The Appendicular Skeleton Flashcards

Axillary artery
Terms Definitions

Lateral border

(Radius) Neck
lateral epicondyle
iliac crest
coronoid process
Largest tarsal bone.
acromial (lateral) end
greater trochanter
lesser tochanter
linea aspera
lateral condyle
medial condyle
intercondylar notch (fossa)
patellar surface
fovea capitis
intertrochanteric line
medial epicondyle
lateral epicondyle
styloid process of ulna
Which bone is this?
the carpus is posteriorly
The clavicle is ____ shaped.
ossa coxae(hipbones)
3 bones(ilium, ischium, pubis)
LANDMARKS-acetabulum, acetabular notch, lunate surface, greater sciatic notch, iliac spines, gluteal lines, ischial spine, lesser sciatic notch, ishial tuberosity, ischial ramus, inferior and superior rami of the pubis, pectineal line, obturator foramen, arcuate line, iliac crest, iliac fossa, auricular surface, iliac tuberosity,
ARTICULATIONS-hip joint, pubic sympysis, sacroiliac joint
foot - 5 per side
The phalanges articulate at the knuckles with the metacarpals and with each other at _______________ joints.
shoulder girdle bone that articulates with and transmits forces to the bony thorax
Means shoulder-ornamental piece on a uniform-symbolizes rank.
wrist bones - 8 per side
bones of the appendicular skeleton include bones of the
The Pelvic Girdle
Formed by 2 hip bones*******************Ilium,Ishium,Pubis.
heads of these bones form the knuckles
the radius is _____ to the ulna
In anatomical position, palm of the hand is facing posteriorly.
Hint-"Pro,Basketball Player"
What is another name for shoulder blades?
os coxae
hip/pelvic bone - 1 per side
what gives rise to the musculotcutaneous nerve?
lateral cord
The capitulum articulates with?
head of the radius
The hip bone is ____ bones fused together.
The calcaneus articulates with the ______, the _______ and the ___________.
talus; navicular; cuboid
Elbow joint
formed by articulation of the coronoid process and olecranon process of the ulna into the coronoid and olecranon fossae of the humerus and by the trochlea of the humerus with the trochlear notch of the ulna.head of the radius articulates with the capitulum of the humerus and with the radial notch of the ulna at the proximal radioulnar joint
what muscle overlies the subscapular fossa?
the subscapularis muscle
trapezoid bone
wedge shaped, medial to the trapezium, proximal articulation with scaphoid
Deep Fascia
is an inward extension of the superficial fascia.
The _________________ is covered by the obturator membrane except in the small area of ___________.
obturator foramen; obturator canal
what shape is the clavicle?
the clavicle is S shaped
which bone is the largest and longest bone in the upper extremity?
the humerous
the radial tuberocity is an attachment site for the...
biceps brachii muscle
what are the cutaneous nerves?
- cervical plexus
- brachial plexus
the pec minor inserts on
coracoid process of the scapula
All the bones in the wrist form a flat plane, except for the __________.
what is located on the anterior side of the scapula?
the subscapular fossa
where is the frequent site for blood draws (venipuncture) and IV (intra-venous) therapy
Median Cubital Vein
what do the metacarpal bones make up?
the palm of the hand
what passes through the carpal tunnel
flexor tendons and the median nerve
where is the conoid tubercle located?
on the inferior surface of the clavicle near the acromial end
The axillary artery is a contiuation of
the subclavian artery fromthe lateral border of the 1st rib
tubercles on the superior and inferior edges of the glenoid cavity serve as attachment sites for
muscles that position the shoulder and arm
where does the subclavius originate
at the 1st rib and attaches at the subclavian groove of the clavicle.
what is the function of the interosseous membrane?
keeps the radius and ulna a fixed distance from one another and allows rotation of the forearm
what does the cervical plexus consist of
the ventral rami of he upper cervical nerves C1-C5
what are the symptoms of a colles fracture?
pain and swelling just proximal to the wrist and weakness in the affected hand...diagnosed with an x-ray
The Arms
Humerous,Radius,Ulna,Carpals,Metacarpals and Phalanges
Infraspinious fossa

Surgical neck

Intertubercle sulcus
Means hand
Humerus (arm bone)
Cleidocranial dysostosis
no clavicle
radial tuberosity
styloid process
Name the bone (#10)
anterior superior iliac spine
vertebral (medial) border
axillary (lateral) border
acromion (process)
glenoid cavity (fossa)
coracoid process
supraspinous fossa
infraspinous fossa
Name the following:
11, 12, 13
hamate bone
medial disal carpal bone
ankle - 7 per side
The ________ extends farther inferiorly than the ________ in the forearm.
radius; ulna
Sternal end: blunt, medial endacromial end: broader, flat, roughened, lateral end
Interosseous membrane/ Interosteos ligament is between what two bones?
Radius & Ulna
pubic angle in males are
50-60 degrees
in pectoralis major, the clavicular head can aid the arm in
There are ____ bones in the wrist.
depression in the scapula that articulates with the humerus
glenoid cavity
all fingers have _____ phalages except for the thumb which only has two
posteriorly, what ribs does the scapula cover?
ribs 2-7
finger bones 14, first finger or pollex(thumb) has two phalanges(proximal and distal), the other four have 3 phalanges(proximal, middle, and distal)
both os coxae articulate anteriorly with each other at the ____ ____
pubic symphysis
the palmar fascia is continuous with the
The metacarpal of the _________ is the most mobile.
raised area on lateral surface of humerus to which deltoid muscle attaches
deltoid tuberosity
Pelvic girdle
articulates with the axial skeleton at the sacroiliac joints. The joints are located where the articulated ossa coxae unite posteriorly with the sacrum
What is the largest bone in your body?
The ______ is the most commonly dislocated large joint of the body. the head of the _____ typically dislocated and moves anteriorly...
shoulder, humerous
5 Basic Segments of Appendicular Skeleton
Pectoral Girdle
Arm (Brachium)
Name the following:
9, 10, 11
9. proximal phalanx
10. middle phalanx
11. distal phalanx
what joint is formed when the sternal (medial end) of the clavicle articulates with the manubrium of the sternum?
sternoclavicular joint
carpal bones
8 carpal bones form 2 rows, four proximal carpal bones(scaphoid bone, lunate bone, triquetrum, pisiform bone), four distal carpal bones(trapezium, trapezoid bone, capitate bone, hamate bone)
"Sam Likes To Push The Toy Car Hard." lateral to medial, proximal to distal
what is the largest branch of the brachial plexus?
radial nerve
The shoulder girdle is made up of the _________ and the _____________.
scapula; clavicle
phalanges of the foot
14 bones, hallux(great toe) has 2 proximal and distal, rest have 3 proximal, distal, and midddle
what is the apex of the axilla deep to
the clavicle
how does the spine help the scapula?
adds strength to the scapula
where does the serratus anterior attach
at the anterior vertebal (medial) border of the scapula
is the pectoral girdle a complete girdle?
no,the pectoral girdle has only anterior attachment to the axial skelton at the manubrium of the sternum
The Pectoralis minor originates at
sternal ends of 3rd, 4th, and 5th ribs
where is the ulnar notch located?
on the distal end of the radius, medially, articulating with the lateral surface of the istal end of the ulna
the _____ is a narrowing of the bone immediately distal to the tubercles at the transition from the head to the shaft...
surgical neck...common fracture site in the elderly
where does the axillary artery pass through poteriorly
to the pectoralis minor where it becomes the brachial artery
In the Posterior Branch of the Spinal Nerve trunks:

what does the posterior division of all threeturnks form?
th posterior cord (cord posterior to the axillary artery)
Does the scapula have a direc ligamental or bony connection to the thorax?
NO, but it does have a strong skeletal muscle support
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