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Terms Definitions
boring part
"happy idea"
where chorus enters
time duration (verb)
wealth and leisure time
show created around artist
seating on all sides
dates of morality plays
Dramatic Genres
Tragedy, Comedy, Tragicomedy, Melodrama
court poet of Northern India
Sanford Meisner is associated with:
dramatic genre
relates to emotional response
collective ceremony performed by members of a society, normally for religious or cultural reasons. larger then life, involved elments we consider theatrical crafts,
aeschulus's most famous play is...
Directors Concept
Specific vision for the play
a romantic musical piece featuring melodic solos, duets, and choruses interspersed with spoken dialogue
the central character who pushed forward the action of the play
Who was the master of globalization
small quick drawling to illustrate idea to a director refer to what
The cornerstone for the beginning actor
time (neoclassicism)
no more tan 24 hrs
written by stephen sondheim..his most famous Concept Musical...older people were mad about the music
skene, orchestra, chorus
essential to greek theatre
(1916)- reaction to onset of WWI- meaninglessness of war- believed world was a slaughterhouse. Shocked audiences. Not plays, but "performance experiences"
according to your text before literacy poetry was the principal art of memory
electric shop
theatre workshop with equipment to maintain, repair, and hang lights
to cover up a mistake u
ad lib
role scoring
the process of analyzing a character
Roman Aristotle, wrote Art of Poetry. Said never mix tragedy and comedy. Tragedy should involve royalty, comedy involve common people.
Public Domain
The legal realm of intellectual property that is not protected by a copyright or patent and belongs to the community at large.
Third Read
Interpretation, point of view, stage directions, mode of behavior, how they go about getting what they want
wooden changing room located on the other side of the orchestra. eventually large enough to perform on the roof
the driving force that governs a character's actions throughout the play
The Greek word for "theartre, "seeing place"
Tryouts held for performers who want to be considered for roles in a production
the period of time during which something continues
Alternative Theatre
Off Broadway and independent theatre companies with varied productions from experimental to serious classics. Budget and quality varies.
A.M. Tragic Flaw
the inherent unwillingness to stay passive during challenges to their dignity
the part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i.e., in front of the curtain)
movement coach
a specialist who instructs actors in various styles of movement
the mahabarata
longest epic poem, tale of bharata dynasty
words in the script which the actor memorizes and speaks in the play
Lee Strasberg
American version @ Actors Studio "the method"
Musical Director
a specialist who works with the musicians and teaches the actors the songs for a musical
Strip lights placed at the front of the apron, which shine upward from the stage floor
man is the measure of all things. brought an end to strict submission to codes of belief and to humility conerning the human role in the universe
prop check
ensures everything is where it needs to be
help actors to recall sights sounds touch and smells from specific past events to remember what something feels like
sensory memory
Proscenium stage
a performance space in which the audience views the action as if through a picture frame
aesthetic perception
insight into our world of images, sound, color, patterns, forms, and movements
The curtains at the sides of a stage in a proscenium arch theatre.
cold reading
audition in which actors read from a script without any preparation
The Black Crook
made in 1866 had 475 consecutive performances was the first book musical with french ballet troupe in the melodrama also was the first american musical and made over $1million.
Convergent Thinking
thinking that is measured by IQ and involves well-defined rational problems that have only one correct answer
turn the scene in
focusing audiences attention on the actor who is the real center of the dramatic action by having the other actors shift their bodies and look at this key character
The 1st amendment ****
The Whistle blower Act protected employees that went public with information regarding the reckless behavior of their employers that was in the public interest. Before it the 1st amendment did not apply to the workplace.
The Sunshine Act declared that the public was entitled to information regarding government decision-making processes.
The Paper Reduction Act was used to curtail public access to government information hence neutralized the affect of the Sunshine Act. It reduced the volume of bureaucratic paper flow using other methods of information distribution that was out of the reach of the public at the time.
the distance light can be cast form a lighting instrument
Proscenium Arch
The opening in the wall which stands between stage and auditorium in some theatres; the picture frame through which the audience sees the play. The "fourth wall".
Fourth Wall
a device of Realism, imaginary wall is placed between the actors and the audience
international phonetic alphabet (IPA)
a system for transcribing the sounds of speech that is independent of any of any particular language but applicable to all languages
Why Man Creates
1. The Edifice, 2. Fooling Around, 3. The Process, 4. The Judgment, 5. A Parable, 6. A Digression, 7. The Search, 8. Summary
Deus Ex Machina
Literally "the god from the machine" a resolution device in classic Greek drama. A term used to indicate the intervention of supernatural forces- usually at the last moment- to save the action from its logical conclusion. Denotes in modern drama an arbitrary and coincidental solution
they were traveling stages
what was the function of pageant wagons
point of attack
the moment in the plot when the fuse is lit, when the protagonist must make a major decision that will result in conflict
Which film was the only smell o vision ever produced
Scent of Mystery
aristotles 6 elements of a play from poetics
plot, music, character, spectacle, thought, and language
open air (public) and indoor halls (private)
two types of theatre buildings in Elizabethan Theatre
religious guilds
prinicpal actor
birthplace of democracy
Skill, Beauty, Meaning
the things we see
William Wycherly
The Country Wife
Who wrote wicked
stephen schwartz
a neoclassical concept that established theatrical events should be reality-based
Jerzy Growtowski
who created poor theatre?
given circumstances
character-analysis approach that begins with examining characters' life circumstances; their situation, problems, and the limits life has placed on them; can include general background such as upbringing, religion, social standing; as wel as what happened to the character the moment before entering the scene
words spoken by the characters
actors tools
voice mind and body
where did proscenium originate from?
Noh Theatre Characters
Shite: protagonist; always masked
Waki: side kick, talks for the shite
roman comic writer who followed plautus. his style was literary and less exaggerated. his dialouge was meant to be spoken not sang.
wrote madea, many characters and roles, pro women, psychologically complex, asks specific social questions
what year was the black crook
The characters' deeds, their responses to circumstances, which in turn affect the course of the story.
middle-aged elderly merchant who tried to court the inamorata
poetic justice
good prevails evil is punished
steppenwolf theatre
founded in 1974, chicago..."august: osage country"..america does not have a National theatre but _____ comes close
area where the audience gathers before, after, and breaks in the performance
life and death
earliest theatre dealt with...
Carlo Goldoni
(1707-1793)- joined a traveling troupe of players. Wrote 5 tragedies, 57 tragic comedies, 137 comedies, 57 scenarios for Commedia, and 80 librettos for the opera. Goldoni's characters stray from traditional stock characters. Revolutionary? - he removed masks and wrote scripts
load in/load out
bring set in and out
the timing and placement of a character's entrances, exits, crosses, embraces, and other major movements
the point of the greatest dramatic tension in the play, the moment teh antagonist is defeated
a new thought or a new action
prescriptive criticism
criticism that offers advice and sometimes suggests rules of what should be done in theatre
A person who, after studying the costume designer's drawing and readings, cuts fabric into patterns that realize the design.
Theatre Contract
Deconstructed way of doing things, Foreman is the audience, what the audience expects
thrust staging
audience views stage from three sides
character makeup
makeup that completely transforms the way actors look, such as shadows, wrinkles, and gray hair to turn a young actor into an elderly character
Secondary character in Japanese NO who interrogates, prompts and challenges the Shite. not played in mask,
The person responsible for the overall unity of a production and for coordinating the work of contributing artists
Length of stage engagement for a preformance.
The controlling idea, vision, or point of view that the director feels is appropriate to the play.
The movement of the actors on stage during a production; the technique the director uses to acheive focus and "picturization
actor's position at a right angle to the audience; halfway between open and closed
paint shop
theatre workshop where paint is stored and mixed
creates the trilogy, uses 2 actors and a chorus of 12, uses satyr plays
Meizon scene (define)
Mise-en-scene (placing on stage)
The design aspects of a theatre or film production by way of the "visual theme" or "visual telling of a story"
Selective Realism
a design style that mixes authentic looking elements with stylized ones.
A canvas like material used for set construction, most often on flats, usually cream in color and easy to paint on
French Neoclassicism
no violence or vigorous action on stage, unities of place time and action, unity of genres, five act structure, strictly measured structures for dramatic verse
a reject of nearly every aspect of neoclassicism
Orchestra Pit
the area for musicians may extend underneath the stage
the art of planning and composing a dance
Box set
A box like stage set consisting of flats that form the back wall, side walls, and ceiling, and its usually painted to look like the interior of a room.
Innamorati young lovers
love interest-will they or won't they get together? And what is in their way?
Eugene O'Neill
characters on the fringe - most famous play, family (his) Long Day's Journey also Moon for the Misbegotten - 4 Pulitzers (P) Desire Under the Elms, The Iceman Cometh, and Ah, Wilderness
the views of a set design from front and back
different types of venues?
broadway, off broadway, off off braodway, community theatre, university/collegiate theatre, avant grande.
to stand upstage of another actor on a proscenium stage, forcing the downstage actor to turn away from the audience to communicate with the upstage actor, stealing the focus of the scene.
Thrust (3/4)
Form of stage which projects into the auditorium so that the audience are seated on at least two sides of the extended piece
an actor's move from one side of the stage to another
most famous modern scene - Torvald and Nora, end of play, read by Elizabeth and Mic double ending, new one used in Germany
"Munich-Schwabing with the Church of St. Ursula" (Kandinsky - 1908)
a high intensity color palette
Stage Left
The left side of the stage from the point of view of a performer facing the audience
how far you will go to get what you want
illusion of the first time
performing the show over and over making it appear that the show is happening for the first time
Movies in the 1950's started to cover social issues. What was one film that was a western and contained prejudice, sex, rape and forbidden love?
Duel in the Sun
what is the legend behind Bharata
he recieved the 'Canons' directly from the god Brahama
Most important element of Indian theatre
The actor- movement of all parts of body. Everything else was simple and symbolic
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