To Kill A Mockingbird Character List Flashcards

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tom-boy, headstrong
Maycomb's usual disease
Uncle Jimmy
Aunt Alexandra's husband
Heck Tate
Sheriff of Maycomb
Wife of Tom.
Helen Robinson
Stephanie Crawford
"a neighborhood scold"
Simon Finch
Atticus' ancestor-founded Finch's Landing
Mr. Gilmer
balding, smooth-faced, anywhere between 40-60 years old
Miss Carolina Fisher
Scout's first grade teacher
One of Aunt Alexandra's grandchildren, who spends Christmas with the Finch family and annoys Scout by being both boring and cruel.
Aunt Alexandra
Atticus's sister, a strong-willed woman with a fierce devotion to her family. She is the perfect Southern lady, and her commitment to propriety and tradition often leads her to clash with Scout.
Mayella Ewell
thick-bodied, yet still fragile looking, young
Mr. Underwood
the publisher of Maycomb's newspaper; respects Atticus and his ally
their grandson; Scout gets in a scuffle with him during Christmas at Finch's landing
Bob Ewell
mean, poor, and spiteful man. Testifies at the trial of Tom Robinson
The narrator and main character who begins her story at almost six years old. A rebellious tomboy, Scout has a fierce disposition toward any who challenge her, but at heart she believes in the goodness of people. Scout reacts to the terrible events of the
Maycomb County's trusty sheriff, who is ultimately an honest and upstanding man.
Heck Tate
Maycomb, Alabama
Name of the town in TKAM.
Braxton Underwood
"profane, intense man", ran Maycomb Tribune office
Caroline Fisher
from North Alabama, young, auburn hair, pink cheeks, crimson fingernails, high heels, striped dresses, smelled like peppermints
Mr. Link Deas
Tom Robinson's employer; in his willingness to look past race and praise the integrity of Tom's character, Deas epitomizes the opposite of prejudice
Reverend Sykes
minister at the black church that Calpurnia takes the children to, admires Atticus
Mr. Avery
boards across the street from Mrs. Dubose. Scout and Jem build a snowman that looks just like him
Arthur "Boo" Radley
town outcast whom the children constantly try to see
Atticus's brother, a doctor Jem and Scout are very fond of.
Uncle Jack
Walter Cunningham
Scout's school mate who cannot afford lunch
Mr. Dolphus Raymond
wealthy white man who considers white society very hypocritical and prefers to live amongst blacks; lives in Maycomb with his black mistress and their children
Jeremy Atticus Finch
Jem; son of Atticus, brother to Scout
A friend of the Finch children, who is a little older than Scout, quite short for his age, has an active imagination, and exhibits a strong sense of adventure. He initiates the first expeditions toward the Radley house, and is Scout's best friend. His fam
A black woman who works as the Finch family's cook and housekeeper. She is one of the many motherly figures in Scout's life and one of the few who can negotiate between the very separate black and white worlds of Maycomb.
First Person
Point of View in To Kill a Mockingbird
Uncle Jack Finch
shorter than Atticus, sharp nose and chin, doctor,
Walter Cunningham, Sr.
poor, but proud; works hard to survive the Depression and keeps his land
Son of the other Walter, who attends first grade with Scout.
Walter Cunningham (Jr.)
Mrs. Dubose
An old lady who lives down the street and who screams at the children as they pass her house.
Burris Ewell
boy who is dirty and rude on the first day of school
Miss Rachel Havenford
Dill's aunt
Miss Rachel Haverford
Dill's Aunt
Tim Johnson
dog shot by Atticus
real name: Charles Baker Harris
Miss Maudie
Finch's neighbor, children's best friend among the adults of Maycomb.
Judge Taylor
white haired, amiable, informal, "sleepy old shark"
the Finch's housekeeper; acts as a more distant mother-figure to Jem and Scout
Bob Ewell's daughter who accuses Tom Robinson of rape
The reverend for the all-black congregation, First Purchase African M.E. church, which Scout and Jem visit one day with Calpurnia.
Reverend Sykes
Tom Robinson
An African-American man defended by Atticus
Dolphus Raymond
associates with blacks, wore English riding boots, smelled of "leather, horses, cottonseed"
Uncle Jack
Atticus' brother; often acts as a father-figure to Jem and Scout
Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose
elderly lady down the street
A kind, cheerful, and witty neighbor and trusted friend of Scout's, who also upholds a strong moral code and helps the children gain perspective on the events surrounding the trial. She also loves gardening.
Maudie Atkinson
Boo Radley
Rarely leaves the house, leaves Jem and Scout trinkets
Jean Louise Finch
Scout; daughter of Atticus, sister of Jem
Charles Baker Harris
Dill; visits next door during the summer
The father of Scout and Jem, Atticus is a lawyer and an extremely morally upright man who strives to deal with everyone fairly. Atticus is sometimes overly optimistic, but his unshakable hope in mankind and self-created role as the town 'do-gooder' sustai
Atticus Finch
The oldest of the many Ewell children, at age nineteen. She lives a miserable and lonely existence, despised by whites and prohibited from befriending blacks. However, she breaks a social taboo by trying to seduce Tom, then reacts with cowardice by accusi
Mayella Ewell
Nathan Radley
The stern distant brother of Boo who seldom speaks even though he is seen every day
Atticus Finch
Father to Scout and Jem; lawyer who defends Tom Robinson
Miss Maudie Atkinson
grows azaleas, a widow, hated her house, worked in her flowerbeds in an old straw hat and men's overalls
A poor farmer who is among the "Sarum bunch," a crowd which assembles near the town jail the night before Tom's trial in order to start a lynching. He is deeply moved by Scout's friendly words when she tries to diffuse the situation, and as a result leads
Walter Cunningham
Walter Cunningham, Jr.
son of Sr., also poor, gets Scout into trouble the first day of school
A white man who chose to marry a black woman and have "mixed" children. He pretends to be a drunk so that the townspeople will have a way to more comfortably explain his behavior and life choices.
Adolphus Raymond
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