The High Renaissance and Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Pieta (artist)
Pieta (medium)
Duke Cosimo I de'Medici
Last Supper (dates ca.)
ca. 1495-1498
Mona Lisa (dates ca.)
ca. 1503-1505
New Saint Peter's (location)
Vatican, Rome
introduced by da Vinci; smoke-like haziness
Commissioned for old Saint Peter's, triangular composition, artist signed sash, strictly a frontal sculpture, heavy and deeply incised drapery
Which Venetian artist developed a category of paintings designed to trigger a mood rather than illustrate a literary passage?
Raphael‟s Stanze Della Segnatura was designed to demonstrate the relationships between the law, poetry, theology and ________?
Who broke Michelangelo‟s nose because of his brutal criticisms?
Pietro Torrigiani
Which melancholic artist is portrayed in the center foreground of the School of Athens as Heraclitus?
Triangular composition, subtle features and hand movement help guide viewer's eye; paint glazes
Virgin of the Rocks
Virgin of the Rocks (year ca.)
ca. 1485
Centrally planned, used as a mausoleum for Christian martyrs, commissioned by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
Cylindrical cella topped by dome, mix of pagan architecture and Christian theme, distance between columns is 4 times diameter
This allows art to be easily transported
a style of 16th-century Italian art preceding the Baroque, characterized by unusual effects of scale, lighting, and perspective, and the use of bright, often lurid colors. It is particularly associated with the work of Pontormo, Vasari,and the later Michelangelo. Goal stylishness eg models now-a-days are taller, thinner than everyone else.
Whom did Michelangelo portray the Pope's Master of Ceremonies, Biagio da Cesena as?
King Minos
Who was the first Renaissance artist to write an autobiography?
Which artist, fearing for his life, went into hiding when the Medici were expelled from Florence in 1494?
Cartoon for Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and the Infant Saint John (dates ca.)
ca. 1505-1507
this style of portrait replaces the profile view
3/4 view
burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped.
cruciform halo
only Christ is depicted with a cruciform halo which looks like a fleur-de-lis.(da Sesto, virgin & child with SS john the Baptist & George.
Who executed the first dome, in Parma, to be painted on the interior as a completely integrated space?
Which is the grey colored stone preferred by Tuscan sculptors and architects for the trim in building interiors?
Pietra serena
Which German artist made two trips to northern Italy to bring their higher standards to Germany?
Which artist died in 1520 after a brief illness on Good Friday at the age of 37?
Which Italian artist died in France in 1519, said, in the arms of Francis I?
Who was the artist that produced six now lost books on human anatomy based on his own dissections?
What country was the cardinal from for whose tomb the Vatican marble Pietá was produced?
Which artist is known to have painted on a black ground canvas?
In what decade was the Sistine Ceiling cleaned and restored?
Compositions marked by these 3 things
balance, symmetry, ideal proportions
Which term refers to the actual color of an object?
Local color
Who was the artist of the 12½ pound solid gold Saltcellar?
To what period does the German artist Albrecht Dürer belong?
High Renaissance
Which of the large seated figures from the Sistine Ceiling is the best example of a 'figura serpintinata'?
Libyan Sibyl
What is the outer surface of the Dome of St. Peter's cathedral made of?
In which books are the story of the crucifixion of Christ discussed?
Central panel of altarpiece; builds on Massaccio's understanding of chiaroscuro--illuminates figures but hides some rock formations; atmospheric perspective--haziness in rocks
Virgin of the Rocks
What is the subject of Titian's Bacchanal?
Drinking, dancing and relaxing
To which two people was the term 'terrebilita' applied to in the 16th century?
Michelangelo and Pope Julius II
Wanted a new and faster way to paint frescoes, but this method failed and the painting started falling apart soon afterwards (artist, painting)
Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper
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