Surgical Instruments Test Out Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Suture Scissors
Balfour Retractor
Kerrison Rongeur
Fisher Knife
Peon clamp
russian forcep
richardson retractor
laryngeal mirror
Senn Retractor
oscillating reciprocating
kelly-crile clamp
weitlaner retractor
Kocher clamp
Ochsner trocar
Hibbs Retractor
Tuttle Forceps
Beckman Retractor
Deaver Retractor
Iris Scissors
Bonney Forceps
Gelpi retractors
Self Retractor
Operating scissors
Hagar dilators
Weitlaner Retractor
Jamshidi biopsy needle
DeBakey Tissue Forceps
Curved Metzenbaum Scissors
Foerster Sponge Forceps
plain tissue forceps
heany hysterctomy clamp
thomas blunt currette
edna-lorna towel clamp
O'Sullivan-O'Connor Abdominal Retractor
Knife Handle #7
Heaney-Ballantine Hysterectomy Clamp
Number? Smaller patients.
frazier suction tip
#7 Knife handle
Curved Mayo Scissors
Mini Hohmann Retractor
has transverse grooves
Cushing Vein Retractor
Babcock Intestinal Clamp
Wire cutting scissors
Brown-Adson thumb forceps
Crile Wood
Neddle Holder
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders
Crile Hemostatic forceps
adson w/o teeth
tyding tonsil knife
Forester ring forceps
e. Bone pins
Repair fracture
Jansen Tissue Forceps (Bayonettes)
burford finochietto rib spreaders
Tissue Forceps without Teeth
adson forceps w teeth
Plain Adson Tissue Forceps
Tissue Forceps
♦Locking and self-retaining
♦Sharp teeth to grasp and prevent slipping
Tissue Forceps with Teeth
Straight Hunter
Splinter Thumb Forceps
No 11 Scalpel Blade
white tonsil seizing forcep
In situ drains
post op drainage
lowest level, cleaning visible contaminants
Rat-toothed Thumb Forceps
♠Large interdigitating teeth
Halsted Mosquito Hemostats
♥Most delicate
♥Use for skin bleeders
Backhaus Towel Clamp, Perforating Clamp, Traumatic Clamp
5. Hemostats
Crushing instruments. Stops bleeding by collapsing lumen of blood vessels.
Multipurpose instrument used to clamp off blood vessels, remove small root tips, and grasp loose objects
Yankauer/Suction tip
to remove fluid during intraoral,intraabdominal, or intrathoracic surgical procedures
Doyen Intestinal Forceps
Used for occluding bowel.
Army-Navy Retractors
Right angle on one end
Clamps large tissue bundles that contain blood vessls

Arterial hemostasis

Rochester-Carmalt Forceps
iv. Wire suture cutting scissors
Remove wire sutures
highest level, distroys most forms of microbial life except certain bacterial spores
Lister scissors
bandage scissors with one blade blunted to prevent injury to patient
Rat Tooth Forceps
Preferred for thick fascia/skin. Minimal crush but can puncture hollow organs.
Technicians are responsible for:
♥Care and maintenance
♥Organizing and preparing the packs
♥Assiting with surgeries (passing)
♥Ordering new and replacing worn instruments
Debakey Forceps
For blood vessels and delicate organs
Mosquito forceps are used for what?
skin bleeders
Babcock forceps
to grasp delicate tissue ( instestine,appendix) with out crushing or traumatizing. Heavy or delicate jaws various lenths ( 5 1/2 to 9 1/2 inches.
needle holder
it similar to hemostat with smooth beaks to hold suture needle.
iii. Suture scissors
Remove all sutures except wire sutures
Root Tip Pick
Delicate Instruments for the removal of root tips in difficult to reach areas
fine tipped rongeurs are categorized by the angle of their tip which is what?
upbiting or downbiting
Balfour (self-retaining) Retractors
Used for abdominal wall retraction. Medium-large dogs.
Hemostatic Forceps
♠Used to clamp blood vessels or tissue to stop bleedng
♠Numerous lengths
♠Straight or curved
Wire suture cutting scissors are used for what?
Cutting wire
Kelly hemostatic forceps
can also be curved
only half is serrated
vi. General purpose scissors
Multiple purposes outside of tissue dissection
Allis Tissue forceps
"alligator" teeth grip for picking up and crushing tissue
What are some characteristics of serosa tissue?
-eaisly punctured
-can bleed profusely
-nontraumatic instruments
Yankauer Suction Tube
• Suction of large volumes.
• Poor suction from dissection field.
What size scalpel handle do we use in large animal medicine?
c. Periosteal Elevator
pry and lift the flap of periosteum and other soft tissue from the surface of bone
what is an elevator used for?
to seperate or "elevate" tissue.
Operating or General Purpose Scissors
Used for drapes, gauze, suture, etc.
tongue and cheek retractor.
grasp and hold the tongue and cheek during a surgical tissue.
what are some examples of measuring instruments?
uterine sound, orthopedic calipers, depth gauge, sizer and probe
How do you clean suction tips?
By dipping in sterile water or inserting a stylet
What are the 3 types of rchester's we covered in class?
Carmalt, pean, and oshner
what is an example of a atraumatic clamp?
Babcock- noncrushing, usually used on bowl or fallopian tubes
Can mayo scissors be used on suture material?
Yes, but it is not ideal
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