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roman comedy
"song drama"
Women Playwrights*
see notes!
rzędy na parterze
planned actor movement
public squares
usually played in
Movements on the stage
servants; most famous- Harlequinn
Stage Right
the actor's right
La cámara de vídeo
video camera
What are professional theatres operating on significantly reduced budgets found primarily in Greenwich Village, SoHo, and upper East and West sides of Manhattan became collectively known as?
that which holds the attention
roll on and off stage
Konstantin Stanislavski
russian director/actor
inside out, and outside in characterizaion as well as truth and objective
Avant- Garde
French military term: Vangaurd
Labeled work that rebelled against naturalism and realism
From 1890s through 1960s
who wrote antigone and oedipus rex?
Hal Prince
director (visual director); concept reinforced by set design, costume design and blockage; together Hal and Stephen Sondheim collaborated in a story called 'Company'; most famous director of Concept Musicals
in the mid-1800s, a gas-powered spotlight in which a jet of oxygen and hydrogen was ignited with small bits of lime. Now the word means "the center of attention."
comedy, includes a plot of complications and no intellectual pretense
kind - what type of play
assistant director
attends production meetings, coaches actors, rehearses understudies
O'Neil followed who's style of writing
when A preforms B for C
"The Children's Hour"
Lesbo teachers have relationship
Composing pictures with the actors who reinforce an idea in the story; a technique used by directors
tech rehearsal
rehearsals that include the lights, sound, costumes, more complex props, and final set pieces
the conscious or subconscious reason a character takes a particular action
Asian Theatre
Less dialogue and speech. Non-linear events, can skip time, cause and affect. Transcend reality, go beyond real world. Abandon illusion. Uses platforms & space, might see different levels on stage, space for movements.
First Female Playwrights
-Mother Superior on German Nunnery
-Triumph over temptation
-6 Plays- Rhymed Latin
-Contrast to Terrence (roman) would show Christian Virgins and Martyrs
in musical theatre, the person who writes the book or script
Second capital of HRE, fell to Turks
piece of scenery consisting of a wooden frame, usually rectangular, covered with lightweight board or fabric
made up of the artistic decisions meant to communicate a specific interpretation to the audience
primary means of expression for the playwright (words, language, rhythm)
Anton Chekov
Russian dramatist whose plays are concerned with the difficulty of communication between people (1860-1904)
Define Sound Designer:
an individual ultimately responsible for all aspects of a films audio track, from the dialogue and sound effects recording to the re-recording (mix) of the final track
Middle Ages (evolution of director)
Pageant Master
use promptbook
green room
where the actors wait for their cues
huge rental houses are made up from this
Greek Theatre
Used masks, to identify people, and characterize people. So people high up can see. Mask had built in microphone so people can hear. Exaggerated a lot, no realism. No violence on stage, but yes off. Used special affects like Ekkyklema, Mechane/Machina.
Which genre, which features little or no speaking in pieces like "Contact" by Susan Stroman, or a newly revisioned "Car Man" (Carmen) by Matthew Bourne, has moved from relative obscurity to the winning of Tony awards in recent years?
Dance Theatre
Platus and Terrence
Roman comedic playwrights, used Greek New Comedy
Parts of a play
exposition, rising action, crisis, climax, falling action, conclusion
types of comedy?
1) Farce- exaggeration
2) Comedy of Manners- relys heavily on verbal wit
3) Satire- comedy that uses wit, irony, and exaggeration to expose evil and correct vices
A short flown border used to mask scenery or equipment
a genre of theatre that emphasizes the subconscious realities of the character, usually through design, and often includes random sets with dreamlike qualities
info needed before the play, what HAS happened
the "Super-Objective"
The big goal, what the character wants.
the roof of the globe theatre is called the...
*Comedy Number
A song in a musical that provides comic releif
slap stick
a wooden sword used in comic fight scenes, emphasized horseplay
george and ira gershwin
brothers, known for fantastic music, crazy for you, tin pan alley
African American (-Lorraine Hansberry)
-"A raisin in the Sun (1950)
sensitive critic
be receptive to life and to artistic experience. questioning not smug - open to new ideas
Pageant Wagon
Carts that were drawn through the town by horses
Auteur director
A director who believes that his or her role is to be the author of a production. An auteur director's point of view dominates that of the playwright, and the director may make textual changes and modifications
Anton Chekhov- "The Seagull"
First failure but later successful revived by the Moscow Art Theatre; Chekhow one of the best known short story writers of Russia
the lovers manner
move swiftly, arms held to sides or curved, always get very close without touching, always primping themselves
"Porgy & Bess" is to "folk opera" as The "Phantom of the Opera" is to _________?
Rock opera
Day 4-6 of Dionysia
3 related tragedies followed by a comic variation of a tragedy
Sophocles (495-406 BC)
 120 plays, 7 extant, won first prize 13 times
 Introduced 3rd Actor
 Dealt with taboo subjects
 Plots featured many reversals and deus ex machina ending
 Used minor myths or severely altered major myths
 Dialogue and characterization seems more realistic
tennessee williams, and arthur miller
who did elia kazan direct plays for?
Fiddler on the Roof
book, last great book musical of the Golden Ages,
How did Hollywood actors/actresses help with war efforts?
All of the above. Sell war bonds, Boost morale, Join up, Entertain the troops.
True or False: Stage presence means to be present at rehearsals.
FALSE. Stage presence is the ability of an actor to captivate the audience
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