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Terms Definitions
to approve
lose in value
Supporters of the Constitution
supporters of the constitution
a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment
composed of two legislative bodies
Northwest Territory
Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.
The Articles of Confederation failed and the found
Who led the Continental Congress?
John Dickinson
This league was created under the Articles
The central government that made laws and controlled matters that affected the entire the nation as a whole such as war.
movement during the 1700's that spread the idea that knowledge, reason, and science could improve society
Judicial Branch
The branch of government that interprets laws
The reason the founding fathers failed to create a
Another weakness with the Articles of Confederatio
Shay's Rebellion
angry farmers gathered and prepared to attack an arsenal for weapons. the group was ultimately defeated but they did prove a point that the articles of confederation were not sucsessful
A group of members who join together for a new form of government; a weak union
to be the same as or corresponding to
idea that logic and reason could help in law, society, and government
Executive branch
the branch of government that carries out laws
When you print too much money it begins to lose va
True or False, Which Article: Congress had the power to draft citizens from the 13 states for a national army and navy.
False, article 9.
True or False, Which Article: The Articles formed a firm league of friendship so that states could provide for the common defense of the union.
True, Article 3.
John Dickinson
The man who is given credit for writing the Articles of Confederation with the help of the Second Continental Congress
check and balance
Each branch if government have the same power and they could check over other branches work.
a part of a document, such as the Constitution, that deals with a single subject
What happens when the amount of currency circulati
it loses value
Representation of the States
There were 2-7 delegates per state. The number of the delegates was determined by the population of the state. Every state had one vote, regardless to the population
Congress adopted a weak version of the Articles and sent it to the states for...
Ratification in 1777.
Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
Document declaring no person could be forced to go to a particular church or had to pay for it with tax money.
How long did the articles or government last?
1781- 1789 ( 8 years)
What was the biggest weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
No power to collect taxes
True or False, Which Article: Disputes would be settled in Supreme Court.
False, that's done in the states, Article 9.
What was the impact of Shay’s Rebellion? (Failure of the “Articles” Government). Could something such as Shay’s Rebellion happen again?
Economic and political strife as well as many flaws that were present within the Articles Government such as an inefficient legislative branch that did not offer protection, heavy taxation, and a senate largely composed of aristocrats. Could happen again
What should be done about the “Articles” Government? (Keep/Amend/Scrap)
Amend many flaws such as a poor legislative branch, heavy taxation, and an aristocratic senate the articles government also had many successes such as the Treaty of Paris (1783), the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, and the Land Ordinance of 1784.
True or False: The Articles was created to declare the Independence of USA.
False. It was to draft a plan of government.
to approve something
a law or regulation
A formal plan of government
Total current income of a goverment
The national government could regulate interstate
What are the seven principles?
Popular savereigntyRepublicanismFederalismSeperati
This is where they revised the Articles
the formal act of freeing from slavery
the sharing of power between federal and state governments
The Articles of Confederation were our nation’s fi
The legislative branch under the Articles of Confe
Congress, 1
farmers problems
the farmers couldn't pay off their debt. they were treated poorly. after fighting in the war, they returned home to be turned down by the country they had just saved. many of the farmers were imprisoned because they didn't pay of the debts they owed.
Daniel Shay
led shay rbellion, cap. in continetal army, no pay for army service sig. taxes lowered, showed need for strong central gov't
the part of the government that carries out laws
executive branch
Articles of Confederation were written by this gro
Second Continental Congress
True or False, Which Article: States could not form alliances or make treaties with other nations.
True, Article 6.
significance of Shay's Rebellion
proved that the articles of confederation were too weak. govts. were also scared more rebellions would follow if they didn't fix the problems
Financial Problems
there was a lot of inflation and congress couldn't tax
electoral college
a special group of voters selected by their state's voters to vote for the president and vice president
What does Federalism mean?
When power is shared between individual states.
Baron de Montesquieu
wrote The Spirit of the Laws : developed the idea of the separation of powers into three branches of government
The Articles of Confedeation establish a very weak
a "firm league of friendship"
What were the accomplishments of the “Articles” Government?
Some accomplishments of the “Articles” Government were the Treaty of Paris which took place in 1783, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, and the Land Ordinance of 1784.
We didn't have a what under the Articles?
President, national court system
The Ordinance of 1785
divided up land north of the Ohio R. into townships
True or False, Which Article: Each state's voting power was determined by it's size.
False, All states had equal voting rights. Article 5.
Achievements of the Articles of Confederation were...
a. The Articles were the 1st drafted proposal for a national government in America.
b. The Articles established a form of government in which Americans were citizens of their own states 1st and of the United States 2nd.
c. Under the Articles, the nation
The Provisions that made the Articles of Confederation so weak were...
A. The Articles created a weak central government.
B. There was no national court system or executive branch, but there was a unicameral congress in which each state had one vote.
C. Financial, diplomatic and military affairs were managed by congression
What was the goal in writing the Articles of Confe
to provide unity and stability to the 13 states
Tax on imported goods
People who opposed the constitution
When were the Articles adopted?
Anti Federalist
individuals who opposed ratification of the Constitution
The Articles of Confederation were unsuccessful be
True or False: The Articles didn't take effect until ratified by all 13 states.
Confederation 1781~1789
Congress had limited authority. any attempt to change the Articles of Confederation required all 13 states
Not subject or dependent for support; freedom action
Tariffs are a tax on imported goods.
How did foreign governments see the U.S.
What caused the Boston Tea Party
Taxation without representation
Edmund Randolph
a delegate from Virginia at the Constitutional convention. He proposed the large state compromise of a bicameral legislature
a change in, or addition to, a constitution or law
movement by farmers to protest high taxes
Shays' Rebellion
What does ammendment stand for?
Change to the Constitution?
What was the greatest power given to the Congress
Make War
Which colonies had a constitution by 1780?
all of them
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Legislation passed by congress to create a system for entering new states.
the part of the government that passes laws
legislative branch
What is republicanism?
People exercise their power and vote representativ
What was the first official government in the U.S.?
The Articles of Confederation
What are the 7 princibles of the Constitution?
Popular Sovernty, Republicanism, Federalism, Seper
True or False, Which Article: Congress could declare war with a majority vote.
False, needed 9 states, Article 9.
Beginning in _a_, northwester claims by individual states were _b_, and the Articles became law in _c_ and were in effect until _d_.
a. 1781
b. abandoned
c. March 1, 1781
d. March 4, 1789
A few rights of the states
They could tax, print their own money, trade, have their own law, education system, courts, even their own military
Name 3 strengths that the national government was
Declare war, Make peace, and cion money
What does checks and balances mean?
They make sure that no one branch is different tha
Can the government make a law by themselves?
No the public has to say the law is all right.
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