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Terms Definitions
files the appeal
recognized political power whom citizens obey
political control
greatest influence over executive agencies
hourly rate
predetermined amount chargeable for the attorney's work
equitable remedies
injunction, decree of specific performance
neutral "mediator" attempts to coax the two disputing parties to award a voluntary settlement (can be mandated) ***STRONGEST WIN-WIN
mens rea
"guilty state of mind"--intetntional, reckless, negligence, subjective/objcetive
documents that begin a lawsuit, consisting of the complaint, the answer, and sometimes a reply
proof of battery
1. intentional2. touching3. rude/offensive
administrative law
most administrative agencies are created by Congress or a state legislature
constitution gave the U.S. Congress the power to pass laws on various subjects
tells the court and plaintiff exactly what issues are in dispute
double jeopardy
criminal defendant may be prosecuted only once for a particular criminal offense
refers to lawsuits; process of filing claims in court and ultimately going to trial
legislative rules
agency creates laws by requiring business or private citizens to act in a certain way
term used to describe an individual who is financially unable to pay an adverse court decision awarding a sum of money to the opposing party
"limited partnership"
each partner is individually liable for his/her investment
a court's power to hear a case
each party presents argument to a court of judges who may interrupt with questions and will take case under advisement (may affirm, modify, reverse, or reverse and remand)
earlier case that decided the same legal issue as that presently in dispute will control the outcome of the current case
probate court
hears only cases dealing with settlement of estates of deceased persons
procedural law
establishes the processes for settling disputes(must notify defendant of claims and time and place for hearing on injunction)
criminal law
deals with offenses against society (federal or state) created by legislation--brought on by the government
Partnership dissociation occurrence
1.Give the express will to withdraw2.Occurrence of an event agreed upon3. Unanimous vote of other partners in certain circumstances or when it becomes unlawful to continue to do business with that partner4.Court order or arbitration5.By the partners declaring bankruptcy, becoming physically or mentally incapacitated, or dead
Supremacy Clause
constitution is supreme law of the land
procedural due process
ensures that before the government takes liberty or property, the affected person has a fair chance to oppose the action
public law
refers to the rights and obligations of governments as they deal with the nation's citizens(FTC prohibits deceptive advertisements)
proof of damages
1. pain/suffering2. capacity to work3. medical expenses
plain meaning rule
simple application of a statute's words
standing to sue
requirement that an individual must have a sufficient stake in a controversy before he or she can bring a lawsuit. Plaintiff must demonstrate injury or threat of injury.
legal realism
"enforcement of the law is more important than the law itself"--enforcers determine if the law is applied in a fair and consistent way
trial courts
determine the facts of a particular dispute and apply those facts the law given by earlier appellate court decisions
Article I
creates the Congress and grants all legislative power to it
commerce clause
gives Congress the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations among states
actus rea
criminal act as defined by applicable statute--defendant committed act
contingent fee
represents a certain percentage of the recovery in the client's case
American rule--payment
each party is responsible for their individual court/lawyer fees
common law
judge-made law; sum total of all the cases decided by appellate courts in that state
reverse and remand
nullify the lower decision and return the case for reconsideration or retrial
statute of limitations
suit must be filed within specified time of actual cause of action
burden of proof-criminal
government has burden of proof and must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt
categorical imperative
moral duty to act as you believe everyone should act--no exceptions
legal positivism
law is what the sovereign says it is--decisions stand, regardless of morality
law of evidence
determines what questions a lawyer may ask and how the questions are to be phrased, what answers a witness may give and what documents may be introduced
direct examination
when a lawyer asks questions of her own witness
legislative history and intent
court looks at law's history (committee hearings, reports, floor debates)
objective mens rea
where requisite mens era element is imputed to the accused on the basis that a reasonable person would have had the mental element in the same circumstances
Freedom of Information Act (1966)
designed to give citizens, businesses, and organizations access to the information used by federal agencies
burden of proof-civil
plaintiff has burden of proof and a preponderance of evidence is required
A partner’s dissociation may be wrongful – and, thus, expose the dissociating partner to liability to the partnership and individual partners damaged by her dissociation – if, inter alia:
(1) the dissociation constitutes a breach of the partnership agreement aka is wrongful;(2) the dissociation is premature (before set time); or(3) the partner is expelled by a court or arbitrator or declares bankruptcy.
trial courts of limited jurisdiction
may only hear certain types of cases
in personam jurisdiction
in a lawsuit in which the case is against a specific individual, that person must be served with a summons/complaint to give the court jurisdiction to try the case---judgement can be enforceable against a person wherever he/she is
Dissolution can be brought about by:
(1) the terms of the partnership agreement,(2) voluntary or involuntary withdrawal,(3) the addition of one or more new partners,(4) death of a partner,(5) bankruptcy of a partner or of the partnership, or(6) judicial decree. (impractical for the firm to continue, dissension between partners is so persistent that it undermines the ability to do business)
trial courts of general jurisdiction
can hear a very broad range of cases---most important court is the general civil division
doctrine of transferred intent
when an intent to cause harm to one person results in harm to another person instead of the intended target, the law transfers the intent to the actual harm.
Order that partnership assets are distributed after a partnership terminates:
(1) payment of third party debts and refunds of loans or advances made by partners to or for the partnership; then(2) return of partner’s capital contribution and distribution of profits to the partners in proportion to their pre-termination share of profits, unless otherwise agreed.
judgment on the pleadings
a party can ask the court to form a judgment based on the pleadings themselves
The sharing of profits & losses creates the assumption that a partnership existis, unless the profits were received as:
1. a deby by installments2. wages of an employee3. rent to a landlord4. an annuity to a surviving spouse5. a sale of goodwill of a business or property
visual examination
BX, by
sagging breast
albin, leuk
episi, vulv
atenolol; hypertension
Consultório médico
doctor's office
Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy
transurethral microwave thermotherapy
ten, tend, tendin
woman sterlization
tubal ligation
above, upon
Epidermis: outermost layer of skin
instrument used to cut
infectious sexually transmitted disease having lesions that can affect any organ or tissue; a syphilitic mother may transmit the disease to her unborn infant because the causative organism is able to pass through the placenta
name of unborn baby
U.S. pop who smokes
Drop "y" and add "ies"
differs form circumstantiality client never gets to the point of the communicationoriginal topic is lost
incision into the chest cavity
excessive discharge from the uterus
serious disease of the lung
treatment for cuts and bruises
Personal responsibility
5 parts of wellness
generic - cyclobenzaprineindication - muscle spasms
-natural & synthetic derivatives of opium
compazine is useful in treating drug incuced N&V
raised spot on skin containing pus
How is Basal Cell Carcinoma diagnosed?
pair of almond-shaped organs located in the pelvic cavity. Egg cells are stored in the ovaries.
A muscular sac containing the testes.
protects and nourishes a developing fetus
Purposeful physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive and that improves or maintains personal fitness.
opportunistic invader
microbial forms, especially fungi, which cause harm by taking advanteage of weakened host defenses or conditions conductive to their growth
True or False:
Children of smokers are more likely to suffer from asthma than children of non-smokers. 
Testicular torsion 
Treatment or Prevention
immediate medical care required
What drugs commonly induce N&V?
Antineoplastics, Opoids/Narcotics, Bronchodilators, Antibiotics, Cardiac Glycosides
physician incentives
include payments made directly or indirectly to health care providers to serve as encouragement to reduce or limit services (e.g., dis­charge an inpatient from the hospital more quickly) to save money for the managed care plan.
pulse oximetry
a noninvasive method of measuring oxygen in the blood by using a device that attaches to the fingertip
an artificial replacement of an absent body part
protective factors
conditions that shild individuals from the negative consequences of exposure to risk
very cold. (so cold you CRY-OOOOOO) hah yesss
skinfold measurements
determines thickness of fat under skin
total health; dynamic way that all aspects are interlinked; balanced
a substance other than food that affects the structure or function of the body through its chemical action

an exercise in which tension is produced by the muscle without any change in length
Cell-mediated immunity
the body produces antigen specific cells which destroy invading microbes or infected cells
Endocrine Glands
Ductless or tubless glands that secrete hormones directly into the blood stream
what do you call any condition that interferes with the proper functioning of the body or mind?
The Pakenham Letter
1844Calhoun sends letter to Bristish minister Pakenham which charged the British with wanting to abolish slavery in the Texas territory, and justified annexation as a defensive move. However, it also said it was to appease slaveholders, which then effectively alienated the north, and the annexation falls through
Radio Hypoplasia
A congenital condition caused by the failure of the radius and adjacent soft tissue to develop
What glands have no ducts, its secretions enter capillaries, and their secretions are called hormones?
Endocrine Glands
Vital Statistics
Vital events also known as vital statistics, in a persons life, such as birth or death dates, are used by the government, public health agencies, and other institutions to determine population trends and needs.
The study of the functions of body parts, what they do and how they do it.
Demonstrated one-way flow of blood and continuous circuit.
William Harvey(1578-1657)
western blot
is the most common confirmation test for HIV in the US
dietary supplements
vitamins and minerals taken by mouth that are intended to supplement existing diets.
Resting heart rate
heartbeats per minute while @ rest
Aortic Valve
The valve that regulates blood flow from the heart into the aorta.
protozoa which swim about by means of cilia
what are the 3 parts of a physician/patient contract
Vas Deferens
Tube in which sperm passes from the epididymus to the semial vesical.
Maysville Rd
Veto by Jackson in 1830 - internal improvement only within state, cannot use fed subsidies
Surgeon General
The chief medical officer of the U.S. Public Health Service
What is the bottom layer of the epidermis?
Stratum Germinitivum
High Blood Pressure
Occurs when blood pressure is higher than normal for long periods of time
With access to AIDS medicarions, infected users can survive, on average
10 to 20 years
influences of why people smoke
peer/social pressure, stress, parents etc.
a drug that slows down the activity of the central nervous system
The state of mental well being in which one can cope with the demands of daily life
mental health
Lifestyle Activities
Forms of physical activity that are a part of your daily routine or recreation that promotes good health throughout a lifetime
Jock itch
infection of the skin by a fungus; not a sexually transmitted disease; often occurs when scrotum and groin skin stays hot and moist; symptoms are red, itchy, irritated skin
The Annexation of Texas
1837Van Buren denies request - fearful of war with Mexico.1842Tyler welcomes it, but senate rejects1845Polk annexes, this time the bill passes through. sweetened by the Oregon acquirement.
How do ion channel-linked receptors work?
They bind neurotransmitters, causing specific ion channels in the membrane to open or close.
acid-fast bacilli (AFB) smear
a test performed on sputum to determine the presence of acid-fast bacilli, which causes tuberculosis
Trends in inpatient visits?
- More people being admitted, but their LOS is shorter. - Ex: childbirth
carbs consist of ___ total calories
45-65%.  Complex carbs: 20-45%, Simple carbs: 25% of total calories, Fiber: 25-38 grams per day
What are the selective β-blockers for glaucoma?
Why are they better than non-selective?
Betaxolol and Cartelol
Less systemic absorption and side effects
Interface for NPPV better tolerated
full-face mask and nasal pillow improved ventilation more than nasal mask but that the nasal mask was better tolerated
If stress-management program is not working you can try...
self-help guides, support groups, and psychotherapy
What are the disadvantages of Intramuscular and Subcutaneous administration of drugs?
The major drawbacks of IM administration are discomfort (painful) and inconvenience. Also, IM injection can cause local tissue injury and possible nerve damage if injection is done improperly.
anterior and posterior colporrhaphy (A&P repair)
when a weakened vaginal wall results in a cystocele (protrusion of the bladder against the anterior wall of the vagina) and a rectocele (protrusion of the rectum against the posterior wall of the vagina), this corrects the condition
withdrawl symptoms (2 types)
can be acute (shakes or jitters) to more sever i.e. seizures, delirium tremens (DT's)
Examples of barotraumas resulting from mechanical ventilation
"barotrauma is extraalveolar air and can be in the form of: subcutaneous emphysema, pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum, pneumoperitoneum, and pneumopericardium"
define body mass index
a way to acess your body size taking your height and weight into account
What are the advantages of Intramuscular and Subcutaneous administration of drugs?
The IM route is used for administration of poorly soluble drugs. Another advantage of the IM route is that we can use it to administer depot preparations (preparations from which the drug is absorbed slowly over an extended time.)
Medical Power of Attorney
- Also known as health care power of attorney, it is a document that appoints a person (health care proxy or agent) to make health care decisions for a patient who is unable to do so for him or herself. They are authorized by all 50 states, 28 states specify the types of decisions that health care proxies can make.
What is the difference btwn hypertensive emergency and hypertensive urgency?
emergency has target organ damage (BP> 180/120)
3 cognitive techniques to reduce stress
live in the present, accept what you cant change, modify your expectations
What is a Schedule V (CV)drug?
Same regulations as C-III and C-IV but may be dispensed w/o a prescription with certain conditions: (1) dispensed by pharmacist (2) limited amount dispensed (doesn’t say how much) (3) must be 18 yrs. or older to receive (4) pharmacist records transaction (5) if state and local laws do not prohibit dispensing C-V without a prescription. Example: diphenoxylate plus atropine.
what are the major areas of health research?
The major areas are biomedical (developing drugs), clinical, health services, and population health.
risk of heart attack and stroke for women who smoke and use contraceptives is...
heart attack- 39 times more likely; stroke- 22 times more likely
Explain why choosing abstinence is the best health decision a teen can make.
The choice to avoid bad habits results to you lowering your chances of risk.
what is the fx of the thyroid gland
- takes up iodine from food which allows secretion of TH
rather fast
Poetic Song
The Cure
slowly; solemnly.
Bob Marley
Jah live
German; Peoples Music
science of sound
Tone Color
highest voice
play an octave higher
Bernart de Ventadorn
Middle Ages
Persian hammered zither (dulcimer)
some professional pianist-composers began to arrange traditional genres such as this, whose smooth lyricism can still be heard in Brazilian melody
le vostre
your (pl.; fem. pl.)
first beat of a measure
METER of "Etude no.1, op.10"
Western instruments, associated with urban violence.
Expressed when romantic composers deliberately created music with a specific national identity, using the folk songs, dances, legends and history of their homelandsUniversal characteristic of Romantic period
Trends by 1945
Impressionism, Expressionism, Primitivism
A multiple-part polyphonic style of music. The music was religious and meant for a church setting but the text was not liturgical. Utilized refrian.
religion originally from Japan, unlike other religions it has no set dogma, no real clear main belief in the religion. Developed by drawing on all kinds of local customs and rituals. The one thing that holds Shinto loosely together is ancestral worship. Couple of different kinds of music associated with Shinto. Shinto shrine festival: a big celebration, not very religious, touch the shrine and that should give you luck for the entire year. The festival helps maintain a sense of community as Japan is being more westernized.
country where opera was invented around year 1600
very fast; more so than presto
The loudness or softness of compostition
systematic grouping of notes into regular units
Debbie Reynolds Written by Jay Livingston
note sayin
-Emily bees gets dead and everyday
The Romantic orchestra was the same size as the Classical orchestra
the union of all the arts -Opera
the succession of pitches in a piece
 “many voices” Two or more differentmelodic lines are combined Example: J.S. Bach: Art ofthe Fugue
New Orleans jazz, every instrument in a dixieland band has a specific function. the sound of Dixieland jazz is of many lines inter weaving in a complex but organized way. The effect is of collective improvisation but with every instrument having a carefully defined role.
"open", softer jaw, open eyes, lifted cheek bones/upper jaw, lifted eyebrows
In the twentieth century, there has been a strong interest in chamber music of many kinds.
According to lecture, which rock artist died on February 3, 1959 at the age of 17?
Ritchie Valens
Rhapsody of a Theme of Paganini
Rachmaninoff (musical work)
Baby Boomers
-"Baby Boomers" - after WWII
-New market for "teenagers"
-Youth culture revisited, even for younger audiences
-Mass media incented new kind of treat, called "Rock n Roll"
-"Teenagers" become an important cultural & commercial entity
Ni Komal
The seventh scale degree lowered one semitone
Conga Brava
piece written by Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol
A multimovement work for orchestra that is programmatic is called
a. symphonic poem
a. program syphony
c. concert overture
d. a sonata
b. program symphony
a resting point in music that occurs at the ends of phrases
european latin american instruments
simple bow (chordophone), guitar, trumpets, clarinets, accordions, and saxaphones
Strophic Form
Repeating the same music for each stanza of a poem
(of a passage in a musical score) immediately slower.
Maria Anna Mozart
Known as nannerl, was an accomplished pianist who as a child toured extesively with her brother wolfgang, performing concertos and four-hand piano works.
What is the main difference between concerto and symphony?
Symphony includes dance
Where did Chopin do most of his piano performing?
a popular music and type of dance from Brazil
According to lecture, what was Lillith Fair named after?
Adam's First Wife
Maite Perroni
She is a good singer and a great artist.
"Why Cant the English"
talk song
no melody - free movement from speech to song
accompaniment: vamp
Higgins elitist, borderline misogynist lyrics 
passive narrative instead of active
the row or set of keys on a piano, organ, or the like.
Name one section in the marching band.
Piccolo, clarinet, saxophone, dance line, bass drums....etc.
Prince Paul Anton Esterhazy
Haydn had a contract with him that was very strict limited him to give away compostions, later it became more relaxed: Was the most powerful Hungarian familieds
According to lecture what is the definition of cutting?
moving between tracks exactly on the beat
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