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add black
el Análisis
el marco
quotidien (quotidienne)
Machu Picchu
la dessinateur humoristique
"Staged Photos"
El duelo
the duel
Edward Weston Pepper#30
picture plane
2D, flat space
Broken houses artist
Armel Louzala
claro que si
of course
very shallow dome
saucer dome
el fondo
antónimo de primer plano
adding white to make lighter
Masaccio, Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine
15th-Century Italy
common edge
commone line between objects
Without symmetry
(a design or composition wih identical or nearly identical form on opposite sides of a dividing line or central axis)
something that stands for, or represents something else
design/conception or design of things. imagination
Lavater, Silhouette Machine, ca. 1780 (Marien, p. 2)
- Silhouette 'machine' for capturing a true profile of a person
secondary colors
orange , purple , green
a brownish, orange earthenware clay body commonly used for ceramic sculpture.
La elaboración de un fresco
Diego Rivera
The unforgiving medium of __________ was widely used for drawing from the late Middle Ages to the early 1500s, when it was largely replaced by the lead pencil.
A substitution or replacement process that involves pouring liquid material such as molten metal, clay, wax, or plaster into a mold.  when the liquid hardens, the mold is removed and a form in the shape of the mode is left.
A sacred narrative that explains the fundamentals of human existence-where we and everything in our world came from, why we are here, and where we are going.
Fine arts
Usually works created for aesthetic appreciation, mostly being made by hand, the more traditional
art forms; such as painting, drawing, sculpture, etc... not digital.
refers to the distribution of visual weight in a work of art. It is the visual equilibrium of the elements that causes the total image to appear equal.
The process of joining parts and/or visual elements together to create a painting, collage or sculpture (as opposed to subtractive).
arquitectura que se apoya en dinteles y no en arcos/lintels used
a political and social system that developed during the Middle Ages; nobles offered protection and land in return for service
Benjamin West-Death of General Wolfe
Represented human mortality/patriotism
"Lamentation" scene
French-Indian War
Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque helped pioneer Cubist landscapes. What earlier painter of landscapes inspired them?
Paul Cézanne
Parallel lines made in drawing or engraving.
bullet window
smaller bullet shaped stain glasses windows.
Nine Confucian Classics
Printing in 130 volumes AD 933-953
Doric Column
A column characterized by a simple cushion like abacus and the absence of a base. One of three styles of column consistently used by Greek and Roman architects.
implied line
not physically drawn on artwork, but helps move your eyes across the surface
Vertical Lines
lines that are straight up and down
Desastres de la guerra / Goya / '08-10
the sumerian writing system made up of wedge shaped characters
The internal or external edge of a object in an art form
hellenistic style
an approach to art characterized by individuality, virtuosity, and emotion
Spectral Colors
Colors that become visible when white light passes through a prism: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
A series by this artist includes the section "The Corselet-bearers" and "The Elephants"
the goal or design (or a work of art)
great train robbery
1. shot 2. streaming all together narative to tell story
Warm colors
the colors on the red/orange side of the color wheel. Referred to as warm possible because of their association with the sun and fire
Color's Complement
add to make a color darker
ex. blue into orange makes darker orange
sculpture in the round
free standing sculpture that is surrounded on all sides, except the base, by space it is meant to be viewed from any angle
Three-Point Perspective
The use of THREE vanishing points on, above, or below the horizon line of a picture made in linear perspective
Gees Bend quilters
create their work with only a minimum of advanced planning and this leads their work to look spontaneos and exuberant.
product/fashion design
create items we use in our daily lives like vacuums, clothes
Expressive qualities of line
• Lines can be perceived as delicate, tentative, forceful, elegant, assertive or
even brutal.
• Lines can be straight, curved, vertical, diagonal, horizontal, zigzagged.
expressive lines
lines that are drawn in such as way to make your audience feel something
Bernini, Baldacchino, St. Peters
high alar leads to cript of St. Peter it is beleived to be where he is buried, theatrical, tree trunks in bronze, frames another visual statement for the pope
The early Renaissance in Italy can be traced to:
the Medici family who ruled Florence...
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