Texas Government Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
hobby rule
Jerry Patterson
Land Commissioner
Population Composition- African American
Average tenure in Senate
13.4 years
Native Texans of Mexican descent.
General elections
Government officials administer general elections
Candidate who receives plurality/ popular votes
first Tuesday (of a full week)
Captured Agency
A government regulatory agency supposedly serving the public interests but it consistently makes decisions favorable to the private interests that it regulates
Calendars committee
A special procedural policy-making body in the Texas House of Representatives that schedules bills that already have been approved by other committees for floor debate.
comprehensive revision
Constitutional revision through the adoption of a new constitution.
head of the executive branch
rick perry
partnership; league; union of separate political parties
City council
legislative branch of local government
County Sheriff
Chief law-enforcement official & Maintains county jail
Assistance given to constituents by congressional members, answering questions/doing favors
Legal structure of a political system, establishing government bodies and defining their powers.
The minimum number required to conduct business (as in a legislative body).
Interest groups
private structures that seek to influence public policy to benefit or serve their members
Article 1 Section 8
necessary and proper clause
a system of social or political ideas
Term length of County judge/County Commissioner
4 years
Removal of an ordinance (power of home-rule)
Enumerated powers
Congress may exercise only those powers that are granted to it by the Constitution, and subject to explicit restrictions in the Bill of Rights and other protections found in the Constitutional text
The integration of national economies into a world economic system in which companies compete worldwide for suppliers and markets.
Global Economy
TX legislator Sessions
Biennial, 140 days every two years
Formula grant
A federal grant based in specific criteria such as income levels or population.
Plural executive
A fragmented system of authority under which most statewide, executive officeholders are elected independently of the governor, This arrangement, which is used in Texas, places severe limitations on the governor's power.
term limits
Restrictions that exist in some states about how long an individual may serve in state and/or local elected offices.
the city manager is incharge of ?
uniciple departments
Council-manager form
a system of municipal government in which an elected city council hires a manager to coordinate budgetary matters and supervise administrative departments
one-party system
political party system that has only one official political party
an area of authority or control; the right to administer justice
Texas Traditionalistic
influence of old south and patron system; Uses government as a means of preserving status quo
The division of political authority among, legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.
Seperation of powers
Members of the Republican party that wanted sweeping and social change to take place in the South after the civil war.
Radical republicans
Temporary Acting Legislators
2003- if sitting legislator is called into active military service, they may designate a temporary replacement, subject to majority approval
Issue-attention cycle
A pattern in which public interest in an issue or problem is heightened by intensive media coverage. Media attention and public interest will wane after government takes steps to address their concerns, but most issues or problems are never permanently resolved another crisis, perhaps years later, will restart the cycle.
What is it called when the Governor consults with a senator before making an appointment to an agency board?
Recess Appointments
permanent party organization
in texas, the precinct chairs, county and district executive committees and state executive committee form a permanent organization of a political party
Original Jurisdiction
power of the court to hear case first
Money constitutionally set aside as an endowment to finance construction, maintenance, and some other activities at the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, and other institutions in those two University systems.
Permanent University Fund (PUF)
TX Court of Criminal Appeals
one court, 9 justices, appellate jurisdiction, reviews criminal cases with Texas Constitution, especially death sentences
What is the right that allows intrest groups to influence gov?
right of association
County Tax appraisal District
the district appraises all real estate and commercial property for taxation but does collect taxes and fees.
political action committee
A committee set up by a corporation, labor union, or interest group that raises and spends campaign money from voluntary donations
Limitations on state power
May not enter into treaties, tax imports from other states, deny right to vote, deprive people of life, liberty, property without law.
A provision in the Texas constitution that states the following: “ equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of sex, race, color, creed, or national origin.
Texas Equal rights amendment(ERA)
when would you use a special election?
when needed to fill vacancy
Court of Criminal Appeals-
• Court of last resort for most criminal appeals
• 9 Justices- Elected State Wide
• Capital Punishment Cases Directly Appealed
• Rules of Evidence & Appellate Procedures
Where do Hispanics Concentrate?
Which Road's
Terms of numbers are mostly in urban areas of South Texas.
South of I-10 and West of I-37
Poll tax
an annual tax that had to paid in a 4 month span. If it wasn't paid, the person couldn't vote. Abolished with Harper v. Virginia State Board of Elections (1966)
Oil Company wants to drill on publicly owned land in west Texas, if they want to do that, who do they ask?
Commissioner of the General Land Office
Court of appeals - 2nd Court of Appeals
• 14 Courts in State
• Fort Worth/Denton 2nd Court of Appeals
• Intermediate Courts of Appeal
• Justices -Elected
• Final Jurisdiction in Divorce, slander, boundary disputes & elections
• No Trial
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