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to exhibit
Rue Transnonian
Alfred Jewel
Dinner Plate series
Les Sabines
David, 1799
Sir Richard Southwell
high class- 421-405
Renaissance Architecture, 1296-1565Brunelleschidome of Florence Cathedralbegun 1296
Venus of the Doves
monogram sybol for christ
Estes, Prescriptions Filled, 1983.
Baroque in spain
Zurbaran, Velazquez,
tall and skinny vase
Lippi, Vision of St. bernard
Polyeuktos, Demosthenes, Ca. 300 BCE
colanade now ends in transcept
hanging garland made of flowers
-described Caravaggio's behavior
extremely bizarre or eccentric.
spiral, scroll like form characteristic of the Ionic capital
A painting in 3 panels.
Giotto, "Nativity."from the Arena Chapel (Scrovegni Chapel), c. 1300 CE. Italian, Early Renaissance.
Fresco. Padua, Italy. Commissioned by Enrico Scrovegni
Gianlorenzo Bernini. David. 1623. Marble
Focal Point
Main point of the painting
The destruction of images. In Byzantium, the period from 726 to 843 when there was an imperial ban on images. The destroyers of images were known as iconoclasts. Those who opposed such a ban were known as iconophiles or iconodules.
a social gathering of intellectuals and artists, like those held in the homes of wealthy women in Paris and other European cities during the Enlightenment.
Interior of Durham Cathedral
1093 CE
Assumption of the Virgin, Antonio Corregio, Parma Cathedral 1526-1530,Mannerism
Saw the world in constant flux
horrible disease that killed Giorgione when he was 32; also may have killed Titian in his old age
nike adjusting her sandal
high class- 410
Concerns the relationships (in terms of size)
of parts of persons, buildings
or objects; add to build
E. Delacroix
"Death of Sardanapalus" (Romanticism, Early 19th Century)
new section. where monks/priests are located that are chanting the service.
Hinomaru illumination
yanagi yukinori, 1993, modern per.
Piet Mondrian
Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow
movement in modern art originating in Moscow in 1920 and characterized by the use of industrial materials such as glass, sheet metal, and plastic to create nonrepresentational, often geometric objects.
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913, Boccioni
Woman with a Hat
Matisse, Modernism in Europe
described as "warts and all", shows the imperfections of the subject, such as warts, wrinkles and furrows.
Philosophy, Stanza della Segnatura
Raphael, 1509 - 1511
Tells a story- could illustrate a fictional story or reord an historical event
Example- The Arnolfini Marriage by Van Eyck
jaques villegle
-rae aux ours- crazy collage, incorporates graffiti, magazine paper, ect.
the concave triangular section of a vault that forms the transition between a square or polygonal space and the circular base of a dome --> pendentives (dome supports) enabled Byzantine architects to construct the dome for Hagia Sophia
aerial perspective
the haziness that surrounds objects that are farther away from the viewer, causing the distance to be perceived as greater
when innovation is emphasized and challenges established conventions
avant garde
The round central opening of a dome.
ParthenonStockstad figure 5-39breath to length 4:9, optical illusion, arched base, narrowing collinade, doric order
High Classical Artarchitects Kallikrattes and IktinosAcropolis, Athens Greececirca 440 BCE
Andy Warhol
U.S. painter, graphic artist, and moviemaker. major exponent of pop art, achieved fame for a series of silkscreen prints and acrylic paintings of familiar objects (such as Campbell's soup cans) and famous people, that are treated with objectivity and precision.
A large amphitheatre in Rome whose con struction was begun by Vespasian about AD 75 or 80.
throwing four balloons in the air trying to get a square
john baldessari
the teaching of Buddha that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtained through right conduct and wisdom and meditation releases one from desire and suffering and rebirth
The area of the church where the worshipers gather
Roman fakes
Roman sculptors copy and sell Greek art
usually need a prop to stand up on their own
The use of subjects and/or forms from peoples and cultures viewed to be "primitive" (simple, uncorrupted, and thus better than western traditions)
Provided an escape from modern life and an alternative to tradition
Non-western, prehistoric, children, women, mentally-ill
Traditio Legis
"Handing over the law", because Christ was the lawgiver
Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow
Mondrian Dutch Abstraction
(middle stone age) time that is in between
the Paleolithic and Neolithic stone ages
the degree to a shape is distinguished from both the ground area and from other shapes within the design. Clearly defines shapes tend to advance while blurred shapes tend to recede; the degree of resolution or focus of an entire image.
name, location, culture?
Temple perhaps dedicated to Portunus, Forum Boarium (Cattle Market), RomeRoman
a technique of painting in which an emulsion consisting of water and pure egg yolk or a mixture of egg and oil is used as a binder or medium, characterized by its lean film-forming properties and rapid drying rate.
a psychic form of art in which the unconscious world is emphasized through a dream like quality
Prairie house
a late 19th and early 20th century architectural style, most common to the Midwestern United States; usually marked by horizontal lines, flat or hipped roofs with broad overhanging eaves, windows grouped in horizontal bands, integration with the landscape, solid construction, craftsmanship, and discipline in the use of ornament; horizontal lines were thought to evoke and relate to the native prairie landscape; developed in sympathy with the ideals and design aesthetics of the Arts and Crafts Movement; Frank Lloyd Wright's "Robie House"
citadel of sargon
assyrian art, dur sharrukin iraq, sun dried mud brick
venus of willendorf
sculpture of women with big features representing a fertility goddess, 4 inches tall, found in austria
The treatment of light and shade in a work of art, especially to give an illusion of depth.
West pediment of the Temple of Aphaia
c. 500-490BCE
49' wide
codex (codices)
a book, or a group of manuscript pages (folios), held together by stitching or other binding on one side.
Christ and junius bassus
4th century ad, it represents christ as being higher than the other roman pagan gods, it uses imagery
Prix De Rome
award given by Royal academy for best history painting
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The Nightmare, Fuseli, 1781. Romantic painting. Woman is having a erotic dream caused by the demon on her chest. He was in love with a girl but couldn't afford to mary her, wrote to her uncle saying she couldn't mary another because they had his
new york kouros 600 bce
marble (prefer bronze but use marble) 7'tall.overrall not realistic, but the detailed are patterns get the comncept of anatomy but dont understand how things work. experimenting with politcs. criteria for indivudal=social class (land-owning) male, citizen (no woman or slaves) and certain age. small fraction of the population. stressed the indivdiual. Humanism=value the indi. Idealized (young, thin, muscular) stretched out proportions. Grave markers. Placed on base with an inscription. kneeness not knees. dont bend so dont work. interested in all of the indi parts of the body, but not body as a whole.rememeber the person as enternally young. Not only for ditietis or leaders, Not free from block, free from blaock except arms. Almost exacty same stone and arms (external influecnes). Large, almond shaped eyes. Too generalized to identify a person. too symetrical
free standing sculpture (in the round)
To be viewed from all sides; freestanding. When referring to sculpture, a type that is surrounded on all sides by space. ...
Statue of Christ from Civita latina, Italy
Early Christian Era - Represents Jesus - Modeled after Appollo - Associated with Jesus: Appollo represents Light - Shows Breasts to show God's above male female
Mater Dolorosa
Engaged Leg
Augustus Cameo
Ishtar gate; mes
same as iconophile
The Great Wave,Hokusai,1826-1833,woodblock print,Japan Art
Sullivan, Wainwright Building
: El Castillo


carving into a surface
Ancient Aegean: Mycenaean
1600-1100 BE
Still Life with Apples
David, Italy, Early Renaissance
Temple of Quetzalcoatl
Who: Teotihuacan
In architecture, a hemispherical structure that is round when viewed from beneath.
paintings on fusuma and byobu
semi-circular half dome generally behind the altar in the church
Robert Rauschenberg, 1964. Pre-pop art. Influenced & was friends with abstract expressionists. Silkscreen & oil collage. Process intensive. Images all relate to JFK Space Race. Similar to Dad, Cubism & Abstract Expressionism.
hard drawn illustrations in books
Southern Netherlands (Rubens). Mostly known for portraits and religious figures.
"Royal period" Christianity was introduced to the Roman empire. Large building projects took place.
the images and symbolic representations that are traditionally associated with a person or a subject
a round painting or relief.
Edo Period: Ando Hiroshige "53 Stations of the Tokaido: Kanbara" 1834
What empire is Hagai Sophia?
Holy roman(christian)
Gericault- Portrait of a Kleptomaniac (France Romanticism)
Progress of Love: The Lover Crowned
historical region of Greece containing Athens
diminishing perspective
the perceptual understanding that objects will appear to be smaller the further they are from the viewer, and conversely, the objects will appear larger the closer they are to the viewer
an early photographic process that makes a positive print on a light-sensitized copperplate; invented and marketed in 1839
means "Romanlike." first applied in the early 19th century to describe European architecture of the 11th and 12th centuries
international style types
-curtain walls
- ribbon windows
size of a work of art
the laying on of paint thickly.
Leonardo da Vinci "Mona Lisa c. 1505
a country house for the French aristocracy
The Virgin and Chancellor Rolin
Jan van Eyck
a bishops church. The word derives from cathedra, referring to the bishop's chair. (central plan churches)
The Last Supper
Leonardo da Vinci
S. Maria delle Grazie, Milan
Pulpit in Baptistery
Trefoil arches
Raised platform where priests led services
Annunciation - Mary has gesture of surprise
Nativity - Mary reclining after giving birth - from Etruscan sarcophagus
Christ being given his first bath - allusion to royal status
Joseph small and to side, because not the father
Gestures and proportions natural
Still medieval - crowding of figures, hierarchy of scale
Figure 3-3 Palette of King Narmer (left, back; right, front), from Hierakonpolis, Egypt, Predynastic, ca. 3000-2920 BCE. Slate, 2' 1" high. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. (Predynastic)
passageway around the apse and choir of a church
An archaic Greek sculpture of a standing male youth
The circular performance area of an ancient greek theater, In later architecture, the section of seats nearest the stage or the entire main floor of the theater.
liquid to adhere pigment onto dry walls
claudian stamp
basic structure of staffage figures in the foreground, 2 framing trees, middle ground, distance
Russel Wright
Designed american modern dinnerware, a streamlined set of dinnerware from 1937
buon fresco
Painting on lime plaster wet. The pigments are mixed with water and become chemically bound to the freshly laid lime plaster.
Genre painting
painting in which scenes of everyday life are depicted
of dry pigments with oils, turpentine and sometimes varnish
Linear perspective
the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer.
Justinian and Theodora Mosaics, Church of San Vitale, Ravenna
-Justinian, Bishop Maximianus, Jullianus Argentrarius
-figures united visually and symbolically by purple and halos.
-12 attendants echo Christs apostles
- all in frontal plane, no background
-overlapping figures, resemble importance
-weightless and speechless
-no sense of organic body
-women rep'd with architecture
Putto (Putti pl)
is a cherub or childlike figure
First used in relation to Dada works, it is a term that is applied to a 'found object' that is then transformed into a work of art. An object made for another purpose, but displayed by an artist as art.
Starry Night
by Vincent Van Gogh
created in the 19th century, post impressionism
done in oil
A reclining nude woman shown in a luxurious or exotic environment.
a circle of standing stones, used in Stonehenge
Name, Artist, "-ism"
The Two Fridas, Frida Kahlo, Surrealism
Votive Figure
A figure that stands in for a worshipper
Richard Hamilton
Just What it is that makes todays homes so different, So appealing? 1960 Pop Art
Equestrian Portrait of Charlemagne
9th Century. Bronze statue, originally gilt. Crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope. 1st Christian Roman Emperor, reunited western Europe. Globe in his hand= as christian emperor, he has dominion over the earth.
Latin for "three ways" this was one of two sections into which the arts were divided in Medieval universities. It referred to the three primary branches of Medieval education: grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic.
Auguste Rodin (3)
1. acknowledged giant of 19th century sculpture 2. first sculptor of genius since Bernini 3. sculpted the human figure to personify various emotions and ideas
Archaic smile
close lipped smile used to enliven the expressions of figures.
four painting styles of pompeii
1. incrustation (illsusion of fancy marble) 2. rejection of wall (architectural style) 3. wale as wall decorative style 4. comination of all styles
akenhoten from the temple of aton
amarna art, karnak egypt, sandstone
Bird-headed Man with Bison
Lascaux Cave ( Paleolithic, c. 50,000- 12,000 BCE).
Achilles and Ajax Playing Dice
Amphora painted by Exekias, a master of black figure technique in Athens. 540 BCE
kore (plural = korai)
An Archaic Greek statue of a young woman.
The Embarkation for Cythera
A 1717 masterpiece by Watteau. It is a theatrical adn frivolous portrayal of nobility pairing off in the paradise of Venus, the Roman goddess of live. Typical of the Rococo style, it is considered to mark the beginning of the Rococo period.
The Death of General Wolfe: general
Death of a famous British army officer who was fatally wounded in a battle for Quebec between the French. He is shown as Christ on the cross (Deposition).
Anselm Kiefer
Madame Matisse
Mumtaz Mahal
Death of Marat
refers to style
Judd, Untitled, 1969.
Ancient Egyptian writing
cool colors
blue greens, purples
Pazzi Chapel and Interior
decorative or beautiful handwriting
aerial of acropolis
high class
colorfully glazed fine ceramic
Rogier Van der Weyden
Deposition 1435
"hide stripped from an animal
Marcel Duchamp, "Fountain", France, Early 20th c.
Alhambra,Hall of the Two Sisters,1354-1391,Granada,Spain,Islamic Art
Theodora and her attendants, Byzantine, 550
13,000 BCE, Lascaux Paintings
Lascaux Paintings
Pantheon, Rome, c. 120 CE
German "western entrance structure." The facade and towers at the western end of a medieval church, principally in Germany. In contemporary documents the westwork is called a castellum (Latin, "castle", "fortress") or turris ("tower")
The Holy Trinity, Expulsion from Paradise
Arch of Constantine, 312-315, Ancient Roman
Edouard Manet
A Bard at the Folies-Bergere
Ringl+Pit (Ellen Auerbach and Grete Stern)
"Fragment of a Bride"
Relieving Triangle
the Mycenean architecture, the triangle opening above the lintel that serves to lighten the weight to be carried by the lintel itself.
North Rose Window
-Queen Blanche of Castille
Subject Matter:
-enthroned Mary with Jesus in the center
-second reading...Queen and future King. propaganda
-emblems of her coat of arms, royal french status
-12 old testament kings
-12 prophets of the old testament
Pierre Huyghe, One Million Kingdoms, 2001
Empathy for suffering, pursuit of morality or justice, respect for ancient ceremonies. Cultivate wisdom. He was born in the state of Lu in 551 BCE
16th and 17th century Catholic movement to combat the protestant Reformation
the property of having one dimension
Insular (IM)
Abstract Linear, Zoomorphic, Chi-Rho, Cross-Carpet, Rubrication
Something that can be reached through intuition
Gothic Architecture
(1200-1400 AD) these churches were regarded as images of the City of God, the New Jerusalem. They were characterized height, possible because of the pointed arch and flying buttresses which these high walls and stained glass windows
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space 1915 Futurism
a flaw, or defect, that makes something not perfect
33-11: ROBERT DELAUNAY, Champs de Mars or The Red Tower, 1911. Oil on canvas, 5' 3" x 4' 3". Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago.
The "old" stone age, time where mankind produced first sculptures and paintings
atmospheric perspective
spacial device: subjects in far distance look lighter in color than they would up close, texture disappears/smooths out, and the whole distance will have a blueish haze, located higher on picture plane
Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin was the son of a
Standard of Ur
2,600 B.C.
flamboyant (pointing to the heavens)
utter decorativeness
5 portals
tracery-lacelike carving of stone
st. maclou, rouen
landscape -A picture of a natural setting without narrative content.
cloisonne enamel
walled off into sections. glass powder, when heated, will harden. make tiny walls for design (usually gold) attached to background. then apply powder. narrow temperature range
hierarchy of art
history, genre, portrait, landscapes, still life
Francis Bacon, 1946. Oil and pastel on linen. 6' 5 7/8" x 4' 4".
Francois Vase
575 BCE
Clitias & Ergotimos
GREEK/ found in Etruscan Tomb
Archaeological Museum (FLORENCE)
KRATER: used to mix wine & water...didn't want to get too drunk
Pictures telling stories: Mythology/Heroes (hunting of boar, chariot racing (upper levels), marriage of a Peleus--a mortal--and Thetis--a goddess & all the gods come to watch (main level)
Black Figures on red backgrounds
fenced garden
a symbol of protection for Mary's Virginity
art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass- ch.5
American Regionalism
Can be classified under "Realism" as it is a subcategory in showing how people, in certain regions, really operate.
A simple, long belted garment of wool worn by women in ancient Greece.
Sutton Hoo purse cover
early medieval. foretells stained glass. combines abstract interlace ornamentation with animal figures. found at excavation site in England (buried with important persons). would cover a small leather purse. cloisonne (partitions) - create compartments and fill in space with glass.
a courtyard with covered walks (as in religious institutions)
color wheel
a circle in which the primary, secondary, and intermediate hues are arranged in orderly intervals.
Christ in the house of levi - Veronese
a book held together by stitching on one side
La Belle Jardiniere, Raphael
c1507 (high). peaceful deep landscape, madonna and child, altarpiece, swelling figures, idealized but realistic
In a Roman house, the basin located in the atrium the collected rainwater.
Primary Colors
The basic colors from which all other colors can be made; the primary colors are red, blue and yellow; mixed in varying ways, these make other other colors like green, orange, purple, and so on...
Which artist never traveled out of his native land to piant?
John Constable
groin vault
A vault created by the intersection of two barrel vaults of equal size which creates four side compartments of identical size and shape.
St. Matthew, Coronation Gospels
Period: CarolingianStyle: ink and pen, Byzantine plaster technique, horizon lines to create space, modeling, shading, illusion of 3D figure under drapery, classical, window-like frame of silver and gold leafPurpose: Gospels to be read at coronations, found in Charlemagne's tomb
images content subject content symbolic religious objects people events
Iconography: Greek, "the writing of ___." The term refers both to the __ or __ of an artwork and to the study of content in art. It also includes the study of the __, often __, meaning of __, __, or __ depicted in works of art.
for what type of institution was the altarpiece created?
a monastic hospital
Le Corbusier (swiss) 1900-1950
Savoye House or--> villa savoye (near Paris)
Chi Rho Iota & Four Evangelists pages, Book of Kells
Insular Tradition (680-800 AD)
Corner prop- richard serra. 1969
he invokes themes of gravity, fear, life and death in his works,nothing securing popr. the piece communicates an unmistakable threat of violence collapse and an aura of danger that can be terrifying, loaded with narrative and emotion.
Ravana shakes Mount Kailasa
Shiva lifted up his big toe to stop Ravana- keeps him in the mountains
-deeply carved
Running Fence- christo and jeanne -claude, 1972
work is not only about object itsle. it includes the ntire process of implementing the concept, endless negotiations with government officals and landowners, manufacturing of work, and removal of it. largest stumbling block behind it was community resistance. but it resulted in a raised consciousness of the land. it forced ppl to look at it and to think about it, recognizing how it was financially, emotionally, and aesthtically valuable.
Saint-Denis,1140-1144,Saint-Denis,France,Gothic Art
Covered entrance
Édouard Manet
Where: Samoa
Three Marilyns
Keith Haring
Tchailkovsky Romantic
1812 Overture
Additive Sculpting process
philosophy of beauty
Alexander Calder
Mobiles, Kinetic art
bottom element of entablature
Da Vinci, Mona Lisa
The Republic (Period)
(509-27 BCE)
Camera PictaArtist: Andrea MantegnaUsed Prospective Techniques to create an illusionistic totalityEarly Renaissance
Carnival of Harlequin 1924-25
Joan Miro
Using Greek & Roman influences
Romantic fascination with eastern cultures based on the belief that exotic locales stimulate the imagination; also reflects and reinforces imperialistic notions through exaggeration of the cultural "Other" (see p. 966)
sistine chapel, last judgment, counter-reformation, michelangelo
Fra Angelico, Mocking of Christ
visually pleasing to a viewer
Calf Bearer
Kouros, Moschophoros, Athens, Acropolis, Archaic, 560BC
Carvaggio, Calling of Saint Matthew, Contarelli Chapel, Rome, ca. 1600
Large upright stones standing by themselves or with others.
way to identify a religious figure
"Pilgrimage to Cythera" by Antoine Watteau
The Tlingit Raven Barbecuing Hat represents a totem figure.
Dutch Baroque
Netherlands: thriving merchant class, especially after Spanish aristocracy/monarchy removed, putting wealthy merchants in power. No longer a demand for religious paintings. Specialization begins.
in Islamic architecture, a vaulted rectangular recess opening onto a courtyard
Brunelleschi, San Lorenzo
begun 1422, finished 1494
Sculptures on the outside of cathedrals that usually are influenced by pagan subjects, and serve as rainspouts.
Palette of Narmer
How: carved from stone
artistic canon
system of proportions, Egyptians applied strict cannon to depict human figure, Ti watching a hippoptamus hunt, egypt
hieratic scale
indicates the importance of a figure
Broken pediment
triangular top with the angular portion missing
What period is Hagia Sophia from?
early byzantine
Willem Kalf
Still Life with a Late Ming Ginger Jar
Dutch Baroque
an artwork that creates an artistic environment in a room or gallery
haze smoky looking - Leonardo uses this - this is softer - and helps unifying the painting - no strong shadows on the face
father of Italian painting and teacher of Giotto
"Ara Pacis"
detail of the south frieze
13-9 BCE
- Shows the procession of the imperial family
- Children behaving like children
- Altar to the divine ancestry and the achievements of the emperor Augustus
An artistic movement that had a purposely nonsensical name, expressing its total rejection of previous modern art.
Otto Enthroned and Gifts of the Nations, Gospel Book of Otto III, ca. 1000
Gero Crucifix

Stockstad figure 14-28
Ottonian Art

Cologne, Germany
circa 970 CE (Reign of Otto III)
Name/Time Period/Artist (if applicable) {pg.121}
Kritios Boy/Classical (Ancient Greece)/ [none]
old kingdom
which kingdom was the great sphinx built in?
-in Russia, form as a result of Witte's reforms
-Constitutional monarchy
-religious toleration
-Civic Freedoms
the union of father, son, and holy spirit in one god head.
A form of art that includes music, dance and drama
Louis IX
king of France, considered an ideal medieval king (1214-1270)
Pastoral, bucolic
use of idealized images of the country-side shepherds, shepherdess and rural life
Abstract expressionism
Arshile Groky, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollack were representatives of what American artistic movement?
Charles IV
King of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor, promoted education; made Prague an intellectual haven
Hellenistic style
Also known as Classical style. Art of the Greek spanning roughly 480-400 BCE. Humanistic and naturalistic style with emphasis on the expression of emotion.
Carson Pirie Scott and Company
Sullivan 1899-1904, department store, Chicago
reserve 2 #38
minimalist, steel form exposed, first two floors also different then above is identical, inside columns
a. The process of incising a design in hard material, often a metal plate (usually copper); also, the print or impression made from such a plate
Forum of Trajan
Rome, Italy; 1st century BCE; Trajan was the patron, Apollodorus of Damascus was the architect; site of the Markets of Trajan and Trajan's Column; built from a vast stoa-lined piazza with exedrae on two sides
Abbot Suger
served as regent of France, abbot of Saint-Denis and was responsible for its rebuilding. coined term "lux nova" made ribbed vaulting popular, along with gothic architecture.
the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan)
The crane scroll
Koetsu (c) and Sotatsu (p), 1605-10. Momoyama period
en plein air
En plein air is a French expression which means "in the open air", and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors.
atmospheric (aerial) perspective
the effect on the appearance of an object by the atmosphere between it and a viewer
Post and lintel construction
A trabeated system of construction in which two posts support a lintel
Charlamagne's Palatine Chapel
Is the first __ structure of the Middle Ages in the West. Charlemagne wanted to __ the imperial past and looked to __ and __and Byzantine influence. The plan is similar to Ravenna's __ __, but more simple and geometric. The
Charlamagne's Palatine Chapel
Is the first vaulted structure of the Middle Ages in the West. Charlemagne wanted to reestablish the imperial past and looked to Rome and Ravenna and Byzantine influence. The plan is similar to Ravenna's San Vitale, but more simple and geometric. The imperial gallery is similar to Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. The facade differs from Byzantine tradition because it has two cylindrical towers, a first step towards dual tower facades of churches.
Fowling scene from Nebamun’s tomb
Tomb of Nebamun, Thebes, Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, 1400-1350 BCE

The Pantocrator, with the Virgin, Angels, and Saints
• invasion of the Normans into Sicily
• a colossal allusion to kingly power,
including a clearly labeled William II
• semi-dome apse as an architectural focus
• organization of a heavenly court
-apse, christ as final judge of humanity, stylized people
Question about the stylization of the figure in ancient Egyptian painting and sculpture
the depiction of the figure in both painting and bas relief would last for 3000 years
1. Head : shown in profile
2. Eyes : sown frontally
3. Upper part of the torso : shown frontally.
4. Lower part from the stomach to the feet : shown sideways
5. Both feet : shown with one toe(the big toe)
6. shown standing on a ground line
The egyptian did not understand accurate the human body or its part, while the ancient Greeks understand well.
Egyptian Sculpture has a cubical quality, but Mesopotamian sculpture has a conical quality
ziggurat, mes
Northern Renaissance
piss christ
cut piece
yoko ono
Illusion of depth
Ottonian Art
950-1025 CE
Chuck Close
Super Realism
Michael Graves
Public Service Village
colossal head, olmec
1500-300 bce
Pieter van den Broecke
a painter of manuscripts
ankh (egypt)
symbol representing life
7. Impressionism
The Cradle, 1872
Albrecht Dürer; Four Apostles; 1523-1526; German; High Renaissance
Limbourg Brothers- October (The Franco-Flemish International Gothic Style)
exterior masonry structure that opposes the lateral thrust of an arch or vault
Storyteller, Chengdu, Sichuan, 2nd century CE
Early Medieval Art
476 CE-11th c.
Michelangelo Buonarroti, Creation of Adam
Sistine Chapel
Rome, Italy
"Warka Vase", Sumerian, Uruk/Baghdad, 3200-3000 BC
Artist and Year?
The Intrigue
James Ensor
Marcel Duchamp, Nude descending a staircase no 2, 1912, Dada
a system of philosophical and religious doctrines composed of elements of Platonism and Aristotelianism and oriental mysticism
Book composed of divine revelations made to the Prophet Muhammad between ca. 610 and his death in 632; the sacred text of the religion of Islam.
Vincent van Gogh, The Night Cafe
Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, 425, Ravenna, Italy,Early Christian Art
Red-ground coffin, tomb 1, Mawangdui, after 168 BCE
A Weimar (German) architectural school created by Walter Gropius which combined the fine arts and functionalism. Nazis shut it down when hitler came to power. Spread to other countries. Gropius was chairman of architectural department at Harvard from 1938-1952
roman emperor who made christianity the religion of the empire
MONOTYPE where he (blake) painted watercolor on a piece of paper and squashing papers together.
"Marilyn Diptych" Andy Warhol 1962 (International Scene since 1945) Moving into the Real World- Pop art
from tomb of Senbi (Tomb B.3)
Meir, Egypt
12th Dynasty
1962-1895 BCE
Middle Kingdom
~ 8" long, 4.5" high
faience (glass/ceramic like - fired quartz)
a non-realistic depiction based of abstraction
Carlo Maderno, Plan for Saint Peter's Basilica, 1607-12
the most important movement in the 20th century based on the sculptural look of 2dimensional surfaces
veduta (vedute)
Italian, "view." A type of naturalistic landscape and cityscape painting popular in 18th-century Venice.
who designed the church of santo spirito?
Painting on fresh moist plaster. It had to been done quickly because it dries fast.
Family of Charles IV, Francisco de Goya, 1800, Prado, Madrid,Spanish Romanticism
The feeling of being motivated or stimulated to create something; to be inspired; an artist may see a beautiful sunset and this may be the inspiration for a painting with the colors of the sunset.
work of art made from assembling different forms, creating a new whole
a monumental gateway to an Egyptian temple marked by two flat, sloping walls between which is a smaller entrance (trapezoid shaped)
horizontal beam used as a finishing piece over a door or window
kiki smith 1950-2000, -filled with actual bodily fluids
Untitled (Bottles)
an area of particular interest or importance; a line, shape, o color that has been emphasized
irregular pieces of stone or brick used as an aggregate in Roman concrete
mercenary soldiers hired by the Papacy and government
Marcus Aurelius
175 CE. Guilded Bronze Statue of Marcus Aurelius addressing his troops. Saved b/c Christians thought he was Christian.
mendicant preaching order
Different followers of Jesus who belong to a monastery who try to act as purely as him
Betye Saar
The Liberation of Aunt Jemima by ___________ is a work that protests racial discrimination in America.
african masks
african; needed for rain and crops; kept away evil spirits used for ceremonies
The Etruscans were most lacking in this social element
political cohesion
What is neoclassism
incorporating subjects and styles of ancient Greek and Roman Art
Discobolus (Discus Thrower)
1. Hollow-cast bronze statue
2. Classical Period
3. c. 450 B.C.
4. Greece
5. Myron
6. Dimensions = 5 feet tall. He is classical because he is deep in action, expressionless face, his haircut (very short hair), naked, and perfect and athletic body. This sculpture was meant to be looked at from all sides and angles. From every vantage point he has three perspectives (frontal, ¾, relief). The original was made out of hollow-cast bronze but this is a Roman copy made out of Parian marble. This copy was made in the 2nd century A.D. The struts attaching his left leg to the ground and his left wrist to his right leg would not have been used on the original Greek statue.
Harbaville Triptych
• use of a triptych
• Deesis (Christ flanked by Mary and St. John the Baptist)
• natural, classicizing spirit
Cultural movement based on a belief in the individual genius and originality and the expression of powerful emotions, as well as preference for exotic themes and the omnipotent force of nature, often viewed as manifestation of God.
tomb of the leopards
etruscan necropolis, 480 BC, servants and musicians enjoy the joys of the good life. men have dark skin, women have fair skin
Chaitya hall
an Indian rockcut temple hall with a votive stupa at one end
Reconstruction of Cataly Huyuk
6500-5500 BC, no streets: roofs, ocher, bovine heads, rituals, scenes, Neolithic
who does Antonio Canova's Venus represent?
Pauline Borghese, napoleon's sister
post-and-lintel system
A system of construction in which two posts support a lintel.
3 things about titians work
1. vibrant colors 2. asymetrical arrangements 3. balanced
Trinity College Dublin Ireland
Where is the Book of Kells located?
What is the "new stone age" a.k.a.?
Neolithic Period (4,000-1,500 B.C.)
The Marriage of the Emperor Frederick and Beatrice of Burgundy
1751-52...pale colors and elaborately cascading draperies the subjects wear forshadow the emerging Rococo style.
a revived interest in ancient greek and roman culture and the arts
what was reborn in the renaissance?
dirk bouts the the first to utilize:
a single vanishing point for an architectural interior
Why did frida create so many self portraits?
She was paralyzed and she was her easiest subject to have access to and paint
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