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Terms Definitions
La escoba
les comediens
Magnetism, Presence, Charsima
grand opera
tõsine, traagiline ooper
the theatre of dionysus?
Native types
Native AmericanYankee-Davey CrockettBowery boy- fire fighters, \t\twould beat each other up to see who would get to put out the fire
Duke of Saxe-Meiningen
-Partnership Directing Approach
-ensemble cast
historically accurate sets and costumes
0unified presentation
collections of medieval religious plays
Ambient sounds
natural sounds and background
Biological traits
species of the character
small chapter of an overall story/chapter
Comedy of Character
Merry Wives of Winster
Open Theatre
Thransform people through aesthetic explorations.
Use improv and collective creation.
The Serpent
Ex: Terminal is an open theatre script.
1576-1598, built by james burbage(lord chamberlans actor), formerly thought to be the first theatre in england, leading playwright was shakespear, richard burbage was leading actor
What were his playmates called?
Satyr (goat-people)
Sound designer
Responsible for all live/recorded sound needed for production and sound equipment
Thomas Lenire Williams
Tennessee Williams real name
always the good guy, central character. Always have character flaws.
miserly da cheap greedy big nose
A popular Japanese theatre form that began in the sixteenth century; highly stylized with elaborate action , exaggerated gestures and speech patterns, and magnificent costumes, makeup, and wigs.
a character whos personality are in sharp contrast of those of another. (patient; impatient)
the doctor of lawyer in commedia dell'arte
Beauty Queen of Leenane
A Skull in Connemare
The Lonesome West
The Pillow Man (2003)
three tragedies in Greek drama written by the same playwright and presented in a single day, usually connected by story or thematic concerns
morality plays
allegorical religious plays about the human stuggle with good and evil
Ziegfeld's Follies
a series of elaborate theatrical productions on Broadway
Vaudeville variety show
-one actor + one chorus= early tragedy
-three great writers- Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripedes
Extroidanary character
• Heroes and heroines are extraordinary in some way; larger than life
• Kings, queens, bishops, members of the nobility, or other figures clearly marked as holding a special place
• Dramatists depict extraordinary characters as men and women at their best or worst
• Comic characters can also be extremes
• Characters may be extraordinary because of their exceptional personalities or achievements
• Some combine extreme virtue and extreme vice
• A Personality Actor usually plays only one character. Who?
Grand drape
Front curtain in prscenium theatre used to hide things, or to indicate beginning and ending of acts or scenes.
Technical Director
The person who coordinates, achedules and engineers all the technical elements of a production.
emphasizes the life of the mind and feelings rather than the realistic external details of everyday life
Both a particular area of New York (the theatre district bordered by 41st to 54th streets and sixth to ninth avenues) and the size of the house in New York commercial theatre (some broadway theatres seat as many as 1,800 patrons). one Broadway theatre, the Vivian Beaumont, is housed at lincoln center on 65th street.
in aristotle's description of how tragedy works, he says good tragedies arouse which two emotions?
pity and fear
What is circular structure?
sense of continuation in plot
a scene performed by one actor who speaks his or her thoughts out loud.
Merce Cunningham
danced with Graham and then became even more bizarre...
An abstract concept which part or all the play is "about". Not what a play means, nor the expression of theme the "purpose" of the play. A result emerging from a script's workings.
The Theatre (1576)
-first permanent theatre building in London
-Built by James Burbage
-Lord Chamberlain's Men
Tadashi Suzuki
- from Japan
- post modern approach for contemporary presentational acting
form of attack on the follies or institutionalized vices of a particular society
England Civil War
1642-1649, Charles I Removed by Puritans and beheaded, 11 years, a commonwealth governed by Oliver Cromwell, 1648- all theatres pulled down reopened 1660...1642- Parliament closes theatres...Oliver dies in 1658 and Charles II comes back from France in 1660 to assume the monarchy and thus the Restoration 1660-1700.
Character Flaw
An inner flaw that hampers a character's good judgment and leads the character to make unfortunate choices.
Mask work
A guise, whether created of wood or make up, that alters the actors face
Tableau Vivant
A scene presented on stage by costumed actors who remain silent and motionless as if in a picture
fourth wall
the audience looks at the other three walls of a room
a sign a token or an enbelm that signifies something else
stage crew
the group of people working on set construction, props, lighting , sounds, costumes, and makeup
Final dress rehearsal
the last rehearsal before an audience is invited
Lighting Plot (9)
A detailed drawing that show the location of each lighting instrument on the hanging grid, where its light will be focused, its type, wattage and the circuity needed, and its color
emerged from the stigma and the church realized that theatre was a way to spread the Gospel.
liturgical drama
Iambic Pentameter
Set rhythm of verse in which there is a stress on each second syllable and five stresses per line (see also blank verse).
script analysis
When you study a play, you dissect or conduct what?
Hrosvitha was
a german nun who read and adapted the plays of the roman playwright terence
Raisin in the Sun
Most Important Black Play of 20th Century – Lorraine
Hansbury’s Raisin in the Sun (1959) Directed by Lloyd
First Black Director on Broadway went on to chair Yale
Drama School
5 Things found on an actor's resume
1. Personal Information
2. Union Affiliation
3. Roles and Plays
4. Locations
5. Education and Training
6. Special Skills
Government Funding (2)
The money spent each year on the arts by federal, state and local governments
What is the theatre of cruelty?
France. it attempted to assault the audience making them feel rather than think.




Prose vs. verse
prose is language similar to everyday speech while verse is heightened language that may have rhyme scheme or just a specific rhythm
____ established the modern unit set:
Edward Gordon Craig; a lot of set pieces that you can configure/move around for different plays
who was irving berlin? when did he die? at what age
he sang a lot of americas popular music such as white christmas, god bless america, easter parade, no biz like show biz, alexanders rag time band, swanee rive, died 101 in 1989. his dad was a cantor and he's a russian jew
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