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like changes......
"saturday" came from
-Rotating neutron stars
-Strong Magnetic Fields
-They pulsate since the rotation axis does not align with the magnetic field axis (light
house effect) Lecture 17, Slide 23
-Energy from pulsars comes from rotational energy
-Receive photons in gamma-ray, X-ray, optical, and radio bands
-Pulsars are losing rotational energy to radiation
-Rotating slower => takes them more time to complete rotation
-SO period increases for a pulsar over time
the ability to do work
8. 300,000 years: Recombination occurs. Electrons and protons form neutral atoms. Universe becomes transparent.
silicate masses that resemble earth rocks
Like Jupiter's, Saturn's rotation is fast and differential, with the ________ rotating fastest.
How many times more light-gathering power does a 40-inch refractor have compared to a 5-inch one?
Fused rock from the lunar surface:
Infra-red (IR) radiation
is best known as 'heat'
Divergence Zone
this is when two plates SEPARATE
The Electromagnetic (EM)
radio, microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma ray
Almost all of the Earth't atmospheric gases lie in the
Any successful model for the formation of the solar system must explain why the orbits of the planets have low eccentricities.
Property of Star - Distance
distance = 1/parallax
nucleur fusion
combination of nuclei to produce heavier nuclei with the release of energy
supergiant star
a star of very high luminosity
Who measured the distance to the moon?
On what day does summer officially begin?
Summer solstice
Cepheid variable
Star whose luminosity varies in the characteristic way, with a rapid rise in brightness followed by a slower decline. The period of a Cepheid variable star is related to its luminosity, so a determination of this period can be used to obtain an estimate of the star's distance.
The method of spectroscopic parallax is used to find the ____ of a star through knowledge of its _____.
distance, spectral type
Inside the Roche Limit,
large moons are torn apart
waxing crescent
phase btw new moon and first quarter
Astronomers have not yet been able to detect planets outside our solar system
• Because gamma rays have very short wavelengths, gamma-ray telescopes can achieve extremely high angular resolution
pulsating variable star
stars that grow alternately brighter and dimmer as their outer layers expand and contract in size
HR Diagram
Demonstrates that stars undergo a life cycle. They are born, age, and die.
a large assemblage of stars, gas, and dust bound together by their mutual gravitational attraction
The name given to the ancient, unified continent in the plate tectonic theory is ___.
The only moon that rises in the west and sets in the east in its planet's sky is
normal galaxy
There are billions of galaxies in the observable universe. They have quite a variety of shapes and sizes. Normal galaxies emit most of their radiation as visible light. The Hubble classification scheme defines four basic categories of normal galaxies - spirals, barred spirals, ellipticals, and irregulars. This classification is based on appearance.
Into which category do the majority of stars fall?
main sequence
What is the chief component of the Venusian atmosphere?
carbon dioxide
Net Force
The total amount of push or pull (forces) from an exterior agent or source acting upon a mass.
Nuclear Fusion
the combination of the nuclei of small atoms to form a larger nucleus; releases energy
An event in which a planet passes in front of a star (or the Sun) as seen from Earth. Only Mercury and Venus can be seen in transit of our Sun. The search for transits of extrasolar planets is an important planet detection strategy.
A large cloud of dust and gas in interstellar space; the location of star formation.
Most asteroids are found in the asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of:
Mars and Jupiter.
What caused the gas tail of Comet Hale-Bopp to point so directly away from the Sun?
The Solar Wind
Conservation of angular momentum
Planets speed up closer to the sun
The magnetic field tilts of which two bodies are the most unusual?
Uranus and Neptune
As a spaceship nears an event horizon, a clock on the spaceship will be observed
to run slowly
red giant
a very large old reddish star that is greatly expanded and cooled as its fuel has begun to run out
The annual rotation of the Sun relative to the stars is:
From west to east.
What is that gas and dust called in star formation?
Interstellar medium
With respect to the horizon, on any one night, Mars appears to move
east to west always.
Spectral line
sharp dip or peak in a spectrum at a characteristic wavelength
The equation of all three statements of the universal law of gravitation
Fg = G((m1 x m2)/d^2)
Size of an electron orbit
larger it is, higher the energy, smallest possible orbit --> smallest possible energy
distance chain/ladder
I'm going to ask the TA on this one but I think this has to do with diagram of radial distance of clusters?
Jovian planets (as compared to terrestrial planets)
1) have more satellites
2) are more massive
3) are less dense
4) are farther from the sun
Wat is true of spring tides?
The difference between high and low tides is the greatest
The Moon at the horizon appears:
Redder than usual due to atmospheric extinction.
What do these dust bunnies accomplish?
Dust bunnies stick together to form pebbles
Heavy atoms, such as nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, silicon, and iron, are:
manufactured in cores of very massive stars
The mare on Ganymede were formed by
water erupting and spreading over the surface
Stars in the outermost regions of the Milky way
orbit faster than astronomers would expect based on the galactic mass we can see
4. Nineteen neutrinos were detected from a supernova in our neighboring galaxy, the
Large Magellanic Cloud, on January 1987 (SNa 1987A). What did we learn about the
supernova explosion from this observation?
(b) The star that exploded was a massive star and neutrinos were produced when
its iron core collapsed to a neutron star
The greenhouse effect on Venus does which of the following?
causes the surface to be much hotter than it would otherwise be
What is so unusual about Pluto's orbit?
It is the most inclined to the ecliptic of the 9 planets?
According to Newton's first law:
A body at rest, tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
Uranus is similar to Neptune in that it has
1) about the same mass and radius.
2) about the same internal composition
3) about the same cloud surface temperature
4) about the same period of rotation on it's axis
What Cluster does the Milky Way belong to?
The Local Group (5 million light years across)
Ch.19 Q#36: Where would be the most likely place to find an ionization nebula? (a) int the halo (b) in the bulge (c) in the spiral arm *explain your answer*
We would most likely find that in c the spiral arm as it should be where active star formation is
Ch.19 Q#31: How do we determine the Milky Way's mass outside the Sun's orbit? (a) from the Sun's orbital velocity and its distance from the center of our galaxy (b) from the orbits of halo stars near the Sun (c) from the orbits of stars and gas clouds orb
C because in the book it says we have to consider the suns orbit and of mass beyond its orbit. (not 100% sure on this but I think that's what the book says)
section 1
Spiritual practices
israel's old name
What are Shudras?
Key ChaptersLeviticus 1-7
Five sacrifices
lit: "recovering wholeness"Bridges gulf between God and manMiddle Ages: believe Christs' life/death was compensation for Adam and Eve
Monkhood, life of renunciation
The Three Teachings
Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism
2) The __________ help leadership roles in the church from the time of Jesus.
a. Apostles
belief in two + gods
capital punishment
death penalty for crime
What is "bon?"
animistic tibeten religion
Prepare against the day of tribulation
Key ChapterGenesis 11
The Tower of Babel
the predominant religious tradition in india
Biblical worldview: God is applicable to ___ of life
canon law
official laws fo the church
God's communication of himself, by which he makes known the mystery of his divine plan. A gift of God's self-communication which is realized by deeds and words over time, and most fully by sending his own divine Son, Jesus Christ
-form of expressing meaning, often interchangeable with the word sign-symbols are special kinds of signs
prophet, called by God, anoints Saul, helps Israelites follow God
Buying back; paying the price for (jesus redeemed us by shedding his blood and dying on the cross
goal of life, social and religious duty. mainly as householder, decreasing responsibility as retiree
A powerful nomadic people of unknown ethnic origin who invaded Europe ca. 375.
An action that shows deeper reverence for something sacred. For example, on Good Friday, individuals in the assembly venerate the cross by bowing before or kissing it
god showed everyone jesus was long awaited messiah
A young woman of Shunem distinguished for her beauty. She was chosen to be a helper and servant of David in his old age. According to Israel tradition, if a man sleeps with the concubine of the king, then he is king. Adonijah tried to become king after David, taking the throne away from Solomon, by sleeping with Abishag.
re-constituted family
parents with children from previous marriages
will to meaning. "man's search for meaning". holocaust survivor.
-is a distinctive form of symbolic communication-not a literal statement-a basic form of our ordinary discourse
the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music and the arts. Saraswati has been identified with the Vedic Saraswati River.
secular humanism
one justice described it as government support of the beliefs of those who think that religious exercises should be conducted only in private. or as LaHaye says :a man centered religion that maistakenly thinks it can sove the problems of man, independent of God"
used by the Holy Spirit to enlighten and guide the authors of the Bible to write what God wanted to be written
Key PeopleMoses
Author of the Pentateuch, deliverer of Israel
Thomas Ball Barratt:
Thomas Ball Barratt: a British methodist missionary to Norway; he would later become known as the Pentecostal apostle to north and west Europe.
He never went to the Azusa street arrival, but claimed to receive the Glossolalia blessing In NY in 1906. -Oslo (Christiana) he conducted his first Pentecostal church there.
Communism is the first organized international movement designed to drive the very idea of God from the ___ ___ ___
mind of man
patron saint
one chose as advocate of particular locality
a gift of the holy spirit through which we show respect to the lord through praise and worship
Holy Spirit:
Holy Spirit: The presence of God active in human life, a concept more explicitly set forth in John 14:16-26, and in the Pentecost. The Hebrew Bible speaks of the “spirit of God.” IN post-New Testament times, the Holy Spirit was declared to be the third person in the trinity.
Who is Radha?
A Gopi (shepardess) with which Krishna has a special relationship that represents the relationship between god and soul.
false gods
other gods besides the one, true God, the many gods other people believed in at this time in history
kashrut (dietary laws)
-among land animals, animals that have hooves and chew their own cud are ok. example- pigs rabbits and camels are not permitted-Shechitah- humane slaughter ritual to be considered kosher (all blood drained out)-Among water animals, only those with scales and fins can be eaten. examples- lobster, clams, and shrimp and not permitted
-Anything that crawls on its belly not permitted
   Examples- no snakes
-No mixing of meat and dairy (requires seperate utensils)
one of the archangels used by God many times as a messenger in particular at the annunciation
Marxism got its ideas from a ___ ___.
Biblical worldview
the heresy that Jesus the man was a different being from the Spirit who was the Son of God and God can't become human which meant Mary couldn't be honored as the Mother of God
What are the two types of jainism?
Svetambara and Digambara
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
the seven permanent dispositions that make us docile to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit
Leo the Great
was the Bishop of Rome in the Empire’s last days, he managed the affairs in Rome, fed the poor and convinced the feared Attila the Hun to spare Rome.
Who is Kalki?
Final avatara yet to come. Will come at the end of the age and destroy evil.
the white garment symbolizes...
that the newly baptized has become a new creation of christ
Steps of analyzing biblical passages:
1. Time and place2. Language and literary method3. Authors, scribes and readers4. Response, context and contents
Joshua becomes the new leader of the Israelites and takes the
people into the Promises Land.
Example of the fifth comandment
You don't have to do what your parents say, just respect them
What is the basis of the beatitudes?
Love thy neighbour as your self/ Love each other as i love you
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