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Terms Definitions
spiritual power
to lengthen
mona lisa
Temple of Portunus
we see light
Frank Lloyd Wright
Portrait of Augustus
Conversion of Saint Paul
basic means for recording/communicating
extension of a point
linear forms in which length extends width
Venus of Urbino
Titian, 1538
Van Gogh
A Starry Night
Joseph Paxton, Crystal Palace
Pyramids at Giza Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Rome, Italy
Early Empire
80 C.E.
Concrete (originally faced with marble)
Public Entertainment, Gladiator fights
Female Head is made from...
discolored, bruised, or very angry
Leo Da Vinci is from?
buddist monk
father of zen buddishism
he cut of his eyelids
Photo Screen
the latest development in screenprinting is the photographic stencil.
Two Figures
Barbara Hepworth, two standing vertical masses that occupy a 3-d space, they represent two figures
Autumn Rhythm (#30)
POLLOCK. 1950. abstract expressionism.
What is a subtractive process called?
Bull is part of what culture?
to decorate an object with needlework
ARISTOTLE thought there were 2 different FUNCTIONS of the ARTS
Sherrie Levine, After Piet Mondrian postmodernism
Question 7 Hatching and Cross-hatching are ways of turning line into _____, or three dimensional, modeled space.
Concieved to stimulate a sense of beauty in viewer
An approach to art criticism that concentrates primarily on the elements and design of works of art
a form of culture characterized by cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, and advanced technology.
Edgar Degas
This painter exhibited with the Impressionists, bu his approach to painting was quite different. The structure of his paintings often includes paintings that are cut off at the edges, and they often show a strong diagonal. He was interested in defining human character and mood in different situations. He often used ballerinas as his inspiration. He painted, "The Ballet Class."
Post Impressionism
An artistic movement that expressed world that could not normally be seen, like dreams and fantasy.
a ceramic ware, usually white, firing in the highest temperature ranges, and often used for fine dinnerware, vases, and sculptures
use of unnatural proportions or scale to show the relative importance of figures
In watercolor paint, both the solvent and the binder is...
a person with great skill, especially a musician
in architexture a bee hive shaped tomb.
Prairie Style
The Kaufman HouseCreek runs through houseGuggenheim Museum
the pillar or center post supporting the lintel in the middle of the doorway
something that is given great stress or importance:
Diego Velazquez - The Maids of Honor, Baroque
Classical Style
Perfection of the male human body; rationally simplcity; restrained emotion
representational art
depicts the appearance of things; it presents and represents objects we recognize from the everyday world
what was the name of the audiences hall from esther had to enter?
Stained glass
the technique of creating images or decorations from precisely cut pieces of colored glass held together with strips of glass.
a Roman town hall, with three aisles and a apse at one or both ends, Christians appropriated this form for their churches.
Figure of a Woman is how tall? (exact)
- First to develops steel construction techniques that emphasized vertically and coined the phrase "Form Follows Function".
•Louis Sullivan
plowing in the nivernais
Rosa Bonheur, oil on canvas
PoMo Post Modernism
A reaction against the minimalist tendency of modernism. Architects borrowed styles and motifs from past cultures, other architects + appropriation
When works of art like Kasimir Malevich's Suprematist Painting, Black Rectangle, Blue Triangle shows no reference to the natural world of images, it is usually called:
d. nonrepresentational
time and motion study
the systematic investigation and analysis of the motions and the time required to perform a specific operation or task with a view to seeking more efficient methods of production as well as setting time standards.
a waxy substance used to draw or paint images on a lithographic stone or plate
Industrial Revolution (Britain, 1760)
American Revolution (1776)
French Revolution (1789)
Three revolutions that signaled the beginning of the MODERN AGE.
to have something so large that it can hardly be comprehended by the imagination
What is "mimesis"?
an imitation or interpretation of the world
Who is Malilol? What piece is he famous for?
"The River."
The first photo graph was created by who, of what, and when?
Niepce;his courtyard;1826
What architect designed the house known as FALLINGWATER & what type of construction was used?
Frank Lloyd Write, cantilever
The Sower
Vincent Van Gogh, a man walking in a violet and blue field with a super yellow sun behind him. utilizes line
Seagram Building
MIES VAN DER ROHE. New York, NY, 1960. international style.
What is a "binder"?
a medium mixed with solvent for support
Miles van der Rohe
Flees to U.S and brings International style True glass and steel skyscrapersLake Shore Drive Apartments, ChicagoSeagram building, NYC
Question 1 The Gates is a typical artwork by the collaborative team...
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Christ as the Good Shepherd
Wall Paintings- Catacombs of Rome- 4TH Century
Nocturne in Black and Gold
James McNeill Whistler, oil on oak panel
Judith and the maidservant with the head of Holofernes,
Artemisia Gentileschi, it is a painting that uses tenebrism and it creates a giant contrast where their faces and bodies are lit up and the background is very dark. This is a painting that shows two woman one has a sword and the other is kneeling down, there is a red curtain I the background
First thing that makes art different?
We create pieces for some human purpose.
Think: Human Purpose
what does lith mean? as in paleolithic, mesolithic, neolithic?
lith = stone
paleolithic = old stone age
mesolithic = middle stone age
neolithic = new stone age
In what way can sculpture be considered a "temporal" art form?
b. the spectator moves through time and space to view it
What is an example of art's power to convey immortality?
"Jahangir Preferring a Sufi Shaikh," by Bichitr. It showed he wanted to live forever.
name a work by Durer which is wood cut, one that is an engraving
woodcut = the 4 horseman of the apocalypse
engraving = melencolia
exact essence of an object or idea
Albrecht Durer
difference; discrepancy.
Wassily Kandinsky
Blue Mountain
The Holy Trinity
the tribute money
Vasily KandiskyJuan Mirrot
Giotto - Lamentation -Renaissance
Keith Haring
Pop Art
Semiotic Theory
50,000 people
Colosseum could hold...
Cold Mountain 3
Brice Marden
garden of earthly delights
Roman Greatest Achievements
town planning
civil engineering
A two-dimensional area having identifiable boundaries, created by lines, color or value changes, or some combination of these.
Cadeau (the gift), Man Ray
Berthe Morisot, Oil on canvas
Villa Savoye
Le CorbusierMachines for livingUncomplicated
opposition or juxtaposition of different forms, lines, or colors in a work of art to intensify each element's properties and produce a more dynamic expressiveness.
Step pyramid with mastaba base
Ancient Egypt
Luncheon on the Grass, Edouard Manet
Civil Rights Memorial designed by...
Maya Lin
Minimalism 1967
Donald Judd, Untitled, (brass) steps/levels - illusionistic paintings are a lie, sculptures
What are mediums/medias
Materials used in art
Willem de Kooning
Woman and a Bicycle
San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy Byzantine Art
the characteristic visual and tactile quality of the surface of a work of art resulting from the way in which the materials are used.
Perceptual Color
Impressionist use, how lights change the color you see
The gradual shifting from light to dark through a successive gradation of tones across a curved surface
The Dead Christ,
Andrea Mantenga, she uses foreshortening which is adjusting the closer body parts to match the proportions in the background. This is a painting that shows Christ lying dead on a table and he is vertical towards the viewer.
Loose and open brushwork, used by Eugene Delacroix. A Romanticist technique in painting.
in graphic design, the arrangement and appearance of printed letter forms(type).
"Race Riot"
Andy Warhol, 4 pictures different colors
The Laocoön Group is from what culture?
A general term applied to various personal styles of painting by French artists that developed from about 1885 and 1900 in reaction to what these artists saw the somewhat formless and aloof quality Impressionist painting. Post-Impressionist painters were concerned with the significance of form, symbols, expressiveness, and psychological intensity. They can be broadly separated into two groups -- expressionists, such as Guaguin and van Gogh, and formalists, such as Cezanne and Seurat.
Abstract/Represenational Art example?
Louise Bourgeios "Woman with Packages"
the repeating of a pattern, theme, color, or motif
matthew brady
Civil war photographyTook pictures of Lincoln
Kenneth Clark illustrates an _______ reading with his comparison between ancient Greek statues representing a "higher state of civilization than a mask from West Africa."
b. ethnocentric
Linoleum cut
a relief process in printmaking, in which an artist cuts away negative spaces from a block of linoleum, leaving raised areas to take in for printing
the kermis
Peter Paul Rubens, uses a diagonal vanishing point that goes off the page, a group of people just chilling around a building and an open field in the background, not very civilized and pure sexuality, unbalanced
Francisco Goya
He is considered a romantic painter and printmaker. He was a contemporary of David and a supporter of the French Revolution, but later lost confidence in the invading French armies because of their behavior towards the Spanish. "The Third of May, 1808," was inspired by the atrocities he witnessed.
Art in which an emotional impact is achieved through agitated brushwork, intense coloration, and violent, hallucinatory imagery.
The Stepped Pyramid of King Djoser was made by...
What are "earthworks"?
Incorporates the exterior space into the works in a natural setting with a man-created outcome
- style that reflected the idea of social progress.
Corinthian Order
the most ornate of the greek architectural styles, characterized by slender, fluted columns and capitals with an acanthus leaf design.
the central area of an ancient roman basilica or of a church, demarcated from aisles by piers or columns
Marcel Duchamp
came up with the name 'mobiles'
pun off motion and motive
(in literature and art) a relation of all the parts or elements of a work constituting a harmonious whole and producing a single general effect.
Naive/Outsider Artists
is made by people who are largely unaware of art history or the art trends of their time
what does iconography mean?
the meaning of the subject matter
Artist: Robert Campin "myriad"
Merode Altarpiece (open) The Mérode Altarpiece is a three-panel painting by the Early Netherlandish painter Robert Campin, although believed by some to be by a follower, probably copying an original by Campin
When is "buon fresco" applied?
when the plaster is wet
At the Moulin Rouge
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, oil on canvas
Latin Cross
A cross with a shorter horizontal bar intersecting a longer vertical bar above the midpoint
Question 10 We can clearely see the artistic impulse to give form to the immaterial, to represent hidden or universal truths, spiritual forces, and personal feelings...
Religious Art
In the Lodge
Mary Cassatt, a painting of a woman looking at a play from the high class seats in the early 19th century (1800's).
"the central mountains"
Wu Chen, painting of mountains in the old times
What is light?
In an image, light and shadow define the figure. Sometimes, the light source cannot be seen but usually we can determine the angle or source.
Greek Cross
a cross with 4 arms of equal length and at right angles
3 artist who epitomized the period of the high Renaissance
Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo
What are some examples of earthworks?
Stone henge, Mt. Rushmore, Easter Islands
Duchamp's fountain
The artist did not make itIt is not a unique objectIt has no visual or aesthetic properties to make it artIts too commonplace and uncouthI am the artist and it is my intent that it is art
how did the status of artists change?
specially talented, sought fame, lots of jealousy, admired/invited to royal banquets
what is the meaning of renaissance?
be born again - greek and roman artwork to be imitated again
Question 9 How is Maya Ying Lin’s Vietnam memorial similar to works by Edovard Manet and Marcel Duchamp?
All were itinially misunderstood by the public
Question 9 In what way can a large-scale work be considered a temporal art form?
The spectator moves through time a space to view it
Catacombs in...
Roy Lichtenstein
Lightness and darkness
secondary + primary
Icarus, Henri Matisse
ink Orchids
Cheng Sixiao
The Prophet
german expressionist`
These sculptures actually move
Christianity formed in...
Roman Empire
Suprematist Composition: Airplane Flying, Kasimir Malevich
Petroglyph Park
Jaune Quick-to-see Smith
Piet Mondrian
geometeric shapes
Red, blue, yellow, black, and white
Figure-ground reversals
our perceptual experience fundamentally depends on our recognition of the spatial relationship between an object and what lies beside and behind it
claude monet, giant hay stack
The mid-nineteenth-century style of Courbet and others, based on the idea that ordinary people and everyday activities are worthy subjects of art. A type of representational art in which the artist depicts as closely as possible what the eye sees
The Calling of St. Matthew
Jackson Pollock, Cathedral Modernism, Abstract Expressionism: Action Painters
Romanesque style - architecture based on ___________ building forms (Arches and barrel vaults)
barrel vault
semicylindrical in cross-section, is in effect a deep arch or an uninterrupted series of arches, one behind the other, over an oblong space
The Death of Sardanapalus, Eugene Delacroix
Queen Nefertiti
Egyptian, New Kingdom
c. 1344 B.C.E
The Music Party,
ca. 1718. Antonine Watteau
Define topography
Characteristics of a local environment, using materials from the environment
describes a variety of techniques developed to create copies of a single image.
Michelangelo designed what?
The Swiss Armies suits
Steel Cage Construction Empire State Building
comparative relation between things or magnitudes as to size, quantity, number, etc.; ratio.
Size relationship betwen 2 or more objects
a two-handled jar used for general storage purposes, usually to hold wine or oil
Keith Haring, use of implied line, fatal shooting of John Lennon, a man holding his hands up as a animal jumps through him.
based on colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel.
each containing the same pure hue
The organization of visual elements in a work of art. In two dimensional art often revered to as composition.
Fine art of hand writing, islamic art
formal elements such as line, shape, volume, color, pattern, texture, depth/perspective
A work made by gluing various materials such as paper scraps, photographs, and cloth, on a flat surface.
What idea did Degas' piece implement?
Refresh Vision
educated or trained, posses a knowledge of art history
Define Fauvism.
Fauvism, French Fauvisme, style of painting that flourished in France from 1898 to 1908; it used pure, brilliant colour, applied straight from the paint tubes in an aggressive, direct manner to create a sense of an explosion on the canvas.
Neo classism artists
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres- Contesse d' Hussonville such a beautiful painting that the entire family wanted to be painted by him
What kind of art is characterised by...
1) Frivolous subject matter
2) Delicate brushwork
3) Pastel colors
4) Orante
Rococo art
A perceived line that marks the edge of a figure as it curves back into space
Head of a Satyr
Michelangelo, uses hatching and cross-hatching which is the crossing of many hatches, the face of the satyr is far more dense than his neck and hair. He used line to create volume in this drawing.
This technique uses tiny dots of color to create a vibrant surface based on optical mixing; it is meant to create a more solid, formal organization of Impressionism through the use of simplified shapes. It is used by Georges Seurat in "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte."
from the Italian word for "paste", a thick application of paint.
What is the work of art's relationship of connections to human culture?
Ur, Iraq
Ziggurat of King Urnammu was found in...
Which medium is held in the highest regard by the public?
Non-representational/Minimal Art example?
Piet Mondrian "Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow."
PLATO believed the world was an ______ shadow of heaven, and found the VISUAL ARTs DECEPTIVE
Virgin and Child Enthroned
Duccio – stylized faces, symmetry
What artist created ALABASTER BASKET SET WITH OXBLOOD LIPS & what media was used?
Dale Chuli, glass
What is a forum?
The space that surrounds the basilica
refers to an awareness of beauty or to that quality in awork of art or other manmade or natural form which evokes a sense of elevated awareness in viewer
which was the more frequent in egyptian architecture, arches or post and lintel?
post and lintel
Georges Braque
This painter did more to develop the vocabulary of cubism than Picasso did. He was a great admirer of Cezanne's planer constructions. He used shapes that pile up rhythmically in shallow, ambiguous space. He painted "Houses at L'Estaque" and "The Portuguese."
What does the art mean? What do you get out of it?
A scythed Chariot, Armored car, and Pike
Leonardo da Vinci
One of the chief tools employed by artists of the Renaissance to render the effects of light is:
a. chiaroscuro
the aspect in which a thing appears or is regarded:
woman holding a balance
Jan Vermeer a perfect example of bilateral symmetry, she is weighing the worth of her own life and this is a painting of a woman holding a balance which represents justice and she has her jewelry lying al over the table.t
Degenerate Art
a term adopted by the Nazi regime in Germany to defame virtually all modern art and Jewish artists; modernist artworks chaotically hung and accompanied by text labels deriding the art.
What piece of Van Gogh's implemented the 3rd idea?
"The Night Cafe" Record/Commemorate
One of the most beautiful examples of stained glass serving to elevate the aesthetics of architecture is _______ in Paris.
a. Sainte-Chapelle Cathedral
Erosion and Strip Farms
William A. Garnett, its a aerial view of strip farms across and eroding landscape, it is visual texture,
Name the 4 ceramic methods
Pinch pots, coil, slab and wheel thrown
The artist who felt that a cut line made with scissors could express more feeling than a pencil or charcoal was:
b. Henri Matisse
what is a 'book of hours'?
tells times of when to do things
Beverly Buchanan's drawings and sculptures were inspired by:
b. hand built shacks of the rural South
what other activities could be enjoyed at a roman bath?
3 story shopping center - trajans market - social, bathing, swimming, wrestling
Drawing lesson, part 1 line number 1
Pat steir, a single line with line scratches in the background. more emotionally charged as it becomes darker and denser
Question 9 In America, Yukinori Yanagi directly addressess...
The traditional view that Japan is a distinct adn isolated culture
Peasant Dance
"Notre Dame"
Roma/ Games
School of Athens
"The Red Room"
Departure, Max Beckmann
Diego is from
3 Greek Civilization Stages
Alfred Stieglitz: Flatiron Building
Color hamonies
Monochromatic, analogous, complimentary
of less importance; secondary.
The Sower, Vincent Van Gogh
Greek civilization entered its Classical phase. Free standing and honors an individual who was not a supernatural ruler.
Ornamental art characterized by intense ranges darkness and light
of the new stone age.
Ogata Korin, Eight-Planked Bridge Japonisme
Properties of Color
Hue, Value, and intensity
considered the precursor of the Reniassance and reinventor of naturalistic painting, he departed from the Byzantine style
the arts
music, theater, dance, literature
when an artist connects to the audience it becomes art
French for "author", the word describes a film maker, usually a director, who exercises extensive creative control over his or her films, imbuing them with a strong personal style.
A style of European architecture prevalent from the 9th-12th centuries with round arches and barrel vaults. Influenced by Roman architecture.
20th century artistic movement that focuses on the workings of the unconscious mind
characteristics of Modernism
Sleek designGeometric purityEverything derived from the “grid”White, sparsenessUnadorned surfaces (lack of decoration)Cold stainless steel
an exterior masonry structure that opposes the lateral thrust of an arch or vault—a solid mass of masonry
procedure marked by the regular recurrence of particular elements, phases, etc.:
Michaelangelo - Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, The Creation of Adam - Renaissance
the inner sanctuary of an ancient Greek temple
classical line is logical and rational and associated with males
where would stained glass windows be placed?
in oil painting, a thin, translucent layer of color generally applied over another color.
Impressionism 1872
Monet, Impression, Sunrise, oil on canvas, plein air
Prince Rahotep and his Wife, Nofret are made from...
an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color
an identifying mark based on picture sources.
Caravaggio, the calling of St. Matthew Baroque Art
Making a mold from a real person
A mode of painting that dominated late 19th century art in the western world
a powerful family or group of rulers that maintains its position or power for some time
summer landscape
Stuart Davis, example of local color which is that in a painting a tree will be colored how we think a tree should be colored, this was just a painting of houses and a tree in foreground and a boat on the far right
non representational
type of folk art
no references to anything outside the art
Actual Texture
The surface quality of an artwork, object, etc. Most often associated with sculpture, architecture, and crafts --i.e. ceramics, weaving, jewelry...
Jan van eyck
the man and his future wife
International Style
An architectural style that emerged in several European countries. Related to purism and De stijl in painting, it joined structure and exterior design into noneclectic form based on rectangular geometry and growing out of hte basic function and structure of the building.
based on variations in the value and intensity of a single hue.
ex. of art for communicating info
Tree of Jesse
Middle Ages
The period of European history between ancient and modern times. The Middle Ages began with the Fall of Rome in the fifth century and ended with the Renaissance
Question 7 Etienne- Jules Marey and Edward Muybridge were pioneers in the burgeoning art of _____, which was first explored by the Lumiere Bros in 1895.
Motion pictures
How is impressionism different from post-impressionism?
Post-impressionism takes it's techniques into 2 different directions, Analytical and expressive approach
Madonna on the Rocks
Leonardo Da Vinci, atmospheric or aerial perspective which means that the quality of the atmosphere and the colors in the background help produce space the things must be painted different colors to show a distinction from background to foreground. This is a painting of Madonna sitting by a pond with three other people.
ancient egypt
Prince Rahotep and his Wife, Nofret is from what culture?
a belief that good art is about the idea and the process as opposed to the finished product
ex. of art for day-to-day living
ceramics, textiles.
form follows function (plates)
In the painting Central Mountain, Chinese artist Wu Chen uses landscape elements to express the contradictory principle of _______, which is central to the philosophical tenets of Tao.
c. Yin and Yang
What is linear perspective?
A device renaissance painters used to create a 3D, believable painting
picture plane
the 2d surface upon which there is a picture
home, hearth
Figure of a Woman is a Goddess figure that guards the ____ and ______.
Winckleman thought that statues were...
"noble simplicity & quiet grandeur"
to be adored
In any type of printmaking, after an initial set of prints is made and the block or plate is destroyed, the set of prints is referred to as:
a. an edition
The daughters of Edward Darley Bboit
John Singer Sargent, alice in wonderland feel to it, the scale of the vases in the background is too large for the little girls,
Who was Frida Kahlo? What piece is she famous for?
"The Two Fridas."
The _______ was made famous by the ancient Greeks as a model of architectural proportion.
d. the golden section
what is the difference between black-figure ware and red-figure ware? which was 1st?
figures are black - design scratched out before firing
painted decorations in with a brush, used wax to stop the 'slip' going in that area- especially in athens
Question 3 Nikolai Buglaj’s Racing sideways is a commentary on the Western convention of _______.
A and B; associating blackness with negative qualities, and associating whiteness with positive qualities.
Who was Vincent Van Gogh?
He was a Dutch Painter. He is best known for his post-impressionist work. His most famous works are "Starry Night" (1889) and "Self-Portrait." He only painted in the institution for 10 years, cut off part of his ear beforehand, and eventually committed suicide. He apprenticed under Paul Gaugin.
who is vitruvius? why is he important?
he was a roman writer, architect and engineer
which of the four statues are done by the same artist? how are they different?
far right showing contraposta - rheins cathedral - visitation and enuthiastion
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