Terms Definitions
Erechtheum Porch
Peita, Renaissance
holy trinity
Venus of Willendorf
Hinduism flourished in...
created straight photography.
Brancusi's StudioModernism: Sculpture
Assumption of the Virgin
Monte Sainte-Victoire, Paul Cezanne
The Swing
1766- Jean-Honore Fragonard
dirty, dull, or shabby
Fountain, Sherrie Levine Postmodernism
Type of sculptures where three-dimensional forms are raised from a flat back ground
Greek Orders
Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian
Lyre - Ur was a...
- thick layers of paint.
BaroqueThe Supper At EmmausThe Conversion of Saint Paul
a movement that challenged religious ideas, it was based on art, literature, and philosophy.
fundamental element form of art. contains both direction and length
where was the minoan civilization located?
What is an additive process called?
religious clelbration
Bull showed a... (two words)
- curved lined/ create volume.
•Contour Line
traces changes in sociopolitical climate of time periods
Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, Georges Pompidou National Center of Art and Culture
The Vanquished/The Age of Bronze
spear is difference
too realistic
In what period did modernism first appear in art?
The mass or bulk of a three-dimensional work
Greek word for "male youth." An Archaic Greek statue of a standing, nude youth.
marcel duchamp
original dadaists; invented the ready mades
Day of the God
GAUGUIN. 1895. Post Impressionism.
a brilliant white undercoating made of inert pigment such as chalk or plaster and used as a ground for paint, especially for tempera.
The 17th century period in Europe characterized in the visual arts by dramatic light and shade, turbulent composition and exaggerated motion expression.
Using one material for a whole structure, like an igloo, is called...
- Artist with formal arts education.
•Fine Artist
Hundreds of Birds admiring the peacocks
Yin Hong
Wassili Kandinsky
russian painter, 20th century art innovator who emphasized expressing the internal state of mind rather than copying the external world
Early Christian
the earliest preserved work with Christian subjects
Question 4 Michelangelo’s Head of a Satyr (p.100) shows the use of:
A technique used in drawing and linear forms of printmaking, in which lines are placed in parallel series to darken the value of an area. Crosshatching is drawing one set of hatching over another in a different direction so that the lines cross.
a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley
the part of a camera that concentrates light and focuses the image
who was schiliemann?
german business man looking for treasure - mycenaen
A color darker than a hues normal color.
Period in Europe from the late 14th century to the late 16th century which was characterized by renewed interest in human centered classical art, literature and learning.
Law Code of Hammurabi, carving was how high? (exact)
Abstract Expressionism
An artistic movement that focused on expressing emotion and feelings through abstract images and colors, lines and shapes.
We wont play nature to your culture
Barbara Kruger
Jose Clemente Orozco
mexican painter (1883-1949) most of his works show political overtones
Jan van Eyck's painting depicts many objects that have symbolic meaning. The use or study of these symbols is called:
b. iconography
to adjust in amount according to a fixed scale or proportion (often fol. by down or up):
were the first to perfect the use of the arch, the arch is supported by a keystone.
Mary Cassatt
This female painter came to Paris in the 1860s to study painting. She had trained as an artist in Philadelphia, and her friendship with Degas lead her to show her work with the Impressionists. Her work usually features a mother and child and often has a subtle feminist overtone. She painted, "The Boating Party."
What is the method in which the image is applied to a stone with an oil medium and printed?
Edward Hopper
A painter who made several trips to Europe between 1906 and 1910, but his painting style remained uniquely American, focusing on the loneliness of American life. He was fascinated by the mood of people in a particular time and place, and he carefully organized his compositions, his emphasis was on controlled use of light and shadow areas. He painted "Nighthawks."
Who is Toulouse Lautrec? What piece is he famous for?
"Moulin Rouge."
Where did Picasso draw inspiration for the faces of the female figures on teh right side of the composition of Les Demoiselles Avignon?
African ritual masks
The artist _______ painted a somewhat subjective portrait of the avant-garde writer Gertrude Stein.
d. Pablo Picasso
Garba Griha
scared chamber where an image of a god is kept
what is a frieze?
the central section of the entablature in the classical orders ; any horizontal decorative band
What are the 2 types of sculpture relief?
High and low
Who created CUT WITH A KITCHEN KNIFE & waht technique was used?
Hannah Hook, collage
what is the purpose of modeling?
used for creating depth - shadows
What are implied lines?
Lines that our minds create when we see repetition in forms.
Name 2 characteristics of baroque art
1) Motion and Space
2) Concept of time
3) Dramatic use of light
4) theatricality
Who is Constantine Brancusi?
He was one of the founding fathers of sculptures. He made columns, pots, incense holders, and he was a famous sculptor.
Drawing lesson, part 1 line number 5
Pat Steir, Uses watercolor and lines to create an emotionally charged piece. Dripping line is one of the basic signatures of contemporary abstract painting. endless movement
What specific component of the NEA made works of art available to the general public?
c. The Arts in Public Places program
Give some examples of how art can be used as a Declaration of Power?
"Henry VIII," Hans Holbein
"Head of Mussolini," by Renato Bertelli
Question 2 Jasper Johns chose to paint his image of the Amreican flag to experess...
His proclivity for things seen but not examined
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