Terms Definitions
engraving tool
Tar Beach
The Annunciation
Bramante, Rome, 1502
Stanza della Segnatura
Untitled (Mark Rothko)
Peplos kore
archaic- 530
Renaissance Architecture, 1296-1565Leon Battista Alberti
Sant'Andrea, Italyterm: Basillica plan
Raft of Medusa
(Theodore Gericault
monogram symbol for Christ
Adam and Eve
Durer, 1504
Villa Savoye
Le Corbusier, 1931
above a story, window
spanish, surrealism, persistence of memory, melting clocks
Karl Marx
founder of modern communism
Walker Evans
"Penny Picture Display, Savannah"
painting made with egg yolks
practice that emphasizes reason, scientific inquiry, and human fulfillment in the natural world and often rejects the importance of belief in god.
an Islamic theologian college adjoining and often containing a mosque
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Natives Carrying Some Guns Bibles, 1982
fanciful but graceful asymmetric ornamentation in art and architecture that originated in France in the 18th century
Dutch Golden Age landscape painter.
Aule Metele, compare to augustus, sandles, dressed, arm raised
a painting technique in which water-based pigments are applied to a surface of wet plaster. the color is absorbed by the plaster
Ancient kingdom located in northern pakistan and eastern Afghanistan. located mainly in the vale of Peshawar. lasted from 1st millennium BC to 11th Century AD. prominent under Buddhist Kushan Kings. southern Central Asian culture in the bronze age with grave culture. important in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. also thought to be birthplace of the fouder of Tibetan Buddhism
Aphrodite (Venus de Milo)
Hellenistic Period
150-125 BCE
Still Life, Willem Heda, Baroque Art
was a literary movement everyday contemporary world was to be rejected and replaced by dreams that abstractly expressed sensations, moods, and deepseated fears and desires. Gauguin was involved with this.
lunette-shaped space above the portals of Romanesque and Gothic churches
Marked by turbulent emotions, complex composition & exotic and/or heroic subject matter.
Defines what the art is about
linear perspective
things diminish in background, realistic, things interact, converge in a single vanishing point
CHRIST BETWEEN ANGELS AND SAINTSSan VitaleByzantineRavenna, ItalySitting on world, handing golden wreath to saint in direction of Justiniandematerialized: emphasis taken off of this world and put into a religious sense (3-D to 2-D)
Abstract Expressionism
art through expression, no subjects
Twisted Perspective
A convention of representation in which part of a figure is shown in profile and another part of the same figure is shown frontally
A full-scale drawing used to transfer the outline of a design onto a surface .
Saint Teresa of Avila in Ecstasy
Gionlorenzo Bernini
canopy placed over honorific or sacred space
A building material invented by the Romans and consisting of various proportions of lime mortar, volcanic sand, water, and small stones.
Jose De Ribera- Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew (Spanish Baroque)
Erechtheion and Porch of the Maidens. 420. classical.
A circle of monoliths. Also called henge.
Rose Window
Diamond and semi-circular shapes- 12 petals around center- neo-platonic thought- light becomes divine- becomes of justification -12 petals= 12 apostles - numerology ( 3 doors, 12 petals, 7 etc)
a buddhist holy person who has achieved enlightenment and nirvana by suppression of all desire for earthly things
period: late minoan
year: 1450 - 1400 BCE
origination: palace at knossos, crete
material: fresco
significance/description: this depicts an activity that probably happened right there at the palace. young women were painted with fair skin and youths were painted with dark skin, though most of the fresco is a reconstruction. long lines convey the agility of the bull and the people -- they have the typical profile faces and frontal eyes we've seen in egypt and mesopotamia, but they also have the long limbs and tiny waists characteristic of figures in late minoan art.
Greek, "bearer of God" The Virgin Mary
name, location, culture?
Cathedral of Saint MarkVenice, ItalyMiddle Byzantine
French engineer. He designed and built the Eiffel Tower and was the architect of the inner structure of the Statue of Liberty.
A method of painting in which the colors in a wax medium are burned into a surface with hot irons.
Proto vs. Early
Proto- squaty figures, flat shallow space.
Early- cast shadows, deeper background, linear perspective, more classical tradition incorporated
the last supper 2
leonardo da vinci 1495 1498
Sumerian figure sculpture
Large eyes, holding hands in worship
Walls of the Temple of the Sun,15th Century,Cuzco,Peru,Incan Art
Orientalism (Edward Said)
western art with picturesque oriental subject matter or oriental influences
Old St. Peters plan
basilica or roman law court
That drawing appealed to the mind and was superior to color, which they believed appealed to the senses. against painting images of everyday life
The way a work of art looks/defines
a specific period in time
relationship of parts of the whole to each other
a work of art composed of several connected panels.
a shape or plan in which the parts assume the shape of a cloverleaf (Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac)
hagia sophia
the 'Church of Holy Wisdom' . largest church in Christianity at the time. Found in istanbul built in the mid 6th century. in 1453 it became muslim and was turned into a masque
what animals were sacred in minoan culture and what could they have been sacrificed with?
bulls, double axes
Do paintings have lines?
No Paintings do not have lines
tempera paint
consists of egg combined with a wet paste of ground pigment that gives the painting a velvety sheen
The value, or tonality, of a color is the degree of its lightness or darkness. The intensity, or saturation, of a color is its purity, its brightness or dullness.
The Church of San Vitale is located in _________ ________.
Ravenna Italy
High Realism / Magic Realism
Painted so precisely that their perfection exceeds realism flaws are eliminated.
John gay's "the beggar's opera"
Same vein as John gay's "the beggar's opera" of 1728 which was a a biting social and political satire that Hogarth illustrated in one of his paintings.
Enter your front text here.
Caravaggio, Conversion of Saint Paul, 1601. Baroque Example
oil glazing
act of using oil as base in paint of layer upon layers creating texture roundeness smoothness & more 3-d
"Crucifix" Nowhere is the __ revival of interest in monumental __ more evident than in the crucifix. Is the most __ characterization of intense __ of the early middle ages.
"Crucifix" Nowhere is the Ottonian revival of interest in monumental sculpture more evident than in the crucifix. Is the most powerful characterization of intense agony of the early middle ages.
Zeus battling giants, great alter of zeus. 175. hellenistic.
looks like four seperate panels of zeus fighting.
sans vie
Voltaire Seated
St. George
Ghirlandaio, Giovanna Tournabouni
The Artist's Studio
The Studio Boat
by James Rosenquist
Cathedral, Florence, Italy
post and lintel
Mycenaen archway
313 AD
Christianity become "Legal".
Andre, Equivalent VIII, 1966.
Greuze was born in
Predynastic and Early Dynastic
Maison Carree
1-10 CE. "Square House"
Polykleitos, Corinthian Capital, Ca. 400 BCE
glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colors
topmost voussoir, holds arch together
Gianlorenzo Bernini: The Cornaro Chapel, featuring The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, 1645-52
*Italian Baroque Architecture
Christ as ruler of all
Otto Dix, Skat Players, 1920
Suicide of Ajax
Exekias, Greek-c.540 BCE
*Bull Leaping* --Crete --Fresco --1450-1400
Male pictures (usually alot of action
a person who has attained enlightenment but who has postponed nirvana in order to help others achieve enlightenment
George la Tour
Adoration of the Shepherds
France Baroque
Italian for "flattened out" describes low relief sculpture used by Donatello & his contempories
Equestarian Statue of a Carolingian Ruler,9th century,bronze,Carolingian Art
originator of the French Rococo style.
tomb of hunting and fishing, Etruscan
the Copley Family. 1776.
by John Singleton Copley. (2.64)
Feast of the gods - Titian
metal carving with acid and gell
U.S. photographer, born in England: pioneered in photographic studies of animals and humans in motion.
engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it
The Tempest, Giorgione
c1510 (venetian). colors juxtaposed and overlap each other, the storm, nature occupies most of the space
art technique where tones and colors shade gradually for a softer appearance (especially noticeable on the soft lighting on faces)
Title: Canteen with episodes from Life of Christ, Culture: Syria, Date: 1240 CE
An ancient Greek and Roman exercise area, usually framed by a colonnade.
an ancient marble or stone coffin, often decorated with artwork and inscriptions
in drawing or painting, the treatment and use of light and dark, especially the gradations of light that produce the effect of modeling
lee krasman
student of hans hoffman
-the seasons 1957
inspired by nature
landscape, 1961
calfskin prepared as a surface for writing or painting - ex. The Lindisfarne Gospels uses tempera on vellum, and the calendar pictures of Les Tres Riches Heures use ink on vellum
Picasso's friend and fellow founder of Cubism
these buildings are places of worship where Egyptians offer gifts and ask for favors from the gods.
negative spaces
open space between sculptures. makes the piece pleasing from every view.
Jean Arp
French painter, sculptor, and poet; also known as Hans Arp. He was a cofounder of the Dada movement.
John Constable
The Dell at Helmingham Park, Wivenhoe Park, Essex
the reappearance in a painting of an underlying image that had been painted over (usually when the later painting becomes transparent with age)
A large, vaulted chamber in a mosque with a monumental arched opening on one side
A style of depiction in which the physical appearence of the rendered image in nature is the primary inspiration
Doric Order
developed from Dorians who came to mainland Greece
the most simplest order
Burghers of Calais
Artist: Rodin, Period: 19th Century Modernism, Movement: Post-Impressionism
Referring to a time period (maybe the Greek myths and legends)
Spiral Jetty
Smithson, black rock salt crystal and earth, Great Salt Lake Utah 1969-70
Archaic Period
750 and 480 B.C., more particularly from 620 to 480 B.C. The age is defined through the development of art at this time, specifically through the style of pottery and sculpture, showing the specific characteristics that would later be developed into the more naturalistic style of the Classical period
an artwork or a design which presents an ensemble of images and objects within a three-dimensional environment
Royal Portalwest façade Chartres CathedralStockstad figure 16-7
Early GothicChartres, Francecirca 1145-55 CE
Pompey the Great
(Date): 50 BCE Roman Republic (Medium): Marble (Location): Italy
Andy Warhol, "Elvis I & II", USA, Mid 20th c.
Pazyryk Carpet
5th Century Oldest Known Carpet in the world. Hand Knotted.
a bell tower of a church, usually, but not always, freestanding
art form in which an artist etches a design on a metal plate with acid and then uses the plate to make multiple prints
Ziggurat at Ur
One of the greatest ziggurats of Mesopotamia
Groin or cross vault
In architecture, a vault that is constructed by placing barrel vaults at right angles so that a square is covered.
Arnolfini Portrait
A double portrait painted by Jan van s Eyck in 1434. It is noted for its high level of detail, texture, and lighting, as well as a non-mathematical system of linear perspectice. It uses several symbols to convey religious and moral messages. Also known as The Arnolfini Marriage.
Scuplture in the round
Free standing figures that are carved or modeled in three dimensions
Why were old republican Rome sculptures ultra veristic?
the tradition of treasured household imagines
Why did the CIA back exhibitions?
Because it makes America look better. America was already the military leaders.
St Matthew from Ebbo Gospels
816 CE - Patron Bishop Ebbo - Shows St. Matthew - Differs from byzantine: elongated fingers - exaggerated style: Hellenistic - illustrates: Matthew receiving diving inspiration
Spanish Baroque
Post-and-Lintel Construction
Euphronius Krater
abstract design
nonrepresentational design
Geometric Krater
Ancient Greece
Seating Buddha,460,stone,Chinese Art
International Style Architecture
Angelica Kauffmann
\"Cornelia pointing to her
Children as her Treasures\"
c.1785 Neoclassicism Cornelia = focusfigures posing towards Cornelia aerial perspective
a stepped Mesopotamian pyramid
Cezanne, "Mont Sainte-Victoire", France, Late 19th c.
Melchoir Broederlam; Champol Altarpiece; 1393-99
tool for making cartoons
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
20th century
San Lorenzo
Brunelleschi. Early 15th. Architecture. Florence
protects intellectual properties of writers
Matisse, 1905
Women Wearing a Hat
Keith Haring was a...
graffiti artist
has the largest unsupported dome
in classical architecture, the triangular section of a temple roof often decorated with sculpture
Isenheim Altarpiece
Grunewald. Northern Renaissance. Placed in St. Anthony. Made to look extremely painful so that the skin patients could sympathize with it.
Spotted Horses & Human Hands
Pech-Merle, Lot, France
cave wall painting on limestone
22,000 BCE
~ 11' 2" long
deep within cave
red, yellow ocre; charcoal
suggest layering
in profile - no frontal view
emphasized painterly qualities and strong colour over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism
A style of architecture called ____________ derives its name from the French word for "flaming".
reliquary tower originated in the Indian Buddhist stupa
Toulouse Lautrec- La Goulue Entering the Moulin Rouge (French Post Impressionism)
The Baldaccino appears?
dynamic, organic, and massive
Ajax and Achilles Playing Dice, Exekias, 540-530 BC,Greek
Jean-François Millet: The Sower, ca. 1850
abstract ideas codified in bodily form
Human hand and claw. circa 100
builds on the advances of impressionism
diverse group of painters who were influenced by what the impressionists did, but have gone their own way
bright colors and visible brushstrokes
but there forms tend to be more solid
four main figures, seraut, cezanne, gaugin, and van gogh
the monastic system, condition, or mode of life.
a somewhat flattish slate object of various shapes, carved with commemorative scenes or motifs or, esp. in the smaller pieces, containing a recessed area probably or mixing eye makeup and often used as a votive offering.
Martin Luther
German theologian who led the Reformation
Earth work
usually very large scale, outdoor artwork that is produced by altering the natural environment
Corporate name of artist, wife and staff. Skill in organzing others. Cost 3.2 million dollars. Paid for by selling drawings, models and getting student volunteers
the system of rule established by Augustus; established constitutional monarchy- "ruler by law"
Nauman, Self-Portrait as a Fountain, 1966.
categories of the subject matter aka scenes of daily life
alan kaprow
pioneer in establishing the concepts of performance art.
performing chicken.
push&pull- a furniture comedy for hans hoffman
greek sculptor who develped cannon for human boday
a container where religious relics are stored or displayed (especially relics of saints)
Artist who did Florence Cathedral and San Lorenzo
Visual Arts
unique expressions of ideas, beliefs, experiences, and feelings presented in well-designed visual forms
A concave, triangular section of a hemisphere, four of which provide the transition from a square area to the circular base of a covering dome. Although pendentives appear to be hanging (pendant) from the dome, they in fact support it.
Still life
Paintings or sculptures that depict familiar objects such as household items and foods.
Canon of proportions
an idealized mathematical system for depictions of the human body
The Last Supper
- 1495- 1498
- experimental technique on plaster
ritual wine vessel, jia
late shang period, c1500-c1050 bce
a means of preserving from harm or unpleasantness
High Renaissance
Beginning with Leonardo in 1480s and ending with the death of Raphael in 1521.
images composed of small pieces set in plaster or concrete
Brass head of a king or ruler.He traditionally wore a beaded crown and some form of leopard trappings.Obas provided the highest link between the people, the ancestors, and the gods
A color scheme that has three colors equally far apart from each other on the color wheel
A monster of Greek invention with the head and body of a lion and the tail of a serpent. A second head,that of a goat, grows out of one side of the body.
Intermediate Colors
colors produced by mixing a primary color and the adjacent secondary color on the color wheel
Barrel Vault
A masonry roof or ceiling constructed on the arch principle, or a concrete roof of the same shape. A barrel (or tunnel) vault, semicylindrical in cross-section, is in effect a deep arch or an uninterrupted series os arches, one behind the other, over an oblong space.
Name, Artist, "-ism"
Night Hawks, Edward Hopper, American Regionalism
expressive line
a line that seems to spring directly form artists emotions or feelings
the part of the church with an axis that crosses the nave at a right angle
rock-cut tomb
tombs cut from rock, prominent in the Middle Kingdom of Egypt
stepped pyramid of djoser
period: early dynastic
year: 2630 - 2611 BCE
origination: saqqara
artist: imhotep
material: limestone
significance/description: first instance of a credited artist in history. first truly grandiose royal tomb, made of mastabas of diminishing size stacked on top of each other. stands in the center of a 37 acre enclosure surrounded by many dummy structures which sport the earliest stone columns in the history of architecture.
split-complementary colors
a color plus the 2 colors on either side of its complementary colors
what is another name for the lost wax technique?
cire perdue
Lamassu (Assyria), 720-705 BCE
showed complete view of the animal, has five legs, palace guardian
Name/Time Period/Artist (if applicable) {pg.59}
The Great Pyramid of Khufu/Old Kingdom (Egypt)/ [none]
Arrangement in Gray and Black, No. 1
Also known as "Whistler's Mother"
Annunciation and Visitation, Portal Sculpture, Cathedral, Reims
Figures not as attached to columns - columns are background to figure
Seem to be conversing
Annunciation - Gabriel talking to Mary - animated and elegant
Mary is very serious
Elongated with minimal drapery
Visitation - Mary visiting Elizabeth - more classical drapery
Showing off contrapposto
Very high relief
Arms of Mary and Elizabeth are set in motion
Mesopotamia in the ancient east, was very __, had two rivers surrounding it that flowed into persian gulf, so the land was very __.
Mesopotamia in the ancient east, was very fertile, had two rivers surrounding it that flowed into persian gulf, so the land was very valuable.
Ancient Greece
cast-iron skeleton
Islamic holly book.
kamakura period
1185-1392 ce
counterpoised;set against, asymmetrical balance
fox warrior bottle
Late Byzantine
Monreale, Sicily
expression prevalent, powerful look
tv camera/monitor performance
dan graham
David 1784
Jurament del Horacis
primary colors
red, blue, yellow
Autumn Rhythm
Pollock o/c 1950
a fluid substance; additive
Susan Rothenberg, Tattoo, 1979, neo-expressionism
Romare Bearden
Prevalence of Ritual: Baptism
Egyptian Style
flat and in profile
The Calling of St. Matthew
Akhenaton, Nefertiti, and Daughters. c. 1350 BCE. Egyptian, Amarna Period.
Lacoon and his sons
hellenistic- 20bc?
The Expulsion from Paradise, Masaccio
Figure 3.5 IMHOTEP, Stepped Pyramid and mortuary precinct of Djoser, Saqqara, Egypt, Third Dynasty, ca. 2630-2611 BCE. (Predynastic)
La PLace du Theatre Francais
(Camille Pissarro
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of St. Teresa, marble, 11' 6" high
Spanish nun
Father had died when she was young - entered convent
Visited by visions - ecstatically painful - angel came down and plunged an arrow with the touch of God into her chest
where is the villa rotunda
vincenza italy
Latin, "eye." The round central opening of dome. Also, a small round window in a Gothic cathedral.
Suleimaniye Mosque, Istanbul
Sinan, 1551 - 1558
Figure 3-8 Great Pyramids, Gizeh, Egypt, Fourth Dynasty. From bottom: Pyramids of Menkaure, ca. 2490-2472 BCE; Khafre, ca. 2520-2494 BCE; and Khufu, ca. 2551-2528 BCE. (Old Kingdom)
From the Persian meaning "enameled," polychrome overglaze-docorated ceramic wear produced in Iran.
The Raft of Medusa
Gericault France Romanticism
muscipula diaboli; mousetrap of the devil
A picture showing natural scenery, without narrative content.
Edo Period: Sakai Hoitsu "Summer & Autumn Grass" (Left) 1615-1868
Fragmentary head of Senuret III, ca. 1900 BCE. (Middle Kingdom)
Velasquez 1656
Las Meninas Spain 17th C Baroque
queen of Egypt and wife of Akhenaton
SANDRO BOTTICELLI, Birth of Venus, ca. 1482. Tempera on canvas, approx. 5' 8" x 9' 1". Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.
the early gothic period has horizontal banding, the late gothic period has vertical banding
Kiss of Judas
real people in real space
pillar statues
atlantids (male) or caryatids (female) statue columns
general term describing an opening in the walls of a building, gate, or fortification an especially a grand entrance to a important structure
Lascaux Cave System
Location: Lascaux, France
Date: 15,000 - 13,000 BCE
Artist: unknown
discovered by two boys playing in a field
clay from the earth (usually reddish or yellow) used as a pigment for cave painting and body painting
Tomb With Corbeling
neolithic, british isles. megalithic construction. carved with decoration.
(in hierarchical churches) a member of the clerical order next below that of a priest.
actual space
(element) type of space shown 3D objects
the lower zone or base of an altarpiece decorated with painting or sculpture related to the main iconographic theme of the altarpiece.
water color
pigments suspended in water are laid down with rapid, sure brushstrokes on absorbent white paper, creating an image that cannot be corrected or reworked. colors are almost translucent, with whites, including highlights, produced by leacing the paper bare. popular for rapid sketching outdoors - Winslow Homer's The Blue Boat (captured sparkling light)
what does the dog symbolize in Venus of Urbino?
Twisted/mixed perspective
see something from multiple views at the same time. Egyptian wall/ prehistoric art...ancient art- known for multiple perspective also a way of getting more information
transverse barrel vault
In medieval architecture, a semi cylindrical vault oriented at a 90 degree angle to the nave of a church.
what age was frida stricken with pollo?
age 6
an art style that flourished in the monasteries of the British Isles in the early Middle Ages
salon de refuses
was established by Napoleon III because of dissatisfaction with the confining and authoritative decisions of the jurors of the French Academy., not academic art!
A scholar who specializes in the study of the of beauty and art
Late Classical(Greek Sculpture)

Ex: Aphrodite(goddes of love and beauty) of Knidos, 350 B.C., marble, 6 ft. tall, honored the goddes, first nude Greek female statue(Roman copy),Athenians were shocked by the nudity

Architectural Sculpture
A sculpture that is part of a building
Sympathetic magic
the ritual creation of an image or enacting of event in order to make it happen
On the side of the people, paint what you see, contemporary
Impression: Sunrise
Painting that gave its name to famous school
This is...
Titre de la peinture : La gare Saint-Lazare arrivée d'un train
Le peintre : Monet
La date : 1877
Le mouvement : Impressionisme
La location : Cambridge
Taille : medium
Autres choses :
23. Monet Claude, La gare Saint-Lazare, arrivée d'un train, 1877, ht, 82 x 101, Cambridge, Mass., Fogg Art Museum.
• Il y avait la mauvaise vision et un cataract
• Un travail de fourmi → work of an ant → qqc qui dure une éternité
Post Impressionism
Starting with Van Gogh the desire by a group of artists to use impressionist breakthroughs for symbolic or experimental purposes.
Of, relating to, or in the form of a plane.
What is a theme in African art?
All of the above
two trends shown in Pisano's work that late become significant in the development of renaissance art.
classical elements (antiquity)
burgeoning naturalism
Emperor Justinian mosaic, 547 CE
in San Vitale, kairo symbol, sensor, holding a cross and a bible, secretary, military, nimbus, greco-roman style, turaso tile, fibula
Interior of the Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne
Carolingian. Uses Byzantine might and splendor and elements of Roman Empire. First vaulted structure of the middle ages north of the alps. transformed the complex interior of San Vitale (circular chapel) into a simple and massive geometric form - apses omitted. showing off his might - asserts power. old things put into new.
What is an example of Romanesque lighting issues?
St. Sernin - Pilgrimage church, where priests held mass everyday in apses, where relics were placed. Ceiling was barrel vaulted, buttresses were put where columns were. Weight was held by walls, which caused a problem for lighting.
Daily prayer
Corinthian Column
John Constable
Louis Nevelson
Sky Cathedral
Nara, Japan
654-794 CE
Full Fathom Five
Cephalus and Aurora
Christian devotional images
schnabel the walk home
Guarantee Building
Early American Skyscrapers
True to natural appearance
Monet, Boulevard des Capucines
BatherJaques LipchitzCubismEarly 20th Century 
Gunter Behnisch, Hysolar Institute, Stuttgart, 1967, deconstructivism
Alexander Gustave Eiffel
The Eiffel Tower
Kritios Boy
480 BCE Greek Art
Pearblossom Highway, 11-18th April 1986 #2
ribera martyrdom of saint philip
Young Warrior
460 - 450 BCE
The Egyptian cobra of kingship.
"the birdness of a bird'
Brancusi (said)
Italian painter whose works, including religious subjects, portraits, and frescoes, exemplify the ideals of the High Renaissance. worked for Fedrico de Montefelto and later the pope
Portrait of Caracalla, Ca. 200 CE
Well-dressed man strolling streets of Paris, observing fleeting movements in modern life, witty and delighted. Manet become stereotypical example of a flaneur
Long, A Stone Line, 1980.
Latin, "wedge-shaped." A system of writing used in ancient Mesopotamia, in which wedge-shaped characters were produced by pressing a stylus into a soft clay tablet, which was then baked or otherwise allowed to harden.
Sandal reliquary of St Andrew
980 Ottonian
art movement (especially in painting) that flourished in Europe early in the 20th century; based on irrationality and negation of the accepted laws of beauty
Hadrian's Villa
(High Empire)Pool and artificial grotto. Commemorates the emperor's trip to Egypt.
bison with turned head, baked clay
Art History Day 1
the information on the weekly reviews are the ones i have to be responsible for
the two midterms are covering the information previous
the final is one in class part and one take home essay
works of art are more than aesthetically pleasing objects, more than feats of manual skill and ingenuity: they deepen our insights into ourselves and others, they sharpen our awareness of our own and other modes of thought and religious creeds, they enlarge our comprehnsion of alternative and often alien ways of life--in short they help us to explore and understand our own human nature. the creating of art is the activity that most clearly distinguishes human beings from other animals. the history of art is an essential part of the history of the human species. (the Visual Arts: A History)
art goes back to this human component. it transforms what is out there. It gets people to see what is really there and look at it differently. 
waterworn Pebble resembling a human face; makapansgat, south africa; ca. 3000000 bce. reddish brown jasperite, approx 2 3/8” wide
people slowly learn how to use the things around them such as tools
nude woman (venus of willendorf); from willendorf, austria; ca. 28000-25000 bce.; limestone, approx 4 14”high
we will talk about how to see the form of the art and talk about why someone took the time to make the art in the first place
Figure 2-25 Persepolis (apadana in the background), Iran, ca. 521-465 BCE. (Neo-Babylonian/Persian)
Any doorway or entrance but especially one that is large and imposing.
pertaining to the thinking of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, who emphasized the importance of social hierarchy in a society
Indus Valley Civilization
also known as Harappan civilization,located in India along the Indus River,near the Thar Desert and the Himalayas Mountains
Madonna of the Rocks
Leonardo da Vinci
c. 1485
Perpendicular style
A style in English. Gothic architecture characterized by an emphasis on vertical lines, very large windows and fan vaulting that began to emerge around 1350; the peak of the style is reached around 1500
a color's brightness or dullness, as well as shadows and contrasts created with colors
the representation of things in ideal or idealized form.
one of the tiles used in mosaic
The process of inserting thin pieces of gold or silver into an enameled work to section off areas of color.
an ancient Egyptian mudbrick tomb with a rectangular base and sloping sides and flat roof
A costly ornamental building with no practical purpose
pertaining to or designating the style of the fine or decorative arts developed and elaborated in the Byzantine Empire and its provinces: characterized chiefly by an ecclesiastically prescribed iconography, highly formal structure, severe confinement of p
Barbara Hepworth
Sculpture with Color (Deep Blue and Red)
a carved stone slab used to mark graves or to commemorate historic events
sleeping gypsy
henri rousseau, 1897, oil on canvas, france
Vessel used in church. It was the greek root "monstrare" which means "to show"
Chrysler Building
1928 Van Allen. geometric, art deco, French, step pyramid of the mayans and cubist movement
Process of making a print from a design drawn on a flat stone block with greasy crayon. Ink is applied to the wet stone and adheres only to the greasy areas of the design.
madonna enthroned
giotto di bondone, 1310, from the church of ognissanti, florence italy, tempera and gold leaf on wood
illuminated manuscript
A luxurious handmade book with painted illustrations and decorations
khafre enthroned
period: old kingdom
year: 2520 - 2494 BCE
origination: giza
material: diorite
He used light and shadows to convey moods and emotions
-Sense of movement in the heard with layers-Start 11 feet above heads - shows importance-Bones in these caves were not animals-Same reason there aren't people - not as impressive as these large animals-Twisted view: Composite view: Depicts not what an ani
"law is order, and good law is good order."
The Large Blue Horses
Artist: Marc, Period: Early 20th Century Modernism, Movement: German Der Blaue Reiter
1,325 BCE , Thebes
King Tut and Royal Death Mask
This is
Titre de la peinture : Le Concert champêtre
Le peintre : Titien
La date : 1509
Le mouvement :
La location : Louvre
Taille : large
Autres choses : Olympia, Manet
13. Titien, Le Concert champêtre, 1509 c., huile sur toile, 105 x 136,5, Paris, musée du Louvre.
Low relief
Form of sculpture in which the forms project only slightly from the background rather than standing freely.
A.k.a: Bas relief
Low relief
Ex: Palette of Narmer, Stela of Hammurabi and Naramsin
c 1001 AD, Middle ages, Ottoinain
Bronze doors of Saint Micheal's
Shiva as Lord of Dance
dance- ancient form of magic.
Shiva Nataraja (bronze)- stands on the dwarf of ignorance, fire of destruction (holding fire and the drum)
SHiva Nataraja (ca 970)- hair is engeretically spread out, planets in his hair
Descent of the Ganges- goddess of river ganges.
bacilica plan
Type of church plan in which there is a rectangular, long extended nave. An example is the Trajan Bacilica.
Alfred Stieglitz, The Terminal, New York, 1892.
-Returned because sister had died
-Pictorialism: encourages direct study from nature, but not nature itself
-Impressionistic tendency with atmosphere
-Stem from painting
-Light and subtleties
-Based in England and looking to Peter Henry Emerson
-Focus less on dark room manipulation (exception is cropping)
-Manipulates images more earlier in his career and less later
Exekias, Dionysus in Boat
540 BCE Black figure Tale of Dionysus fighting the pirates
van der Weyden, Deposition
This is the oldest work that with some degree of certainty may be attributed to Rogier van der Weyden; the master never signed his work. If this is the case, it is probably also his most impressive work. As an altarpiece it was intended for a chapel in Leuven, but fell into Spanish hands in the 16th century. Today, it is on display in the Prado in Madrid.
The Great Pyramids of Giza. 2530, 2500 and 2460 BCE
Built as tombs. Were originally covered in polished limestone.
sui dynasty
record/teach events
les brosses
High Renaissance
Villa Rotunda*
Vigee-Lebrun 1790
Self Portrait
a fresco
une fresque
system of windows
School of Athens
chinese art of writing
Egyptian art
emphasized mystery afterlife
funerary mask. 1600. Mycenaean.
Donatello, Mary Magdalene
mid 1450s
Delacroix, Death of Sardanapalus, 1827
Before Common Era
CA- Common Era
use of lights and darks
The Tetrarchs,305 CE, poryphyry,Late Imperial Roman
Bridge at Giverny
Monet France Impressionism
Geometric shapes
hard-edge, man-made, rectilinear, symmetrical shapes
Scollars or democrats in china
Classical. 421 BCE. An Iconic temple.
system of regularly spaced rectangular and horizontal elements
exists other realities, dislodging of the rational, uncannying putting together unrelated objects. palace at 4 am
french painter.considered to paint in a style deemed "Fauvre" wild beast
HIERONYMUS BOSCH, Garden of Earthly Delights. Creation of Eve (left wing), Garden of Earthly Delights (central panel), Hell (right wing), 1505-1510. Oil on wood, center panel 7' 2 5/8" x 6' 4 3/4". Museo del Prado, Madrid.
Piero della Francesca; Battista Sforza and Frederico da Montafeltro; 1474
The decorative imitation of Chinese art and style common in Europe in the eighteenth century.
Joseph Wright
A Philosopher Giving a Lecture
Michelangelo, Pieta
robust figures, extremely dramatic, expressive, exaggeration, subtle but sturdy triangles and arches, kept Mary young, the loss of innocence, she is the throne of death for Christ
daughter of Constantine; also called Santa Costanza
dining room in a Roman house
Capitoline Wolf, c. 500-480 BCE. Bronze, height 33 1/2\"
german writer, the magic of the mountain, TB patients went to mountains, the world should go to one
shaped like the Christian cross, enter from one end and has an apse at the other
In early Christian art, the depiction of the Old Testament persons and events as prophetic forerunners of Christ and New Testament events.
Forms are created with patches of color not hard lines.
In the Roman Republic, the supreme magistrate with extraordinary powers, appointed during a crisis for a specified period. Julius Caesar eventually became dictator perpetuo, dictator for life.
about color and organization of the painting instead of the subject.. removed from any emotional ties or stories
an enclosed gardenlike area around a cathedral
regional style
the stylistic characteristics found in artworks from a specific place
The ruler of everything, especially as an epithet for Jesus Christ; an artistic depiction of Jesus in this aspect.
Pop Art
Derived imagery from popular, massed produced & mundane aspects of American culture.
institution, part of education for wealthy aristocrats. They go to italy to study and learn new ways of thinking. englishmen going to italy to look at art to refine their own taste. Not religious. Rome was the center of the art world in the 18th century and anyone that wanted to be in Art wanted to study there.
an object considered holy because it belonged to, or was touched by, a saint or other holy person
son of Zeus and Alkmene, mortal mom, Hera hated Herakles, made him commit murder, he has to do 12 great labors. after completing he was awarded immortality. He est. olympic games
gateway in the stone fence around a stupa, located at the cardinal points of the compass
panel painting
painting made on a panel of wood
the act of moving around a sacred object. Related to temples and deities, integral part of Hindu ritual
"head" or front side of coins and steles
sculpture in the round
freestanding figures, carved or modeled in three dimensions
Alexander the Great
356-323 b.c., king of Macedonia 336-323: conqueror of Greek city-states and of the Persian empire from Asia Minor and Egypt to India.
Artist who did Cupid and Psyche and Pauline Borghese as Venus
a pair of monoliths topped with a lintel; found in megalithic structures
A work of art relating to funeral rites, death or burial.
Ex: Great Pyramids at Giza, Funerary Temple of Hatshepsut
Grooves in all of the three types of columns
a column, pier or post found at the center of a large portal or doorway, supporting the lintel
The French Revolution
(1789-1799) was a period of radical social and political upheaval in French and European history. The absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries collapsed in three years. French society underwent an epic transformation as feudal, aristocratic and religious privileges evaporated under a sustained assault from liberal political groups and the masses on the streets. Old ideas about hierarchy and tradition succumbed to new Enlightenment principles of citizenship and inalienable rights.
A small platform on which a person may stand to be seen by an audience, as when making a speech or conducting an orchestra.
The Fighting Temeraire
Painting by Turner about an old warship being tugged into the dock for salvaging
hypostyle hall
A hall with a roof supported by columns, temple of amen-re, karnak, egypt
Untitled (Your gaze hits the side of my face)
Barbara Kruger, 1981
Temple of Vesta, Tivoli
tholos temple - Greek influence. Roman frontal orientation and concrete cella. Corinthian columns. Frieze carved with garlands held up by oxen heads.
Leonardo da Vinci
had a hunger for the world, art starts from observations
Hand built coils
The basic structure used to build up a vessel by hand.
Question about Roman sculpture, Pompeiian painting and the first Christian emperor
1. The realism of Hellenistic art in their approach to sculpture (Realistic portrait busts and statues which were needed due to the Roman belief in ancestor worship)
2. The most beautiful Pompeii painting is depicting mysterious religious rites using a beautiful red background color( known as Pompeiian red)
3. The first christian emperor is Constantine.
Seat of Wisdom (or "Throne of Wisdom")
any depiction of Mary seated on a throne and holding the Christ Child
double theatre
flying buttress
Bull Leaping
1,800 BC
Goya, Saturn Devouring
Middle Stone Age
French Romantic
Antoine-Jean Gros
Veronese, Triumph of Venice
Tribute Money
Brancacci Chapel
S. Maria del Carmine, Florence
Conventional landscape. Close observation of nature. Oil sketches outdoors. Tiny dabs. Man being at one with nature.
Agustus of Prima Porta
Kazimir Malevich
Suprematist Composition: Airplane Flying
fortified strongholds to protect palaces of rulers
("double theater") Roman amphitheaters resembling two Greek theaters put together
Conversion of St. Paul
Caravaggio, 1601
Vessel made for pouring libations.
Ideal City of Chaux
Never Made
Book of Kells
Trinity College
Dublin, Ireland
a nonstructural vertical strip between the casements or panes of a window (or the panels of a screen)
Nike of Samothrace
Hellenistic Period 323-31 BCE
Girl With A Mandolin
1910 Picasso, painting
Culture: Mexico; Olmec, Title: Baby Figure, Date: 12th century BCE
describes an art that features dramatic theatricality and elaborate ornamentation in contrast to the simplicity and orderly rationality of Renaissance art, is most appropriately applied to Italian art of this period.
The SCream
Munch, 1893. Expressionism Norweigian, Psychic anguish, loneliness and morbid. Dehuminzation. dark menacing figures in the background popular themse for german cinema
lover of Krishna- consort of Krishna
a human incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi
chief of the gopis
represents bhakti- complete love for the lord
Do colors blend on the canvas
Question about Middle
The Middle kingdom(2130-1790B.C)
1. the capital is moved to THEBES
2. A prince unifies by force Egypt.The pharaohs rule is not by Divine Right, but by force of arms.
3. The sense of anxiety can be seen in the portrait bust portrayals of the pharaohs, such as SESOSTRIS 3
4. The temples will take hundreds of years to complete but the Greek temple took between 10-15 years to complete.
michelangelo: david
1501-1504 contraposto. before def. goliath
"Landscape of Lilies and Swallows", Minoan, Thera, pre-1630 BC
Corbel Vault
A vault formed by progressively projecting courses of stone or brick, which eventually meet to form the highest point of the vault. (ex: Protective wall around Citadel of Tiryns)
hellenistic period
when was the dying gaul made?
memory image
generalized elements that reside in our standard memory of a human head
Bourbon Restoration
1814-1830. Kingdom of France restored to the House of Bourbon. Constitutional monarchy
The wandjina or "cloud spirits" are created by the __________ people to represent the Dreamtime.
different ways the elements can be used in a work of art
Reserve Column
Column with no weight bearing function
fake fighting with swords with dull tips
an artwork that has been created through the transformation of
natural sites into an aesthetic statement.
Triumph of Titus, relief in passageway of Arch of Titus, marble.
Emperor Justinian & his Attendants
Early Byzantine (330-843 AD)
the basic colors of red, yellow, and blue from which all of the other colors of the spectrum are mixed
A porch or vestibule of a church, generally colonnaded or arcaded and preceding the nave.
Maniera graca
(Italian for "Greek manner") a style of painting based on Byzantine models that was popular in italy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
Pompey the Great, c. 50 BCE. Roman, Republican
Period. Marble.
more ornate form: consists of a double row of acanthus leaves from which tendrils and flowers grow, wrapped around a bell-shaped echinus
a two-handled jar used for the storage and transport of wine, oil, dried fish, and other commodities
Cycladic: "Male lyre player", from Keros (Cyclades), Greece, ca. 2700-2500 BCE.
Cycladic because it's abstract and geometric
Cycladic: "__ __ player", from Keros (Cyclades), Greece, ca. 2700-2500 BCE.
Cycladic because it's __and __
The great mosque at cordaba has a hypostyle prayer hall
Purse cover from the Sutton Hoo burial ship
Suffolk, England
plaques of gold, garnet, millefiore enamel
One of the three main styles of Greek architecture. The column is slender and finely fluted; its capital is in the shape of a scroll.
Masaccio, The Holy Trinity
fresco, vanishing point below feet, linear perspective, mathmatical system so everything is perdictable, skeleton= momentumin, reminder of death
the east or apsidal, end of a Gothic church, including the choir, ambulatory and radiating chapels.
Hindu forms of Devi
Parvati, Ganga, amuna, Sarasvati, Bhu, Shri Lakshmi, Radha, Sita, Durga, Kali, The Matrikas, Annapurna, Manas
france germany italy
Most churches in Romanesque were built in__,__,__
"Ithyphallic figurine from Thessaly"
Clay figurine (20 inches high)
2. Neolithic Period (New Stone Age)
3. c. 4,000 - 3,000 B.C.
4. Thessaly (northern Greece)
5. Unknown
6. This figurine depicts a sitting man who had a huge boner (ithyphallic). This boner has been broken off the figurine though. His features are angular; however like many other types of statues/figurines from the Neolithic Period, he did not have a lot of features. He is unusual in the fact that he has facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears). Many male figurines are well endowed but this is the only one that was
ithyphallic. This figurine looks as if he was masturbating. He has incisions around his face/chin and his genital regions which represent hair (manly man). It used to be kept in Thessaly but it was transferred to a museum in Athens where it was named "The Thinker".
transverse arch
arch crossing nave or aisle at 90 degree angle
space or room just below the roof of a building
Chartres Cathedral windows
rose window, brings lots of light in, sign of mary
votive statue
an offering or gift of gratitude to a deity
What were the primary printmaking techniques in the 15th century
woodcut-ink goes where you didnt carve
intaglio-ink goes where you carve
Japanese archipelago consists of...
4 main islands and 100s of smaller ones
Honore Daumier, Nadar Raising Photography of the Height of Art, 1862
Nadar becomes know in press, viewed as the man going in hot air ballons to get photos from above
Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon
Located in Teotihuacan. One of them is located on the Northern end of the Ave. of the dead, while the other is located on the Eastern end. The moon is the female "mother goddess" and there used to be a statue right in front. The sun is the masculine god, related to Tlaloc.
vermeer century
to stroll
second floor
The Tub
(Edgar Degas
Hercules and Antaeus
the Sarasvati River
Early Italian Renaissance
Donald Judd, untitled, minimalism
caravaggio judith slaying holofernes
Mayan murals at bonampak
intellectual gatherings and entertainmentshosted by accomplished educated women of the upper classExample: \"Salon de la Princesse\"
Cindy Sherman
Untitled Film Still #15
outdoor painting, associated with impressionism
La citta nuova
Sant' Elia
futuristic drawing
Heizer, Double Negative, 1969, Nevada.
Venus of of Vestonice
Other statue
Jean-Léon Gérôme, The Snake Charmer, c. 1870
The Last Supper - Tintoretto

72-80 A.D.
made of concrete, travertime, brick, marble, and tufa
has many passage ways
a deck can pull out to cover the floor and a roof can pull out to cover the top
Supporting or proping up construction with a projecting structure, usually built of brick or stone; a massive masonry structure on the exterior wall of a building that presses inward and upward to hold the stone blocks of arches in place. Also see flying buttress.
Michelangelo; The Creation of Adam; 1508-1512; Italian; High Renaissance
Charlotte Corday
French revolutionary heroine (a Girondist) who assassinated Marat (1768-1793).
Ali Qapu
Maydan-i-Shah, early 17th century, Isfahan
Ali Qapu, 1597-1660, Isfahan
Safavid Empire (1501-1732) Civic architecture
o Higher than most of the shops
o Religious ceremonies, court ceremonies, civic ceremonies
o Balcony is where emperor would be seated
o Highly decorated
o Main room is iwan-like
o Types of activities, courtly activities, music-making, entertainment
o Muqarnas has plaster cut-outs of musical instruments—the music room
o Constructed with both brick, tile, and wood
Map of the Ancient Near East
parmigianino madonna with the long neck
Raft of the Medusa
Thomas Gericault, 1819
An undergroud series of tunnels, chambers and tombs that were dug by christians and served as burial places, and places for other religious practices
"Spear Bearer"
the cross balancing of supporting and free elements in a figure; it typically refers to the stance of the statue: one leg extended with the weight resting on the other, hips slightly turned, the shoulders shifted, and the head turned at an angle, and the spine is in an s shaped curve
"Statuette dedicated to Apollo by Mantiklos", Ancient Greek, Boetia/Boston, 700-680 BC
Buddhabhardra- cave 26
a. Very elaborate.
b. A monk. rich
c. Motivation: wants happiness everyday. Headed to paradise. And going to stay there because of his kara from the cave.
d. Wants cave to endure so his karma continues.
Archaic. 530 BCE. Contrapposto. Has an archaic smile.
A small, often decorative, column that is connected to a wall or pier
pax romana
means "Roman Peace;" specifically the term that refers to the peace and stability that Rome maintained within its borders during the early empire.
blessing. The imam caliph was believed to have the ability to grant blessings because he was descended from Muhammad.
Images that we recognize, even though they do not portray natural appearances, are said to be...?
Great Mosque
836-875 Kairouan Tunisia. Shows albla which is the wall facing mecca, mihrab which is a prayer niche, and minarets which are tall structures that prayer is called from 5 times a day
jan van eyck giovanni arnolfini and his bride
Warka Vase
Sumerian, Uruk, first narrative relief sculpture, registers
system in which poor people are legally bound to work for wealthy landowners
A container where fluids were stored and drunk in
the surface quality of a two dimensional shape or a three dimensional volume.
a large cemetery or burial area; literally a 'city of the dead'
-step pyramid of Djoser
Lady of Auxerre
kore, Orientalizing period, c. 650BC
City Building, from America Today series, New School, New York, 1930
Thomas Hart Benton
Head of an old man, Ca. 100 BCE
the 1400s or 15th century in italian art
Triumph of Titus from the Arch of Titus, 81 CE. Roman, Imperial Period. Marble. Commissioned by Domition.
a temple with a series of engaged columns all around the sides and back of the cella to give the appearance of a peripteral colonnade
Beginning in the early 1900s, a school of art that focused on the emotional reaction to a subject. Paintings usually have strong lines and bold, vibrant colors.
a character that joins two or more pictographs to represent an idea
ibex lamp from la mouthe cave (in pech-merle still)
Victory Stele of Naram-Sin
Susa, Iran, Akkadian 2254-2218 BCE

Temple of Hatshepsut
3 floored temple built directly into the cliff side with colonnaded terraces connected by ramps. FIlled with at least 200 relief sculptures of her. She claimed that her father chose her to rule, and wore the traditional headdress, kilt and sometimes the false beard. One inscription reads, "His majesty". 1473-1458 BCE
a woolen tunic worn by men and women in ancient Greece
gestural abstraction
Also known as action painting. A kind of abstract painting in which the gesture or act of painting is seen as the subject of the art. Jackson Polluck
The building blocks of a work of art. Color, line, value, texture, shape, form, and space
Bartolommeo, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi
three layers, 3 different types of stone, blocky at the bottom, more refined at the top, cornis on top-implies power and rough grace, 1445
free standing
Sculpture that is in the round; unlike relief sculpture, it is not projected from a surface or background.
the wall that supports a dome. Also, a segment of the circular shaft of a column.
Lorenzo de Medici
The last of the Medici; the most illustrious of the family; continued the patronage of art; interests in art were deep; patron to Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo
Lorenzo Ghiberti's The Sacrifice of Isaac was...
1-Composition almost Horizontal; 2 scenes divided diagonally by Giotto-like mountain
2-Panel is uncluttered all figured converge toward the a center of interest.
3-Sacrifices intensity for poise and decorative elegance
4-Models Isaac's body with smooth lines and the impersonal grace of a Hellenic statue
5-With greater technical command, cast one relief in a single mold
Edgar Degas
He was from France and lived 90 yrs ago
"Good Shepherd mosaic" Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
Ravenna, Italy, 425 CE.
-Greco-roman illusionism and naturalism of landscape is still used
-Christ is western type, i.e. young and beardless
-Crossed feet look forward to the Romanesque style.
20-5 Van Dyck: Charles I dismounted

*More casual stance, more natural, but still clear that Charles most important
*Larger, horse bowing, hat, red pants, elbow and cane more arrogant stance, looking out at kingdom spread beneath his feet.
Claude Monet, Rouen Cathedral: The Portal, 1892-94
change canvas at diff. light times, brush work is loose, wanted art to have tradition but yet wanted timeless works of art in the moment being, obtical effects (Morning-In Sun-Sunset)
Choose a Greek Sacred Building, range of statements or messages it conveys
Temple of Zeus at Olympia 460 BCE, sports tied up with politics, east pediment overlooked racetrack, pelops vs. Oinomaos, cheating - warning for games. West pediment overlooks wrestling ground, centaurs disrupting marriage feast of Peirothoos, moral vs immoral. seer on east and frightened spectators on west -> ethical questions in games
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