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Terms Definitions
dancing place
open-air theatre
scenarios always included
Tartuffe, restoration theatre
David Mamet
Mamet speak
act of rejection information
a computerized light board
slanted of the auditoirium
Center stage
Center of the stage.
leading actors of chinese opera
British team writing light-hearted song/story
sampling rate
CD quality, 44,100 Hz
"Hairy Ape"
expressionism; low-class sailor marries upper-class women
"Waiting for Godot"-pattern play, tragicomedy, ADSURDISM
General Tokugawa
unified Japan. Peace and prosperity.
Environmental theater
modern and contermporary. audience space and playing space are intermixed. audience may choose wehre to look as they would in real life. action occurs all around them
digital actors created by computer animators
any incident that further entangles the plot.
decade of Singin' In the Rain
the lovers, Lelio and Isabella (commedia characters)
Antigone, Oedipus Rex- terrible crisis that leads to suffering and self-understanding. higher law then human behind events. he was often called master of dramatic structure. moving stories, complex characters, poetic language, universal themes
What is AFTRA?
American Federation of Television/Radio Artists
celebrates common people
created by women but they could NOT act in them
Fly Space
area high above the stage
Chikamatsu Monzaemon
first and best Bunraku puppeteer. Often compared to Shakespeare.
capek brothers
who wrote expressionistic plays that delt with social issues
a literary manager or dramatic adviser who collaborates with the director
Bertolt Brecht
German dramatist and poet who developed a style of epic theater (1898-1956)
the ability to understand and identify with another's situation to the extent of experiencing that person's emotion
most remembered song from porgy and bees
number of greek criticisms surviving
1 by Aristotle
Character who speaks directly to the audience, providing commentary or counterpoint on the action
3 types of directors
dictator, creative coordinators, guide
Who never developed sustained theatre?
Mayan, Aztec, Sumerians
Stock Characters
established characters, such as young lovers, neighborhood busybodies, sneaky villians, and overprotective fathers who are immediately recognizable by an audience
True or False: Many of today's directors have been influenced by Hitchcock (as per the clip shown in class)
mirror room
the waiting room of NOH theatre
Jerry Herman
Hello Dolly 1964, optimistic, joyful songs, big moment where gorgeous lady in a fabulous dress walks down the steps and the men sing to her
A person who provide direction for the show.
1. A style of overacting that focuses on contrived action rather than realistic characterization or situations; dramatized for effect.
roman masks
full linen head masks were worn therefore facial expression was unimportant, and was also used to create stock characters
Cafe La Mama
The most famous off-off Broadway theatre.
Actors' Equity Association
the union that represents stage actors
The Theatre of Revival
Reviving past plays and musicals
costume plate
drawings that indicate how a costume is shaped, where seams and folds are, how the costume flows, and what fabrics are to be used
the manner of saying words using the correct sounds and placing the accent on the stressed syllables
2 Aspects of Commedia dell'arte
Improvisational and Stock Characters
Commercial Theatre
Produced to turn a profit for investors
Musicals and Comedies make most money
A branch of philosphy that deals w/ the nature and expression of beauty
True or False: Many of the backstage musicals were produced by Warner Bros
the personality an actor portrays in a scene or play that is different from his own personality
Epic Theatre
Form of episodic drama associated with Brecht and aimed at the intellect rather than the emotions
A group of performers that make up the community of characters within a play, having few lines individually, and seen on stage as one entity.
Blocking Rehearsal
A rehearsal at which the movement & groupings on the stage are set & practiced.
closed-shop union
a union to which all employees must belong and which the employer formally recognizes as their sole collective bargaining agent; also called a "union shop"
Conscious event DramaticCharacter
.Acting is a conscious event whereas most people go life unconscious about who they are. Acting is rehearsed and planned, life is not rehearsed.
Dramatic characters are not real people. Characters are "symbols" of real people. If you "play' yourself in a play you are not yourself, you're a dramatic symbol.
Who assumed the cost for producing the plays during the Medieval period once they moved outside the church?
The Guilds
to make a line stronger than the line or lines before it
comedy of character
driven by the eccentricities of its major figure
16th century (1570s)
during this time period, acting was recognized as a legal profession in England
Minni Maddern Fiske
actor/manager. One fo the 1st to bring Ibsen's plays to America. "The Manhatten Theatre"
Movement of light
use of dimmers, light can shift focus from locations and colors
Misfiring cannon effect
What did the Globe burn down in 1613?
An example is in The Post Office - the fact that the boy "belongs" in nature and always wants to be outside & traveling
Robert Benedetti
His focus was on the actor's body, and how its movement could help shape the character. It is starting with the outside and bringing it in.
Producer or Producing Director
In the United States, the person or institution responsible for the business aspects of a production. Producers can be individuals who finance the production with their own money or who control inverses money or they can be institutions
3 ways the playwright immerses himself into the world of plays:
read plays, watch plays, create plays
what are the characteristics of Japanese no & Kalbuki theatre?
where as No is refined, designed for small studious audience. Kalbuki is gaudi and exhilirating
it Turned into a bundle of hay
what happened to the horse when it was taken into the water
england renaissance
You're sure?
Principle 6
Exaggerated Movement
Influenced Italian Renaissance
John Leguizamo
Auto-biographical performer
Performer enacts stories from his/her life
procenium arch
picture frame stage
Restoration theatre. By Moliere
has immediate audience response
first known western woman playwrite
Theresa Rebeck
author of O BEAUTIFUL
lape de vega
shakespeare of spain
Theatre of Cruelty (60's)
Antonin Artavd
theatre for social change
aka agitprop
women roles in KABUKI theatre
Stage business
The action you perform onstage.
which commedia character wore a costume consisting of large diamond shapes, carried a wooden sword with the middle hollowed out, and was always the clever servant
Jukebox Musical
collection of previously released songs for musical purposes.
Wrote poetry
-Studied theatre in germany
-Worked as a stage manager
-Failure in his work and finances
-left Norway
-self exiled in Rome until 1891
component of theatre added by Romans
the lighting position over the audience's head
aesthetic distance
physical or psychological separation or detachment of audience from dramatic action, usually considered necessary for artistic illusion
volume and intensity, maintaining and focusing attention
Emotional Recall
Stanislavsky's exercise which helps the performer to present realistic emotions. the performers feels a character's emotion by thinking of the conditions surrounding an event in his or her own life that led to a similar emotion
Rehearses the show from beginning to end.
in theatre district in Times Square, 1800 seats, profit production
wind machine
sound device made of a canvas
Native americans, ritual dances of the kachinas, kachinas male masked dancers
Social Problem Play
Addresses social inequity, characters represent opposing positions, climactic plot structure, didactic convo between crisis and climax.
what year was "who's afraid of virginia wolf"
dramatic critisism
formalization of postplay thinking and conversation -
the place where the audience sits during a play
labor guilds
midieval word, mysterie, that mystery plays are named for
commedia dell'arte
best known theatre to do improv;
ring the auditorium for several floors above the orchestra
the setting forth of information about earlier events, identity, relationships, etc.
Charles II
theatres were reopened when ________ took the throne
fourth wall
imaginary wall through which the audience views play
stage manager
The most important assistant to a director; the person who is responsible for running the show during the performance and helping the director during auditions and the rehearsal process by taking notes, recording blocking, and scheduling rehearsals.
1. The area, usually below the front part of the stage, where the orchestra is set up to play the music for a live performance.
America has 3 art forms:
minstrel show; burlesque; vaudeville
Love potions, healing, if you are this you are a Shaman, and most dalongs too
It is an attempt to present onstage people and events corresponding to those observable in everyday life.
the sense that all of the elements work together to create a cohesive, complete and self-contained composition
melodrama suggests
that human beings can triumph over adversity, tragedy proposes that they can transend it
inciting incident
What makes this day very different from any other day, screws up the world of the play
collaborative approach
directors and actor gets to work together
raked stages
stages sloped upward away from the audience
rodgers and hart
song writing team (very synical songs)
Aphra Behn
wrote "History of a Nun;" prolific dramatist of the Restoration (18th century), one of the first English female writers
Cold Reading
Auditioning with a script that you have not had the chance to read before the audition.
Descriptive Criticism
It attempts to describe, as clearly and accurately as possible, what happened in a plot or a performance.
ad lib
unwritten line or business made up by the actor
Volume levels for music are controlled by?
the sound operator
Commedia influences on moliers writing
stock characters and plot scenarios
"The Melting Pot" is a 20th century play that addressed what kind of issues?
American Identity
Rear Elevations
drawings that show the back of flats depicted on front elevations
curtain line
where the act curtain meets the stage on the floor
If I tell you, will you promise to keep it a secret?
a story written to be performed on the stage or on film
The space on the right or left of the stage proper
Western Theory: From rituals
Dithyramb: similar to chorus poem. Got together and sang, dance, thought one should step out and speak. Started dialogue, linked to tragedy.
Phallic Procession: linked to comedy. Parade like events, where eventually they entertained on large phallices.
Roman Catholic Church
Provided a sense of order in chaotic society, had influence everywhere
Yes I do. You're my friend. My best friend. If you're not going t be a cheerleader I'm not going to be a cheerleader. So let's just forget it.
I'm sorry.
Bertolt, Brecht, Berliner Ensemble
Used music, dance, and light to make you look at something a different way, intellectual not emotional
What did the chorus do?
Commented on the plays action and addressed the audience directly
Polish Laboratory theatre, Theatre du Soleil, Bread and Puppet theatre, free southern theatre
Name the 4 alternative aproaches of modern times
What form does dramatic criticism take?
When it is formalized into writing, it can take many forms: production reviews, essays about plays or play productions, commentaries in theatre programs or theatre journals, magazine feature articles on theatre artists, and scholarly articles or books.
square in back right corner of a room with the audience to the front and left
where is the stage in a Noh theatre?
stage properties
Protagonist (Noh)
domestic comedy
chief export
la réplique
a speech
renaissance(rebirth). Places romance over logic, looks at wisdom of natural world, emotion, and feelings instead of logically understanding things. First romantic=John Jacques Cousteau- instinct over reason. Rejects the unites of time, place, and action.
Dr. Rank
Dies of syphilis.
Perfect illusion of reality
Which composer attended Yale?
NYC, but not traditional space
Exaggeration, physical humor, plot complication, stereotyped characters, mistaken identity, chase scenes, fast, accelerated pace.
tri turned set piece wall
A nonrealistic character which symbolizes, in bold relief, some particular type of person or some outstanding characteristic of human behavior to the exclusion of virtually everything else
"les miserables"
written by cameron macintosh
Babes in arms
Romantic comedy musical
won the first dionysian playwriting contests held in greece (first to step out of the chorus and become an actor)
curtain of open mesh gauze (opaque/translucent)
bulk or weight of scenic elements
"Starry Night" (van Gogh -1898) Post-Impressionism
Stephen Biko
beaten to death during apartheid
Fly loft?
scenery to be flown in
"Auto sacramentales"
-Spanish Golden Age
-one act spiritual plays
-liturgical dramas performed in Spain over 200 years after similar plays were banned in other European countries
a recurring theme in the play
Who created South Pacific?
rodgers and hammerstein
solo storytelling
solo storytelling performance blended with visual art to produce performance art in the 1970s
Basic Acting Skills
Innate ability (talent #most important)
Training (education)
Practice (experience)
relates to the kind of emotional responce a play creates in the audience.
minstrel shows
white actors put on black face
David Garrick
influenced the imagination of the actor, credibility
foundation and color shadings
basic makeup consists of...
les miserables
boubil and schoenberg/ one day more
The person who creates the dance numbers for a play or musical, or who teaches the dance numbers to the actors.
Light plot
The chart showing where the instruments should be hung and the directions for plugging and focusing them
who was married to Marilyn Monroe
Arthur Miller
the way sounds or syllables that represent a word are said and stressed according to the proper notation found in the dictionary
what composer influenced agnes de mille?
Aaron Copeland
Emperor Huan Tsung
Founded The Pear Garden, innovative
Environmental Theatre
Branch of avatgarde theatre stressing the environment in which was stripped to the bare essentials
in the mideval guild system who worked for 7 years, room and board to learn a trade
Share a scene
equal audience attention with another actor
Representational Style
Theatrical style in which the actors do NOT acknowledge the presence of the audience, but try to duplicate life.
Tin Pan Alley
West 28th Street where composers, lyricists, and songwriters would set up shop
the roof of the globe theatre is called the...
porgy and bees
blurred distinction between opera and musical theater
line, texture, color
three visual elements of Costume Design
It's true. You'd ought to know that.. You did it. Mama said so.
Character Makeup
makeup used to change an actors natural features.
to move from one place onstage to another
the manner in which people speak and the way words are pronounced in different parts of the world
Who had the longest musical partnership in the history of musical theatre?
Rodgers and Hart
the decisive moment in a novel or play
The Black Crook
melodrama in NYC, 1866, ballet company next door-burnt down, played melodrama and dancers would come on-dance unrelated to drama, combined dance, song, and drama
the term used to refer to a clensing or purifying of emotion is:
cast to type
when casting people that match the physical description in the play
georg II
who had a rule against actors being stars?
Arthur Miller and Langston Hughes
House Un-American Activities Committee members
main curtain
the curtain that closes off almost the entire stage
pièces à vedette
one central character (a star), gave unity to a play, this part was often played by Molière
Which of these was NOT an outcome because of better budgets to improve movies?
More movies
Full Back/ Full Front
facing completely away from or completely toward the audience
What is a "jukebox musical?"
A hugely popular musical theatre entertainment in the twenty-first century.
thrust stage
audience sits on the 3 sides or in semi circle
3 types of stages
proscenium - actors on one side, audient other , thrust - stage ramps out, audience on 3 sides , arena - audience on all sides (round)
Which of the following was NOT used to try and bring people to the theatres?
Free snacks
16th and 17th century italian rennaisance
basic time period of commedia plays
concept and central image
find a central or controlling image or metaphor for theatrical production
What is the difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway shows?
Off-Broadway shows are a Trial ground for new works; generally give opportunities to young artists; use smaller theatres
Qualities that theatre and art share
Tthey are live, they are about human beings, and collaborative
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