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replaced Romanesque
Edward Hopper
villa rotonda
Arch of Constantine
symbolic hand gestures
Robert Smitherson
spiral jetty
a bishops church
Surrender of Breda
Diego Velazquez
materials glued to paper
London Bridge, Andre Derain
what holds it together
Picasso, Les Demoiselles D'AvignonModernism: Cubism
prehistoric monoliths standing singly or with others in rows or circles
There are eight of them.
the elite
Sarcophagus was made for...
very distinct and sharp, realistic
German Epressionist
in Germany
post WW1
representalional but abstract
an intaglio printmaking process in which grooves are cut into metal or wood surface with a burin.
Intermediate colors- mix the primary colors with the neighboring secondary color.
The Persistence of Memory
DALI. 1930. surrealism.
an identifying mark, or trademark, based primarily on letter forms.
painted terracota
Sarcophagus is made out of...
Representational/Abstract Art example?
Vasily Kandinsky "Composition IX"
shapes, colors, etc. that please aesthetic senses (mostly visual)
or intellectually appealing
Joseph Kosuth, One and Three ChairsModernism: Conceptual Art
Question 1 The artist Artemisia Gentileschi heightens the drama of Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes by using a technique that comes from an Italian word meaning murky. This technique is called:
WORDS-refers to the world in the abstract. IMAGES-represent the world or reproduce its appearance
The creation of the illusion of roundess or three dimensions through the use of light and shadow
Representational Art (objective/figurative art)
depicts the appearance of things
This refers to trends in painting starting in 1885 that followed Impressionism. Painters from this trend didn't share a single vision, rather they built on or reacted to Impressionism. Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, and Paul Cezanne were among the most well known painters of this.
Credit Line
Name of Artist, Medium, Location, Title, Year, Size
In metalwork, raising a design in relief by hammering a sheet of heated metal form the back.
video synthesizer
a machine that generated brilliant color patterns that could be programmed to develop from black and white input
What is encastic (painting)?
Pigment mixed with wax
the color or shade of an object
Ka Figure
according to ancient Egyptian belief, an image of a body in which the sould would dwell after death.
1960Believe art must emerge from daily lifeFlux-roman word meaning something is always shifting, changing, constantly moving.
Early manuscripts such as the Lindisfarne Gospels were said to be ______ because they were elaborately illustrated and decorated.
d. illuminated
something that is given great stress or importance:
3 distinct architectural types -
Doric, Ionic & Corinthian
recessed squares in the roof of the patheon that deminish in thickness toward the crown which lightens the load and strengthens the structure
Gustave Courbet
This painter used a direct, painterly technique for the portrayal of the dignity of ordinary things and common life. He perceived Realism as the enemy of art. He was one of the first to finish his paintings outdoors, working directly from nature, which was a move precipitated in 1841 by the availability of oil paint in tubes. He painted "The Stone Breakers."
Still Life with Basket of Apples
CEZANNE. 1895. Post-Impressionism.
What is a single impression or a multiple edition of impressions?
sculpture meant to be seen from all sides.
Salvador Dali
A surrealist painter who evoked the eerie quality of some dreams in his paintings. He used illusionary deep space and representational techniques to create near-photographic dream images. The startling juxtaposition of unrelated objects creates a nightmarish sense of superreality beyond the everyday world and is called representational surrealism. He painted "The Persistence of Memory."
- a work of art that moves.
•Kinetic Art
the raft of medusa
Theodore Gericault, Oil on canvas
pop art
Popular culture, post war economic and population boom
Dry media such as metalpoint, chalk and pastel, consist of coloring agents called:
b. pigments
the quality of a distinct object or body in having an external surface or outline of specific form or figure.
The path made by a moving point, a type of line
Fatata Te Miti or By the Sea, Paul Gauguin
representational, real
the more a work resembles things in the real world
Who invented the idea of the "modern skyscraper" and "Form follows function"?
Louis Sullivan
What is the first of the 10 elements of design?
Which Miami basted artist collective created Rainbow Vally, and where is it located?
Friends Wth You;Aventura Mall
What American artist created YOU CAN BUY BOOTLEG WHISKEY FOR TWENTY-FIVE CENTS A QUART and what medium was used?
Jacob Lawrence, gouache
The Basket of Apples
Paul, Cezanne appears to have visual mistakes, A dynamic still life painting.
Folk Art
Art of people who have had no formal, academic training, but whose works are part of an established tradition of style and craftsmanship.
What is a post and lintel?
two pillars(posts) supporting a suspended vertical pillar (lintel)
Question 4 Manet’s Djeurner sur I’herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) has rejected from the annual salon exhibition in Paris in 1863. Where was it exhibited?
At the Salon de Refus
Jericho / Prehistoric
The Human Skull was found in _____ and is part of the _____ era.
die grossen blauden pferde (THe large blue horses)
Franz Marc, Oil on Canvas
Head of a King, from Nigeria
there are parallel striations on his face and this creates a rhythm and this is a sculpture of a kings head from Nigeria.
What is "meaning," in art?
Meaning in art is rarely simple and straight forward. Rather than have a definitive meaning that can be found, art inspires interpretations that are many and changeable. According to some, meaning is what distinguishes art from other kinds of skill making. Understanding art is a cultural skill and like only cultural skill, it must be learned.
what is a kouros? a kore?
kouros = greek word for 'youth' an archaic greek statue of a standing nude male
kore = greek word for maiden; an archaic greek statue of a standing female, usually clothed
Monotype, a process that is unique among the printmaking processes, produces:
c. only one print from the plate
Who is Damien Hirst? What three pieces is he famous for?
"Shark," "6 Legged Cow," and "Diamond Encrusted Skull."
What is the seventh of the 10 elements of design?
Motion - what is moving in the picture
San Vitale
the actors face
The lion gate
Positive space
Drawn on space.
The Nose
Alberto Giacometti
Bronze, iron, twine, and steel wire
a difference, provides interest
an ornamental "four-leaf clover" shape- ie with four lobes radiating from a common center
Landscape with Yellow Birds
Paul Klee
Watercolor and gouache on paper
Harvest of Death, Gettysburg
Timothy O'Sullivan
Le Portugais (The Emigrant)
Georges Braque
Oil on canvas
99 cent
Andreas Gursky, Cibachrome print mounted on a plexiglass frame.
Slide 12
"Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park, California" - Ansel Adams, Photograph
A Bar at the Folies-Bergere
Edouard Manet
Oil on canvas
German Pavilion
Ludvig Mies van der Rohe
visual weight
apparent "heaviness" for "lightness" of forms arranged in a composition
A form of representation that reduces objects to a pattern of template. A way of depicting something as a pattern or template used repeatedly (The Egyptian art).
sheets or parchment or vellum bound together--the precursor of the modern book
a chemical compound applied to the bronze by the artists that forms a film or encrustation on the surface after exposure to the elements.
The art of shaping molten glass objects by blowing air through a tube
in acoustics, a secondary vibration in a sound producing body, which contributes to the tone color
analytic line
lines that are geometric or precise
Contemporary Art
Artworks that include those of today's artist. They still need to be creating and promoting.
Slide 7
"The Wave" - Katsushika Hokusai, Color woodblock print
Portrait of Thomas Carlyle
Julia Margaret Cameron, Silver Print
Slide 9
"Le Boulevard Du Temple" - Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, Daguerreotype
What is the technique of writing two or more melodies that fit together?
works that are developed on a flat plane without depth (though the surface may be built up with paint)
Three-Dimensional Art
Has height, depth, and width. Ex - architecture, books (made by hand), performance art (visual artist, not theatre) and site art.
high relief
project forward by at least half of their depth
contour line
a line that describes or defines an edge
Greek cross
The Good Shepherd is in the shape of a...
the dome thins to about 6 feet from 20 feet
degas, after the bath, woman drying herself, 1889-90, period: impressionism, pastel drawing
not exact image but example
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