Theatre Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Tragic flaw
melodic solos
A love Song
contemporary opera
opera współczesna
Growing in you.
Internal training
concentration, observation, imagination, emotional memory
scenery used on stage
internal belief
the stanlisjwdhjski belief
filling space with voice
La junta de sonido
sound board
A concise and witty statement
what was Faustus first name
smooth, gradual fading of light
Stanislavski created what
Moscow Art Theatre
layout or plan of building
who became a master of pathos
Cameron Macintosh
Famous British director; Directed Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, and Marry Poppins eg. Do you hear the people singing?
the protagonist's realization of how to defeat the antagonist; often related to the theme of the play
makes audience know they're watching show
first play write, tetralogies, used two actors (not just one), had chorus, man's relationship with gods
foundation of acting
search for truthful behavior
unnatural physical humor often making fun in a grotesque way, slapstick humor
Theories of drama adapted from Aristotle. Regularize plays within reasonable time frame, Establish structures of dramatic verse, Unify styles around set genres, eliminate onstage depictions of physical violence.
what one does effects the cast
Tom Stoppard
A twentieth-century British playwright who was born in Czechoslovakia. He first achieved acclaim with his Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead, which featured Hamlet's "attendant lords," hilariously alone and adrift on an unknown stage. His other works include Jumpers and Travesties.
A section of dialogue about a particular subject or idea; the smallest structural element of a script
color-blind casting
casting actors without regard for their race or ethnic background
tech rehearsals
rehearsals hat include the lights, sound, costumes, more complex props, and final set pieces
Peking/Beijing Opera
Colors & masks. Intense action: acrobats. Sound: Music & rhythm. (intense training at young age). Wu-hsi: military plays (acrobats, fights, colorful props). Wen-hsi: love plays ( classical, debates).
Realistic Period (Themes)
The individual and society
-Ibsen felt strongly that society should reflect peoples needs, not work against them
The Place of Women
-Ibsen refused to be called a feminist, preferring to be known as a humanist. He had little patience with people, male or female, who didn't stand up for their rights and opinions
proscenium arch
invented by the Italians; divides audience and actors; frames the play
was the first women playwright. wrote "closet dramas" based on biblical stories
Musical theatre
A type of entertainment containing music, songs, and, usually, dance
elevated platform form which sound and lighting instruments can be manipulated
literary manager
a liaison between playwrights, agents, and the theatre; also writes grant applications to help support new play development and stage readings of new plays
prepares the rehearsal space; takes care of paperwork; maintains order and discipline tween cast n crew
stage manager
Primary material from which plots are created
Inciting Incident
event that introduces the central conflict
Konstantin Stanislavski
Father of modern acting
Moscow art theatre
plays of chekov
Kabuki Theatre Space
Hanamichi: bridge to make entrances and exits on
Traps, Revolve (turning part of stage), Proscenium
fight choreographer
show the actor how to stage combat
Lighting Board Operator takes cues from who during the show?
the stage manager
Big cart pile bodies on, door would open then they'd wheel it out.
What show directed by avant-garde director Julie Taymor, was winner of the 1998 Tony Award for the best musical that recaptured both African jungle and universal myth, creating a magnificent and unique blend of African, Asian, and American performance sty
The Lion King
performing arts
theatre, dance, opera, and music, film also
artistic perspective criteac
quality differencials - artistic idea of what theatre should be
2 words to describe contemperary theatre?
diversity and eclectism
Area above the stage in which scenery may be positioned for use in a production. If entire backdrops are to be used, then they must at least twice the height of the stage opening.
a comic attack on a social or political icon
a actor alone onstage and speaks their inner thoughts out loud
entrance song of the chorus in greek tragedy
cultural revolution
when was traditional opera was banned in china?
*Concept Production
A production of a play dominated by the directors artistic vision, or concept
rodgers and hammerstein
heralded a significant era of the american book musical, made oklahoma, carousel, south pacific, the king and i, and the sound of music
natya sastra
canon of dance and drama, what the gods told bharata to write
Greek Theatre (General)
-At 400 B.C.
-Tragedy was highest form
-Community and Government involvement
white model
a preliminary model to show all the scenery inside the space, without all the painting details is called
Was one of the most influential men of his time (greatest of 19th-20th century)
dramatic criticism
not meant to draw people to a particular production or warn them away from it, nor is it solely on opinion
Dress rehearsal
rehearsal in which a play is performed as it will be for the public, including all the scenery, costumes, and technical effects
Jukebox musical
Story described by songs of an artist; ex. Mamma Mia
A set piece with a solid top & braced legs made to support the weight of actors, furniture, & props.
For an actor, to have memorized their lines is also referred to as what?
"to be off-book"
Deus ex machina
gods appearance at the conclusion of a tragedy
Aeschylus (5525-456 BC)
 80 plays, 7 extant, won first prize at City Dionysia 13 times
 Introduced 2nd Actor, but used 3rd actor after Sophocles
 Focused on the Gods and the forces beyond human control
coaches actors and rehearses special or problem parts
what does an assistant director do?
virtuous woman, cocket, young girl, warrior, old lady
5 female roles in Beijing Opera
What did the HUAC blame Hollywood films for doing in the late 1940's?
Including communist ideas in their films.
True or False: Sarah Ruhl's plays use a blend of styles (including realism), bring myth into the present, examine gender roles, and require very simple designs.
FALSE - they require very challenging design - in particular set design
El anunciación
concluding scene
father of futurism
who composed oklahoma?
an innocent, naive character
Bertolt Brecht
associated with association-effect
Greek word for Actor
off stage side areas
boasts and bragging -- Capitano
"Marilyn" (Warhol - 1967)
Pop Art
Theatrical representations of the shepherds on their way to honor baby Jesus.
Slow ritualistic, gestures stylized, colorful, masks, shite (male character)
"music drama"
Good rewarded, Evil punished
Characters were stereotypes
John Cage
practitioner of experimental theatre, composer, art forms intermingle
aesthetic distance
psychological separatio, sense of detatchment
music in Roman comedy
accompanied dialogue.(difference between Roman comedy and Greek new comedy)
straight and character
2 types of makeup
Hande and ebb/ all that jazz
Of Aristotle's Six Elements of Dramatic Action, which does Aristotle list as the third most important element?
representational acting
tries to represent "real life"
technical director
supervises the construction crews, which include painters, carpenters, electricians, stitchers, wigmakers, and others that are often collectively known as the "tech crew"; authority over all the crew chiefs.
actual meaning behind the words spoken
originating in greek theatre generally refers to serious drama
trope (greek theatre)
when the chorus has dialogue
curtains at the side of the stage
to construct, much like a cartwright, boatwright, etc.
Missing the mark leads to heroes downfall.
"The Prison Courtyard" (Van Gogh - 1890)
major symbolist characters
Maurice Maeterlink, Pellis and Melisande
sheets of colored plastic attached to the front of lighting instruments
A number of separate incidents all related to one epic story.
front of the stage toward the audience
Comedy is known for...
Not having serious consequences
James I
Elizabeth's cousin from scotland, took throne when she died.
MacBeth is written about him
what is DR on the stage
Downstage right
The most recognizable characters are:
Actors and playwrights
Zeomi Motokiyo
known for defining basics of Noh. Playwright, actor.
the relative highness or lowness of a voice at any given time
Catherine de Medicis, a member of the ruling family of Florence, became the queen of France in 1547. 1581 5.5 hr ballet for royal wedding
Workshop Production
director and actors work directly with a playwright to produce a new work, often changing the script along the way
costume plate
drawings that indicate how a costume is shaped, where seams and folds are, how the costume flows, and what fabrics are to be used
Motivated Light
stage lighting that comes from an identifiable source, such as a candle, a lamp, or the sun
Contsantin Stanislavski
Responsible for the Birth of Modern Acting
The Bible
Why was the development of theater delayed for the Jewish community
Box Set
An interior setting using flats to form the back and side walls and sometimes the ceiling of a room. There is usually an imaginary fourth wall between the audience and the characters
an upward slope of the stage floor away from the audience; also, to position scenery on a slant or at an angle other than parallel or perpendicular to the curtain line
Dionysus is the male god of...
Wine and fertility
John Wikes Booth
Killed Abraham Lincoln in Ford's theatre. Was a successful actor. Killed Abe during the play Our American Cousin.His father was head of the acting family. His brother was the greatest actor , best Hamlet ever.
outside city limits
because of high objections, theatres were built
grand drape
the main curtains that opens and closes along the proscenium arch
The Mega Musicals 1980s
Andrew Lloyd Webber-Joseph and the Amazing technicolor coat, Cats
August Wilson
from Pittsburgh; dropped out of HS at 16;disgusted by raciest reatment;educated himself in local library; wrote Decology or the Pittsburgh Cycle---acount of the American experience, each play set in different decade from 1900-1990s, did not write them in order, all set in Hill District of Pgh except 'Ma Raineys Black Bottom'
Paratheatricals & The Colosseum
Gladiators, Beast Wars, Chariot Races, Naumachiae. Entertainment for Romans, and they'd scream for blood. Bloody and violent, real violence. People & animals would die. Maumachiae, they'd flood colosseum and engage in massive sea battles. Would bring boats w/ slaves. Make them do battles, losing side really died. Made sure theatre was a life & death experience.
worked odd jobs in tin pan alley and as a lyricist
House Manager
In charge of all the ushers' deals with any seating problems and makes sure the audience finds their seats and that the play begins on time.
comedy of manners
explores the behavior of a particular segment of society
the order of events in a narrative or any other type of story
Deusex Machina
The top of the Skene was considered heaven, where a crane was located to lower the "god" figure in the play to earth
To Criticize
1. To find fault.
2. To understand and appraise.
Movable Set
all or part of the set moves or changes throughout the play (either during scene changes or in front of the audience)
Arthur Miller
wrote Death of a Salesman and All My Sons
The Duchess of Malfi
play by John webster; woman's husband dies. woman remarries with one of the servants. tortured and killed. servant is warned then killed. everyone dies.
Guys and Dolls
book, Frank Loesser, sounds of NYC and gangsters
Cole Porter
"I get a kick out of you" "You're the top" "Anything Goes" "Begin the Beguine" "Just one of those things"
Four reasons to light a stage are;
1. visibility
2. establishing the environment
3. Placing the action
4. Creating a mood
What does Robert Wilson say about theatre
nothing to understand, only to experience
In the 1940's, Hollywood produced several movies that were meant to raise morale, but the government stopped this because?
The created a false image of the war for civilians.
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