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Terms Definitions
Pieta (oil)
Sleeping Venus
Baroque Artists
CaravaggioBerniniVelazquezVermeerRembrandt Van Rijn
muslim theological school
Les Fauves
wild beasts
Untitled #90
Cindy Sherman
adam and eve
Pipe and Jug
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin
Improvisation #28
KANDINSKY. 1912. expressionism.
The Portuguese, Georges Braque
Phaeno SCience Center
Zaha Hadid
hunters in the snow
House of the Silver Wedding
made of baked "fired" clay.
Goddess Sin
Female Head portrays the...
Jasper Johns
Target with Four Faces
visual arts
drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, camera arts and computer imaging, crafts (clay, glass, metal, wood, fiber art) and architecture
Question 2 Because Gianlorenzo Berini’s David tells a story of David slaying Goliath its is said to have a __________ sequence.
A shape characteristic of living things
some of the first satisfactory photographs.
St. Peter's Cathedral is in...
The Vatican
to decorate an object with needlework
Monument to the Proletariat and Agriculture, Vera Mukhina
What idea did Lautrec's piece implement?
Giotto, Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy Renaissance
procedure marked by the regular recurrence of particular elements, phases, etc.:
Implied Line
A line that depends upon perception
Process where the sculptor adds or builds up material to reach its final form
Maesta Altarpiece
Duccio, uses linear perspective to create illusion, mary sitting on a throne being praised by someone with a halo
Cornelia, Pointing to Her Children as Her Treasures, Angelica Kauffmann
of visual elements gives a composition unity, continuity, flow, and emphasis
What is liquid material being poured into a mold called?
Wassily Kandinsky
This painter believed that painting should be a replica of an emotion. He was influenced by the expressive color of the Fauves. His paintings evolved towards abstractionism, becoming fully nonrepresentational by 1910. He wanted to develop a language of visual form comparable to music, and he felt art could provide a spiritual nourishment for the modern world. He painted "Blue Mountain" and "With the Black Arch."
The most influential styles of the twentieth century, developed in Paris by Picasso and Braque, beginning in 1907. Based on the simultaneous presentation of multiple views, disintegration, and geometric reconstruction of subjects in flattened, ambiguous pictorial space; figure and ground merge into one.
What idea did Malilol's piece implement?
Refresh Vision
size relation of one thing to another
Guerilla Girls
Performance based activist group Life and art merging
Objects which are intended to stimulate a sense of beauty in the viewer are thought to be _______ rather than functional.
b. aesthetic
commercial art
graphic art created specifically for commercial uses, esp. for advertising, illustrations in magazines or books, or the like.
began to develop the ability to reason and form tools and images.
refers to the message or meaning of the work of art
Rosa Bonheur
A woman painter who specialized in painting rural scenes with animals. She was extremely successful at a time when women painters were not generally accepted by the public. She painted "The Horse Fair," and "Study for the Horse Fair."
Saint Peter
An apostle of Jesus.
Buried under the dome in St. Peter's Cathedral
Pop Art
What movement was characterized by an interest in consumer objects and pop culture?
Abstract Speed - the Car has Passed, Giacomo Balla
Woman Haunted by the Passage of the Dragonfly, Bird of Bad Omen, Joan Miro
- was an art movement characterized by an interest in consumer objects, urban debris and mass production.
a simplified symbol of an object or action, for example,a schematized or abstract form of anancestral image, animal, geometric form, anatomiic part or shape suggestive of a cosmic symbol or microscopic life.
Bodyguards of the 1st Emperor Art of the Chinese Empire
Romantic classic artist
Eugene Delacroix- Lady Liberty, The Abduction of Rebecca
King Tut
A young king whose tomb was filled with jewelry, robes, burial masks, and ivory statues. These findings have helped people learn about Egypt's past
White + hue
ex: pink is a tent of red
Picasso's Rose Period
characterized by a more cheery style with orange and pink colors, and featuring many circus people, acrobats and harlequins
What tools are used in wet media?
Pen or brush
Monk by the Sea
Caspar David Friedrich, Oil on Canvas
the space enclosed by a lintel and an arch over a doorway
Question 1 Leonardo da Vinci’s, The Last Supper is based on what specific type of perspective?
One-point linear perspective
A sunday on la Grande Jatte
Georeges Seurat, pointillism, Seurat has tried to harmonize his complementary colors instead of contrast them, this painting shows a bunch of people sitting in a park looking out on a lake, this painting was made with thousands of little dots
Broken Color
A color whose pure hue has been tones down through the addition of a second color; often a complimentary
Third thing that makes art different?
Artists record and commemorate.
Think: Record/Commemorate
the part of a church with an axis that crosses the nave at a right angle
Why were the pyramids built?
they were funeral homes for the pharaohs. Usually built with treasure and belongings inside.
In print making, what does intaglio mean?
Etching, engraving, mezzotint and aquatint
in a trained artist's training, he will most likely gain his ______ ________
(i.e. da Vinci's Framoda)
jean michel basquiat
an artist born in NY, of a Haitian + Puerto Rican descended, who started as a graffiti artist
in beauty vs ugliness, beauty is always....
in the eye of the beholder
what roman monument is sometimes called a continuous narrative because of its ribbon-like documentary?
trajans column - carving is bigger at the top
Question 8 Which of these elements helps to create space in art?
All of above; perspective, light, and color
How are Kane Kwei's coffins uniquely suited to their "inhabitants"?
d. Each coffin resembles an object or idea associated with the diseased
strong material
the dream (stylized)
interlacing of lengthwise fibers
Portrait painter
Painted Marie Antoinette
Factum II
Robert Rauschenberg
Combine painting: oil, ink, pencil, crayon, paper, fabric, newspaper, printed reproductions, and printed paper on canvas
Neo-Dadaism, Assemblage
Entombment of Christ
Oil on canvas
a hole in the Pantheon
a part of a column
not realistic
The Virgin and Child is...
an environment that is typically outdoors
These people ocntrolled Italy before the Romans
intervals or chords that sound relatively tense and unstable
def-distortion of nature for purpose of achieving a desired emotional affect or representation of inner feelings
-characterized by use of color/lines to express artist inner feeling
-emotional expressive and laden symbolism
-color vibrant and bright,brushwork was very expressive
Artwork: Edward Munch: The Scream
in architecture, the lintel, or horizontal, weight-bearing beam, that forms the base of the entablature
Venice, Italy
The Palazzo Ducale is located in...
Still from Rage and Depression
William Wegman, video
Slide 1
"Sloop, Nassau" - Winslow Homer, Watercolor
Central Park
Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux
put materials together to make 3D collage
The Roettgen Pieta was made in what year?
The great period of rebirth in art, literature, and learning in the 14th-16th centuries, which marked the transition into the modern periods of European history
last name of the chosen one whom Voldemort tried to kill. His first name is Harry. One who specializes in making dishes
Glass that has been spun into fine filaments or threads
Venetian Artists
★-were first to embrace medium of oil paint, under the cracking and mildewing walls.
a row of columns set at regular intervals around the building and supporting the base of the roof
Slide 14
"The Knigh, Death and the Devil" - Albrecht Durer, Engraving
Sociocultural Theories
Use these theories tend to look first at the enviornmental influences on a work of art: the economic system, the cultural values, and even the politics of the time; hence they are termed sociocultural theories.
pointed arch
an arch that is not semicircular but rather rises to more steeply to a point at its top
traveling shot
camera moves front to back or back to front
Anthemius of Tralles & Isidorus of Miletus
Hagia Sophia was made by....
dekooning, woman v, 1952-53, oil and charcoal on canvas, abstract
very abstract picture of woman, many colors
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