To Kill a Mockingbird Significant Characters Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Arthur Radley
Tim Johnson
Mad dog
Narrator of the story
Jem and Scout's father
Nathan Radley
Arthur's older brother
Uncle Jack
Scout and Jem's uncle
Alexandra and Jimmy's grandson. Repeats everything his grandma says; tattle-tale.
Miss Stephanie Crawford
the neighborhood gossip
Harry Johnson's rabid dog
Tim Johnson
Aunt Alexandra
Atticus's sister, a strong-willed woman with a fierce devotion to her family. Alexandra is the perfect Southern lady, and her commitment to propriety and tradition often leads her to clash with Scout.
all angles and bones, nearsighted, wide hand, housekeeper for Atticus
Calpurnia's son, literate, calls out lines in church, trash collector
Miss Maudie
Finch's neighbor, children's best friend among the adults of Maycomb.
Cunningham Family
Very Poor, hardworking farmers, only take what they can repay; moral/friendly with neighbors
Scout (Jean Louise Finch)
narrator of the story
oldest kid of the family, plays football, broke his arm,loses his pants,close to dad
Boo Radley
Arthur, lives with a controlling brother, has not been seen since he got in trouble at age 15
symbol for innonence, does no harm, boo radley and tom robinson are examples
Mrs. Dubose
An elderly, ill-tempered, racist woman who lives near the Finches. Although Jem believes that she is a thoroughly bad woman, Atticus admires her for the courage with which she battles her morphine addiction.
Tom Robinson
Black Man defended by Atticus Finch
Bob Ewell
A drunken, mostly unemployed member of Maycomb's poorest family. In his knowingly wrongful accusation that Tom Robinson raped his daughter, Ewell represents the dark side of the South: ignorance, poverty, squalor, and hate-filled racial prejudice.
Mrs. Grace Merriweather
A devout Methodist, Mrs. Merriweather writes the Halloween pageant.
Burris Ewell
Filthy, cusses out the teacher, only goes to the first day of school every year
Reverend Sykes
minister at the black church that Calpurnia takes the children to, admires Atticus
Miss Caroline
Scout's first grade teacher, new to the town, doesn't know the ways, young & pretty but doesn't fit in
Jean Louise Finch
"The Cunninghams never took anything they can't pay back-no church baskets and no scrip stamps. They never took anything off of anybody, they get along on what they have. They don't have much, but they get along on it" (Lee 20)
Uncle Jack Finch
shorter than Atticus, sharp nose and chin, doctor,
Atticus Finch
Jem and Scout's father. A lawyer, he is representing Tom Robinson. An honorable man
Dill (Charles Baker Harris)
Jem and Scout's neighborhood friend; visits every summer from Meridian
Miss Maudie Atkinson
A kind, cheerful, and witty neighbor and trusted friend of Scout's, who also upholds a strong moral code and helps the children gain perspective on the events surrounding the trial. She also loves gardening.
Walter Cunninham
con of Mr. Cunningham and classmate of Scout who couldn't afford lunch one day at school and accidentally gets Scout in trouble
Heck Tate
The sheriff of Maycomb and a major witness at Tom Robinson's trial. Heck is a decent man who tries to protect the innocent from danger.
judge john taylor
judge during the tom robinson trial, typically runs court informally, admires atticus and dislikes the ewells during care and sides with atticus that tom is innocent but cannot declare him innocent because of ignorant jury
(Boo) Arthur Radley
a man locked up in his house,accused of stabbing his father
Mr. Nathan Radley
Boo's older brother who acts now as his dad since the dad died, fills in knot on tree
Cousin Joshua
cousin who is in jail, he costs the family a lot of money
Jem (Jeremy Atticus Finch)
Scout's brother an one of her best friends; enters young adulthood and faces difficult issues
Walter Cunningham, Jr.
son of Sr., also poor, gets Scout into trouble the first day of school
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