Survey of Musical Theatre final exam Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Sweet Charity's Director/choreographer
Bob Fosse
Laurie is from what show
who choreographed Little Me
Bob Fosse
who playes fraulein schneider
lotte lenya
the music of compsoer Alexander borodin was adapted into this musical
Billy Bigelow is form what show
what musical featured the musical numbers "the little things you do together" "you could drive a person crazy" "another hundred people" "the ladies who lunch" and "being alive"
who starred in hello dolly
carol channing
what musical featured angela lansbury in the title role and established her as one of the reigning queens of broadway
Ethel Merman as an overbearing stage mother in what show
although it was their 3rd show together which musical secured the fame of the musical-writing team of lerner and loewe
what actress/dancer got better reviews in Can-Can than it's French star LIlo?
gwen verdon
Choreogrphaer and director for West Side Story
jerome robbins
Who is the composer of Candide
leonard bernstein
Who wrote the lyrics for Gypsy
Stephen Sondheim
which character sings "soliloquey" in carousel
billy bigelow
pal joey introduced the ________ into the types of musical theatre characters
who was the choreographer for Follies
Michael Bennett
who is the director/choreographer for fiddler on the roof
jerome robbins
who was the producer for follies
harold prince
who plays King Arthur in Camelot
Richard Burton
This show does not use the conventional dramatic structure of a linear story
who wrote the music for Camelot
frederick loewe
who wrote the lyrics for cabaret
fred ebb
which musical features the line "life is a banquet and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death?"
who plays sally bowles in cabaret
jill haworth
the musical took advantage of the comic skills of several actors who made their careers in vaudeville
who wrote the book for cabaret
joe masteroff
storyline: the musical that featured a half-god/half-devil leading player and irene ryan, better known as "granny" from "The Beverly Hillbillies" television series
whatever Lola wants, heart are from what show
damn yankees
who was the choreographer for Brigadoon
agnes de mille
Lotte Lenya is from what show
The Threepenny Opera
Lilo and Gwen Verdon come from what show
who is the choreographer for oklahoma
agnes de mille
Who is the composer for music man
meredith wilson
what character sings "wouldn't it be lovely" and "I could have danced all night" in My Fair Lady
Eliza Doolittle
Who was the origninal Eliza Doolittle in My Fair lady
Julie Andrews
compsoer and lyricist for Kiss me, Kate
cole porter
which musical by Meredith Wilson begins on the 4th of July 1912 in River City, Iowa
the music man
which musical is the story of Mama Rose and her daughter, a famous burlesque stripper
what show is the song bewitched from
Pal Joey
Ertha Kitta and Melba Morre in this Black variation of KIsmet
who wrote the music for funny girl
jule styne
the title character of a musical fails at finding "glory" and is happy to compromise by settling down to middle-class domesticity with a widow named catherine
who is the director and choreogrpher for hello dolly
gower champion
how long did the Fantasticks run for
42 years
What is Hello Dolly based off of
the matchmaker
who is the lyricist for The Fantasticks
tom jones
who is the star of Little Me
Sid caesar
nellie forbush and Emile de Becque are form what show
south pacific
what show is "broadway melody" from
singin in the rain
tony, maria, anita, bernardo are from what show
west side story
who is the composer of the music man
meredith wilson
Who is the composer/lyricist teams for Paint Your Wagon
Lerner and Loewe
Who is the composer/lyricist team for West Side Story
Bernstein and Sondheim
which musical is based on George Bernard Shaw's play Pigmalion
my fair lady
who wrote the book and lyrics for Carmen Jones
oscar hammerstein
whow was the original emile de becque in South Pacific
enzio pinza
What was the characters name in Gypsy that was an overbearing stage mom
Mama rose
Maria in the stage version of The Sound of Music
Mary Martin
Maria in the Movie version of The SOund of Music
Julie Andrews
who starred in The Man of La Mancha
Richard Kiley
who wrote the music and lyrics for Hello dolly
jerry herman
who wrote the lyrics for Jesus Christ Superstar
Tim Rice
actor who starred as the master of ceremonies (the emcee) in both the stage and film versions of cabaret
joel grey
which musical was based on a novel by charles dickens
which musical is based on the plays of roman playwright plautus
what was broadways first musical to touch on the craze for rock n roll
bye bye birdie
what show is a retelling of the last seven days of christ
what songs are "if ever I would leave you" and "how to handle a woman"
what songs are "soon its gonna rain" "they were you" and "try to remember" from
the fantasticks
I hate men, so in love, wunderbar, always true to you in my fashion are from what show
kiss me, kate
which musical was written by adler and ross and featured the numbers "Fernando's Hideaway" and "steam Heat"
the pajama game
Who played Anna in the King and I (stage version)
Gertrude Lawrence
Who is the composer of the King and I
richard rodgers
who wrote the music for once upon a mattress
mary rodgers
what actress came up with the idea of adapting the diaries into the King and I
gertrude Lawrence
what show is "doin what comes natur'lly, you can't get a man with a gun, there's no business like show business, anything you can do"
annie get your gun
what is the "conditional love song" found early in Carousel that is sung by julie and billy bigelow
if i loved you
what show do the fathers pretend to be enemies so that their children will fall in love with each other
the fantasticks
who wrote the lyrics and book for camelot
alan jay lerner
what show retold the last seven days of christ in such a flamboyant campy and mindblowing fashion
jesus christ superstar
who wrote the music and lyrics for A funny thing happened on the way to the forum
stephen sondheim
who is the singing idol in bye bye birdie
conrad birdie
who is the composer/lyricist team for The King and I
richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein
King Mongkut and Anna are from what show
the king and i
Where is teh life that late i led, I've come to wive it wealthily in padua, were thine that special face are from what show
kiss me, kate
what musical is an adaption of the fairytale The Princess and The Pea
Once upon a mattress
who is the composer/lyricist team for South Pacific
richard rodgers and oscar hammerstein
Ingmar Berman's 1955 film "smiles of a summer night" was adapated into this musical
a little night music
the musical with an entire score of 3/4 time (or multiples there
a little night music
The Impossible Dream is from what show
the man of la mancha
which musical is set in Bangkok and is based on the diaries of Englishwoman Anna Leonowens
The king and I
which musical is a version of teh Don Quixote tale
man of la mancha
Who is the composer/lyricist teams for Wonderful Town
music: Bernstein and Book and lyrics: Adolph Green
what is unique about the overture to A little Night Music
it is sung by a quintet
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