Surgical Technology Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Intra Occular Lens
Removal of Paletine Tonsils
Removal of Pharyngeal Tonsils
what does LASER stand for?
Identify 2 Airways
Oral Airway
Nasal Airway
Distending agent for Laparascopic procedure
What is the definition of colo?
Are instruments opened or closed before going into the autoclave?
Distending agent for Cystoscope with resectoscope
Solution used for hysterscope
- Saline
- Glycine
What are 4 types of hemostatic agents?
Count times during C-Section
Initial count
Closure of uterus
Closure of peritoneum
Prior to skin closure
Visualization of the larynx through a fiberoptic laryngoscope
How are washings sent to pathology?
In Saline (Cryology)
What does LAVH stand for?
Laparascopic asisted vaginal hysterectomy
What is a biological indicator used for?
Possitive assurance
Instruments used on a Prostatectomy
Self retaining retractor
allis clamps
deaver retractor
malecot or pezzar catheter
metzenbaum scissors
What type of solution is on a Styptic?
Silver Nitrate
In an above knee amputation, what is used to prepare bone prior to cutting?
Periosteal Elevator
What is the last sense to leave when going under anesthesia?
Your Hearing
What is an Esmarch bandage used for?
Exsanguination of a limb
Finishing procedure once trach is in place
Remove obturator
Suction secretions and blood
place inner canula
secure tube with umbilical tape or suture
What is taken as a Specimen during a C-Section?
Cord Blood
Identify the tie used for a Tonsillectomy
0 Chromic, Plain, Vicryl
Why do we use staplers on the skin?
Less trauma
Easily removed
Easily put in
Less tissue reaction
What are 2 functions of the foley catheter during a prostatectomy?
Drainage of the bladder
What can an ESU do and not do?
Can: Cut, fulguration
Cannot: Blunt dissection
What catheter would be used during a prostatectomy?
Foley 22-24fr with 30cc balloon
What position would the patient be in for a BTT?
Supine position with head turned, surgical ear up
BTT also called?
Name 4 types of Lasers
Hemostatic Agents for Throat
Chemical            Mechanical
- Tanic acid       - Tonsil clamp
                   - Bovie
Incision in the tympanic membrane
What is the definition of chole?
What is BTT?
Bilateral Tympanotomy with Tubes
Surigical restoration of diseased or injured tympanic membrane on the middle ear.
Frozen Section
Specimen sent to pathology for immediate diagnosis
Identify 2 ways anesthesia monitors the Patient
Urine output
Distending agent for Endoscopic sinus procedure
Suturing needle most often used in Opthalmic Procedures
Name three types of drains
Hemovac- for radical mastectomy
What chemical is used in a STERIS?
Paracetic Acid
What instrument is used to smooth edges of bone?
Bone Rasp
What are nasal polyps removed with?
Wilde forceps
Powered Micro-Debrider
Instruments used on hernia repair
Skin knife
Right angle retractor
hemostatic clamps
Allis clamps
What type of ET tube is used when using a laser?
Packing material used for nasal procedures
Iodoform Gauze
Vaseline Gauze
Nasal Tampons
Why do we use Benzoine on skin before we apply dressings?
For adherence
Safety Rules for Lasers
Note on door when laser procedure going on
wear propper goggles for eye protection
moist towels around incision
special ET tubes for throat procedures
non-reflective instruments
Suture used on inguinal hernia with mesh
0, 2-0 prolene, taper
What is used during repair of detached retina?
Silicone Rods/ Patches
Why would you perform a BTT?
Chronic Otitis Media
(Chronic Ear Infections)
What is a T-tube used for?
Drainage of the common bile duct
Identify 9 basic instruments and Supplies
1. Large Basin
2. Lap sponges
3. Towels
4. Drapes
5. Surgeon gown and gloves
6. kelly Hemostatic clamps
7. Straight Mayo Scissors
8. Curved metzenbaum scissors
9. Army navy hand held retractors
10. knife handles and blades
What position is the patient in for a Trach?
Supine with neck hyperextended
What are pezzar and mushroom drains used for?
Drainage of bladder and patency (to keep something open)
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