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Terms Definitions
"the one"
Libation Bearers
influences japanese drama
glorified machine age
business end of production
gallery for unaccompanied women
elements of lighting design
years of Christopher Marlowe
French were explorers
Canada, Louisiana Territory
instrument that accompanied Bunraku theatre
Contsantin Stanislavski
Considered given circumstances, motivations, tactics, and affective memory
who has taken over mega-musical?
outwardly serious but spectacular staging, flamboyant diolouge, contrived plotting
Lorraine Hansberry, Lillian Hellman, Wendy Wasserstein, Eve Ensler- The Vagina Monologues
self image
the way we see ourselves
commedia dell'arte
comedy of professions artists, improvisational theatre
famous producer during the Vaudeville era
technological advances
_______ ________meant better lighting and staging for the theater
right away- determines how public receives play -
The individual who writes a play.
Aristotle coined this, means process of imitating a character
british invasion
british composers dominated broadway in the 80's..also brought techno music
Pattern and arrangement of performers' movements onstage with respect to each other and to the stage space, usually set by the director
African Theatre
tragic impulse, no one dies
number of members in an elizabethan acting company with about half of them as shareholders
the author of your text regularly refers to the protocols of watching throughout early chapters
play of proffesional artists
commedia dell'arte translates to
premiered in 1927 written by Edna Ferber which was published in 1926 the music was done by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II produced by Florence Ziegfeld
was most profound influence on the American Musical
the line said just before your line
Who preserved manuscripts of Classical Greece and Romans?
Muslim Scholars
the conscious or subconscious reason a character takes a particular action
Fourth Wall?
where you look into the audience
11 surviving comedies of a possible 44. The Birds, The Frogs, Lysistrata- substantial political content and satirized well known Athenians during Peloponnesian War
the depth of an actor's position onstage
Mystery Plays
performed in public streets after moving from churches.
Geo M. Cohan
Father of American Musical Company
First Ugly American
Irish Catholic American
Greek Tragedy
 Violence and Death offstage
 Continuous time of action (within a day, often within an hour or two)
 Usually a single location
 Stories based on Greek religious mythology
Anna Devere Smith
actress playwright and author, twilight Los Angeles from on the road, controversial themes to interviews to performance, range of perspectives, writing a history of the present, example of documentary theater and dialogic performance
sloping upward from the stage or pit to the back of the house
extreme theatre.
your text defines five kinds of theatre. which asks for audience participation or contributions in the theatrical events.
the area of the stage farthest from the audience
larry kramer
wrote the normal heart, the angry playwright, brings attention to aids crisis, gay theatre
when did the idea of one person guiding all aspects of the production take hold?
colours of indian pillars
white, yellow, red and blue
a hymn sung a the altar of dionysus
the wings
are right/left of acting area for storage, traffic
basic functions of stage lighting
visibility, naturalism, compostion, and mood
costume plates
drawings that indicate how a costume is shaped, where seams and folds are, how the costume flows, and what fabrics are to be used
Anydos Passion Play
first written record of theartre dating back to Egypt.
proscenium arch
in a proscenium stage theatre where the snenerary and action are viewed (picture frame)
any part of the stage that the audience cannot see
Basic Elements of Theatre
what is performed (play, scenario, plan)
the performance
the audience
the outcome of a play, a short final scene that allows the audience to appreciate that the protagonist, because of the preceding events, has learned some great or humble lesson
all of the stuff you see in the picture
emotional recall
thinking of something in your past to help produce and emotion
beats, units, french scene
all units of measurement during play
musical review
play with no plot and little dialogue iwth lot of songs
How it all fits together, focuses on a structure that gives meaning to certain events.
Comedy of Manners
Form of comic drama that became popular in the 17th century France and English Restoration, emphasizing a cultivate or sophisticated atmosphere and witty dialog
a form of verse, often a narrative set to music, Ballads were particularly characteristic of British and Irish popular poetry and song from the later medieval period until the 19th century and used extensively across Europe and later the Americas, Australia and North Africa
plot character thought spectacle diction and melody
Aristotle outlines sic elements of drama that w will use today. these are:
Effects of the Mask
a change when they paint their face
-some ego maniacs, some shy ppl more open on stage
- speech impediments drop when on stage, break barriers
Climactic vs. Episodic storyline?
climactic concludes all the action and episodic continues like an episode
FTP? Classical Unit 891?
created by the WPA to produce government funded theatre productions
Lincoln's Assasination
was in State Box 11 feet high by the dress circle when Booth who was armed with single shot derringer & Bowie knife shot him and stabbed one of the men sitting ith him after shooting Booth yelled "sic semper tyrannis" in the box jumped onto to stage and yelled "Revenge for the South" on April 26 Booth was shot in VA and 4 others hanged in Washington on July 7.
body was finally laid to rest in Springfield, IL
Which of the Film Noir had a point of view voiceover narrative?
Double Indemnity
Listen and observe
Being aware fo what is going on in the scene and listenign to your partner.
What did it mean to be blacklisted?
Participants of the film industry were barred from producing directing and acting.
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