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color wheel
organizes color
Intermediate Colors
Red-Violet and Blue-Green
observational drawing
drawing what you see
"the life of drawing"
gesture line
using photographs as reference to create the artwork
adding material while creating a sculpture
3 Primary Colors
red, yellow, and blue
refers to the density quality or purity of color
an area apparently enclosed by a line
when the value is gradually changed from lightness to darkness with a smooth transition
Pablo Picasso
influenced by the simple, geometric designs of African masks
shows the features of the natural enviroment
the area within around between above and below an object
objects that are placed lower in the picture seem closer than those higher up
contour line
has varied line weight, is continuous, and accurately follows the surface and edge of a form
hard edges
sharp lines and forms in a painting
This term refers to the lightness or darkness of a color.
what do soft pencils make?
a wide dark line
invented texture
the creation of a texture by repeating lines and shapes in a two dimensional pattern
complementary colors
colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. they are considered to have the greatest contrast between one another
represents an image of a city or part of a city
a way for an artist to create an illusion of projecting forms
five main types of line
vertical horizantel diagonal curved zigzag
The relative brightness of an object.
What is a value?
crayon resist
when you use paint over wax crayon and the 2 do not mix
modeling or shading
a method of arranging a direction of light and shadow to emphasize the illusion of form
You should start out with the lighter lines, because those can be the foundations. From there, you keep building until you have a piece of art.
Should you start out your drawing light or dark? Why?
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