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Terms Definitions
gluteus minumus
adductor longus
suture joint
degree of Chiropractor
rotating palm downward
partially movable joints
singular form of menisci
Fibro cartilage-pad used to protect
articuolation between femoral condyles and tibial condyles
knee joint
humerus to scapula
glenohumeral ligament superior
what movable structures
bones and cartilage
physician specializes in diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases
surgical repair of a joint
fibrous joints are _______and called synarthrosis joints
physician manipulates the positions of bones
Osteopathic physician
name the muscles
skeletal smooth and cardiac
40% of body made of
skeletal muscle
how many joints are there?
over 100
fibrocartilage rim around the acetabulum
acebabular labrum
ligament connecting medial malleolus of tibia with sustentaculum tali
tibiocalcaneal ligament
cubital joint compound hinge joint between humerus and bones of forearm
part of deltoid ligment connecting medial malleolus of tibia with the navicular reinforces ankle joint
movement of bone around a longitudinal axis
example of rotation
ball and socket joint
articulation between sternum and manubrium
manubriosternal joint
between coracoid process and clavicle
coracoclavicular joint
chronic inflammatory disease of the joint
synovial movement
anatomy- space in between articulating bones- head, shoulder, knees, elbows
function- secretes synovial fluid & lubricates cartilage. Nurishes with nutriends feeds the cartilage
Characteristic: Mcnisci
synovial joints are freely movable & called
near some joints are small sacs called____that are filled with synovial fluid
Which of the following ligaments attaches the clavicle to the scapula?
A) acromioclavicular
B) glenoid labrum
C) glenohumeral
D) coracoaacromial
E) A and B
A) acromioclavicular
when muscles contract across joints what movements are initated
voluntary movements
joint occurs between facets of interior and superior articular processes of adjacent vertebra
zygapophyseal joint
connects the humerus to scapula
glenohumeral ligament middle
connects trapezium with metacarpal of thumb flexion/extensin fingers
carpometacarpal joint
ligament connects calcaneus with cuboid on thir plantar surfaces
plantar calcaneocuboid ligament
what do tendons do
muscles pull on bones
transverse abdominus
crosswise direction of muscle fibers these 3
intra-articular disc within the knee joint located between lateral femoral condyle an d tibial condyle
lateral meniscus
muscular dystrophy
weakness and degeneration of muscle fibers
bending the fingers to close the hand is____
The ability of the muscle to shorten is termed
A joint that holds skull bones together is called (a)...
A) synostosis.
B) gomphosis.
C) synchondrosis.
D) suture.
E) none of the above.
D) suture.
Which muscle has three attachements to bone?A) thyrohyoid
B) mylohyoid
C) stylohyoid
D) sternocleidomastoid
E) sternohyoid
D) sternocleidomastoid
The connective tissues that surround skeletal muscles are collectively called...
A) subserous fascia.
B) deep fascia.
C) superficial fascia.
D) aponeuroses.
E) none of the above.
B) deep fascia.
moving the limb forms a cone or circle
tendons are what
tissues that connect muscle to bone
describe aponeuroses
occur in sheets, are pearly white, glistening and similar to tendons
what is elevatioon of eye socket known as
vertical dystopia
general term for variety of acute and chronic conditions inflammation and deterioration of connective tissues
what is the condition known as when the sagittal suture stops growing
describe smooth muscles
look smooth we can't consciously control they are controlled by the nervous system automatically
erythrocyte sedimentation rateESR
measures the rate at which erythrocytes settle to the bottom of a test tube
is the act of turning the sole outward away from the body
this joint allows movement in many different directions around a central socket ex hip & shoulder
ball & socket
the foot is bent upward at the ankle; narrowing the angle between the leg & the top of the foot
Which of the following is most unique to the knee?
A) joint capsule
B) bursae
C) menisci
D) tendons
E) ligaments
C) menisci
The _____ muscle covers most of the surface area of the upper back.
A) rhomboid
B) infraspinatus
C) trapezius
D) teres major
E) none of the above
C) trapezius
describe the contraction
take longer to contract than skeletal muscles but can stay contracted for a long time don't tire easily
most joints are movable which aren't
sutures between cranial bones
what does trygonocephaly look like?
pointed foreheads midline ridge triangularly shaped skull and eyes too close together
thickening of fascia on the pecten of pubis cooper's ligamenet in breast too
pectineal ligament
ligamnt that spans the suprascapular notch of the scapula
transverse scapular ligament, superior
the pubic symphysis & the joints between the vertebral bodies are_____
cartilaginous, slightly movable, amphiarthrosis
A word in a muscle name that indicates it is a large muscle might be...
A) magnus.
B) minimus.
C) brevis.
D) longus.
E) minor.
A) magnus.
The muscle that looks like a fish is the...
A) soleus.
B) sartorius.
C) semitendinosus.
D) popliteus.
E) gastrocnemius.
A) soleus.
Which of the following is not a function of intervertebral disks?
A) contribute to the height of an individual
B) provide lubrication
C) prevent bone-on-bone contact
D) act as shock absorbers
E) All of the above are functions of intervertebral di
B) provide lubrication
what does it do there?
squeezses blood through vessels and helps maintain blood pressure
this is the easiest type of joint to dislocate
ball & socket
Which of the following muscles belongs to the group known as "hamstrings"?
A) semimembranosus
B) semitendinosus
C) biceps femoris
D) all of the above
E) none of the above
D) all of the above
joints are classified how
by how much the bones they connect can move against one another
between the distal end of radius and proximal row of carpal bones
wrist joint radiocarpal joint
where are skeletal muscles?
attached to bone in lgs arms abdomen chest neck and face
what are the names of the 2 parts?
posteromedialpart conoid ligament and trapezoid ligament
Which of the following statements about the elbow is false...
A) It involves the humeroulnar joint.
B) The elbow is actually two joints.
C) The elbow is extremely stable.
D) Rotation of the elbow is called supination and pronation.
E) A, B, and C
D) Rotation of the elbow is called supination and pronation.
Which of the following does not contribute to the limitation of movement of a joint?
A) the joint capsule
B) shape of the articular surface
C) tendon attachments
D) presence of muscle, other bones, etc., near the joint
E) All of the above contrib
E) All of the above contribute to limiting range of motion.
Describe how muscles are connected to body
muscles arise on one bone and attach to another bone
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