandage Scissors
Double Ended Richardson Retractor
S/M Dissecting Scissors
Dissecting Scissors
Spay Hook (snook hook)
jacobs double tooth teneculum
Lowman Bow Clamp (Turkey Claw)
occupational saftey and health administration
Rochester-Carmalt Hemostats
♥Larger crushing forceps
♥Grooves run along the axis of the jaws
♥Commonly used for OHE
Senn Retractor
Rake-like on one end
to dilate the cervix transvaginally
very traumatic
crushes powerfully and creates a fold in the tissues to which it is applied

Ferguson Angiotribe forceps
1. Scapel
Incising tissues with minimal trauma
Used for trimming and recontouring alveolar bone and gross tissue removal
Kelly Haemostats
Ridges halfway. General haemostats. Not suitable for temporary vessel occlusion (promotes thrombosis).
Castroviejo Needle Holders
Delicate tissues - eye
Yankauer/Suction tip
to remove fluid during intraoral,intraabdominal, or intrathoracic surgical procedures
Ferguson Angiotribe forceps
very traumatic
can also be curved
tracheostomy tubes
inserted into tracheostomy stoma for upper respiratory obstructive cases
Rochester-Carmalt Haemostats
"Bitch spay forceps".
For large peduncles, arteries
Because they are mild cleaners, dish soaps are the cleaners of choice for surgical instruments.
OR scissors can be used for what?
Gelpi retractor
to maintain wound exposure during neurosurgery (self-retaining)orthopedic surgery,and neck surgery
various lenths with or without grip lock
A surgical knife to make exact precise incision of the soft tissue
i. Mayo scissors
Cutting tough tissues eg. Heavy connective tissues
Used with chisel to split teeth and/or remove bone
scalpel handle
to accoomodate knife blades of any size, on this test 3, 3 long, 4, 7.
What are surgical-grade instruments?
-constructed of high-quality stainless steal
-resists bending, pitting, scratching, and dulling
Volkman Curette
Used for scraping soft tissue away from bone.
Brown-Adson Thumb Forceps
♦Most common used
♦Most gentle on tissue
♦Multipe intermeshing teeth
What is the most common blade for large animal medicine?
Frazer /suction tip
to evacuate small quantities of accumilated fluild
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders
holds only
only for needle or for scalpel blades
a. Rongeur
cut small pieces of dense tissues. eg. bone, cartilage, fibrous tissue
Brown Adson thumb forceps
intermeshing tissue for picking up tissue
What are floor-grade instruments?
-made from inferior metals
-tend to bend, break, and stain eaisly
-usually classified as single-use items
Ferguson Angiotribe (Hemostats)
♣Cut and crush at the same time
Poole /suction tip
to remove ascites or irrigation fluid abdominal or chest cavity straight or curved mental or disposable
Allis clamp
to grasp and hold tissue or organs to secure any operating material (cords and suction tubing) onto the drapes
4x5,5x6,or 9x10 teeth variious lenths ,angular jaws
another type of scalpel handle that is used in eye and ear surgery is what?
Beaver blade handle
Rochester-Oschner hemostats
Same as Pean with a rat-tooth at the tip
surgical chisel and mallet
used to break a tooth ,remove or reshape by chisel and tapping it with the mallet.
what are some examples of scissors?
suture scissors (mayo scissors) and jorgenson scissors-used for hystorectomy
What are the 8 classifications of instruments?
grasping and holding, clamping and occluding, cutting and dissecting, retracting, measuring, suturing, dilators, and suction,
What are hemostatic forceps used for?
Crushing and occluding small to medium vessels
an osteotome has how many beveled sides?
2-used to remove bone to graft elsewhere in body
What is the Castroviejo needle holder used for?
in eye and microsurgery, which has a spring catch or can be locking or nonlocking
Ragnell Retractor
Tuttle Forceps
Beckman Retractor
Richardson Retractor
Alm Retractor
senn retractors
Pennington Clamp
Adson Forceps
russian forcep
bayonette forceps
Volkman Retractor
Yankauer Suction
Bayonet Forceps
Needle Holder
Rochester Oschner
Rochester-Carmalt forceps
Jorgenson scissors
leforce adenotomes
Toothed Tissue Forceps
Putti Bone Rasp
Dandy Nerve Hook
Taylor Spinal Retractor
hank cervical dilator
weighted vaginal speculum
tissue forcep "rat-tooth"
Russian Tissue Forceps
Foerster Sponge Clamp
#4 Knife Handle
jennings mouth gag
right angle clamp
cottle nasal speculum
straight ballentine clamp
Bailey Rib Contractor
Baron Suction Tips
Doyen Clamp
For intestines
O'Sullivan-O'Connor Abdominal Retractor
Derf needle holders
Plain Splinter
Thumb Forcep
Kelly hemostatic forceps
Probe and Groove Director
ferguson gall stone scoops
#3 Long Knife Handle
Carmalt Forceps
Longitudinal grooves
For larger pedicles
Poole Suction with Sheath
Skin Hook and Retractor
No 12 Scalpel Blade
burford finochietto rib spreaders
Curved Mayo Scissors Heavy Scissors
Kelly Hemostats
♦Larger than mosquitoes
♦Grooved at the tips of the jaw
Surgical instuments used to grasp.
Curved Mayo Dissecting Scissors
Dissecting Scissors
Doyen Forceps
don't completely close
for delicate tissue (intestines)
don't crush
Designed to occlude or constrict tissue
Tyding tonsil snare w/ straight tip
Needle Holder--Olsen-Hegar
♥Built iin scissors
♥Better for surgery because of the built in scissors
Surgical instruments with a hollow barrel (lumen) through their center.
Curved or Straight Halsted Mosquito Hemostat
Instruments used to hold a curved needle are called needle holders
what classification is atraumatic clamps in?
clamping and occluding
♠Used for cutting, or sharp and blunt dissection
♠Straight or Curved
♠Cutting Edge is Plane or Serrated
For linear incision of the skin
Large animal
Tissue Forceps have teeth and dressing forceps have serrations.
True or false hemostatic forceps can be straight or curved?
Russian forseps
to approximate tissue during wound closure (abdominal wall fascia, uterus) to lift clots when evacuating hematomas
6,8,or 10 inches long
b. Curette
scrape away hard tissues. eg. necrotic bone
Used to examine the interior of bodily cavities, hollow organs, or structures and to perform certain procedures through them.
bohazard saftey equipment
MSDS binder, waste containers, ppo equip, eye wash basin
to gaugedepth or direction of a sinus or cavity
V-shaped bone chisel; cut looks like a trough
Rat Tooth Forceps
For grasping skin
Good for orthopedic surgeries
What is the most common scalpel blade used in small animal medicine?
it beaks has grooves and has a locking mechanism handle for holding objects and tissue.
What is boggy tissue?
heavy with fluid, inflamed, or diseased
Gosset (self-retaining) retractors
No spoon. Used for abdominal wall retraction. Used for smaller animals.
What surgery is a poole suction tip used in?
Abdominal surgery
Adson hemostat clamp
to secure hemostasis of vessels in neurosurgery
straight or curved 7 1/4 or 8 3/4 inches long serrations along half the length of the jaw
What are some examples of self-retaining retractors?
Balfour, finochietto, weitlaner, and McPherson
What is a hohmann retractor used for/in?
Leverage in orthopedic surgery
What are characteristics of fatty tissue?
-does not compress well
-breaks into small pieces when clamped
What is a pean used for?
Crushing and occluding large tissue bundles and vessels
What are examples of the cutting and dissecting classification?
scalpel (knife), scissors, rongeur, shears, curette, osteotome, chisel, gouge, elevator, and rasp
What are metzenbaum scissors used for?
Delicate tissue such as thin muscles or fat
What are 3 types of finishes used on metal instruments?
-bright or mirror finish:causes glare
-satin finish;reduces glare
-ebony;black finish used for laser surgery
What is the distingushing feature of the Crile forceps?
the transverse grooves go all the way down
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