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Terms Definitions
la statua
self portrait
el creyón
La reseña
el siglo
The Cradle
la escena
the scene
la paleta
the palette
Iconography is?
Subject matter
half of a circle
pleasing arrangement of parts
work of art
la obra
El soñador/ la soñadora
The Dance of Life
origin or source (find spot)
Severe Style
early classical greek style
glazed earthenware decorated with transparent colors
wood engraving
cuts against the grain
Analogous color
agacent hues:yellow, yellow-green, green, green-blue, blue
lightness or darkness of a color
Rajput palaces and forts
on hillsides, lakes
meaning is influenced by gender issues
Bodhisattva Manjusri riding his lion, Mt. Wutai, 8th c. CE
Delacroix and Realists
Influenced Gericault in life
el / la dibujante
person who draws
Created by psychologist Carl Jung. Began in the 1930s. Ideas about the collective unconscious. Influenced Surrealist movement and Abstract Expressionism.
In printmaking, the number of impressions authorized by the artist made from a single master image.
The Death of Socrates was painted ___________ in David's career.
A large coffin, generally of stone, and often decorated with sculpture or inscriptions.
In more detail
(Depth Perception) In more detail
when you cross parallel lines which then can be used for shading
first major painter of the italian renaissance
visual texture
the illusion of a three-dimensional surface
consisting of or forming human or animal figures
neo expressionism
style revival revolving around german national themes
dealing with holocaust guilt
made of clay and baked in kiln
Arbitrary Color
colors chosen by artists personal preference, ex: blue cow
contour line
the outline of a shape or form
art that is meant to represent objects as they are observed
A term for casting, by, for instance, the lost-wax process, in which wax is replaced by bronze
Emil Nolde, Saint Mary of Egypt among Sinners, left panel of a triptych, 1912
German expressionist painter. Bright and big brushwork and emotion. Part of a group that wanted to create a bridge from past to future with art. Hitler did not like this art. H
Camel with musicians, tomb of a royal, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 723CE
A soft black mineral substance, a form of carbon, available in powder, stick, and other forms.
Creates a feeling of stability in a work of art (there are three kinds)
mold is created and filled with bronze or brass
expressive qualities
meaning, mood, or idea communicated to the viewer
static rhythm is _____.
rhythm that doesn't show movement
Complemetary colors
Two colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel-extreme contrast w/ each other
reflected light
the light waves that bounce back to our eye from a surface rather than being absorbed into it. These reflected waves determine what we call the "color" of the object
Complementary Colors
Colors opposite of one another on the color wheel.
working clay on a surface to get rid of air bubbles
non verbal form made with a part of the body and used instead of verbal communication
color harmonies
A combination of colors that work well together.
Action painting
Physical act of applying paint to a support in bold, spontaneous gestures supplies the excessive content. First used to describe the work of certain Abstract Expressionism painters.
elements of design
those qualities of a design that can be seen and worked with independently of the content. They include line, shape/form, value, space, texture, color and motion.
Who was edvard munch?
he was a norwegian expressionist whos art was sour and pessimistic
Asymetrical Balance
INFORMAL 2 sides of an artwork are not the same yet the visual weight, or use of elements to draw the viewers attention, are nearly equal
Volume is? Give example
A 3d enclosure. A square is a shape, while a cube is a volume.
What issue was of primary concern to Cindy Sherman?
Depiction of women in specific roles, or the objectification of women
la escultura
la galeria
to symbolize
flying buttresses
la pintura
Principles of Design
a circural design
Preparando tortillas
Diego Rivera
Refers to: stone
Identificarse con
To identify oneself
French for "wild animal"
Georgio de Chirico
Fantastic Artist
Wainwright Building
St. Louis,MO
[first modern building]
Blues greens and violets
Cool Colors
Cave 249, Dunhuang, Gansu, 535-557CE
De Stijl was mainly in
Florence, Italy
Center of the Renaissance
triangles that hold the dome
relating to existence and perhaps change through time
An additive sculptural process in which various and diverse elements and objects are combined
Egyptian tombs under where pharaohs were mumified & placed w/ all belongings including wives; an honor to be buried here
the central area of a church
the feeling of togetherness achieves through effective use of all art elements
Flying Machine by Leonardo da Vinci
Autumn Tree against Cathedral Rocks
[ Yosemite ]
(Portrait of) Madame X
(John Singer) Sargent
is the image viewers can easily identify in a work of art.
sensation that is aroused when light falls on the retina of the eye
clay that has no that been fired
A Bat at the Folies-Bergere, France, Impressionism, Manet
Early Christian art was...
Paintings, Sculptures and Mosaics
Scratching the surfaces of the clay that are to be connected.
asymmetrical balance
compositions that are not mirror images of one another
An enclosed space defined by art elements
picture plane
the frontal plane of a composition
German Expressionism
Desire to express attitudes and emotions was so pronounced and sustained.
« A place of prostration » - communal place of worship for muslims. Oriented toward Mecca, Saudia Arabia.
a member of the radical movement that instituted the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution
Antonio Ruiz
Portrayed in this painting is the celebration of Independence Day in a city in Mexico. This is the most important celebrated day for the country and everyone participates. In the painting you see a parade of students.
the style of art in which things, especially unpleasant things, are shown or described as they really are in lifee
vanishing point
in perspective drawing, the point at which receding parallel lines seem to converge
Construction and Assembling
sculptors assemble found objects in ways that change the way we see the familar things.
blind contour drawing
drawing method that involves not looking at your paper
Elements of Art
color, value, line, shape, form, texture, and space
art that looks as if it contains little or no recognizable or realistic forms from the physical world. Focus is on formal elements such as colors, lines, or shapes. Artists often "abstract" objects by changing, simplifying, or exaggerating what they see.
Edict of Milan
decree by Constantine that stopped the persecution of the christians
List two characteristics of Delacroix's style evident in the Death of Sardanapalus.
Vivid color, swirling, dramatic composition
a single line or lines that define the outer and inner edges of an object or figures surface. The edge formed where two areas meet
expressive line
lines that are produced to express an idea, mood, or quality like graceful, nervous,etc.
Duchamp, Nude Descending a staircase
• Multiplicity of viewpoints perceived as objects interpenetrate space
• Emphasis on planes and geometric forms
• Desire to activate the viewer—suggestion of movement in looking at
object from different angles
Pointillism or Divisionism
which was a careful and systematic organization of color based on scientific color theory
type of material in which a piece of art is expressed - oil, water color, pen and ink, and so on are media.
top of the dome, thins as it gets higher
line, shape, form, space, value, color, texture
the seven elements to art
Deities in ancient Egypt were often depicted as ______________
animals or animal-human combinations
Analogus color
Colors that are next to each other on the colore wheel and are closely realted: yellow, yellow-orange, yellow-green, and green
Infantile Colic: Occurrence and research
1/5th of newborns; 2 week chiro treatment decreased hours of crying by 66% compared to 38% for medicated group
what does La Trahison des Images mean?
Rene Margrittes The treason of images
What is the difference in 2D and 3D?
2D has length and width (flat) and 3D has width and depth (pops out)
Georges Seurat
Bomber planes
to paint
Abstract Shapes
el retrato
an engraving tool
Thomas Jefferson
Homeless VehicleKrzysztof Wodiczko1988-Practical Art/Activist Art
lynn herhman leeson
Roberta Breitmore
thing for his mother
Early Modern Art (1900-1945)
Veristic Surrealism (realistic)
Freudian theory, subconscious images
hand done color photography, influenced by collage, juxtaposition of images, dream drawing
Irregular and uneven shapes
contemporary art
artworks of today's artists
Mark Rothko
Born: Russia
Style: Abstract expressionism
Details: Large rectangular shapes, simple
cool colors
blue, green, and violet
the semi-circular or triangular decorative wall surface over an entrance bounded by a lintel and arch
purpose fine arts
express artists emontion
capable of criticizing oneself objectively.
Ideological criticism deals with a work of art's ______ significance.
The comparative relationship of size between units or the parts of a whole; one of the principles of organization.
(428-347) Student of Socrates. Founded the first institution in Western Civilization devoted to education and research (university). "The World of Being=the ideal world (real). The World of Becoming=the physical world (a shadow)." Abstract entities that exist independently of the sensible world. Beauty is objective. Beware of artists (they keep viewers focused on the World of Becoming). Beware of Imitative Art. once-thrice removed=bed to artist. Arts influence behavior. 1) Art that portrays/promotes good morals is "good" art. 2) Art that portrays/promotes bad morals is "bad" art. 3) Problem: the conflict between "good" laws and "bad" art. Conclusion=art should be censored.
what form has but space doesn't
in sculpture & architecture a three-dimensional motif
United States artist remembered for her spontaneous approach to painting-ABSTRACT
Pollocks wife
Made his artwork famous
perspective is based on the obsercation that
Simultaneous Contrast
Phenomenon in which two complementary colors intensify each other
An art movement characterized by the deliberate departure from tradition and the use of innovative forms of expression that distinguish many styles in the arts and literature of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Great Sphinx
Gizeh, 2520-2494 BC, sandstone, joins body of lion with a head of a pharaoh, 4th dynasty
Constructivism artist/work?
Tatlin-- Monument to the Third International 1919-20 was going to be made of glass and steel. Spiraling upward had the idea to lift up the spirits as a symbol of how proletariat society could be taken up.
communications design
careers that communicate many subjects to an intended audience
making lines and figures by cutting into a surface with a tool
example of triad colors
red, blue, and yellow
adds excitement by showing action and directing the viewer's eye throughout the picture plane.
a person that laces together strands of material
Repeated strokes of an art tool, producing clustered (usually parallel) lines that create values. In cross-hatching,similar lines pass over the hatched lines in a different direction, usually resulting in darker values.
Friedrich Nietzche
19th century German philosopher, poet, and classical philogist. He wrote critical texts on religion, morality, contemporary culture. His influneces remain substantial within and beyond philosophy, notably in existentialsim, nihilism, and postmodernism.
outline drawing of a shape filled in with solid color
un dessin
une image faite en crayon ou encre
An art form that involves tearing or cutting pre painted piece of material or magazine shapes which are then applied to a board to create a whole image
a 3D area having a specific shape defined by an outline
subtractive color
the sensation of color that is produced when wavelengths of light are reflected back to the viewer after all other wavelengths have been subtracted and/or absorbed
Isometric Perspective
where distance forms are made smaller and placed higher on the picture plane and parallel lines stay parallel
secondary colors
orange, green, and violet, is a mixture of the two primaries that it lies between
a light value of a hue(a color mixed with white)
Organic shapes are more commonly found in ___ _____ ______
the natural world
Following shot
The camera keeps a moving figure in the frame usually keeping pace with the figure
The size of the Venus of Willendorf
4 inches high
this type of space shows the actual objects within the picture
positive space
a two handled vessel used for oil or wine
name of any color in its pure state in the spectrum
elements that go into shading
shadow, reflective light, 1/2 tone, cast shadow, full light
List at least two architects that worked on St. Peter's during the Italian Baroque and note the primary contribution of each.
Bernini- exterior colonnade; Maderno, façade and extension of nave
double split-complementary
uses the colors on both sides of a set of complements
Jaques Louis David depicted a legendary event from the culture of
Republican Rome in the Oath of the Horatii.
Presence of color
Purity of a color
What is Neo-Classicism?
New classicism
the aesthetic theory that places emphasis on the formal qualities of a work of art
Artist who views and requires strong communication of feelings, moods, or emotions from the artwork to the viewer
Visual Elements
Line, Mass, Shape, Light, Value, Color, Texture, and Space
What is Cubism?`

Inclusion of non traditional elements; merging of the figure and the ground; fragmenting of the figures and other elements into flat planes
art criticism
an organized approach for studying a work of art
What thought did Neo-Classicism embody?

Patriotism, stoicism, self sacrifice and frugality
What is this time period called? 

the age of kings
What are the visual characteristics of Baroque architecture?

Favored more subtle and dynamic forms such as the oval
What are the visual characteristics of the Rococo art movement?
Extravagant, ornate style, but there are several points of contrast
Why is Vassily Kandinsky an important person in the development of non-representation?

Organized the blue rider. He discovered a painting in his study he didn’t recognize but very much liked. It was his own upside down he then realized it was the color that was important
Who were the patrons during the Dutch Baroque?

Focused more on home and family, and business, social organizations and community
What is Fauvism and its visual characteristics?
It used incorrect colors to describe things
What questions does the ready made pose in terms of art?

Does art have to be made by an artist? Is it a form of attention?how is an art abject different from any other kind of abject
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