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Terms Definitions
los tejidos
los acontecimientos
el retrato
to scream
el/la crítico/a
2 dimensional object
Italian Baroque, (Counter-Reformation)
Gian Lorenzo Bernini, David 1623
clowns, buffoons
los bufones
terra cotta
baked clay
primary + primary =
16th-Century Italian Renaissance:
Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper, 1495-98
deals with real forms
a northern greek tribe
Rouen Cathedral
Impressionism . Claude Monet
Bar at the Foiles-Bergere
Manet 1881
Three Women (Le Grand Dejeuner)
3d shape that encloses volume
"Untitled" in 2000; basketball hoop shrine critiques "mythology" of professional sports as a way out of a bad place
copying or imitation of objects surface, realistic drawings do this
Apart of "B", the virtual word
Duchamp "Mona Lisa (LHOOQ)
Postcard with Pencil
Eugène Delacroix, The Algerian Women, 1836
1. any artistic design (sometimes serving as a model for imitation) 2. a series of repeated elements and/or designs that are usually varied and produce interconnections and obvious directional movements
Ansel Adams
Who invented the Zone system?
The immediacy of Assyrian scenes like the lion hunt moves Mesopotamian art away from timelessness toward visual narrative
abstract art which forms relate to organic shapes(in contrast to gemertic abstractions)
Different wavelengths of light or a pigment (hue)
the tactile like quality of a surface
Old and New Testament writings whose authenticity is questioned (Greek for "hidden")
sensory experience that occurs after a visual experience has been removed; when eyes adjust to stimulation (or lack of) but they do not completely adjust/adapt
What is the worlds oldest surviving structures?
asymmetrical balance
placement of non-identical forms to either side of a balancing point in such a way that the two sides seem to be the same visual weight.
a cinematic technique in which the subject fills the camera frame; used to focus the viewer's attention on specific imagery or detail
pure description of the object without value judgements, analysis, or interpretation
a recess or niche that distinguishes the wall oriented toward mecca
an early form of photography that uses chemicals to produce the image.
el / la escultor(a)
artista qiuen trabaja con barro
lines vary in
length width texture direction and degree of curve
Add white to a color to lighten it
Focal Point
A specific spot to which one's attention is drawn
one color that is modified by changing the values and saturation of the hue by additions of black or white
hidra de lerna
tenia muchos tenticulos y cabezas, combatido con flechas encendidas
The shaping of 3D forms in soft materials such as clay, also the representation on a flat surface of 3D forms by means of variations in the use of colour properties.
Types of Unity
• Visual Unity-artwork that is unified by color, shape, composition or some
other visual design principle.
• Conceptual Unity-artwork that has a common theme or concept throughout
the composition.
A mythical creature that is half man, half horse.
The city in which the Wainwright Building resides
St. Louis
"Tribute of Light"
Sept. 11th Memorial New York Ground Zero
a line or shape that is upright and parallel to the sides of the paper
Elements of Art
Little Fred Smith Made Violet Love Vallera Cry Playing Star (wars) Too Manly
Line, Form, Shape, Mass, Volume, Light, Value, Color, Pattern, Space, Time, Motion
A style of art that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. Having bizarre qualities.
plastacine clay
putty like clay made of salt, jelly, and acids
Black Figure
Red background & black detail made by incising.
Stele of Hammarabi
one of the first examples of written laws
point of view
angle from which the viewer sees an object
Portrait of Augustus as general
man in armor holding a stick. Augustus
White Centre Yellow Pink and Lavender on Rose 1950
Mark Rothko, owned by David Rockefeller, sold for $40 million
"Fashion has so much impact. It's the first thing you notice about a person."
"I'm obsessed with voyeurism, I love dischotomies and being witness to them in human nature."
Say two quotes from Melanie Pullen
la escultura
la fantasía
la melodia
to sculpt
FallenJane Hammond2004-ongoing-Analogous color scheme-mostly warm-inspired by the fallen soldiers in Iraq -each leaf has the name of a soldier
hue plus black
assister à
to attend
creo que
I believe
está parado
to be standing
Navy blue
Blue + black
applaudir frénétiquement
to applaud wildly
lines around an object
The Judgement of Paris
Art Forms
Two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, photography, filmmaking, conceptual art of installation art.
rober smithson - spiral jetty
obra de arte
work of art
not possible to see through
non objective
non representational subject matter
rectangular vestibule at the main (usually western) entrance of a church. in early christian arch. it can also be an entrance porch w/ columns on the outside of a church.
Rubens, Elevation of the Cross, 1610
pottery or hollow clay scultpture fired at high temp in a kiln or ocen to make them harder and stronger
Anti-rational art movement from the 20th century, dominants force before war was rational and appeals to the child inside
The dimensions of the closer extremeties are adjusted in order to make up for the distortion created by the point of view
West, Death of General Wolfe, 1770
political and religious conflicts that led to the establishement of Protastant sects in the Christian Church
comparative relation between things or magnitudes as to size, quantity, number, etc.; ratio. relative size orextent
In orthographic projection, a slice of an object or architectural structure which reveals with internal structure and detail
refers to techniques in which a material is taken away; creation of an artwork by carving away the excess from a larger piece of material
Treat landscapes as though it has symbolic meaning for beyond its obvious geographical features
harmony, correct use of all the elements
A design principle that focuses the viewer's attention on one or more parts of a composition by accentuating certain shapes intensifying value of color featuring directional lines or strategically placing the objects and images
Silk Screen
(Andy Warhol), a printmaking process in which stencils are applied to a screen of silk or similar material stretched on a frame. Paint or ink is forced through the open areas of the stencil onto paper beneath.
tertiary colors
the mixture of primary and secondary
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
Goya, 1796
3 basic properties of works of art
a plant and works where alcoholic drinks are made by distillation
how the artist organizes forms of artwork
was the leader of an important German Expressionist group that hoped to build a bridge to a better, more enlightened future through their art.
north: Douglas Cole
industrial cities, people escaping to wilderness areas. already an audience of affluent patrons. Group is elevated to the status of Canadian cultural heroes
what is another name for color? (red or blue)
a situation in which objects, forms or planes transmit and diffuse light but have a degree of opacity that does not allow clear visibility through the form
Non-Objective Art
Descriptive of art that does not represent or otherwise refer to the visible world outside itself
Jump cut
Sometimes called a cut, moves abruptly from one shot to the next
vanishing point
point on horizon line where parallel lines seem to meet
the principle of design that refers to the visual equalization of the elements in a work of art so that one side of the artwork does not appear heavier than the other side. Balance may also be radial, symmetrical, or asymmetrical.
inspirar una idea a otra persona de manera sútil
actual texture
A surface that can be experienced through the sense of touch (as opposed to a surface visually simulated by the artist).
line Quality
A variety of width, value, and activity in a drawn line.
"paranoiac critical method"
Dali's creation of a visionary reality from elements of visions, dreams, memories, and psychological or pathological distortions
Face Puppets:
Puppets made out of plain paper plates with character faces drawn, colored, or painted on them. Actors wear them on their hands.
Used to refer to art in which the subject matter is drawn from everyday life. It is also used in a general sense to describe whole categories of art or subjects.
shape (e)
is an enclosed space defined by other elements of art. shapes may take on the appearance of two-d or three- objects.
Raphael (characteristics) high Rn.
He painted Madonnas, portraits. Round paintings.
Rembrandt, The Night Watch
commissioned by milita guy for the musketor hall, uses impasto, sense of urgency, girl in gold caught attentions, w/ chicken
Facts about Van Gogh
Cut off ear to give to rachel-PostiulatePostiulate
Got in fight with paul gogant
sold 1 painting in his life
brother -theo made his famous
Self inflicted gun shot- diet a few days later
smmetrical balance
elements are same on both sides of the imaginary line
Visual Unity
The unity in a work of art as created by visual elements.
Emphasis - Principles of Design
Helps create a focal point; can be created by placement and with contrasting elements
Robin Rhodes [he got game ]
he got game says this work exemplifies how creativity is an attitude that is as fundamental to experiencing art as it is to making art. This suggests that anyone can be creative
la pintura
por consequencia
change; transformation
sculpter (m)
la critique
criticism; critique
obra de teatro
la naturaleza muerta
still life
another word for red-violet
le metteur en scène
the study of symbols
The Fool of Bethesda
Comfirmation that something is authentic.
andy warhol - Marilyn diptych
one point perspective
one vanishing point
The Annunciation by Fra Angelico
Primary colors cannot be mixed
supporting vertical wall from which the vault springs (in dome)
Jacques-Louis David, Oath of the Horatii, 1784
earthy mineral substance thats plastic feeling when wet and rocklike when fired
uncommon responses to situations and to solving problems
greek great hall or central room
Stanley, Young Omahan, War Eagle, Little Missouri, and Pawnees, 1821
mannered or affected appearance of subjects
primary color
Additive, physiological, or light primaries red, green, and blue. Lights of red, green, and blue wavelengthsmay be mixed to produce all colors.
Primary Colors
The additive primaries (colors created by directly using light) are red, green and blue. The subtractive (or pigment) color primaries are yellow, magenta red and cyan blue
principles of design
basic aesthetic considerations that guide organization in a work of art (such as unity and variety, harmony, balance, scale, rhythm, and proportion.)
Objects are broken up, analyzed, and resembled in an abstract form
elements of shading
cast shadow(black), shadow(dark gray), halftone(medium gray), reflected light(light gray), full light(white)
Optical Color
Perception of color under various lighting conditions
John Cage
United States composer of avant-garde music inspired many artists in modern art
thrust stage
an audience that surrounds the stage.
la fuente de inspiración
the source of inspiration
the image viewers can easily identify in a work of art
a substance formed during a chemical process before the desired product is obtained
subtractive light
light reflected from pigments and objects
What does the term "avante garde" mean?
Advanced guard
canada and the call
j.e.h. macdonald 1914 colour lithograph paper
geometric shapes
precise shapes that can be described using mathematical formulas.
unfired clay ready or nearly ready for firing.
a movement of the early 20th century that emphasized imagery from dreams and fantasies
Bill Voila
Most celebrated film artist today - work is meditative and deeply thoughtful
tool used to remove/dig out surface of linoleum - smaller number is smaller
folk artists
people who create art using styles that have been handed down through generations. Folk Artists are usually untrained. Artists that create using things from nature.
el manierismo
estilo que reduce el espacio, emplea colores extravagantes y usa figuras con posturas complejas y alargadas
abstract texture
A texture derived from the appearance of an actual surface but rearranged and/or simplified by the artist to satisfy the demands of the artwork.
The place where two things meet (for example, where the sky meets the ground); the line of separation between two shapes or a space and a shape.
Abstract Expressionism
based on New Deal, Benton and Rivera influences, surrealism, primal heritages/traditon (native american, mythology), Cal Jung and collective unconscious, nature: evolution, natural history, vitalism
The name of a color such as red, purple, magenta.
pointillism (stippling)
a technique using points or dots to create the illusion of volume/perspective in a piece of art
Rose Window
Is he big window in gothic cathedrals and it is dedicated to Mary
Who painted The Conversion of St. Paul?
Merisi da Carravagio
Zurbaran, St. Serapion
simple monk w/ head knocked off gave life for conversion, down plays violence to male meditative vision for viewers
Contour drawing
Slow and pencil maves as fast as eye, continous line, shows edge, wrinkles and interior (organic
gradated value scale
shows the grades, you can see the actual lines between the values
Difference of Scale and Proportion
Scale concerns the relative size of the object compared to others whereas proportion is concerned with relationship of the size to the whole.
pinch building method
when you roll a ball of clay, put your thumb in the middle, and pinch the walls to the desired thickness
Francisco Goya ''the disasters of war number 18 bury them and say nothing ''
is expression of outrage at the Napoleonic war this series is a landmark of social criticism and art and still influences artists today
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