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DaDaist Artist
rebith of theatre
King Ubu
Alfred Jarry
Play by Moliere
1453 ACE
Fall of constantinoble
English Intermezzi
intermission; honored guests/monarch
a raised narrow platform
Noh plays about women, three
Lodovico Castelvetro
1501-1571, misinterprets aristotle's poetics because sees it as rules. transfered aristotle into italian, wrote his own poetics.
1. unities: time, place, action
- dramatic action should mirror actual life, real time play. real time interpreted to time being believable, came up with 24hr rule were 24hrs will pass in a play. action should take place in one setting, one set a play where the character can get in 24hrs. there can only by one plot, can have sub-plots only as long as it goes with main plot- not separate stories.
Lord Chamberlain
Queen Elizabeth's highest advisor
*leading playwright, actor, director, head of major company
*Tartuffe: critiques religious hypocrisy & gullibility
-human nature is to show love/passion
*comedies of character/manners (deviate from decorum)
*ridicules obsessive behavior/repressive customs/social&moral pretentiousness
*popularizes indoor comedy
David Mamet
*"American Buffalo"
*known for naturalistic language and crafting "poetry" out of simple speech, even expletives
*"Glengarry Glen Ross"
Edwin Booth
brother assassinated President Lincoln. Most prominent actor of 19th century. Shakespearean plays. 3 bros.; John Wilkes, Edwin, and Judias., great Shakespearean Tragedian; very naturalistic style
Richard Sheridian
Wrote: School for Scandall
In Elizabethan theatre, audience members who stood in the yard.
a merry band of travelers
Nicola Sabbattini
Manual for constructing thearical scenes and machines, 2 additional methods for changing sets
concerned with the active relationship between cosmic determinism and human freedom, and the belief that it is virtuous to maintain a will that is in accord with nature. Because of this, they presented their philosophy as a way of life, and they thought that the best indication of an individual's philosophy was not what a person said but how he behaved
columns were foam marble in Elizabethan theatre? true or false
Noh Theatre
14th century, Classical Japanese Theatre
Exponent was Andre Brenton. Argued that the subconscious was the highest plane of reality and attempted to re-create its workings dramatically. Many plays seem to be set in a dream world, mixing recognizable events with fantastic events.
Radical/Cultural Feminism
*biological sex heredity determines gender characteristics
*more typical in 70s and early 80s
*sometimes prohibited men from viewing on select nights
-ex Women's Experimental Co
>Daughter: celebrate mother-daughter relationship & matrilinear history
William Kemp
portrayed Shakespeare's great comic parts
William Inge
United States playwright (1913-1973), Playwright who wrote plays that were based on his experiences growing up in Independence, KS
In Restoration Comedy, several physical changes took place. List one.
Scenery changes
In medieval England, short dramatic pieces, usually presented between courses of a banquet.
In French neoclassical theatre, the pit where audience members stood.
In Roman theatre, the stage house.
three long tragedies centered around one theme
morality in a characters action is proceeded by age, status, and gender
cycle plays
creation to doomsday subject ,atter from bible
trade guilds
cultural institution in the middle ages made up of a brotherhood amongst the mason, blacksmiths, carpenters, etc. the controlled and regulated men, and was an idea that they would turn boys into men. assumed the cost for producing the plays and performed the plays during the Medieval period once they moved outside the church.
Sebastiano serlio
1475-1554, wrote Architettura in 1545, credited for creating perspective scenery and developed the wing and groove system
Jean Racine
author of neoclassical tragedy, 17th ct.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
was a major Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer of 18th-century Romanticism. His political philosophy heavily influenced the French Revolution, as well as the American Revolution and the overall development of modern political, sociological and educational thought. His sentimental novel, Julie, ou la nouvelle Héloïse, was of great importance to the development of pre-romanticism and romanticism in fiction.
Shakespeare's Techniques
1. material adapted from other sources
2. episodic plots with early point of attack/chronological development
3. all important events including violence shown on stage
4. mix of long/short scenes
5. write for non-illusionistic staging
6. time, place, tone can vary throughout one work
7. belief in moral order: humans free to choose
8. poetic imagery/philosophical soliloquies
Created the most famous system for training performers to act realistically. Cofounder of the Moscow Art Theatre, director of Chekhov's major plays.
Lincoln Center
*founded as pseudo but failed
*not successful fill Gregory Mosher took over 1985
*successor - Andie Fischer
*home to Julliard actor-training program
An event composed of actions intended to do something
Attempt by one country to establish settlements and to impose its political, economic, and cultural principles in another territory.
Oscar Hammerstein II
United States lyricist who collaborated on many musical comedies (most successfully with Richard Rodgers) (1895-1960), An American composer who wrote "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" and "You'll Never Walk Alone".
Leonard Bernstein
United States conductor and composer (1918-1990), "Overture to Candide" and "West Side Story"
England's best actor of his time
David Garrick
Floor of the house in traditional proscenium-arch theatre.
In ancient Greek theatre, the circular playing area.
Deus ex machina
Litterally, "god from a machine".
Plays that have tragic themes and noble characters yet end happily.
It was a movement in Renaissance literature where people focused on humans instead of gods. Humanists studied and imitated the Greeks and Romans.
short cloak worn over the left shoulder
gifts of fortune
fellowship, kindred, cousin (fun kids can)
Palais Royal
remodled for chariot and pull by TORELLI used to be Palais cardinal
Ludi Romani
the oldest official festival given in honor of jupiter each September. established in the 6th century BC, it included theatrical performances beginning in 364 and regular comedy and tragedy in 240 BC. festival favors temporary space
they worked for 7 years for room, board, and to learn a trade. started at age 12 and once 7yrs were up the guild voted if he would become apart of that trade guild. was a model to turn boys into men.
stock characters
Standard character types that is a familiar and the audience can recognize the character. their costumes never changed and would not deviate from the character
town councils
made up of middle class tradesmen, masters of guilds and were anti-theatre.
The set (what they used) for locale mystery plays; medieval plays
Susanna Centlivre
English Poet and Actress. She became known as the Second Woman of the English Stage after Aphra Behn. Known for her play "The Basset Table"
English Drama: Domestic Tragedy
*George Lillo's "The London Merchant"
-middle class character in every day situations; moral lessons
Reaction to the insanity of World War I and mirrored the madness of the world. Pacifists. Concentrated on nonsense and the irrational and questioned conventional definitions of art, suggesting that almost anything could be art. Presented short plays that defied rational explanation.
"a raisin in the sun"
*first play by black woman on Broadway
*first widely successful black play
Helene Weigel
wife of Bertolt Brecht and first Mother Courage
How were Ballad Opera and Burlesque affected by the Lincensing Act of 1737?
They suffered.
In the Comedie Francaise, the head of the company and the actor wit the longest service.
Satyr play
Usually a ribald takeoff on Greek mythology and history and included a chorus of satyrs, mythological creatures who were half-man and half-goat.
de Archetictura
a Roman text about architecture. A large part of the text has to do specifically with theatre design.
a singer and teller of tales about the deeds of Teutonic Heros
scaenae frons
as high as the auditorium providing an intact, complete half-bowl. provided the main visual element of a production
William Shakespeare
1564-1616 born and died on april 23. born in stratford, england. father was john shakespeare who he learned how to be good with money. went to grammer school at age 12/13 but then stopped, was a genius. there is little documentation of his boyhood. 1582 marries Anne Hathaway, 7yrs older them him. had a daughter 6 months after wedding. 1585 had twins, boy and girl named hamnet and judith. hamnet dies at 10 yrs old and shorlty after he begins to write great tragedies. 1585-1595, the missing years where there is no personal document- comes from being a tanner in stratford to becoming a playwright in London. in 1594 becomes part of the lord chamberlains men. 1603 he writes two plays a year with the kings men. in 1613 he rites to stratford because neo-classic rules found thier way to England. Once he retires he cashes in shares and becomes very wealthy. he has a party for his daughter and while standing outside during a cold wet day he gets sick, and dies 3 days later. few years after he dies an acting company publishes 25 of his plays.
Calderon de La Barca
Playwright of Autos and Commedias, Spain 17th ct.
Caroline Neuber
Ran away from home and joined an acting troupe and married her husband Johann in 1718. They formed their own company in 1727. Worked with Gottsched who wanted to reform theater and get rid of Hanswurst. However in order to get business she was still forced to use old drama. She sought to reform theater by eliminating improv and making the acts work tech.
El Teatro Campesino
*founded by Luis Valdez to support Chavez's work within Nat'l Farm Workers Association (NFWA)
Lorraine Hansberry
first black female to be produced on broadway, (1930-1965) African American playwright whose Raisin in the Sun was the first play by a female African American ever produced on Broadway, Wrote the play "A Raisin in the Sun" about a working-class African American family struggling against poverty and racism.
Judith Molina
Judith Malina (born June 4, 1926) is an American theater and film actor, writer, and director, who is one of the founders and leaders of The Living Theatre.
David Garrick
Actor and Manager of the Drury Lane Theatre
Groove System
System in which there were tracks on the stage floor and above the stage to allow for the smooth movement of flat wings on and of the stage.
pastoral play
They were plays that the Italians made in imitation of the Greek's satyr plays. They dealt with romantic subjects and were short, vulgar, comic pieces.
the theatre
built in 1576 by james Burbage and was the first theatre in London
Master of revels
Clerk appointed by queen or king to grant liscence for plays, England, 16th-17th century
Arguments FOR Shakespeare
1. deVere died in 1604; plays dated after that
2. Ben Jonson's eulogy in first Folio
Royal Shakespeare Company
Came into existence in 1960, and has been the guage by which all performances of Shakespeare have been udged ever since
hotel de bourgogne
a public theatre in Paris built by the confraternity of the passion who put on mystery plays there
The Union of South Africa
In 1910, The Boer republics were joined into a self governing body controlled by the British called..
the church during the dark ages
the church continues and continues to write in latin, and grows. they first convert peasants then the land lords. once they convert landlords the chaotic system looses volume and christian morals are restored.
church kick plays out during middle ages
1200-1300 church kick plays out of church because taking away from worship. all plays are done outside of church and turn over to the trade guilds. the plays were still written and supervised by church but didnt fund them
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