Art Final Exam Flashcards

Terms Definitions
la imaginería
attention grabbing
el espectaculo
paint brush
Alexander CalderUntitled1976
Henri matisse
created "fauvism"
le premier plan
three-dimensional moving sculpture
La taille
La grandeur (size)
Las bellas artes
fine arts
to rehearse, to practice
picture of a city
Still Life with Lobsters
Relating to tone or mood.
Francios Vase
Greek Black Figure 570
celebration of modern industrilization of America, abstracted, cool, irrational
form (element)
3-d qualities--height, width, depth
Cool Colors
Green, Blue, and Violet.
line leading to the vanishing point
launched new Renaissance painting at 21
young genius
died by 27
worked large
sculptural volume, severe compositions
beginning inspiration was Giotto
moved on from that, figures are "clothed nudes" unlike Giotto's where body and clothing form a single unit
The word that means beautiful handwritting
the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof
In any composition, the relationship between the parts to each other and to the whole
Jennings, Liberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences, 1792
philosophy concerned with humans and their achievments rather abstract beings. cultural and intellectual movement
Henri Taoulouse-Lautrec
Influenced by japanese prints, impressionistic brush style, interesting shap, figure ground. 
The physical manifestation of a design as opposed to the content, or the idea behind a design, the organization or arrangement of visual elements to create a unified artwork. A three dimensional object: for example, a square is a shape, a cube is a form.
focal point
a compositional device emphasizing a certain area or object to draw attention to the piece and to encourage closer scrutiny of the work
Placed more emphasis on form or recognizable objects. Showed changing effects of light with masses of color while modeling and defining forms with distinct color variations
Movement passage or change from one concept to another.
The distribution of weight, mass, or other elements of a work of art so as to achieve harmony
negative space
empty space surrounding shapes or forms in a work of art
complementary colors
those hues exactly opposite one another on a color wheel. When complements are mixed, the result is a neutral color. Ex. red and green or blue and orange
Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholas Tulp
Rembrandt, 1632
Van Dyck
Baroque (17th c.); redefined taste; people as they thought they looked and not how they actually were; "Marchesa Elena Grimaldi wife of Mardese Nicole Caterneo"
of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of realism
secondary color
orange, green, violet, the colors that are created when any to of the primary colors are mixed
What subject matter was characteristic of the Pop Art of the 1960's?
popular contemporary culture
Business contacts and controversy
Scott Watson
Charles C. Hill
Dennis Reid
Mix complementary colors
How do you make neutral colors?
vertical balance
distribution of visual weights in a piece in such a way that top and bottom seem to be in equilibrium
plaster made of cement, sand, and lime for covering exterior walls of buildings
Recessional shot
The camera focuses on figures and objects moving away
an arrangement of the elements of art and the principles of
de color de oro o semejante a él
shallow space
the illusion of limited depth. with shallow space, the imagery moves only a slight distance back from the picture plane
Conde Nast Building
insulated glass, UV protection, non toxic, 65% of scraps recycled, water recycling system
Horizontal Balance
Balancing of the right and left sides of a composition in terms of visual weight.
the principle of art that refers to a two-deminsional decorative visual repetition
a circular area under a dome; also a domed round building
Who was considered to be a pop artist and created cloth sculptures?
split complementary
the first two colors are on opposite ends of the color wheel, and the third is between the first two. (red, violet, green)
two or more straight lines or edges on teh same plane that od not intersect
Rigaud, Louis XIV
plays role of legit power in Europe, looking down on viewer, sword believed to be charalmaines, he is claming his legitancy, set standard for man fasion
light well
openings in the roof to allow light to enter room; Palace of Minos at Knossos
Leonardo Da Vinci
He was born in Italy Vinci (Monthly Worksheet)
Anselm Kiefer,To the Unknown Painter, 1983
part of neo-expressionism, very large scale, thick textural surface, landscape burned out, straw impressed gives tangabel tactic, wood cut print to draw reference to german expressionism and Kutkner, german background but avoids Hitler b/c going back to roots of german print making
Where was the First International Dada Fair?
Berlin 1920. Remember salon like styles with big dressed as policeman on ceiling.
The sun appears as a yellow dot in a large grey cloud at the upper left of this painting, and cloud dominate the canvas except for rocks and human figures in a strip at bottom.
Hannibal Crossing the Alps
le renouvellement
Forte (f)
S. Dali
la paleta
to show
The Snake-Charmer
london bridge fauvism
'eye' provides sunlight
plural of medium
Light colours over dark
Natives Carrying Bibles
Basquiat 1982
Name of a color
J.M.W. Turner
The Slave Ship
The Deliverance of Arsenoe
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa
add white to pure color
emphasized movements, direction, or anger
Interior of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy, dedicated 504.
two stages of cubism
analytical and synthetic
considered to be a form.
(sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, pyramid)
Derived from reflected light, the brains response to different light wavelenghts; expresses mood; Warm colors vs cool colors
blue, green, and purple
the cool colors
Napoleon is indirectly responsible for reawakening interest in which ancient culture
Line is?
Creating lines in painting/realistic, point that moves in space
Define "cuneiform"
wedge-shaped, pictograph signs used by the Sumerians for writing
Describe the way Jackson Pollock created his Action Painting Abstract Expressionist paintings?
Drip paintings
name of sungod- divine right of king
the path of a dot through space
The organization of elements and their placement in the artwork
help to get proper scale, locate values, sizes, shapes and positions
Jackson Pollock "No. 1 (Lavender Mist) 1950 Abstract Expressionism
a substance which is sprayed over charcoal, pastel, or pencil drawings to make those surfaces adhere permanently to the paper to prevent smearing.
sculptures that project out from a wall (i.e. plaque)
where one shape ends and another begins, resulting in implied lines
Performance Art
Consists of live-action events staged as artworks.
In graphic design, the arrangement and appearance of printed letter forms (type).
Primary Color
red blue yellow/ pure hues... all other olors can be mied and cannot be created by mixing other colors
Elements are har ounious if they are similar, such as colours. (warm, cool).
primary colors
red, yellow, and blue these are __________
Arch of Constantine
one structure, 3 archs. Late empire
usually has people or animals as the subject
the indulgence in emotion for its own sake without regard for honestly presenting the truth of human experience
A watery solution of clay that is brushed onto clay pieces, often used to adhere two or more pieces of clay together.
frontal recession
when lines recede to vanishing point across from vantage point
Diagonal Lines
slant. They are somewhere between a vertical and a horizontal line. Diagonals look as if they are either rising or falling.
Secondary colors
The hues orange, violet and green, which may be produced in slightly dulled form by mixing two primary colors
are all pieces glazed?
no, some are left natural
twisted perspective
when viewing an art form, the upper half of the body is in the frontal pose while lower half is in profile view.
Implied Lines
a series of points that the viewers eyes automatically connect, suggested lines
relief print
ink is applied to the raised surface of a plate or block
Larry Barrows
Vietnam War, open ways for body to appear in print
the sense of oneness or wholeness in a work of art
Warm color
colors that seem to come forward in space, red, yellow, orange
the top 1/4 of the head is where the ______ begins
In this step, you make a list of what you see in the work of art
Horizon Line
Where the sky meets the ground in the world or in a perspectival representation of it
*Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory,
-influenced by Freud -image inspired by dream he had -notion of "UNCANNY" surpassing the ordinary or natural
7 techniques that artist use to create a feeling of depth
overlapping, size, placement, detail, color, converging lines, vanishing point
Jan van Eyck, 1433, oil on panel, Flanders
Man in Red Turban (probably self portrait)
ave maria
Isenheim Altarpiece
Chris Burden
Michelangelo, 1501-1504
Picture Plane-
la nobleza/los reales
to point out
Mountains and Sea
additive light
natural light
Harvester Vase
Aegean Minoan 1500
Medieval Paintings
religious teachings/scenes, unrealistic anatomy, composition- lack of coherent scene (more than 1 painting on a canvas), lack of depth (no foreground/ background), *created by the people in the church (monks) to teach Christianity not display great art, focus on afterlife not secular world
barrel vault
Semi Circle ceiling
San Vitale
Ravenna, Italy
500 CE
Post impressionist artists
Van Gogh, Toulouse
La vendedora de toronjas
Rufino Tamayo
blind contour
blind to the paper
German Expressionism
emotionalexpressive lensdistort shapes yet recognizable arbitrary coloroften sad - prints
la melodía
composicion de musica sin acompañamieto
Simultaneous Contrast
Complimentary colors appear more intense when placed side by side.
large monuments created from huge stone slabs.
dios del hades (el bajo mundo)
added color through aligning different blocks
The great house or administrated body.
location? period?
Early Archaic
lightness or darkness of a color, line, or shape
What perspective was the egyptian artworks of humans made of?
frontal perspective
the logic of linear perspective is applied to human or animal forms/ an elongated object projecting toward or away from a viewer appears shorter than its actual length
Relationship of different parts to the whole.
Pointed Arch
a curved arrangement of stones reaching up a central point; the vertical shape allowed to carry weight downward
using flat pieces of clay, joined together by slipping and scoring, to form a sculpture
Georgia O'Keeffe
used approximate symmetry in her paintings of large close - ups of flowers
a cave in southwestern France that contains Paleolithic paintings
neutral color
cant see colors in them, gray
a substance composed of solid coloring matter suspended in a liquid medium and applied as a protective or decorative coating to various surfaces, or to canvas or other materials in producing a work of art.
part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting light
James Rosenquiest, F-111
concerned about economic ways, wars are to keep ppl working/ameircan economy, lifesize F-111 bomber, painted on shiny aluminin, critize factors, light tire, style is in pop
Reflected Light
The color perceived from an object, determined by the wavelength of the light leaving its surface
tonal shading
a technique using different values to show volume/perspective in a piece of art
A style of depiction that seeks to imitate the appearance of nature
the length of time in which an activity takes place
Papier Mache
Modeling material made of paper and liquid paste molded over a supporting
The purity of a hue relative to bright or dull
the darker value on the surface of a form that gives the illusion that a portion of the form is turned away from the light source
Objects that have no life of their own arranged as a model for a composition to be drawn, painted, etc.
Mexico city
By what name is the Aztec city Tenochititlan known today?
Who was Mary cassatt?
an american impressionistic artist who did a lot of artwork depicting women and children
Comic Strip
Caption is in a "bubble" inside the frame
analyzing art step two
analyze the artwork:
-how are the elements and principles used
-compare/contrast with works by the same artist; what is the artist's style
Organic shape
Free forms or shapes and forms that represent living things having irregular edges
Positive Space
refers to the shapes or forms in 2-D or 3-D artwork
Your text described southern Mesopotamia as a "stone-free, alluvial plain." What does this explain about the Female Head and Vase from Warka?
Since stone was rare, these were probably made for deity worship and temple artifacts
a form has three dimensions, what are they
lenght, width, and depth
What size is the hole in the roof at the top of the dome of the Pentheon?
30 feet Diameter
le pastel
el retrato
el sentimiento
lucky, whimsical
la cruz
una cueva
a cave
__________Shapes are regular
mix paints on
The Young Spartans
Pop Art
Marilyn Diptych
dar palmadas
to clap hands
George Seurat
lived from 1850-1891
involves identifying, describing, and interpreting subject matter and art.
freeform shapes
irregular and uneven shapes
what is in the artwork
water color is technically called_______
Throughout his life, Chardin's position in the Academy was a(n) ____________ painter.
still life
natural forms changed by geometric reduction
period of art history (1600-1750), paintings are usually formal and decorative and often include sharp contasts between light and dark areas of the paitings
descriptive of representational art in which methods for depicting forms have become standardized, and can thus be repeated without further observation of the real-world model.
refers to everything mostly technolgy advances of American that Europeans looked at as their art
can you make a color brighter?
principle of art that indicates movement by the repetition of elements or objects
george braque was the
father of cubism
Physical texture
actual variation in a surface.
a fine animal skin prepared for writing and painting
Jami Masjid
Friday mosque
one side faces toward mecca
Aural Elements
The elements in dramatic production that are perceived by the ear; e.g., sound effects, music.
a two dimensional figure that has length and width. A change in color can define a shape. Some are defined as geometric (square, circle), and others are organic (irregular in shape)
Sacra Conversazione
Italian "holy conversation." A style of altarpiece painting popular after the middle of the 15th century in which saints from different epochs are joined in a unified space and seem to be conversing either with one another or with the audience
a style of painting introduced in Paris in the early 20th century, characterized by areas of bright, contrasting color and simplified shapes. The name is derived from French word for "the wild beasts."
fantastic art
art representing subject matter that is derived from the imagination or the unconscious mind
Abstract Expressionism
art that rejects true visual representation. It has few recognizable images with great emphasis on line, color, shape, texture, value; putting the expression of the feelings or emotions of the artist above all else.
A graphic system that creates the illusion of depth and volume on a 2D surface.
Which of the following people put an end to the Achaemenid dynasty and prevented the Persians from entering Europe?
A layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fired to fuse to a ceramic object to color, decorate, strengthen, or waterproof it.
Use of 3 colors, usually colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel, but not always.
Digital Simulation
The simulation of photographs in which the production of images have the appearance of a chemical photograph but are constructed from information which is processed within the computer. It is an information system!
It mocks the characteristics of a photographic image - it looks like a photograph and serves similar functions.
Continuous line
never pick up your pencil, flowing from one object to the next
a general term for art that emphasizes inner feelings and emotions over objective depiction
the placement of objects very near to each other to make the look related
Camille Pissaro
art was criticized because it wasn't normal
One Point Perspective
(definition of linear perspective and. . .), one vanishing point is used, all horizontal lines converge to that point.
A standing position in which the body weight rests on one leg, with the other leg posed forward, given the human form and s' shaped curve.
King of pergamon had to deal with gauls
Art of pergamon the new athens WE ARE BETTER THAN THE GAULS
This sculpture of the actual gauls showed in an honourable way
The gauls fought in the nude
Torc –band around the neck
Twisting in awkward and painful position
area enclosed by line or set apart by areas. two-demensional two types: organic and geometric
4 states of clay
slip, plastic, leather hard, bone dry.
Potter's Wheel
either an electric or kick in style, used for making clay vessels
Este retrato fue pintado por...
this portrait was painted by
a line that joins itself to surround a shape
the material used to make a piece of art
Chichen Itza
______ ____ was a city on the Yucatan Peninsula
a dark value of a hue made by adding black to it
How do you make a shade?
mix the color with black
the united states army corps of engineers
edouard baldus, france using photography. they are very interested in documenting it. 1851. after loosing things during war, they needed to figure out how to save the historic memories.
Jacques- Louis David
THe death of Marat done in 1793. The box has the Artist name and the name of the dead.The Neoclassicism simplistic background. This information he was convening was about where the revolutionaries where meeting and Mata was the best messenger, and he would travel through the sewage system and due to this he got a skin desise and diedHe would lay in a medicinal bath to ease the pain, and was revolutionary hero and was assassinated by a woman called Charlotte Corday, stabbed him WE see that the light could be a form of a shape of salvation. And Also he is writing a letter to a woman with a pencion for she had lost her husband in the revolution, he was helping the revolution till the end.He would lay in a medicinal bath to ease the pain, and was revolutionary hero and was assassinated by a woman called Charlotte Corday, stabbed him WE see that the light could be a form of a shape of salvation. And Also he is writing a letter to a woman with a pencion for she had lost her husband in the revolution, he was helping the revolution till the end.would lay in a medicinal bath to ease the pain, and was revolutionary hero and was assassinated by a woman called Charlotte Corday, stabbed him WE see that the light could be a form of a shape of salvation. And Also he is writing a letter to a woman with a pencion for she had lost her husband in the revolution, he was helping the revolution till the end
temple of ramses ii at Abu simbel
two massive rock temples in Nubia carved of the Pharaoh Ramses and his queen
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