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Manet, Olympia
Terracotta Army
The Labyrinth
The resurrection painting
The Ishtar Gate-Mesopotamian
Day and Night
Rape of Europa
most powerful/wealthy/important Benedictine monastery of Romanesque period. lots of estate, political connections. center for the arts.
Polar Sea
(Caspar David Friedrich
Braque, 1908
House at L'Esatque
palazzo rucellai
leon battista alberti
Italian word for Cathedral
skara brae (corbeling); neolithic
Richard Serra, Tilted Arc, 1981
The Shrimp Girl
painting by Hogarth
August Sander
"Gentleman Farmer and Wife"
cosmos represented by concentric shapes
Self Portrait in Prison
David 1794
Illiad (Homer
ancient epic war novel
A kind of stylization. Improving/perfecting face so it doesn't represent true appearance but ideal version/wish would appear. Used in reserve images, emperors took to extreme = all look alike.
open room with water-collection pool
mix-match of architectural styles. Example: Paris, opera.
Spear Thrower, early classical, 440BC, Polykleitos, copy from bronze original canon proportion 1/7, contrapposto
sculpture that is not free-standing but projects from the surface of which it is a part; frequently found in a frieze.
Caravaggio, The Calling of St Matthew
areas located in ancient greek libraries where books were copied by hand- ch.14
Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, c. 1473-1458,Egyptian New Kingdom Art
german expressionism
1905. tortured, anguished, brutally primitive, spiritual, reflecting cosmic forces. closer tie to outside world. Art is not experimental. Art as a sense as a typr of weapon in articulating alienation from the world and class seperation.
wolfgang schulye
painting 1944-45
captured by germans and placed in holding camp
-art informal
The Sistine Ceiling
Michelangelo, High Renaissance, 1490-1550
representation of Mary mourning over the dead body of Christ
east facing large semicircular or polygonal end of a church
non-objective art from the mid-20th century emphasizing an artist’s spontaneous expression as it flowed from the subconscious.
*Venus de Milo* --Alexandros --marble --150-125 BCE
A technique used by ancient Egyptians to preserve human bodies so that they may serve as the eternal home of the immortal ka.
Term derived from the French military word meaning "before the group," or "vanguard".
Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)
Pollock 1950 Painting
linear abstraction,
Pollock- free unselfconscious act of painting- giving into primal and natural forces
Turner, "Burning of the Houses of Parliament", England, Early 19th c.
A female figure thatfuctions as a supporting column.
Limner Painter- Mrs. Freake and Baby Mary (Colonial America)
terra cotta
ceramic clay used in pottery, statuary, and construction
a canopy on columns, frequently built over an altar
camera obscura
a darkened enclosure having an aperture usually provided with a lens through which light from external objects enters to form an image of the objects on the opposite surface
oil painting
A painting technique using oil-based pigments that rose to prominence in Northern Europe in the 15th century and is now the standard medium for painting on canvas
the linen headdress worn by the pharaoh
name, location, culture
Church of Hagia SophiaIstanbul, TurkeyEarly Byzantine
French painter. A founding member of the Impressionists (his painting Impression: Sunrise), his fascination with the play of light on objects led him to produce series of single subjects painted at different times of day and under different weather conditions
Post and Lintel construction
Construction in which vertical elements (posts) are used to support horizontal crosspieces (lintels). Also termed "trabeated structure."
photo montage
A photographic work created from many smaller photographs arranged (and often overlapping) in a composition.
Balancing the visual weight of upper and lower areas of a composition
Vertical Balance
Martha Rosler
Bring the war home: house beautiful balloons, 1969
Amiens, France
HIGH GOTHIC, 13th century, ROBERT DE LUZARCHES, THOMAS AND RENAUD DE CORMONT, extremely tall with tall clerestory for more light, rib vaulting melts into engaged columns gracefully, lighter, thinner feel that replaced heavy masses, a "mastery" of gothic architecture
The Sublime
in Romanticism, feelings of awe mixed with terror
an altar piece of four or more sections
Mortuary Temple
Egyptian temple in which the pharaoh was worshiped after death
Hundred years war
prolonged conflict between French and English for French throne
Aerial perspective
achieved by using hue, value, and intensity to show distance in a painting
the approach of krishna
Something that your are supposed to hold and look at it personally. Mughal- islamic invadors- founded in the 16th century. Leave a strong footprint of india, responsible for the Tahjma Hall. Brought the influence of Persian painting. (mixing of flatness & naturalistic) pattern & color. Representational image not too interested in showing space. -- blend of non objective and representational figures. Rich colors. God pictured is usually depicted in dark blue & a peacock motif.
a hall or place used for the exhibition of works of art.
What is the setting of Christus' painting that is identified with the legend of Saint Eligius?
His goldsmith's stall
Pulpit at Baptistery
by Nicolas Pisano. Pisa, Italy, 1260 CE.
-The panels illustrate New Testament subjects, each framed as an independent composition.
who is Daedalus
mythic artist and architect of the labyrinth
virgin and child enthroned
duccio di buoninsegna, 1285, place..., tempera and gold leaf on wood
art form in which an artist etches a design on a metal plate with acid and then uses the plate to make multiple prints
Place where an artifact was found , or provenance.
Black figure vase painting
silhouetting of DARK figures against a light background of natural, reddish clay, with linear details INCISED throught the silhouettes
widest part of a column where it curves outward or streches
what is entasis?
The Lion Hunt
a painting by Rubens; used real live lion for a model
Name, Artist, "-ism"
Model for the Monument to the 3rd International, Vladimir Tatlin, Constructivism
Campin, Merode Altarpiece
A scroll and book are in front of Mary, symbolizing the Old & New Testaments, and the part that Mary and the Christ child played in the fulfillment of prophecy. The lilies in the earthenware vase on the table represent Mary's virginity. The lion finials on the bench may have a symbolic role (referring to the Seat of Wisdom, or throne of Solomon) - this feature is often seen in other paintings, religious or secular (like van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait). The arrangements for washing at the back of the room, which are considered unusual for a domestic interior, may relate to the similar arrangements of a piscina for the officiating priest to wash his hands during Mass. The sixteen sides of the table may allude to the sixteen main Hebrew prophets; the table is usually seen as an altar, and the archangel Gabriel wears the vestments of a deacon. The painting, like the Washington van Eyck Annunciation, is one of a number that contain complicated symbolic material relating the Annunciation to the Mass and the sacrament of the Eucharist.[5] Mary sits on the floor to show her humility, and the folds of her dress, and the way the light plays on them, create a star, probably alluding to many theological comparisons of Mary to a star or stars.
what are three things about the las meninas?
believable light, animated, appears the way it would at a distance
What time periods do cycladic, minoan, and mycenaen cultures overlap with?
old, middle, and new kingdoms of ancient egypt
sunrise 1872
Chauvet Cave
Purple Hills
Saint Jarome Engraving
General Gattamelata
Donatello. 1443-1453
The Dinner Party
Villa Savoye
Le Corbusier
african weaved cloth
The Bath of Venus
Santa Costanza
-centrally planned building
-mixture or pagan and christian imagery
-collenade- 12 corinthian colum
pictorial or symbolic representation
Doge Loredano
ruler of Venice
paleolithic Altamira caves (Spain)
Brown Blue Brown on Blue
elaborate an extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century
Barbara Hepworth
"Large and Small Form"
tiara symbolizing royalty and enlightenment
Liberty leading the people
delacroix 1831
"Arab-like." An islamic stylized, decorative motif
Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych, 1962
buon fresco
painting on wet plaster
a technique of neo-Impressionist painting using tiny dots of various pure colors, which become blended in the viewer's eye. developed by Seurat with the aim of producing a greater degree of luminosity and brilliance of color.
after persians destroyed it the athenians worked at reconstructing it after 480 bc. funds came from delian league treasury
Chimera of Arezzo, Ca. 500 BCE
Sutra Painting
Buddhist scriptures depicted in handwritings and paintings.
designs of columns and lentils -ch.5
Liberty Leading the People, Eugene Delacroix, 1830, Louvre, Paris,French Romanticism
post impressionism. shared Van Gogh's distaste for advanced civilization and yearned for a utopian alternative.
jackson polleck
-art that reflects airplane, radio, atomic bomb
-going west 1934
- male and female 1942
-shewolf 1949
very masculine, pictured as allamerican artist
drank himself to death
Oath of Horatii
Jacques-Louis David, Neoclassicism, 1750-1850
the perfect relationship among parts in terms of math is the source of all beauty
Jackson Pollock
artist who spattered, dripped, splashed, and dragged paint on the canvas
a 2 dimensional area having identifiable boundaries, created by lines, color or value changes, or some combination of these
*Great Stupa at Sanchi* --Buddhist --3rd Century BCE- 1st CE --earthen mound, mudbrick, stone
massive monuments built in the ancient Mesopotamian valley and western Iranian plateau, having the form of a terraced step pyramid of successively receding stories or levels
domino construction system
System of building construction introduced by the architect Le Corbusier in which reinforced concrete floor slabs are floated on six freestanding posts placed as if at the positions of the six dots on a domino playing piece
A wealthy influential supporter of an artist.
Franco-Prussian War
-Caused by Ems Dispatch
-Battle of Sedan: Prussians capture Napoleon III and he abdicates
-Prussians lay siege on Paris, after a while Paris capitulates (1871)
-Bismarck declares the 2nd German Empire AT Versailles, rubbing it in
A rule, for example, of proportion. The Ancient Greeks considered beauty to be a matter of "correct" proportion and sought a canon of proportion, for the human figure and for buildings.
Frans Halls- The Jolly Toper (Dutch Baroque Holland)
A mercenary soldier of a political ruler.
an emblem bearing a coat of arms.
the arrangement or treatment of light and dark parts in a pictorial work of art ;the quality of being veiled or partly in shadow
a ribbon that interweaves through a design repeatedly. ex. arabesques
a colonnade surrounding a building or enclosing a court
a technique of using pictorial methods in order to deceive the eye
name, material, culture?
Augustus of Primaporta, marble, Roman
Donald Judd
Created minimalism. Artist who tried to make his work as exact and precise as possible.
Lascaux(Dordegne) Cave
In southwestern France famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings. Estimated to be more than 15,000 years old
installation art
creating art for a specific site, especially a gallery or outdoor area that creates a total environment
Hieronymus Bosch; early 16th century
Garden of Earthly Delights
painted the story of Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but his best work is in sculpture; work included David and Moses and the Pieta
a massive vertical pillar that is used to support an arch, vault, or other kind of roof.
a theory of knowledge holding that all concepts are formed through the customary or even arbitrary connection of an image or mental idea with an object
disguisher symbolism
an outward attempt to conceal or misinterpret the true nature or identity
Reinforced concrete
Concrete with metal and/or mesh added to provide extra support against stresses
(old stone age) time in which human kind
produced the first sculptures and paintings
the repetition of multiple parts in a composition to create a pattern of sound and silence, positive and negative, or other contrasting forces.
one of the means or channels of general communication, information, or entertainment in society, as newspapers, radio, or television.
The Panoramic views of the city of Siena are located where?
Palazza Pubblico
Rose Window
is often used as a generic term applied to a circular window, but is especially used for those found in churches of the Gothic architectural style and being divided into segments by stone mullions and tracery. Usually found on the west facade or transept.
what is the tmeple of hera one like?
doric, archaic
west facade of Sant'Andrea
LEON BATTISTA ALBERTI, Mantua, Italy, designed ca.
a print of an image that has been carved in wood
The extension of a point along a path, made concrete in art by drawing on a chiseling into a plane. An element of art which refers to the continuous mark made on some surface by a moving point.
Red figure vase painting
in Greek pottery, the silhouetting of red figures against a black background with painted linear details. firgures are red background darker. allows more detial and to play with colors.
Relief Sculpture (high or low)
Figures projecting from a background of which they are part. The degree of relief is deesignated high or low.
Jan and Hubert Van Eyck
known as fathers of oil painting
barrel vault
a vault is a roof or ceiling --> a barrel vault is a deep arch or an uninterrupted series of arches --> Roman architects used barrel vaults in the construction of the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla --> they are one of the characteristic features of Romanesque churches
Rome, Italy
Killed in 3rd ctry. for their Christian belief
Earliest images of Jesus as good shepherd
Jonah and the Whale
catacomb of s.s. pietro and marcellino
sculpture seen in the round
the emphasis is not only on a frontal view but from all angles. free standing.
le fusain
You Vase
Rue Transnonian
Nude Descending Staircase
Self portrait
Delacroix, 1837
The Stone Breakers
Three Revealers
Archaic- 510bc
Renaissance Architecture, 1296-1565PeruginoChrist Delivering the Keys of the Kingdom to St. PeterFresco
The Burial of Atala
Irish early mideval art
Burden, Shoot, 1971.
Define the word "Renaissance."
semi subterranean circular structure
purposely nonsensical, expressing its total rejection of previous modern art
Kresilas, Pericles, Ca. 500 BCE
Frank Lloyd Wright
Robie House, Chicago, IL
lamp stand with 7/9 branches
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Italian): (Prince-Bishop's "Residence") (Würzburg, Germany), 1751
rough, unfinished masonry, roughened surfaces, beveled edges of stone blocks to emphasize joints between them and give rustic appearance
Gustave Courbet, The Stonebreakers, 1849
Nicola Pisano, "Nativity and Annunciation" from the Pisa Baptistery Pulpit, c. 1260 CE. Pisa, Italy. Italian, Early Renaissance.
Marble. Commissioned by FedericoVisconti.
top part of column; decorative
High Classical Greece
450-400BC Acropolis, parthenon, pericles elected ruler, erechtheion, caryatid, temple of athena nike, wetlook,
principle christian church in a diocese, the bishop's administrative center and housing his throne
horse galloping
Eadweard Muybridge, 1878, calotype print, america
the stonework elements that support the glass in a gothic window
Funerary Mask, c. 1600 B.C.E., National Archaeological Museum,Mycenean Art/ Aegean Art
musical term meaning "night scenes". Whistler painted 7 of these of the Thames river, all meant to support his art for arts sake position. Very abstract.
509-27 BCE (really 2nd C-27 BCE)
Poked fun at traditional artistic values; promoted non-sensical "anti-art".
Something that seems beautiful to us
Berthe Morisot
"Villa by the Seaside" (Impressionism)
movement away from church and hierarchy to intimacy and personal pleasure
Umberto Boccioni
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space
Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas, 1939, Mexico
form of sculpture comprised of found objects arrange in a way to create a piece
projecting roof or porch supported by columns often making an enterance
ashlar masonary
carefully cut and regularly shaped blocks of stone used in construction, fitted together without mortar.
Boffrand- Salon De La Princesse (Hotel De Soubise) (France Rococo)
Second Industrial Revolution
centered on steel, electricity, chemicals and oil
a pair of truncated, pyramidal towers flanking the entrance to an Egyptian temple - ex. The Temple of Horus as Edfu
art nouveau
international movement and style of art, architecture and applied art—especially the decorative arts—that peaked in popularity at the turn of the 20th century (1890-1905). A reaction to academic art of the 19th century, it is characterized by organic, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly-stylized, flowing curvilinear forms. Could be produced by technologies of the industrial age.
What tool did sculptors rely heavily on?
A decorative pin, usually used to fasten garments.
U.S. architect; born in Germany. first director of the Bauhaus School of Design and a pioneer of the international style. one of the designers of the Pan American Building in NY.
A coffin or tomb, especially one made of limestone.
Henry VIII, Hans Holbein
c1540 (oustide). N.related detailed realism, swelling monumentality
Horseshoe arch
This is a distinctive Muslim arch. Some say it was derived from the leaves of the palm tree.
The area between the post and lintel on a Romanesque church
Central panel of Raising of the Cross, Peter Paul Rubens, 1610-1611, Cathedral, Antwerp,Flemish Baroque Art
carotid statues of women that hold up the roof; when finished they were painted bright colors
Old St. Peters garden
represent the garden of eden
The Death of General Wolfe. West
1700's, Neoclassicism. American
Speaks to the time line of historical events
an obvious break from norm in a design. Often used to create an accent or to emphasize an idea
name, material, purpose, culture?
Apolo, terra-cotta, temple roof statue, Etruscan
a technique of painting in which an emulsion consisting of water and pure egg yolk or a mixture of egg and oil is used as a binder or medium, characterized by its lean film-forming properties and rapid drying rate.
Abstract Surrealism
a form of surrealism based on the biomorphic image
One of the marks of the Church meaning that the Church is "universal" it includes all ages, all races, and nationalities in every time period.
hall of the bulls
paleolithic art, lascaux france, wall painting in cave
De Stijl
sought to take cubist ideas to a logical and absolute conclusion
pyramidal composition
In the High Renaissance, it was a composition in painting or sculpture which was based upon the pyramid. It endowed the work with a sense of calmness and stability, which appealed to the viewer's sense of logic, while also contributing towards developing its space or perspective. [ Virgin of the Rocks ]
Birth of Athena
Most praised godess in Athens/ subject matter-East pediment of parthenon
Apollo 11 cave
Cave paintings found at the "Apollo 11 caves" in Namibia may be among the earliest cave art. The estimated age of the images date from approximately 23,000 - 25,000 BC
"taj" and Taj Mahal characteristics
taj means crown. Climactic dome, minarets
Walpole challenging the authority of reason. Did not take classical reasoning but took medieval approach. LANCET: pointed windows. Asymmetry. Nature has taken over and ivy gows over. Clusters chimney. steep GABLE not a piedimont (classical low triangle) uses towers and notched walls (where people used to shoot arrows in the past). Play gothic not serious: supposed to be fun because this is a country villa. Relaxed environment that contrasted neoclassical this is GOTHIC REVIVAL
Enter your front text here.
Watteau, The Pilgramage to Cythera, 1717. Watteau is the originator of the Grench Rococo style in painting. Depicts nobles at play. It is a genre painting and falls under rococo. Fete galante (glorified party picnic). Noble couples accomanied by putti con
Explain "Eclecticism." Which artist best fits an eclectic?
Eclecticism is to draw from other sources and fuse their ideas into a rendering style of ones own. Raphael Sanzio best fits the description of an eclectic.
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp
Rembrandt Van Rijn, 1632, Dutch Baroque
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte
By Seurat. Post Impressionism. Late 19th c. Divisionism.
common era
dying gaul
glazed earthenware
Direct axis
Straight lines
started in italy
camera picta
andrea mantegna
Octopus Flask (Minoan)
Velazquez\"Water-Carrier of Seville\"Southern Baroque, Spain1620London
The Night Watch
Rembrandt 1642
David, Oath of Horatii
Etching= printmaking
method; the etcher
prepares a metal plate with a wax or resin coating, then scratches a design into the ground, exposing the metal; the plate is dipped into acid, which bites the metal, creating recesses for ink. (The process could be repeated to create different 'states.')
Madonna of the Meadow
stone or clay coffin
glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colors
decoration formed through wood inlay.
ucello painted in linear perspective
Arch of Constantine, 312-315 C.E.,Roman Art
The representation of the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface in a manner that creates the illusion that the person, object, or place represented is three-dimensional.
figura seprentinata
s like shaped figures
post anlitel with barrell vaults
doric on bottom, ionic 2nd, corinthian top
Dionysos' (Bacchus) female worshipers (Romans called them Bacchantes)
Dying Trumpeter
Hellenistic style sculpture. This portrays a barbarian that is playing an instrument but he was injured in battle and is resting on his bum
Chicago, The Dinner Party, 1974-9, Modernism (Feminist Art)
elements of are which describes lightness or darkness
Giacomo Balla
"Girl Running on a Balcony"
A pediment is a classical architectural element consisting of the triangular section found above the horizontal structure (entablature), typically supported by columns. The gable end of the pediment is surrounded by the cornice moulding
Style that emphasizes artifice and contrived imagery not derived directly from nature. Characteristics include Hyper-idealism, distorted human forms; staged, awkward movement' exaggerated poses; crowded; sour color palettes, and ambiguous space. Subject matter and theme - provocative nudes, mythological subjects, allegories, and catholic mysticism.
Palladian revival
a) architectural movement which flourished in England ca. 1720-70 talind its inspiration from the 16th century Venetian architect Andrea Palladia
b) in general , the free adaption of Imperial Roman architecture to 18th century social needs, with motifs borrowed from Roman public buildings and adapted for use in churches, other public buildings, and private houses
Old St. Peters year
333 - trinity
paintings based on historical, mythological, or biblical narratives. Once considered the noblest art form, history paintings generally convey a high moral or intellectual idea and are often painted in a grand pictorial style.
History painting
The Bayeux Embroidery, Bayeux France, 1066-82
structure forming the transverse part of a cruciform church
Nicola Pisano. Pisa Baptistery Pulpit, Fortitude(Daniel), 1259-1260. Italian, Early Renaissance. Marble. Pisa, Italy. Commissioned by Federico Visconti.
Praxiteles 330BC god dreams into space while he dangles grapes tempting god of wine (infant) late classical
a communal dining-hall (usually in a monastery)
Perpendicular Gothic
the last English Gothic style characterized by a strong vertical emphasis
Head of Gudea
2,150 BCE Ancient Near Eastern
Nude Woman (Venus of Willendorf)
Paleolithic Period
28,000-25,000 BC
framing device part of inscription has heiroglyphs inside. Can go vertical and 2 horizontal. One of means which it is inscribed.
The fenestrated part of a building that rises above the roofs of the other parts. The oldest known clerestories are Egyptian. In Roman basilicas and medieval churches, clerestories are the windows that form the nave's uppermost level below the timber ceiling or the vaults.
representing bodies at angles to the picture plane
The Christian holy sacrament of bread and wine to commemorate the Last Supper
Zoe Leonard, The Fae Richards Photo Archive, 1993-1996
building used by judism to come together for prayer.
flat rectangular columns attached to a wall
closely spaced parallel lines used to create dark
non-objective art
Art that is not representational, containing no recognizable figures or objects.
Guggenheim Museum
Frank Lloyd Wright, Solomon R. New York, 1943-1959.
West front of Altar of Zeus, Turkey, Ca. 200 BCE
The Great Tower
stood in courtyard (bailey) surrounded by additional walls
- keep in England and donjon in France- ch.15
large room in a monastery dedicated to the copying and maintaining of texts
in ancient Egypt, a figurine placed in a tomb to act as a servant to the deceased in the afterlife.
Adam and Eve Reproached by the Lord
1015 Ottonian
Giorgione, Pastoral Symphony
soft light, pastoral, nuance, center in shadow, tone, rich color, uncertainty, 1508-1510
writing material made from the skin of a sheep or goat
Plein-Air Painting
using natural light to paint, painting outside in nature
ribbed groin vaulting.
thin, but more unstable roof. stabilized by ribs. form an x-pattern. like the ribs of an umbrella
Performance Art
A artwork based on a live, sometimes theatrical, performance by the artist.
Altarpiece of the Holy Blood, open view
Last Supper
Tilman Riemnschneider
c. 1499-1505
limewood and glass
Man at The Window 1876
By: Gustave Caillebotte
Frame helps pull you in, a random moment. Makes you wonder what is in the middle of the street.
Sainte Chapelle
Royal Chapel of Louis IX- own personal reliquary, no masonry, complete nave, elem
portal sculpture
tympanum, lintel, trumeau, jamb
christ in majesty, st. pierre, moissac
What a work of art is about, its subject-matter
empirical or observed perspective
method of painting what one sees through the precise observation of all things and capturing every single detail. This approach showed the artists that shapes lose their contours the further away they are and that the intensity of the color decreases and assumes a bluish hue
On the Stage 1880
By: Edgar Degas
The frame has been broken down and it doesn't seem like gravity works. Lots of browns and whites. It is pure beauty in itself. Degas wanted to try and separate art from reality.
States of Mind I: Farewells
by Umberto Boccioni
created in the 20th century, futurism
done in oil
Corbeled arch or vault
A projecting wall member used as a support for some element in the superstructure. Also, a horizontal row of stone or brick in which each course projects beyond the one beneath it. Two such walls, meeting at the topmost course.
Question about Hellenistic art
1. starts with the death of alexander after he conquered persia.
2. Hellenistic art is more realistic, more overtly emotional, with more extreme movements, more melodramatic and more sentimental compared to Classical art.
3. the most outstanding sculpture
-Dying Gaul : depicted dying in agony with an open wound(never be shown in classical art)
-Laocoon : a depiction of theTrojan priest, Laocoon writhing in contorted poses
-Nike(Victory) of Samothrace : the winged Goddess in motion with her garments flowing
4. Most of Greek sculpture are Roman copies of the original because Romans loved Greek sculpture and they made copies of them.
how does Durer's support for Lutheran doctrine reflected in the Four Apostles?
It emphasizes sorry and community, christ has announced the betrayal, only 11 disciples remain with him. empty plate in foreground refers to the commemorative rather than literal.
What art school was founded during Louis XIV reign?
French Royal Academy of Painting & Sculpture
sunken relief
See sculpture.
vincent van gogh
starry night
a geometric abstractionis movement that originated in Russia and influenced constructivism
In architecture, evenly spaced, rounded parallel vertical grooves incised on shafts of colomns of columnar elements (such as pilasters)
paul gauguin
the vision after the sermon
pablo picasso
the young ladies of avignon
Picture writing; words and ideas rendered in the form of pictorial symbols.
An architectural element used for support and/or decoration. Consists of a rounded or polygonal vertical shaft placed on a base and topped by a decorative capital. In classical architecture, built in accordance with the rules of one of the architectural orders. Columns can be freestanding or attached to a background wall.
was an artistic and literary movement of the early 20th century that championed experimentation, technicality, primitivism, impersonalism, aestheticism, and intellectualism
A native egyptian river plant; a writing paper made from the stems; a popular dercorative element in egyptian architecture.
Any art that does not represent observable aspects of nature or transforms visible forms into a stylized image. Also the formal qualities of this process.
paul cezanne
still life with apples in a bowl
giorgio de chirico
mystery and melancholy of a street
A device used in systems of spatial definition. In painting, a register indicates the use of differing groundlines to differentiate layers of space within an image.
A pyramid shaped block set as the finishing element atop an obelisk.
A tall four-sided stone shaft , hewn from a single block that tapers at the top and is completed by a pyramidion. A sun symbol erected by the ancient egyptians in ceremonial spaces (as entrances to temple complexes). Today used as a commemorative monument.
Term used to describe a plan or design that is based on a symmetrical, linear arrangement of elements along a central along a central axis.
georges seurat
a sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte
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