Theatre History Final Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Nagging housekeepers
seeing place


Oedipus Rex
Ben Johnson
II Capitano
Braggart Soldier
Roman scene house

Good vs. Evil

Who could read

Anton Chekhov
Oscar Wilde
Jesus christ superstar
peer gynt
henrik ibsen
Heroine in commedia dell'arte
Thomas Killigrew
Had King's company
Artists of Dionysus
Actors Guild
story told through dialouge

3 sided prop, scenery

Samuel Becket
waiting for Godot
The iceman cometh
Eugene O'neil

behind audience was?
Mt. Olympus
Waiting for Godot
Samuel Becket
the 3 sisters
anton chekhov
The cid
What did Corneilles write?
parody of italian opera
ballad opera
was a French-Italian cardinal, diplomat, and politician
what makes objective so important
-Lead Puritans when they took over Parliament
-They then took action to close all theatres
types of stages 
1 side 
3 sides 
4 sides 

3 Play writes
Christopher Marlow
Ben Johnson
What does drama mean?
"I do"
rejected concept of divine right
enlightened despots
non structured events occured with minimum planning, art not restricted to museusms
distinguished herself in competitve business in theatre managment
laura keene
Long maps showing cities ex.) London
Academic Francaise
Discuss standard of French art/lit/language. The French Acadmey. Settles "Cid" controversy (if three unities are followed well) Starts shift in literature. The illusion (a play)(theatrical/comedic illusion) became popular within the last century and is famous for being modern metatheatre, or a play within a play.
Etienne Jodelle
First French playwright with neoclassical style, tried to copy Greek works like structure or even stories during mid 16th century
God of wine, fertility and revelry
1. Italian Renaissance
2. Very comwardly character who uses masculinity to show false heroism
3. One of the most important and prevalent characters in any Commedia Dell Arte production or script
represented reality in a distorted dream like way often to represent inner feelings.
roman theatre 240 bc- 343 ad 

Oscar Wilde
19th century's greatest wit

The Importance of being Ernest

age of....
similar to...
rational & scientific ideas

Deus ex Machina
"god of the machine"

contrived ending- cheesy/corny
Constantine Stanislavski
-Realism, Russia
-A Russian theatre actor and director.
-one of the first to develp and perfect a sysyem for acting that would ideally enable a actor to replicate a performance.
Form of Japanese theatre that uses puppets (not the muppets)
actor who thoroughly researched and rehearsed each role; pioneer in stage realism
william mcready
convention that uses several vanishing points
angle perspective
Thomas Betterton
Actor with Duke's Company. Single greatest actor of the restoration period for both tradgedies and comedies
John Marston
Wrote The Malcontent and Antonio's Revenge. Antonio's Revenge is about a male ghost who needs to avenge a death in the family. The Malcontent involves a character who acts as a social critic, discontent, outsider in society.
Boulevard Theatre
n 18th century France, theatres located on Boulevard du Temple in Paris, catering to popular tastes.
advantages of a blackbox
more intimate and flexible
1. Elizabethan England
2. Member of the Elizabethan theatre companies that was part owner of the theatre building. Helped to train the apprentices as actors.
3. They represented to highest power in the theatre, and essentially kept the companies afloat.
Antonin Artaud
(Theatre of Cruelty ), surrealist playwright
first golden age of plays and theatre 

EX. musicals
my fair lady
fiddler on the roof
What is the mother of the arts?
Industrial Revolution
-late 1800's to early 1900's
-an influential shift of daily life in human society, in which there were major changes in agriculture, mining, technology, and other areas.
-caused people to move to more urban areas and the trains allowed for easier travel for travelling theatre troupes (America)
She stoops to conquer
What did Oliver Goldsmith write?
struggled over which direction comedie d'ellarte should take
goldoni and guzzi
exposed the devices of the theatre to make audiences aware of watching a performance
Richard Burbage
Famous actor from the period. Played King Lear, Hamlet, and most likely Orsino from twelfth night. 1608 the kings men (previously the chamberlain's men) take over black friors theatre with Richard Burbage being one of the men involved
Comedie- Francaise
Founded in 1680 when several troupes combine. The first national theatre ever in the world. A theatre that is supported by the government and seen as the face of the company. Many countries now have a national theatre. Still exists today. Arranged around a share holding concept. With societaires and pensionnaires. By 1689 they get their own space, a newly converted tennis court that they use for over 100 years.
Old Comedy
Makes fun of society, politics, or culture
Gogal, Nikolai
playwright of the late 19th century whose most famous play is The Inspector General. The play is still produced today. It centers around corruption in government of a small town and features a gallery of exaggerated, comical characters whose foibles are wittily exposed when a harmless visitor to the town is taken to be a gov. inspector.
Cardinal Richelieu ??
1. French Classicism
2. Upper member of nobility and government responsible for all literature and language in France
3. Forms the Academie Francais; opens the theatre Palais Cardinal
George Bernard Shaw
playwright and champion for new realistic theatre; dealt with social problems and philosophical concepts while still witty comedies; wrote for the Independent Theatre in London; famous piece, Major Barbara.
BC and AD 
before christ 
anno domini- year of the lord 
Joesph & the amazing technicolor dream coat
Andrew Lloyd Weber
he was the first to form an african american stock company in the pekin theatre
Leicester's Men (1574)
Company founded by James Burbage. The Burbage family built the first theatre "The Theatre" then they built the Globe Theatre.
The Rover II
Sequel that Aphra Behn wrote in 1681
Bibiena family
Over 3 generations 7 members of this family were designers. Noted for 3 innovations: use of baroque art in scenic design, vast scale and elaborate ornamentation of their settings, and use of angle perspective. Their designs extend beyond proscenium arch whereas Renaissance designs were enclosed by it. They establ.ished a style of sccne design that dominated throughout 18th century.
Theatre of Cruelty
revelation of the cruelty of humanity (A.A.'s)
industrial revolution introduced 
electricity on stage promoted sense of realism Hamlet real moat with drawbridge between stage and audience 
Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream, King Lear, The Taming of the Shrew, and the Tempest (this guy had too much free time!!!)
What did William Shakespeare write?
play by Ly Ly about 2 fathers who each have a daughter. A young beautiful virgin girl is sacrificed every year to the gods so fathers dress their daughters as boys and send them to the forrest. They fall in love thinking the other one is a boy. Venus takes pity on them and changes one of the girls into a boy.
Hugo, Victor/ Hernani
the author is a famous novelist and playwright. the play tells the story of a noble outlaw and his attempt to wed Dona Sol while facign the opposition of her guardian and the king, both of whom also lover her. A theatre riot broke out in Paris because this play broke all the neoclassical rules and advocated romanticism.
Laurence Olivier
one of the greatest actors of the 20th century, classical actor
Trend toward realism on
led towards development of the movie Camera
Miracle and Mystery Plays
Plays based on the saints' lives and Bible stories
3 Primary Theatres of Restoration Period
1.)Drury Lane (Theatre Royal)- built in 1663. King's company took residence here. Stood on the same ground ever since (theatre still stands there, but not original theatre) Longest continuing location of a theatre in England
2.) Dorset Garden
3.) Lincoln's Inn Field
wrote 154-156 sonnets (16 line short poems) & 38 plays 
born in:
Stratford upon avon in england
Death of a salesman, the crucible, and all my sons
What did arthur miller write?
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
like a german version of the English Garrick. He was a director, playwright, critic, and philosopher. He had intensive rehearsals and expected his actors to work as an ensemble company and penalized for broken rehearsal rules. He believed actors should address the audience rather than each other. His ideas on acting were reflected in "Ruels for Actors." He believed in historical accuracy. His rules for audiences established our modern tradition of audience behavior. he had a strong influence on 19th century directors.
tragedies take place in less specific environments that comedies, comedies are more loation specific 
people obtain from tragedy:
feel something, recognize good in life, personal reflection, short lived, cry=good performance, right and wrong is cultural perception
Theatres in southwark: (5)
1. the theatre 2. the rose 3. the swan 4. the globe 5. the red bull; flew a flag on theatre performance days, outside the theatre people passed out pamphlets saying you are a sinner but you still go to watch it; learned bad things at the theatre 
people could stand in the center and watch short plays on each stage (making a square)
one after another the story unfolded it would be full of people and move outdoors 
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