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Terms Definitions
Poaceae grasses
Doripenem Doribax
Lexapro Escitalopram
Castrated goat wether
Ceftazidime Fortaz *pseudomonal
la enfermera nurses
el labio lip
la cara face
Upper Leg Posterior Hamstrings
TMR total mixed ration
Ticarcillin/Clavulanic Acid Timentin (IV)
tener lugar take place
square developing bud of cotton
absisic acid inhibits plant growth
Gene interaction within chromosomes Linear
Marginal cost curve downward shift
Temazepam (Restoril) Benzodiazepine
USE: insomnia
ONSET: 12 min DURATION: 12-18 hrs (short)
prometaphase nuclear envelope disperses microtubules of spindle attach to kinetochares nonkintick microtubuels interact with an opposit pole
socio-linguistics study differences between different dialects in region, states and how they are spoken and how it affects their culture
Endosperm food supply in monocot seeds
Market weight of sheep 120 pounds
High $ Pork Cuts Loin, Ham
Methscopolamine (Pamine) Anticholinergic
USE: GI hypermotility and secretions
Granisetron (Kytril) 5-HT3 receptor antagonists
USE: prevent N&V associated with emetogenic chemotherapy or radiation, prevention and treatment of post-op N&V
MOA: block 5-HT3 receptors of vagal afferent nerve plus those in CTZ and EC
Where were dogs domesticated? East Asia
The "theatron" a sloping, semi-circled "viewing-place"
Food Chain 5 central and connected sectors(inputs, production, product processing, distribution, and consumption) with 4 contextual elements acting as external mediating forces(the state, international trade, physical environment, and credit and finance).
3 probs. humans face today *poverty
*natural disaster
Disking Harrows general purpose tillage instrument that can smooth soil . used to incorporate pesticides
Superficial Toward or at the body surface
passageway for semen and urine; deposits semen in the female reproductive tract. Penis
time which a female is pregnant Gestation
Standardized weaning age of sheep 90 days
Low $ Beef cuts shank, shortplate, flank
Hide greater than 30 lb a skin
maaf, saya lupa im sorry, ive forgot
Nicotine (Nicorette, Commit) Nicotine receptor agonist
USE: smoking cessation
What disease are boxers prone to? cancer
poner un vendaje put on a bandage
Themistocles was eventually able to say, “I told you so,” after urging the Athenians to construct these vessels triremes
6.2 kya Maize domestication in Guilá Nequitz dates to
agriculture the purposeful tending of crops and livestock in order to produce food and fiber
Crop Rotation Fields under cultivation remain the same but the crops planted are changed to balance the types of nutrients withdrawn from and delivered to the soil.
Township-and-range system a rectangular land division scheme designed by Thomas Jefferson to disperse settlers evenly across farmlands of the US interior
supernatural specialist
religious leader who teaches doctrine of religion
The type of organism responsible for the majority of plant diseases are fungi
double-crop planting 2 crops in the same year
Vascular tissue in monocot roots is arranged in the shape of a circle, while vascular tissue in dicot roots is arranged in the shape of a Cross
coiled tube, attached to each testis and is responsible for maturation, storage and transportation of sperm. Epididymis
Eventing o Tests skills and stamina of both horse and rider o Three days, combines: • Dressage • Roads and tracks, steeplechase, cross-country • Show jumping
Environment all factors that can affect gene expression
Outbreeding mating unrelated animals of the same breed. Gene pairs are primarily heterozygous.
In addition to burying and burning, what is the third method for disposing of dead animals described in class? Rendering
Ergotamine tartrate (Ergomar)SL tablets Ergot Alkaloids
USE: migranes
MOA: agonist and/or antagonist effects of 5-HT and a1 receptors
What is another name for dog's lips? flews
The basic building blocks of plants are:
a) leaves.
b) cells.
c) tissues.
d) nomenclature
His epic–poems of the Greek Dark Ages told of the heroes of the Trojans and Mycenaeans, and the interference into human affairs of the Greek gods. HOmer
raven any of several large, corvine birds having lustrous, black plumage and a loud, harsh call, esp. Corvus corax, of the New and Old Worlds.
organic agriculture approach to farming and ranching that avoids the use of herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, and other similar synthetic inputs
longlot survey system distinct regional approach to land surveying found in the Canadian Maritimes, parts of Quebec, Louisiana, and Texas whereby land is divided into narrow parcels stretching back from rivers, roads or canals
Pasture is grass or other plants grown for feeding grazing animals,as well as land used for grazing.
Land Reform Redistrbution of land by the state with a goal of increasing productivity and reducing social unrest.
Malnutrition the results in the body of poor nutrition; undernutrition, overnutrition, or any nutrient deficiency
prehistoric globalization its local & regional; inter group marriages, natural disasters, spread of merchant trade, multi regional migration, early warfare for territories
of the following, the only fertilizer material that is a commercial source of both N and P is monoammonium phosphate
gluten protein mixed with starch in the wheat endosperm. gives wheat its bread making properties
Adjusted Seeding Rate Formula recommended plant population/ % expected field emergence ÷ 100
In round numbers, what is generally considered the length of gestation in a mare? 11 months
Forging on diagonal gaits when the rear hoof strikes the back of the front foot on the opposite side
Which of the following is the highest value wholesale cut from a Beef carcass? Loin
Expected Change Per Year SD x H/ Generation Interval
leading cause of death and injury for persons one to 37 years of age accidents
Top 5 Smartest Dogs Border collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriver, Doberman
When is the transition period in dogs? day 14-21
Process for placing a value on an asset based on its future earning power and the expected interest rate. Capitalization
A small, oval insect covered with white, fluffy wax found at the base of plant stems is probably a(n):
a) euonymous scale
b) whitefly nymph
c) mealybug
d) eriophyid mite
c) mealybug
With his career preaching to Jews and Gentiles alike, he laid the foundation for Christianity to become a world religion, Paul/Saul
pasteurize to expose (a food, as milk, cheese, yogurt, beer, or wine) to an elevated temperature for a period of time sufficient to destroy certain microorganisms, as those that can produce disease or cause spoilage or undesirable fermentation of food, without radic
First agricultural revolution dating back 10,000 years, it achieved plant domestication and animal domestication
Double Cropping Planted and harvested more than once a year.
Land the number of acres or hecters used. but land is not a uniform input. there are substantial differences in the productivity of soils and irrigation and drainage which critically affects the characterisitics of the land
How weeds cause losses 1. Competition for water, sunlight, and nutrients
2. Lower crop quality
3. Serve as hosts for diseases and insects
4. Decrease land values
5. Can cause livestock injury
Cotton plants have 2 types of branches. Give the name of each and briefly explain the role of each in production of the cotton crop? -vegetative: photosynthesis
- reproductive: produce flower
Dry Fertilizer Application Formula Pounds/acre = pounds applied / (distance x width) ÷ 43560 ft
What is the common general term for a tummy ache in horses? colic
Boer Goat imported from south africa to add meat poundage to goats
What is "post-dip"? a treatment barrier placed on teats after milking to prevent bacteria and infection until teat closes
Roughage (forage) grazing, hay, silage, low fiber. has a low digestibility only 50-65%.
Long Run Competitive Equilibrium All firms are maximizing profit.
No firm incentive for enter and exiting.
Neonatal Cats 0-2 weeks, orient to sound. eyes open at 2 weeks. They begin competing for dominance, this is earlier than in dog
The receipt of (or the making of) a series of uniform payments over a period of time. Annuity
The most common form of pesticide degradation is:
a) pesticide absorption
b) chemical degradation
c) photodecomposition
d) microbial decomposition
d) microbial decomposition
Jews, Christians and Muslims – according to Islamic thought. "people of the book"
Ridge Tillage which is a system of planting crops on ridge tops
Benefits of conservation tillage reduces labor and saves time. Saves fuel, reduces machinery wear, improves soil tilth, traps soil moisture, reduces soil erosion, provides cover for wildlife, improves air quality
Most forage species in the Southeast are introduced from other countries
biennial crop seed to seet in 2 growing seasons. 1st year is vegetative growth, 2nd year is reproductive growth example:cabbage, celery, beet
What type of swine operation is most prevalent in Alabama? Feeder pig finisher
Commercial Mating Systems focus on hybrid vigor for growth and carcass traits
Alcohol Ethanol ETOH MOA: binds to different site on GABA receptor, inhibits activation of NMDA (excitory) receptors, effects on other channels and neurotransmitters
Pound Dogs not free, but cheap. You do not know the medical/behavioral history of the dog. Given the number of pound dogs out there, adopting from a pound is the most ethical thing to do
Gross income is included in the year in which earned, regardless of when payment is recieved. This method involves the use of inventories to determine gross income. Accrual Accounting Method
"Scorching" of black locust foliage is most likely caused by:
a) the locust leaf weevil
b) Japanese beetles
c) the locust leafminer
d) a fungus
c) the locust leafminer
The fungus which causes apple scab overwinters primarily:
a) on alternate hosts
b) on stored apples
c) in the bodies of insects
d) on dead leaves
d) on dead leaves
Chisel Plow deep tillage, but does so in a way to disturb the soil surface in the least possible way. had a large energy requirement
an example of a preventative method of weed management is planting weed free seed
a major consequence of planting wheat too late is lack of winterhardiness (cold tolerance)
In the swine industry, the underline refers to: Number of teats on Belly
Average Variable Cost (AVC) Variable cost divided by the level of output
Grasshoppers are most likely to cause problems:
a) after migrating
b) during warm, dry weather
c) after heavy rains
d) on shrubbery
b) during warm, dry weather
medea believed that this would be the best punishment for Jason's betrayal murder their own children
how does conservation tillage improve water quality less rainfall run-off, not as much toxic water runoff is able to escape
3 types Of Muscle Tissue Cells that contract or relax ( Change shape)
Inedible by products of a steer 37% , include hide, blood, fetal serum, ponch, and endocrine glands
What are characteristics of a spitz breed? thick double layered coat, pointed ears, wolf-like features, tail curled up over back
Trees with branch dieback and cracked, weeping bark have been:
a) damaged by egg-laying cicadas
b) infested with flatheaded or roundheaded borers
c) infested with bark beetles
d) attacked by scarabs
b) infested with flatheaded or roundheaded borers
In the backcross method of crop improvement the major objective is improvement of one specific trait for an otherwise acceptable cultivar
Peanut came to the U.S. from Africa, but peanut is thought to have originated in a. Brazil/Paraguay area in S. America
World Milk Production Rankings 1. EU 2. US 3. India 4. China 5. Russia
How to deal with fighting dogs do not separate by hand. Stop the loosing dog and remove it from the area. use a water spray
A distinguishing feature of beetles is:
a) they have leathery wings that meet in a straight line
b) they have 6 legs
c) they have chewing mouthparts
d) the larvae are the most destructive life stage
a) they have leathery wings that meet in a straight line
Give 2 reasons why we till the soil 1. prepare for seedbeds
2. bury crop debris
What is the difference between range and territory? range: the whole area a dog patrols. territory: where a dog fights to defend
Which of the following does not describe symptoms of Entomosporium leaf spot?
b)leaf spots develop depressed, brown centers w/dark, red margins
c)symptoms 1st appear on lower branches & spread upward
d)symptoms 1st appear on old growth of lower branche
d)symptoms 1st appear on old growth of lower branches
What is the special management problem encountered by dairy farmers in Hawaii the grass has too much water that the cows cannot get the nutrients they need from the food sources.
A large, woolly mass on the trunk of a white pine indicates:
a) a pine bark adelgid infestation
b) a white pine aphid infestation
c) a pine needle scale infestation
d) an insecticide treatment is needed immediately
a) a pine bark adelgid infestation
Unlike most of the other crops we have studied, peanut produced in the U.S. is primarily utilized as a. Human food, in candy, peanut butter and whole nuts
A deciduous plant is one that:
a) retains its younger leaves throughout the year
c) has needles rather than leaves
d) is usually classified as an annual
b) drops all of its leaves at the end of the growing season
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