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West Africa
Terms Definitions
1887 Gabon
HM Cole
Central Pende.
DRC, 1950s.
Djenné, Mali, 1906.
Monet. Argenteuil. 1873.
(Cameroon Grasslands) Kingdom
Fang. Gabon. Reliquaries.
Drawings from the notebooks of Fernand
Grébert, 1913-17.
Central Pende.
Sculptor: Mashini Gitshiola.
Mask name: Gatambi a Imbuanda
(a female mask)
Sculptor: Zangela Matangua.
Performed by Khoshi Mahumbu. Central Pende. 1989.
Mbangu (on the right), DRC
Central Pende.
Gindongo (i) tshi?
Sculptor: Khumba Gabama
Performer & Inventor: Gambetshi Kivule
Diboondo Terracotta.
19th century (?)
H. 17".
Central Pende.
Mbangu. DRC,
20th century.
N. of French Congo
Figurated trumpets (nsiba).
Wood with porcelain-inlaid eyes,
Late 19th-early 20th century,
H. From 54" to 34"
Central Pende. Mubolodi [=average male]. DRC. 1989.
Corot. Bridge at Mantes. 1868-70.
Equestrian Figure, Inland Niger Delta.
14th-15th century.
H. 58 cm
Inland Niger Delta, Mali
Thermoluminescence date of ca. 1270-1460,
H. 7"
Djinguereber Mosque of Timbuktu. Mali
Completed ca. 1330.
Fang. Reliquary Figure.
Early 20th century
H. 54 cm
Fang. Reliquary figure.
Late 19th century
Brooklyn Museum.
H. 23"
Head for a reliquary container.
Collected ca. 1895
H. 48 cm (19") (with neck)
What's oozing out?
Kongo, Woven Raffia Hat, Congo-Brazzaville or DRC, 17th century.
Pota in performance, DRC,
(Kongo)Specific Nikisi doll. Activated by nails and/or the driving in of sharp objects. Used by entire village, original appearance is quite altered.
Ife people. Ruler/king of life.
(Cameroon Grasslands) King of village
Central Pende.
Gandumbu (the little widow)
DRC, 1989
Baule, Loom heddle pulley, Ivory Coast, 20th century. H. 8.9"
Baule, Otherworld woman, Ivory Coast, ca. 1965
H. 39.5 cm
Baule, Seated Male Figure, Ivory Coast, H. 37 cm.
Tumba. Steatite. H. 22".
19th century (?).
"Sharp knife depends upon the whetstone.
Long life depends on the ear."
Kongo, Ivory oliphant, Angola. Before 1539.
Acquired by Cosimo I de Medici at the time of his marriage to Eleanora of Toledo in 1539 (a present from the pope?).
Central Pende. Female Mask. DRC, Collected 1934.
The second mosque of Djenné, Mali,
built 1834-36 by Sékou Amadou.
Architect: Ismaila Barey Traoré
R/Dan, Wooden mask with "masculine" features, Liberia,
Early 20th century.
The old mosque, Ségou, Mali.
ca. 1890
(Cameroon Grasslands) 1876-33 King of the Foumban
Above Gabon, famous for cannibalism, feared by other African people. Strong warriors, constantly on the move. Sense of balance/symmetry in their lives. Had sharp, fang like, teeth that were shaved down with the use of a knife and hammer.
Yoruba people. God, twin giving, trickster god. Yoruba people. Mediator between gods and humans.
Baule, Figures for a trance diviner, Ivory Coast.
H. 55.4 cm (male) and 52.5 cm (female).
The Met.
Baule, Fragment of an Otherworld Man. Ivory Coast, ca. 1900
H. 28 cm.
Brooklyn Museum of Art.
The Maiga House, Djenné, Mali. 16th century???
Chéri Samba. "When there was nothing else left.... Africa remained a daydream."
DRC. 1997.
Chéri Samba. AIDS won't be curable for another 10 - 20 years. DRC. 1997.
[Excerpted translation in the notes.]
Why are they waving bras?
Akenzua II
(Benin) 1933-78 ruler. Central role: maintain order in the universe>
(Yoruba) Health/ well being of the community.
The King aka emperor. The Ashante people.
(Igbo people.) Shrine, only used for men. Figure made of wood and covered in all the animal power figures.
House of the Maiga Family: the oldest in the city,
16th Century??
Djenné, Mali.
Photo ca. 1930.
An nganga with his display of minkisi, ca. 1906-10.
"I build around myself a fence; the luumbu [maze]."
Kongo, Tumba. Steatite. DRC
19th century (?).
Makoza of Kingoyi,
Head of a Niombo, 1903.
Made to represent a recently deceased chief & father.
Kente Cloth
Famous Ashante cloth that is woven long strips of fabric sown together, symbol of African heritage. Made by the Ashante people.
British Punitive Expedition
(Benin) British officer is 1897wanted to visit the king in time of casrifice and warriors killed him and most of his party. After doing so the British Navy retailiated with an attack, and stole articfacts.
Egungun Mask
Masks to honor ancestors, made by Yoruba. Believe the living community benefits from honoring the ancestors. Help recent dead make journey to the spirit world.
Late Benin- Masks
New and exciting art.Flage expanded features, further exaggerated. Wing like projections on the crown thought to represent swords of the court. Beading hanging in front of the eyes.
(Igbo) Goddess of the earth, god of enlightening.
Kind Leopold's Ghost
(Kuba)Book written by Hochild, nasty man.
Middle Benin- Masks
Abstract/ decorated art. Showed how phosphorous people were.Larger/heavier heads. Beaded collar reaches the mouth with additional bead cluster to the crown.
Houses. Mali. 1970s-80s.
What are the advantages of stepped recessions in the facades of the buildings?
Master of Buli
Luba people. Artest who created the stool of authority, which showed the importance of wo,men.
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