The American Musical Flashcards

Terms Definitions
(1905) Franz Lehar; folk dance
Chess Records Production dude?
Willie Dixon
(1943) Rodgers & Hammerstein; landmark "integrated" musical, presents clean myth of American West; marriage stands for larger "marriage" of Cowman and Farmer (and of state and nation); evil (Jud) weeded out; assimilation of "other" (Ali Hakim); use of ballet to show dream; differences from Lynn Rigg's play, Agnes de Mille and choreography innovations, "American" ballet style; remythologizing American past
Big Technology change post WAR
Magnetic Tape
(1905) Franz Lehar; partial basis for melody in "I Love You So", "folk" melody uses pentatonic scale, manipulates high note as "unattainable" Vilia
HMS Pinafore
(1878) Gilbert & Sullivan; extremely popular, model for America, for whom it seemed to satirize England; respectability; G&S and prestige issues
"Italian Street Song"
(1910) Victor Herbert; coloratura, "ethnic" Italians
Duple Meter
Stress is on every two beats
(example: marching- left, right, left, right)
Triple Meter
Leiber & Stoller
1st independent producers; Atlantic; part of Brill Building
"Opening: Cotton Blossom"
(1927) Kern & Hammerstein; problematic opening lyric -- "niggers" vs "colored folk" and the film "fix" by fading up
The Merry Widow
(1905) Franz Lehar; mega-hit, much revived; European "sophistication," private vs. public, fashion - hats and corsets; musical mix: Viennese Waltz as personal nostalgia, Parisian can-can as inadequate city life, folk music as shared notion
"Little Buttercup"
(1878) Gilbert & Sullivan; music hall waltz song - dance, which sets apart the next songs
"It's a Scandal"
(1943) Rodgers & Hammerstein; Ali accepted into community over trouble with women, marriage, and propriety; musical comedy style; Ali and Jewishness
"The Nightingale"
(1878) Gilbert & Sullivan; not a dance, rather, in a lofty style gives Ralph's highborn status away
Often used just for the effect Example song - saxaphone song
Ace Records?
Johnny Vincent - New Orleans -1955
"Kate the Great"
(1934) Cole Porter; dropped from show at Ethel Merman's request because of allusions to lesbian behavior
Quadruple Meter
4 meters - Made originally by placing two duple meters together.
X + X = Rock N Roll
Country + Blues
She Done Him Wrong
(1933) adapted from Mae West's 1928 play Diamon Lil; saved Paramount from bankruptcy; Mae West's persona kidding about sexuality, derived from NYC drag queens
"Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'"
(1943) Rodgers & Hammerstein; nature images, connection between Curly and Laurey, Waltz song that makes it sound old-fashioned
Succession of pitches in time
Can be smooth (conjunct)Can skip around (disjunct)
White Doo Wop Groups:
Italians: Dion & the Belmonts, The Four Seasons
Doo Wop Characteristics?
NYC centered, mostly 1 & 2 hit wonders
"Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man"
(1927) Kern & Hammerstein; and its reprise: "gives away" Julie; "black" song taught to white Magnolia (awkwardness of blending in shimmy); imitation of blues form - diegetic? No. Book song, diegetic land.
Most succesful doo wop of all time
The Platters (Mercury Records 1955)
"I Get a Kick Out of You"
(1934) Cole Porter; big hit, first solo number in the show; bittersweet tone; wistful love; love as a high (champagne, cocaine, plane) with meandering triplet melody that drops off in disappointment; internal rhyme schemes in the lyric as overcoming boredom
(example: Nation song by The White Stripes)
Duple Meter and Triple Meters can be mixed
Al jolson
who started blackface?
________ follies in 1907
the book
musical librettos called
Hair originally started in____
Greenwich Village
Rock divided ___
parents and children
little Johnny Jones
cohans first musical...
irving Berlin
who began ragtime music
alexanders ragtime band
popular ragtime song...
Julie Andrews was _____
THE film star
Three musicals passed the ____ mark
Cabaret was produced by ____
Harold Prince
the passing show
1st american revue was...
west side story's playwright and director...
Michael Bennett
who created a chorus line?
Elton John
music in Lion King by...
Loewe and Lerner
famous writers and composers...
George Burns and Gracie Allen
2 famous vaudevillians...
Hair was called....
"The American Tribal Love Rock Musical"
The problem was the _____
Two shows within it
will rogers, brice, fields
who was in zigfield follies?
By 1967 Broadway tunes were considered ______
Your Parents Music
Cabaret had a realistic area for book scenes and a ______ for revue parts
Limbo Area
carousel, brigadoon, gentlemen prefer blondes
Agnes de Mille also choreographed...
The sound of music was released in ______
March of 1965
_____ offered Julie Andrews the chance to play the lead role in his movie ______
Walt Disney, Mary Poppins
sweeney todd. into the woods, passion
other musical scores by sondheim...
pulitzer prize for drama
what award did bennett win in 1976?
congressional medal of honor
what award did Cohan receive for writing over there?
Numbers were deleted from the score and the films seemed ____
longer than the stage version
How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying was a tired business man musical comedy featuring _____
Robert Morse and Rudy Vallee
blocks surrounding time square
where is the heart of New York's theatre district?
Henry, Sweet Henry opened on ____
October of 1967 in Washington Square Park
7 London's west end and Broadway
how many theatres does Mackintosh own? and where?
The one show to pass the 3000 mark was _____
Fiddler on the Roof
give my regards to broadway and yankee doodle boy
famous songs from little Johnny Jones
Hair really had no plot but...
a young man named Claude set among a group of hippies in Washington Square while facing being draft in Vietnam War
/ 65

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