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Who wrote" Hernani?"
father of psychoanalysis
Melodrama brought us
Common heroes
an ensemble of actors
theme of Tartuffe (Moliere)
religios hyprocisy
Who wrote" The Lower Depths?"
 Casting
Fitting performers into roles, obviously derived from the phrase “casting a mold.”
used to color stage lights
providing audience with knowledge not occuring onstage that is important to understand characters or plot
Who wrote" Riders to the Sea?"
b) Burlesque
– Also relies on knockabout physical humor, as well as gross exaggerations and occasionally, vulgarity.
to adjust curtains, electrics, or flown scenery so that they are level
purgation of the emotional stake audience develops in play
chorus line
an example of small musical
Periaktoi (device)
Three painted panels that are connected together to form a triangle, for decorative purposes only. Not used to denote location.
heroic tragedy
high born characters, sometimes have happy endings, death of main character is triumph not tragedy
This movement did not believe in realistic scenery, preferring abackgrounds that gave a general impression of the mood of the play.
 Operetta
entirely set to music, portions are spoken by the performers.
an individual who runs lights, sound, or other specialized equipment
9. Tartaglia-
 a minor character in the Commedia dell'arte. He is nearsighted and with a terrible stutter (hence his name; cf. Spanish tartamudear), he is usually classed as one of the group of old characters (vecchio) who appears in many scenarios as one of the lovers (innamorati). His social status varies; he is sometimes a bailiff, lawyer, notary or chemist. 
semi circle hilled seating for large audiences of 1400
a theater with A on 3 sides
real and truthful depiction of life, more natural acting
Parodos Structure
As the chorus members and the spectators enter on the side of the proskenion.
climactic structure
always moves forward in time, what happens in one scene leads to the next
 Characteristics of Comedy
a) Suspension of Natural Laws – Suspension of probability, cause and effect, and logic. Actions do not have the consequences they do in real life. b) Contrast between the Social Order and the Individual - Comedy develops when these two elements, the basic assumption about society and the events of the play cut against each other like a pair of scissors.c) The Comic Premise – Suspension of natural laws makes this possible, it’s an idea which turns the accepted notion of things upside down and makes the upended notion the basis of the play.
part of a script containing only those pages that include the lines of one character, usually prepared for actors with few lines.
first or main actor competing for the prize
dress rehearsals
the last two or three practice sessions of a play in which every aspect of the show is rehearsed just as it will be done at the time of the performance
George Bernard Shaw
england playwright, based on social class
deus ex machine
"god from a machine" any device brought in to solve problems (gods, fate, etc)
e) Comedy of Manners
– Pointing up the foibles and peculiarities of the upper classes.
walk the curtain
to assist or assure the complete closing of the curtain by walking behind it as it is drawn.
What is a purge of emotion (pity and fear)?
Flexible Staging
Any space in which a play can be performed, OTHER THAN a theatre.
fabric that can be used in place of a cyc to represent sky or as a screen for projected color images.
Aristotle's 5 Requirements for the Classic Tragedy
1) Main character(protagonist) in the play has to be of high status, like a King or Queen.
2) Protagonist has to have a tragic character flaw that leads to their downfall.
3) Protagonist has to go up against insurmountable odds. Like Gods or fate.
4) Subject matter must be serious in nature and universally important.
5) Ultimately must result in a purging in emotions. Catharsis.
What is The NY Shakespeare Festival?
Joseph Papp's company that got the local NYC gov't to build him an ampitheatre in Central Park
What are the origins of tragedy in ancient Greece?
It is the oldest form of recorded drama
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