To Kill a Mockingbird Character Quiz Flashcards

Terms Definitions
eldest brother
Stephanie Crawford
neighborhood gossip
Boo Radley
mysterious neighbor
Miss Caroline
Mean, Scouts teacher
Heck Tate
Sheriff of Maycomb
Miss Stephanie Crawford
the neighborhood gossip
Miss Gates
Scout's 2nd Grade teacher
Miss Maudie Atkinson
She grows scuppernongs.
Atticus Finch
lawyer, on state legislature, generous, understanding, calm, collected
John Taylor
the judge during the trial
Reverend Sykes
minister of the all-black congregation, First Purchase African M.E. church
judge taylor
person visited by a prowler
Dill Harris
He is from Merriweather, Meridian
Mr. Avery
neighbor of Finch's, helps fight fire
Tom Robinson
Accused of raping Mayella Ewell; Injured his left hand in a cotton gin; African-American; married with children.
Poor farmers who never take anything they can't give back; the depression his them the hardest. Proud
takes jem and scout to her church
Mr. Gilmer
The solicitor, lawyer for Bob Ewell
Link Deas
Tom and Helen's employer; makes sure Helen can pass safely by Ewells
Bob Ewell
A drunk; wrongly accused Tom Robinson of raping his daughter; hateful and prejudiced.
Nathan Radley
Oldest Radley brother; becomes head of the family when his father dies; cements in the knothole tree
Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose
elderly lady down the street
Reverend Skyes
has great respect for atticus; leader of the first purchase
Miss Maudie
widowed, old friend of the Finches, neighbor to the finches, passionate for justice like atticus, friends with the jem, scout, bakes and gardens, house burns down, explains "mockingbird sin"
courageous old woman who breaks her addiction to morphine before she dies
Mrs Dubose
Arthur Radley
Boo; nice to the children; mends Jem's pants; gives them gifts in the knothole; covers Scout at the fire
First Person
Point of View in To Kill a Mockingbird
A black woman who does not want Scout and Jem in First Purchase
Cecil Jacobs
lived at far end of Scout's street; always avoided Boo and Mrs. Dubose; fights; scared Jem and Scout at the pagent
Charles Baker Harris
Dill. A "pocket Merlin" loves to tell stories, doesn't' know his father; passed around the family to be taken care of; best friend to Scout
Mr. Braxton Bragg Underwood
Owner, editor, and printer of the Maycomb Tribune. Openly dislikes blacks but defends Tom's right to a fair trial.
walter cunningham
the boy who's pride allows him not to accept a quarter
Boo Radley (Mr. Arthur Radley)
the mysterious neighbor who piques the children's interest. They've never seeen him and make a game of trying to get him to come outside.
Mr. Walter Cunningham
He was one of the leaders of the lynch mob.
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