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Terms Definitions
taller, dynamic
chinese graffiti
pesaro madonna
Pont du Gard
meaning "like nature"
Andy Warhol
Marilyn Diptych
a hemispherical vault
Oath of Horatti
Jacques-Louis David
organic shape
irregular and curvy
Three Musicians, Pablo Picasso
Blue, ORange, Red, 424
Da Vinci, Last SupperRenaissance
(architecture) a vertical supporting structure (as a portion of wall between two doors or windows)
Stain Glass Windows Found In...
the edge or outer portion
Alfred the caracaturist is from
Kathe Kollwitz
woman, German
self portraits
charcoal drawings and skeaches
a printmaking technique in which stencils are applied to fabric stretched across a frame. Paint or in is forced with a squeegee through the unblocked portions of the screen onto paper or other surface beneath.
Secondary Colors- orange, green and violet
Guggenheim Museum
GEHRY. Bilbao, Spain. 1995. deconstructivist.
a picture that goes with words
temple of all gods
Pantheon was a...
Two types of line?
Contour and Outline
artist's intention to re-present particular subject
Andy Warhol, Brillo Boxes Modernism: Pop Art
Question 3 Bierstad’s picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains combines a representation of an American vista with his:
European experience
Everything from the materials used to make the work to the way it employs the variou formal elements
A characteristic manner or mode of artistic expression or design
is the symbolic meanings of signs, subjects, and images
The Luncheon of the Boating Party, Pierre-Auguste Renior
a preliminary coating applied to a painting support to improve adhesion of paints or the create special effects.
Envisioned the human body as a harmonious set of divinely inspired ratios.
_________ is made by heating silica sand
very detailed or to explain something in greater detail
Ionic Order
a moderatly ornate greek architectural style introduced form Asia minor and characterized by spiral scrolls on capitals and a continous frieze.
John Lage
Avant garde composer“there is no such thing as silence”Music is sound
Dry drawing media consists of coloring agents, which are mixed with _______ that hold them together.
a. binders
something arranged along a line, esp. a straight line; a row or series:
2 of the earliest civilizations were
Egypt and Mesopotamia
Archaic Style
details are more natural; attempts to show anatomy; standing straight up and facing the viewer; stiff; braided hair; the "archaic smile"
Sarah Bernhardt, Nadar (Felix Tournachon)
Photograph of Sarah Bernhardt.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Maya LIN. Washington, D.C., 1980. post-modern art.
What is it called when a sculptural environment is created indoors?
A style that developed in the 16th century as a reaction to the classical rationality and balanced harmony of the high renaissance; characterized by dramatic use of space and light exaggerated,color, elongation of figures, distortions of perspective scale and proportion.
Henry Moore
An artist who used global influences in his work. He studied tribal arts at both the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. He sculpted "Recumbent Figure."
- (subject matter) under lying idea of the work - what the work of art is about.
The miracle of the Slave
Tintoretto, oil on canvas
Joesph Beuys
I Like America and America Likes MeShamanUses art to heal both personally and universally
The "Names Project" is:
d. an AIDS memorial quilt
to adjust in amount according to a fixed scale or proportion (often fol. by down or up):
a type of relief print made from an image that is left raised on a block of wood
Jean Leon Gerome
Thomas Eakins's teacher. He painted in an academic art style.
an image is so natural it creates the illusion that it is real
When is fram construction used?
In most buildings like houses
What is value?
It's represented by light. The shades of light and dark. Value can be very gradual and natural or with stark differences such as only with a line.
Define Impressionism.
An art movement that started in France in the 1960s. Impressionists focused on light, color, and capturing the momment.
Who created SPADE WITH CHAINS & what technique was used
David Hammons, assemblage
Study for the death of Sardanapalus
Eugene Delacroix, romantic, which refers to all emotions, shows a bunch of dead people and people getting slain.
Oh Jeff, I Love You Too, But...
LICHTENSTEIN. 1965. Pop art.
What are the 2 types of wheel throwing?
Electric and manuel
Dada artists: Raoul hausmann and Hannah Hoch
Emphasis on 2-D art ->collageDevelopment of graphic arts (design and printing)Their name for collage ->montage or phototage
Question 5 Where did Christo and Jean-Claude locate their temporary installation, The Gates?
New York's Central Park
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre did what?
Le Boulevard du Temple, 1839 (Romanticism)
Dynamism of a Dog on a leash
Giacomo Balla, Oil on Canvas
this is me, this is you
Roni Horn, photographs of the same child making a lot of different faces, a girl becoming a woman
Who is Janine Antoni? What piece is she famous for?
"Gnaw" (vanity is the meaning)
what type of funerary art was most popular with the romans?
most romans were buried in wooden/carved coffins - sarcogogi
In a work of art "content" refers to the:
a. message that is communicated
What is the eighth of the 10 elements of design?
Space - what are the dimensions
Who is Edward Weston? What piece is he famous for?
"Cabbage Leaf" Is it art? Is it beautiful even though it's a leaf?
Artistic intention.
surface quality
Eiffel Tower
Gustave Eiffel
adding things together
Edvard Munch
The Scream: Expressionism
center of charlemagne empire
Hagia Sophia is located at...
This movement reflected the revolutionary spirit of the times
Francisco Goya
Third of May. Romantic
Woman IV
Willem de Kooning
Oil, enamel, and charcoal on canvas
Abstract Expressionism
a paperlike material made from bleached and stretched animal hides, used in the Middle Ages for manuscripts
a person who works with clay
Credited with painting the Sistine Chapel
a triangular framework that is commonly used today because of its strength and rigidity
artworks that aim to present likenesses of known objects
to color or shade of an object
Slide 9
"Kindred Spirits" - Asher Brown Durand, Oil on canvas
The open Door
William Henry Fox Talbot, Calotype
Dominant ideas that influenced art
Classical Humanism
-Scientific Naturalism
the elevated sight above an ancient Greek city conceived as the center of civic life
The Palazzo Ducale's 2nd floor is the ____ floor.
radiating chapels
In medieval churches, chapels for the display of relics that opened directly onto the ambulatory and the transept.
Slide 22
"Luncheon on the Grass" - Edouard Manet, Oil on Canvas
three broad categories of art
representational, abstract art, non-representational
vanishing point
size of something compared to the other people in the pic
Neon lights, video, digital photography, sound, and animation (page 9)
What advancements have helped contemporary artist? List four.
Its a temple in Rome. Built by Donato Bramante. The temple has features of classical architecture such as columns
the top part of the column with the fancy swirls and stuff
s curve
Term for when the contours of a body form an S shape
lost wax casting
a method of casting metal by a process in which a wax mold covered with clay and fired, leaves a hollow form for metal molds to be made
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