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Terms Definitions
23 million
267,000 square miles
a proposed law
an additional formal document
Cooperative federalism
Policies emphasizing cooperative efforts among the federal, state, and local governments to address common problems and provide public services to the citizens.
children's health insurance program. for children of families slightly above poverty line
after 1975, TX must pre-clear redistricting plans with US justice department
Popular sovereignty
The constructional principal of self-government; the belief that the people control their government and governments are subject to limitations and constraints.
local election
Election conducted by local governments to elect officials.
the texas const requires a...?
balanced budget
Undocumented immigration comes from?
What percent%
92% from mexico
How governments pay for services provided to citizens; Texas receives and spends over $110 billion in taxes
County Clerk
-Maintains public records & Administers public elections (in most counties)
Current trends on relationship between national and state government
Governor Succession
by Lieutenant governor, the senate will appoint new one among the Senators.
Dillon Rule
Legal doctrine that local governments are mere creatures of the state
deficit spending
Government spending in the current budget cycle that exceeds government revenue.
false statement made to hurt another person
voir dire
Jury selection process of questioning prospective jurors, to ascertain their qualifications and determine any basis for challenge.
Governing body of the county
County commissioners Court;
money/ something of value held b government to ensure defendants appearance in court
Type of primary Texas has
Open and Closed
sunshine law
a law prohibiting public officials from holding meetings not open to the public
Justice Courts
County Trial court- for both criminal and civil laws, perform marriages.
Unfunded mandates
actions imposed by the federal or state government on lower levels of government which are not accompanied by the money needed to fund the action required.
Sin tax
balanced budget
A budget in which the legislature balances expenditures with expected revenues, with no deficit.
where do politics parties choose their candidates for general elections?
primary elections
individualistic Culture
This culture looks to government to maintain a stable society but with minimum intervention in the lives of the people.
open primary
a primary in which any registered voter can vote (but must vote for candidates of only one party)
a system in which power is divided between the national and state governments
Supremacy clause
The constitution and acts of congress and US Treaties prevails over state's constitution and State Laws
An approach to government and politics in which people expect government to intervene in the social and economic affairs of the state, promoting the public welfare and advancing the public good.
Moralistic Political Culture
Wealth and Poverty in Texas
47th of the 50 states
Block grants
Federal grants of money to stets and local government for broad programs or serving rather than narrowly defined programs. These grants give state and local governments more discretion over the use of the funds.
A formal way of halting action on a bill by means of long speeches or unlimited debate in the Senate.
traditionalistic culture
A product of the old south, the tradionalistic culture uses government as a means of preserving the status quo and its leadership.
voter registration
A system adopted by the states that requires voters to register well in advance of Election Day. A few states permit Election day registration.
County Auditor
preforms an audit on all claims made against the county and judges validity of claim
County-court at law-
• Statutory courts (like probate and guardianship)
• Criminal
• Civil
• Probate
The 2 subcultures in Texas politics
Texas individualism, Texas traditionalism
The amount of money by which annual budget expenditures exceed annual budget receipts.
budget deficit
Home Rule City
a city with a government that has freedom to govern unless prohibited by state or federal laws
What are the 2 most important issues in the early 21st century?
Mayor, City Council
writ of habeus corpus
A court order requiring jailers to explain to a judge why they are holding a prisoner in custody.
General sales tax
A tax applied largely to the sale price of tangible personal property or its use.
Politics surrounding the 1875 constitutional convention
75 Democrats, 15 Republicans (6 blacks). 40% of Texas grange.
Blocking or bottleneck billl
the first bill placed on the senate calendar which serves the purpose of suspending the rul governing the order of business. Uses the practice on 2nd & 3rd readings
Legislative Body for the City
City Council; made of alderman and mayor;
City is divided in districts or WARDS with 1-3 alderpersons from each ward;
a series of laws n a constitution that protects specifically
Bill of Rights
Main source of local government tax
property tax (used to support county and municipal government and school districts)
What are various Econoic factors that have influenced Texas?
started out with cattle, then cotton, then oil.
What are Relations among the states?
if a person commits a crime in texas and flees to LA he will be sent back to texas for punishment
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