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C.Bony fusion
Eccentric Contraction
hinge joints
uiniaxial angular

AKA symphysis

Occurs when bones are separated by a wedge of fibrocartilage

Intervertebreal discs and anterior connection between pubic bones
define synotosis:
totaly immovable joint
imperturbable self-possession, poise, or assurance.
synarthrotic,fibrous tissue bounds bones in skull
Slightly Movable Joints are called
Fibrous Dense regular connective tissue connects skull bones
EX: Lambdoid Suture
FUNCTION: Synarthrosis
movement that opens the mouth
movement that lowers a bone
overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited:
characterized by injustice or wickedness; wicked; sinful.
What is amphiarthrosis?
A slightly moveable joint
Hinge Joint
uniaxial joint
convex surface of one articulatin bone fits into a concave depression on the other bone.
Example: Elbow Joint, Knee, and the finger joints
joints between the superior and inferior articulations of adjacent vertebrae are
localized movement angle foot to point upward
movement that raises a bone vertically
-bones forced out of alignment-usually accompanied by sprains, inflammation, joint immobilization-reduced: placed back in alignmentrepeat dislocations occur because tendons and ligaments have been stretched
lack of grammatical sequence or coherence, esp. in a sentence.
synchondroses joints
synarthrotic, hyaline cartilage that unites bones,
A ______________ joint consists of a bone with a round head that articulates with a cup-shaped cavity of another bone.
H+ and Bicarbonate are removed by the
the joint that permits the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body?
STAGE IV Reduplicated Babbling Stage
7-11 months
what does it sound like?
Canonical Babbling
7-11 months
begins to sound from a native speaker
starts to use the sunds of the lang.
sounds become more like those the kid is exposed to

exhibits prosody, inflection, linguistic stress
non-native sounds begin to drop out
which may be the first evidence that they are using what they hear to shape what they are doing

increased perios of interaction between kid and parent
CV syllables become longer
Shoulder (describe joint)
AKA Humeroscapular or Glenohumeral Joint**Most freely moveable joint of the body and the most injured.Coracoacromian ligament - coracoid process of scapula to the acromian process of the scapula.Coracohumeral Ligament - coracoid process of the scapula to the greater tuburcle of the humerus
smallest unit of speechmade up of targets
-joint between tooth and mandible or maxilla
Examples of Rotation are ___________.
Internal=Medial, External=Lateral, Supination vs Pronation
connected by cartilage stuck to bone, somewhat mobile
What type of joint is between the vertebral articular processes?
an example of a synchondroses is the
epiphyseal plate
are not part of the synovial joint itself 
composed of dense regular connective tissue
attaches a muscle to a bone
Anulus Fibrosus
is the tough outer layer of fibrocartilage that covers each intervertebral disc
Abduction and Aduction always refers to  the movement of what
the appendicular skeleton
Elbow (describe joint)
Hinge joint, 2 articulations (1 humeroulnar joint and 1 humeroradial joint)Annular ligament, encircles the head of the radius and attaches at each end to the Ulna.Radial and Ulnar co-lateral ligaments, restrict side to side movements of the elbow.
involves the movement of the trunk sideways to the right or left at the waist, in frontal plane at intervertebral joints
lateral flexion
Fibrous joints
fibrous CT joins the bonesno joint cavity presentmost are immoveable
not meant to be taken seriously or literally:
(in Gnosticism) one of a class of powers or beings conceived as emanating from the Supreme Being and performing various functions in the operations of the universe.
What movement does the elbow pivot joint allow?
supination and pronation
In the Pulmonary arteries the partial pressure of oxygen is
40 mm Hg
The respiratory control centers respond to activation of chemoreceptors by increasing
ventilation (breathing reate and force) which helps to reduce CO2 levels
Developmental Stage of infant speech prd.STAGE 1
Quasi-Resonant Nucleus Stageaka: phonation
bending of the foot at the ankle in the direction of the superior surface (toes up)
___________ of the thumb to touch any finger (thumbprint to fingerprint) and to move the fingers back would be _________.
Opposition, reposition
The elbow joint is what type of joint?
hinge and pivot
Temporomandibular ligament
is composed of two short bands on the lateral portion of the articular capsule. 
These bands extend inferiorly and posteriorly from the articular tubercle to the mandible
What is a "true word"?
a stable phonetic form used consistently
a phonetically similar to adult word form of a particular lang.
ex. aba for car= protoword
      ka for car= word
initially true words for a kid
single syllable
redup. syllable
open syllable (more than closed)

initial manner
stops, nasals, glides
lever systems, definition and location. 1. lever
rigid bar that moves, long bones
At what body sites does the partial pressure of carbon dioxide exceed the partial pressure of oxygen
systemic veins
the right atrium and ventricle
the ankle is a _______ joint.
the toes are a _______ joint.
What movements are allowed in the tibiofemoral joint?
flexion, extension, slight rotation of tibia on femur when knee is flexed
What are the 4 different types of joint movement?
Gliding, angular, Rotation and Special
What bones articulate on the hip joint?
head of femur and acetabulum of hip bone
boasting; bragging.
intervertebral ligamentconnect spinous processes of adjacent vertebrae
applied force, muscle
Three cuneiforms (tarsal bones),cuboid, and bases of five metatarsal bones
Synovial (plane)
Slight gliding
Somewhat moveable (mostly cartliage)
What joints are biaxial?
Condylloid, Saddle
Patellofemoral joint: Patella and patellar surface of femur
Tibiofemoral joint:  Distal end of fibula and fibular notch of tibia
Superior Joint: Synovial (plane)
Inferior joint:  Fibrous (syndesmosis)
Slight rotation of fibula during dorsiflexion of foot
---------- almost always precedes production
concave shaped articular surface permitting too much mobilityTwiddling thumbs
stretched or partially torn muscle
a natural inclination or tendency:
contains a joint cavity, mobile
________ are fluid filled sacs associated with synovial joints.
Thumb; trapezium (carpal bone) and first metacarpal
Other digets: Carpals and metacarpals II-V
Synovial (saddle) at thumb; synovial (plane) at other digits
flexion,and opposition at thumb;gliding at other digits
a totally rigid immovable joint resulting from fusion of bones.
joints that are slightly movable (joints between vertebrae)
articular cartilage covers bone @
synovial joints
____________ is a degenerative joint disease that is age related or genetic disorders of cartilage.
lacking confidence in one's own ability, worth, or fitness; timid; shy.
What type of synovial joint allows side to side movement only?
Adjacent bones in proximal row of capal bones
Adjacent bones in distal row of carpal bones
Adjacent bones between proximal and distal rows (midcarpal joints)
Synovial (plane)
arthritis encompasses all the rheumatic diseases that affect :
mistaken immune responces
collagen formation
immovable joints (sutured bones of the cranium)
InfraspinatusTeres Minor
Prime movers of shoulder joint HORIZONTAL EXTENSION
fibrous synarthrosis joint in which a cone shaped peg fits into a socket ( root and tooth)
Diarthrotic joint characteristic
synovial fluid that lubricates joint.
a sudden, unpredictable change, as of one's mind or the weather.
the temporomandibular joint is ____________ above articular disc, and ___________ below.
gliding above, hinge below
_________ ______ has a consistency of uncooked egg white and functions to mositen and lubricate the smooth carilaginous surfaces within the joint
synovial fluid
Types of Synovial Joints
1. Gliding Joint
2. Hinge Joint
3.Pivot Joint
4.Ellipsoidal Joint
5.Saddle Joint
6.Ball-and-socket Joint
Articular Capsule
surrounds the joint and promotes an extensive range of motion
movement that allows you to gaze at ceiling?
out and up away from bodyarm, leg, finger motion away from the longitudianl axis within frontal plane
refers to the movement of a bone toward the midline
one bone whose articular surface is saddle shaped and another boen whose articular surface is shaped like a rider sitting in the saddle, movements are extension - flexion, abduction - adduction, and circumduction
saddle joint
movement of a joint beyond the normal limits resulting in injury like whiplash is known as_________.
an act or instance of understanding or mentally supplying something not expressed.
a person who moves about restlessly or aimlessly, esp. from one social activity to another.
What are the two types of cartilaginous joints?
sychondroses and symphyses
examples of synovial joints include the
elbow, shoulder and hip
In the pulmonary veins the partial pressure of carbon dioxide  is
40 mm Hg
Anterior DeltoidPectoralis Major- Clavicular Portion
Prime movers of shoulder joint EXTENSION
a person who dedicates his or her life to a pursuit of contemplative ideals and practices extreme self-denial or self-mortification for religious reasons.
Examples of ball-and-socket joints are the
hip joint and shoulder joint
Biaxial - Condylar Joint
Synovial Oval articular surface on one bone closely interfaces with a depressed oval surface on another bone
EX: Condylar Joint MP Joints(metacarpophalangeal)
FUNCTION: Diarthrosis
anterior surface of a bone of the limb is turned toward the midline
medial rotation
What is the movement and example of symphysis?
Amphiarthrosis-pubic symphysis and inteverterbral discs
the digestive and urinary are accosiated with the skeletal system because...
they provide calcium and phosphate minereals needed fo bone growth
2 classifications of joints. 1.Functional classification
based on the amount of movement permitted
What kind of structure is a fibrous joint
It is synarthrotic - immobile
a meniscus of articular disc whithin a synovial joint, may
subdivide a synovial cavity
channel a flow of synovial fluids
allow for variations in the shapes of the articular surface
At rest we consume how much oxygen per hour
15 liters per hour
(250 mL per minute)
/ 107

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