Test Fundamentals of Music Flashcards

Terms Definitions
very quiet
very loud
become gradually louder
Scale (1-8)
1=Tonic 12=Super-Tonic3=Mediant4=Sub-Dominat5=Dominant6=Sub-Mediant7=Leading Note8=Tonic 1 or 8
measurement of a frequency
3 Flat
Eb MajorC minor
1 Flat
F MajorD minor
6 Sharps
F# MajorD# minor
4 Sharps
E MajorC# minor
Dynamic Range (6)
pp-Pianissimo=very softp-Piano=softmp-Mezzo Piano=moderately softmf-Mezzo Forte=moderately loudf-Forte=loudff-Fortissimo=very loud
Sixteenth Note
2 dots connected2 flyers
Eighth Note
1 dot connected1 flyer
decrescendo; diminuendo
become gradually softer (2 def)
Thirty second Note
3 dotes connected3 flyers
refers to the number of complete vibrrations per second
equal temperament tuning
tuning to equally spaced frequencies
Quarter Note
fishing hookdark circle with staright line
Woodwinds (5)
All were originally wood; wooden \"tube\".1. Flute2. Oboe3. Clarinet4. Saxophone5. Bassoon
the interval from one tone to another tone that is eight full notes above or below the original tone
amplitude and intensity
2 properties that determine the loudness or softness of a sound
3 Ways Percussion make noise
1. Striking2. Shaking3. Scraping
Series of chords used to accompany a melody
highness or lowness of a tone and is determined by the number of vibrations per second of sound
Refers to the central tone of a piece (Home; \"Where it sounds finished\")
mass of and instrument
provides the initial resistance to the force of friction that begins the vibration
Rhythm (Two Types)
The flow of music through time, both Physical and Musical.
2 Ways Woodwinds Produce sound
1. Blowing across the hole (Flute)2. Vibrating a reed (All others)
What are the Notes of the Treble Clef
From Bottom to Top: E,F,G,A,B,C,D,E,F(FACE in the space) (Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge)
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