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dressing room
The Menaechmi
items actors use
Appearance of truth
any turn of fortune
all have patter songs
Wrote "Spurt of Blood"
Das Kapital-feudalism, capitalism, socialism
Comic characters, unlike tragic characters, have no past to speak of
Late Renaissance, Pre-Rev France. MOLIERE.
Roman auditorium and orchestra were....
Unfolding of the plays event
john guare
21st cent theatre..magical realism..blends kitchen sink drama that sings..stories shatter of 4th wall..wrote "the house of blue leaves" and "six degree of seperation"
The poetics. Thespis and Dithyrambs.
production costs rising, fewer plays being producted. Different from screenwriter, paid much less. Playwriting is all about making choices (characters, conflict, structure, etc.)
changed scenery tiring house for actors & storage and stage was 27.5 X 43 yard 55' 700/1000 stinkyards groundlings 5' tall stage and theatre was mostly public
psychical arrangements of an actors' movements
Artwork like a urinal...this movement is:
2 actors, the trilogy, the Oresteia
Community Aesthetics
Includes accepted traditions and conventions
actors contracted for a specific period of time and for a specific salary
stage house
providing entrance for performers, SKENE
What director created theatre without emotion attachment?
My Fair Lady
book, Lerner and Lowe
technical director
The person who coordinates, schedules, and engineers all the technical elements of a production.
in zero to infinity the news commentators were dipicted as
roll out machine. mainly used for revealing dead bodies
emotional recall
remembering emotions from past events to help bring realistic emotions into your work
Jerzy Grotowski
founder and director of polish laboratory theatre
democratic sentiments
idea that anyone can succeed regardless of background
Dress Parade
a tryout of the completed costumes
Where was the first play?
Festival of Dionysus
walk on
small acting parts with no lines
Sanskrit Theatre
Sanskrit: spoken in India and South/Southwest Asia
situational comedy
emphasizes the humorous qualities of the situation in which the characters find themselves
Who was known for creating "Ragtime"?
Scott Joplin
player-audience relationship
the special interactive and "live" relationship that exists between the performers and the audience, connecting and bonding them into a team
Originated in Italy in 1909; idealized war and the machine age; attacked artistic ideals of the past, ridiculing them as "museam art" and arguing that new forms had to be created for new eras
vernacular drama
drama performed in the common language of a culture (not performed inside a church)
the term used to describe an imitation of an action, person or situation is:
stage manager
the most important assistant to a director; the person who is responsible for running the show during the performance and helping the director during auditions and the rehearsal process by taking notes, recording blocking, and scheduling rehearsals
romans changed ____ when conquering Greece
orchestra and vomitoriums
the degree of loudness or intensity of a voice
Cole Porter
his songs established him as creator of wordly, witty, sometimes risque lyriccs with unusual melodies...who was he?
two think slats of wood attached at one end, used to exaggerate stage slaps
the area between the main curtain and the orchestra pit
giving lines in a way that another actor can get a laugh
production concept
how the play should look and feel
Two categories of Kabuki
Jidaimono -history plays, Sewamono -domestic plays
Lafayette Players Theatre
founders Anita Bush and Lester Walton. Harlem, NY. Training ground for black performers. Syndicate supressed. "The ******s" (1909) by Edward Sheldon. Black man discovers grandma was a slave.
comic relief
A humorous scene or speech intended to lighten the mood
the globe
destroyed by fire in 1613 - rebuilt though - very rich theatre
Pandavas get ready for battle
describe exile in the forest
Sung-through musical
A musical in which no dialoge takes place. Traces back to the operetta
Which type of ticket would NOT be offered at a discount?
House Seats
Morality Plays
-plays about how we should conduct our lives
-ex: Everyman
The Hitchcock film that was shot in 10 extremely long takes was
an inner drive that causes a person to act a certain way
assure audibility and clarity of meaning
what do voice coaches do?
Hot spot
The brightest part or the center of a lighting area
Dues Ex Machina
literally "the god in the machine". In ancient Greek theatre, a giant crane used to fly actors in to the playing area
In Academic theatre, role of producer is given to..
usually the department chair; sometimes there is also a production manager
Forms of Human Energy in a play
Language, spatial dynamics, light, color, sonic shocks, aesthetic harmonies,
What weakened Church in end of Middle Ages?
Protestant Reformation: Martin Luther Drama shifts from religious to secular.
George II duke of saxe meiningen
1st director in 1879. Willing to work for unified productions. Crowd scenes. Innovations: 3D sets so all acting by front stage, so they can walk along it. Made actors talk and interact with each other.
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