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Terms Definitions
le peintre
El dolor
el color
La imagen
to influence
Titan's Goblet
el/la pintor/a
a painter
red, yellow, blue
to make or produce.
another name for color
The Night Watch
Rembrant, Baroque
lines that are slanted
Miracle of the Slave
catherine opie
self portrait nursing (2004)
Polykleitos (style)
entire human body sculptures
the outline/shadow of an object
fired at highest temps, glossy
Neoplatonism (also Neo-Platonism) is an ancient school of philosophy beginning in the 3rd century A.D.
neo-classicism style
idealization-again the high ren., greco-roman model, balance, logic, order, drawling primary/color secondary
Color Scheme
a plan for combining colors
closely related hues, colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel
Seated Buddha with parasol, Jingchuan, early 5th c. CE
Characteristics of this movement are dramatic contrast of light and dark, diagonal thrust, and the focus on a subject both horrifying and titilating
Giving an inanimate object human features
In architecture, a horizontal beam used to span an opening between two posts.
Any full size drawing, subsequently transferred to the working surface, subsequently transferred or fresco is made.
Boucher held the leading position at the Royal Tapestry Manufactory at_____________.
Volute Krater
Vessel with handles shaped like scrolls
The lightness or darkness of a color
a technique used by creating lighter and darker values to create a 3-d effect is
Grey, black, white, dull or grayed colors.
high relief
when positive areas project farther out
The most common form of drawing material-pencils. They range from h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h, 9h, hb, 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b, and 9b. H pencils have less lead in them; they have a very light quality. B pencils have more led in them making them have a softer, bolder, darker tone.
1990s installations
robert gober
significant 1990s trend away from painting (commodity)
often social identity issues explored
the way an object looks, its appearence, the order of line
Conceptual art
Ideas expressed are more important than physical expression; art conceived in mind of artist
line or edge of one shape continues line or edge of the next
secondary colors
hues mixed with adjacent primaries (in paint: violet, green, orange)
Implied Line
A line created by movement or direction, such as the line established by a pointing finger, the direction of a glance, or a body moving through space
An artwork focusing on _____ showing a is called a portrait.
the drawn prayer in the book of prayers
triadic colors
Three colors equally spaced on the color wheel.
Causes the viewer's eye to move from one element to the next
(6000 to 350 B.C) artwork from this period is mainly functional including pottery and cloth
Snow Storm: Steamboat off a Harbor's Mouth
J.M.W. Turner
kinds of shapes (6)
geometric, organic, curved, angular, positive, negative
Color Wheel
A circular diagram in which primary and usually intermediate colors are arranged sequentially so that related colors are next to each other and complementary colors are opposite
a successful work of art, a whole that has properties that transcend the sum of its parts
Complementary colors
pairs of colors that are farthest away from each other on the color sheel (ex. read and green or orange and blue)
fine art
Art from the heart of the artist; created for personal fulfillment
-Madeof gold,garnett, lapisliazula covered purse in a kings burial site
-contained important documents, signiture rings, jewelery,money
-e.g. of animal style-larger verterbrae eating a smaller/weaker bird. Also man being eaten/accosted by dogs=punishment.
-might makes right-violent times of middle ages
-snake symnolized the power of the king, and other animals
One point perspective
The parallel lines that recede from the viewer converge to a single vanishing point. The sides of object are parallel to picture plane.
multiple perspective
looking at the figure or object from more then one vantage point- several different views are combined in one image- more subjective and conceptual views of forms
Bone dry
Refers to clay which is ready to be fired. All the moisture is gone from the clay, and it is VERY FRAGILE at this stage.
is the canvas on top of the flats used so you can paint a back round on to them and still be light and cheap
split complimentary colors
a color and the two colors on each side of its compliment
hunting ritual, visual prayers, celebrate a successful hunt
list 3 of the theories used to describe the purpose of prehistoric cave paintings.
What was the original purpose of the Dada movement?
To challenge the notion that things happened systematically, to suggest that everything was in chaos, even art
sacred writing
la figura
to represent
la fantasía
el mensaje
Stone Mountain
yellow orange red
plastic based paint
la reseña
(critical) review
está sentada
to be seated
los efectos especiales
special effects
tener éxito
to be successful
location? period?
Paestum, Italy
Early Archaic
Eugene Delacroix, Death of Sardanapalus, 1827
Kenyon Cox.
Tradition. -Academic Classicism
(passing the torch)
cool colors
green, blue, and violet
Made of baked ("fired") clay
Pierre BonnardThe Terrace at Vernon1920-1939
positive space
an area that is occupied
copying the works of the masters
tactile surface characteristics of a work of art that are either felt or perceived visually
general term for high fire clay
the broad term that describes emotional art, most boldly executed and making free use of distortion and symbolic or invented color. More specifically, term refers to individual and group styles originating in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
the same thing every time--identical patterns and equal amounts of space between them (boring)
Morris Louis (1959), acrylic on canvas
Raw canvas, color meant to be absorbed.
a heavily decorated buddhist temple in the form of a tower built with successively small, repeated stories, each estory is usually marked by an elaborate projecting roof
material used to create (paint, clay, marble)
north shore, Lake superior
Lawren Harris 1926 o/c
Shows smooth transition from one color to another (lighter twards the horizon line)
New objectivity
the photographer remains an impartial observer, intensifying the appreciation of forms and structures in ordinary things
a plump, naked little boy, often winged
a group movement that originated in Italy in 1909 (one of several movements to grow out of Cubism)
Paul Gauguin
fauve, financially stable but left everything for art, went to tahiti, was inspired by exotic peoples
Mary Cassat
feminist(rode horses but refused to ride side saddle)
a finely ground powder that gives every paint its color
The measurable area that an object occupies-- its height, width and depth
what roman name?
goddess of wisdom and warfare
sprung from neck of zues
masonry construction
when stone combines with mortar. ex. arch construction
subtractive sculpture
carving pieces away to create the form
the color spectrum is also known as
the rainbow
Three colors equal distance from each other on the color wheel.
Color Triad
the capacity of a clay to absourb water
formed in relief by beating a metal plate from the back, leaving the impression on the face
a sharp, curved tool utilized in the mezzotint printmaking process
The shape of an object within a composition
Devi (Shaktism)
goddess. takes on many forms. hindus worship her alone or as partner to male gods. (son=Ganesha=elephant headed god) As wife of Shiva=Pavitti (uma)... Crishna=Radyha.. Vishnu=Lakshmi.. Creates and destroys (Durga-riding lion)
relating to the hue or saturation of color
noting or pertaining to a style of architecture, originating in France in the middle of the 12th century and existing in the western half of Europe through the middle of the 16th century, characterized by the use of the pointed arch and the ribbed vault,
1. point in motion, 2. a series of adjacent points, 3. a connection between points, 4. an implied connection
ways in which the elements of a piece are arranged
the reduction in size of the clay mass that occurs when water in the clay evaporates during drying and firing
the purity and strength of a color as well as its brightnes or dullness.
_______ may be tasteless and tacky but the public revels in it, a point Robert Venturi stresses in his book which opened the door to postmodern architecture.
Las Vegas
The head of a column that bears the weight of the structure above.
What was van Gogh communicating indirectly in Portrait of Dr. Cachet
Effects of modern urban life
outside ring
it's the third ring on the color wheel (primary color plus the secondary color forms the colors on the outside ring)
contrast is _____.
the use of opposites that are close together
What was the medussa?
It was a french frigate in the painting of the raft of the medussa
Who was andy warhol?
he was a american pop artist who would do screen prints of popular every day items, things like soup, coke bottles, celebrities etc
Aparicion de San Pedro / Zurbarán / S17
Tema - con claves, hombres de santo
Barroco - algo sobrenatural, luz de fuera, pintado natural
Esp - triangulo, pliegues suaves
Sevilla - 4 claves!
self portrait
el paso
el escritor
la estatua
el cubismo
The Quarry
point of view
baile folclórico
folk dance
something you can use
la naturaleza muerta
still life
a mi tambien
me too
Primary colors cannot be
Jean-Baptiste Greuze, The Village Bride 1761
Thomas Eakins
The Gross Clinic, -realism
primary colors
red, blue and yellow
Eero Saarinen
Created the Gateway arch
symmetrical (formal)
one side of the composition
the diminishing of certain dimensions of an object or figure in order to depict it in correct spatial relationship
carving a design into a pot
Underground burial places in ancient rome. Christians and Jews often decorated the walls and ceilings with paintings.
brightness or dullness in a hue
John Cage
Crazy-town. Silent music, etc. Printmaking. Influenced by Zen Buddhism.
the application of pigments combined with gun arabic in a solution of water to white paper
Monochromatic Colors
tints and shades of one color
german prisoners
canadian war museum fred varley 1919
New Vision
school of thought in photographic practice that championed unexpected vantage points and playful printing techniques to engender a fresh rapport with the visible world, moving beyond what we see with the eye.
a metal instrument used in engraving to cut lines into the metal plate. The sharp end of it is trimmed to give a diamond-shaped cutting point, white the other end is finished with a wooden handle that fits into the engraver's palm
the process of combining parts of various photographs in one photograph
le musée d'art contemporain
museum of contempory art
showing marked attention to its from rather than the imitation of shapes
Manual therapy gave 81% success rates for hip problems, while exercise gave 50%
Symbolic Color
Color that invokes cultural meanings, which can vary with time and place
Warding off evil this is called Apotropaic (turns away)
Medusa son right
Winged horse is pegasus (also son)
Running on bended knee
Swastca pose
Temple of Artemis, Corfu
precast concrete
concrete cast in place using wooden forms around a steel framework
green ware
any clay that hasnt been bisque fired
cool colors are
blue, green and purple (ice, grass)
Space around and between the subject of an artwork.
Negative Space
Air bubbles appearing in a glaze after the first fireing
clay that has been fired once, without glaze
trompe l'oeil
a form of representation that attempts to depict the object as if it were actually present before the eye in 3D space; literally "deceit of the eye"
Mixed Media
art made with a combination of different materials
Vishnu (Vaishnavism)
preserver of the universe. four arms holding conch shell. reclining on serpant (Anata) floating in waters of conctic Sea. when evil forces universe become strong he will come to earth in different Avatars. boar/fish/turtle/buddha/crishna
painting medium in which the binder is wax, which is headed to render paint's fluid
the activity, spirit, or time of the great revival of art, literature, and learning in Europe beginning in the 14th century and extending to the 17th century, marking the transition from the medieval to the modern world.
color key
a color that dominates an image and heightens its psychological and compositional impact
Define: Printmaking
A process in which an artist transfers an original design from one surface to another by using ink or paint.
the property of clay that allows it to change shape without tearing or breaking
refers to the focal point or center of interest. achieved my central location,contrasting elements,pointersmunusual subject matter,lighting or converging lines
Along with their interest in psychoanalysis, the Surrealists also incorporated some of the attitudes and techniques of the __________ movements.
Dada and Fatastic art
Balloon Frame Construction
Framing for a building in which relatively small pieces of wood are nailed together rather than heavy timbers connected by joinery.
In what ways is Doryphoros idealized
Balanced pose, Internal proportions, restrained emotions, roles depicted(youth, athlete and warrior)
Portraits, horses, genre scenes, portraits, and landscapes
Types of paintings displayed by Gericault
the difference in values are the ___ and ___ values
high and low
What were avante guard artists known for?
always looking for new inspiration
The Temple of Soloman
the "Temple Treasures"
menorah,arch of the covenant, silver trumpets, sacked by the Flavians.
Jean (Hans) Arp, Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance, 1916-17
let go of control and let chance take over, embraced the grid, relinquishes control to restore mystery and magic
to authorize
el título
el oro
to signal
el museo
to stand up
eye level
horizon line
Table of Silence
la grandeur nature
life size
Most basic Greek architecture
Grant Wood- American Wood
primary triad
red, yellow, blue
elements are repeated at regular
using simple shapes in design
La Madeleine, France, Napoleon, Vignon
Taj Mahal
"Crown of the Palace"
2 x 4
1.5 x 3.5
In drawing/painting, treatment and use of light/dark
The spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other to the whole.
viatnam memorial sculpture done by
fredrick hart
Oldenburg, Store 107 East Second Street ( 1961)
True Buon Fresco
painting on wet plaster
a painting medium consisting of pigments suspended in a solution of water and gum arabic
Carvaggio's disease or something about the style of carvaggio;s art and how it is similar to a disease...
An intensely colored compound that dissolves in a medium (usually water) and is absorbed by the material it touches.
Academic art
generally unimaginative works that follow stale formulas laid down by an academy or school, especially the French Academy of the nineteenth century.
a cave in southwestern France that contains Paleolithic paintings
Fete Galant
literally means romantic party. Refers to the elegant outdoor entertainment of French high society.
Crosses the nave of a church perpendicularly
________Is the point in linear perspective at which all imaginary lines of perspective coverage
vanishing point
print artist
Hokusai was a Japanese _____ _____.
theory and practice of painting among French painters Name Five of these (Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, Cassatt, Morisot) who used short strokes of unmixed primary colors to enhance the effect of reflected lights on objects. They focused on the single moment.
Jeff Koons
Puppy. Installation at rocket feller center.
Love flowering, plants, earth, geotextile
The study of the mechanics and proportions of the human body, with the aim of dsighning products with which the body can interact efficiently and comfortably.
the comparative darkness caused by the interception or screening of rays of light from an object, place, or area.
Jasper Johns, Flag, 1954-55
newspaper beneath surface, barley showing, iconic images, encaustic medium, symbol meant to be of freedom, time of war, was from H.U.C. a threat to American values
a shared set of values and beliefs which refer to the way that certain concepts and values are made to seem like natural, inevitable aspects of everyday life
the size, location or amount of one element to another
typical impressionist subject matter
atmospheric conditions, seasons, times of day.
Demeter and Persephone
Hades kidnaps Persephone with the permission of Zeus. Demeter is outraged at the disappearance of her daughter, she sets out to find her. Eventually Zeus orders Hades to have Persephone return to her mother, Persephone does after eating a pomegranate seed. She has to spend 2 seasons with her mother, and 1 with Hades.
a brand of representation in which the artistic retains apparently realistic elements. Presents the visual world from a distinctly personal or subjective point of view.
a type of cartoon drawing where the features are distorted or exagerated
Elements of art
basic visual symbols; line, shape, form, value, color, texture, space
Pictorial balance
Apparent or visual weight of the elements in works that are 2D
pavilion of realism
center was the artist studio work, self-expression is vidal
Geometric Shapes
Regular and precise shapes that can be prescribed
clay that has been glazed and fired a second time
What is Wood Engraving?
Wood engraving is another relief method that differs from woodcuts. Whereas the woodcut uses the flat survace of the wood, wood engraving use the end sections of the boards, yielding a hard, non-directional surface.
a color or a variety of a color; hue.
Relief Sculpture
Type of sculpture in which an image is developed outward or inward from a background surface.
sculpture in the round
designed by athe sculptor to be viewed from any angle
In this painting, a vase lies next to a reclining mandolin player, clad in a rainbow-colored outfit and clutching a walking stick in her right hand
(The) Sleeping Gypsy
Romare Bearden, The Prevalence of Ritual: Baptism
was part of Spiral, collage clips from newpspaer/journals, mixed w/ national geographic, african masks, jazz music, rhtymy, flow of collage, trains were always prominante for blacks
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