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Terms Definitions
Claes Oldenburg
Lee Krasner
merode altarpiece
Birth of Venus
bare, without decoration
St. Peter's, Rome
jan van eyck
Ecstasy of Saint Teresa
a mixture of colors
Bal Bullier, Sonia Delaunay
Tomb of Galla Placidia
Saint-Sernin Romaneque- Medieval Art
Laocoon and His Two Sons
the appearance of similarity, consistency, or oneness. Interrelational factors that cause various elements to appear as part of a single complete form.
Queen Nefertiti was made by...
the juxtaposition of strongly dissimilar elements.
Question 7 Alexander Calder’s mobiles, like Untitled, move when air currents move through them, making them ________.
Persistence of Vision
the illusion of motion.
A Burial at Ornans
COURBET. 1850. Realism.
visual literacy
knowing why you like something
Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow, Piet Mondrian
What idea did Eakin's piece implement?
the "the Creativity Crisis" addressed the "ART BIAS" that creativity only = art, or ______ arts, and says that creativity is EVERYWHERE!
Mycerinus and Kha-merer II Egyptian Art
the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.
Picture Plane
The surface of a 2-D image
The surface character of materials as experienced by the sense of touch
Martin Puryear, a giant smoothed rock that seems to be a visual notion of self, 3-d,
Refers to the emulation of classical Greek and Roman art. Much of the subject matter under this type of art was Roma because Rome represented a republican government.
an artist creates neutral areas of lesser interest that keep us from being distracted from the areas of emphasis
What is created to enhance the appearance of written material or clarify its meaning?
Analytic Cubism
(1910-1911) This trend developed from Picasso and Braque's analyzing their subjects from various angles and then painting abstract, geometric references to these views. It involved breaking down the subject matter into its various aspects.
Rolling clay into a snake-like form then layering it on top of each other is called...
What idea did the Stonehenge implement?
Human Purpose
size relationship of PARTS to a WHOLE
Henry Hubson Richardson
The Marshall Field WarehouseThick stone wallsLoad-bearingHeight limitedArched windowsMassiveGiant bind on top to hide water system
On axonometric projection, all lines indicating height, width, and depth, remain:
b. parallel
something arranged along a line, esp. a straight line; a row or series:
Worked for Louis Sullivan and considered to be the most famous American architect. He invented the prairie house and translated the organic into architecture.
Frank Lloyd Wright
refers to the total effect of the combined visual qualities within a work
Vincent Van Gogh
This painter used the expressive potential of open brushwork and pure color of the Impressionists, but he differed from them in the intensity of the feelings he was trying to portray. He used a very textural brushwork that recorded each gesture of his hand and gave an overall rhythmic movement to his paintings. He used strong color to emphasize the intensity of his emotions. He painted, "The Sower," and "The Starry Night."
Art style whose imagery is believed to stem from unconscious, irrational sources and that therefore takes on fantastic forms. It is usually rendered with extraordinary realism
German Expressionism
This trend was characterized by vivid, angular simplification of subjects, dramatic color contrasts, and a bold, crude finish. There were two groups of followers for this trend: the Bridge (die Brucke) headed by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and the Blue Rider (der blaue Reiter) headed by Wassily Kandinsky.
Abstract Surrealism
A style of painting that provides suggestive elements that give the widest possible play to the viewer's imagination and emphasizes color and design rather than storytelling content.
- exploration of visual realms other than the representational and narrative that includes expressive tendencies.
•Abstract Expressionism
the glass of absinthe
Edgar Degas, oil on canvas
Churning of the Sea of Milk, from Angkor Wat, Cambodia Hindu Art
The Renaissance
Raphael- The School of AthensJan Van Exch- Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, Proof of marriage certificate Certificate of marriage, Mirror and signature
the quality of a distinct object or body in having an external surface or outline of specific form or figure.
Neolithic Period
time in history when man made a gradual transition to farm, settled in communities, and populations grew
optical color mixing
when the eye mixes the colors
ex: pointalism
Abstract Expressionism
- color, line, and texture for purely expressive purposes (drip paintings)
When is "fresco secco" applied
when the plaster is dry
where egg yolk, or egg white, is the binder.
Madonna Enthroned with Angels
Cimabue – gothic pointed arch, painting in Greek manner, stylized face, hierarchy scale, not proportional
Question 1 In the Treason of Images, the artist combines awareness, creativity, and communication by communication by encouraging the viewer to look closely at an object. The artist is:
Rene Magrite
No Sign of the World
Matthew Ritchie, uses both analytical and expressive line, a very abstract painting that is all linear and charged with personal symbolism, straight and curved lines oppose one another
Alla Prima
Italian for "all in one go". In oil painting, the technique of completing a painting in a single session
- the less a work of art resemble the real thing (obvious still real but elements subtracted).
Gable Roof
formed by the ends of the sloping roof above the colonnade
What is monotheism? Who started it?
the idea of worshiping one god
Social realism
A form of art that was both social and political. It became the style between the world wars. It includes a retreat from the radical innovations of Modern art and a desire to communicate more readily with the public about social causes and issues. This style became the norm in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and China. In Mexico, it took the form of mural painting - the muralists envisioned a national art that would glorify traditional Mexican heritage and promote the new post-revolutionary government.
Eric Fromme defined creativity as the ability to....
see (be aware) & respond
Drafts man drawing a reclining nude
Albrecht Durer, a man looking through a boxed window is drawing exactly what he sees.
ex. of a folk artist (icon)
Howard Finster
-had visions as child & adult, untrained
to what does helenistic refer?
333 - time of alexander the great - emotion and motion
Question 2 Maya Ying Lin’s Memorial in Washington, D.C.:
Was controversial at first because of its non-traditional style
Why are images of humans traditionally banned in Islamic art?
c. Depicting a human is thought to be competing with the "creator"
Question 5 The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan beginning in 1632 _________.
As a mausoleum for his favorite wife, who died giving birth to their 14th child
pantheon plan
Running Fence
pesaro madonna
Polykleitos of Argos
Buddhism originated...
in India
Jackson Pollock
Autumn Rhythm
Ziggurat Sumerian Art
Garden of Earthly Delights
The Oxbow, Thomas Cole
Artist: Alexander Calder
Untitled, 1976
Olafur Eliasson
The Weather Project
Roman Aqueduct Segovia, Span
Salisbury Plain, England
c. 1800-1400 B.C.E
Sarcophagus is from what era?
- means bringing to life.
Gianlorenzo Bernini
Baroquesculpture/architect David The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa
an intaglio printmaking process in which lines are scratched directly into a metal plate with a steel needle.
Primary colors- Red, Yellow and blue
what civilization was contemporary with the etruscans?
the greeks
Salvador Dalí: The Persistence of Memory
palm size
the Bison is how long?
- Red, yellow and blue
•Primary colors
"the Creativity Crisis" says that CREATIVITY involves divergent and convergent thinking...
DIVERGENT= _________
CONVERGENT= using BEST ideas
Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, Lever House Architecture: International Style
What a work of art says
Axonometric Projections
Employed by architects and engineers. Have the advantage of translating space in such a way that distortions of scale common in linear perspective. 3 types are isometric, dimetric, trimetric
Sculptures that invite the viewer to look at the object from various angles
roman portraiture
achieved a high degree of individuality rarely found in Greek sculpture
having qualities of a high order; qualities that delight the eye, engage the intellectual or moral sense
Frank Lloyd WRIGHT. Mill Run, PA. 1940.
A drawing technique in which the drawing medium is a fine metal wire.
The Oath of the Horatti
Jacques Louis-David-1784 (loyalty,roman salute,example of neoclassicalism art)
Watercolor with white chalk, making it more opaque is called...
- natural objects in recognizable form (looks real).
The LArge Bathers
Paul Cezanne, oil on canvas
Objects that are intended to stimulate a sense of beauty in the viewer are thought to be ______ rather than funcional.
Dark Ages
The entire Middle Ages, especially when viewed as a troubled period marked by the loss of classical learning
A thin varnish that is sprayed over dry media, like pencil, charcoal, conté crayon, and pastel, drawings to bind them to the paper.
a temple with peristyle columns a row of columns all around the building
an awareness of beauty or to that quality in a work of art or other manmade or natural form which evokes a sense of elevated awareness in the viewer
define stylized
popular way a artist does their artwork, doesnt change unless of a big experience (something important)
conceptual art
art created according to the belief that the essence of art resides in a motivating idea, and that any physical realization or recording of this idea is secondary.
Allegory of Law and Grace,
ca. 1530. Lucas Cranach
7' 11"
The Laocoön Group is how tall? (exact)
- The person most responsible for establishing photograpy as an art form. He was instrumental in forming the Camera Club of New York. He dedicated his talents to demonstrate that the medium was available to anyone; even those with less sophisticated equip
•Alfred Stieglitz
The third of May
Francisco Goya, oil on canvas
We can clearly see the artistics impulse to give form to the immaterial, to represent hidden or universal truths, spiritual forces, and personal feelings
Religious Art
The Triumphal Entry page from the Shahnamah manuscript, a sacred text, exemplifies the preference of word over image in _______ art.
d. Islamic
a body of matter of indefinite shape and considerable size; a collection of incoherent particles, parts, or objects regarded as forming one body
Claude Monet
This painter was the most widely known Impressionistic artist, and he was inspired by Manet's use of color. He continued to paint in the Impressionist style for over 40 years, often returning again and again to the same subject matter. He painted outdoors, and his subject matter was often landscapes painted in rich colors. He painted "Impression: Sunrise," and "Waterlily Pond."
Graphic Design
the process of working with words and pictures to create solutions to problems of visual communication.
When the binder is egg yolk, in what painting category would it be in?
Who is Marcel Duchamp? What piece is he famous for?
Ready Made
Frank Lloyd Wright
Used new technology of steel I-Beams and concrete to build deep overhangs called cantilevers.House should be integrated into its site and environmentWished to emphasize horizontality of Midwest
Neo Classism
1. Artist paints what they want viewer to see2.Meticulous detail3. Intellectual and idealized4. Incorporates Baroque planar5. Covers entire surface6. No perceptive brush strokes7. no idea of artist emotions
Representational,Abstract, and Non Representational
are used to describe at work's relationship to the physical world
what was feudalism?
economic situation - bound to the land -owner owes you protection
What kind of structures are built using suspension construction? Example?
Bridges, golden gate bridge
 The Gates is a typical artwork by the collaborative team...
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Question 4 According to Sayre what are three steps in the process of seeing?
Reception, extraction, inference
explain hierarchical proportion
the more important you are the big you are portrayed
Directional or Movement Lines?
These are lines that show movement or lead your eye through a work of art. Some lines in work aren't so literal. These are not lines but are linear (tree lines, cloud lines)
What are the 4 periods of Greek art? List in order.
Geometric, archaic, classical, hellenistic
What is the third question involved in art?
Who decides that it's art?
The Thinker, Auguste Rodin
Was to be part of a large door, called the Gates of Hell, that was unfinished at his death.
Aesthetics is defined as an urge to respond:
to that which we find beautiful
Who is Jan Van Eyck? What piece is he famous for?
"The Arnolfini Wedding Portrait" (color of fertility, garments, mirror - content, meaning)
Question 8 What is the function of the nsiki nkonde figure?
It pursued wrongdoers at night and punished them when nails were driven into it
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