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Terms Definitions
configuration information
lost files directory
print work directory
bash, csh, ksh, zsh
a way or passage out:
locally generated programs (apps are installed here)
list files and directory currently in
UNIX Shell functions
Starts, stops, and manages processesManages filesCommands can be entered manually or scripted
Symbolic Link
just a pointerdelete the link, target remains
Which of the following commands is useful when you want your shell program to automatically remove any temporary files that are created when the shell script runs? a. tr b. dd c. trap d. dl
c. trap
A(n) ____ is a name that represents another command. a. finder b. alias c. translator d. none of the above
b. alias
When debugging a shell script, which of the following options displays the lines of code in the script as they are read by the interpreter? a. sh -v b. sh -x c. sh -i d. sh -a
a. sh -v
cd by itself will will return to home directory
Which of the following is an example of a low-level language? a. Source language b. High language c. Development language d. Machine language
d. Machine language
configuration information
view ownership
ls -l
mount command
mount /dev/device /mount_point
Unix Command form
command -flags operand
cd etc
change to etc
Login shell
started automatically at user loginstored in /etc/passwdparses startup scripts in user home directory (~/.login, ~/.cshrc, ~/.profile)
su - gcsqb1
to check current password
Allow others to run apps as root
Interactive shell
non-login shell that allows user to enter commands
____ logic enables your script or program to execute a statement or series of statements ONLY if a certain condition exists. a. Sequential b. Decision c. String d. All of the above
b. Decision
cd project
to change directory ie. cd project
____ works so that commands are executed in the order in which they appear in script programs. a. sequential logic b. symmetric logic c. both A and B d. none of the above
a. sequential logic
| - sends output of program a to input of program b
____ is a computer language that uses English-like expressions. a. Machine language b. Source language c. High-level language d. Development language
c. High-level language
.. '
dot dot; the next higher directory
umount /mount_point
remove file
for email
list file characteristics
change ownership
chown user.group /dir/file
Korn Shell
/bin/kshintroduced command line history and tab completion
Non-interactive shell
normally contains scriptsinherits from parent shell
creating a link
ln -s source target
change only the group ownership
chgrp group /dir/file
cd ..
move one up in directory tree
Grammatical mistakes that are located in a program are referred to as ____. a. logic errors b. syntax errors c. language errors d. interpreted errors
b. syntax errors
Basic Permissions of a file
Read / Write / Execute
You would use the ____ command for looping through a range of values. It causes a variable to take on each value in a specified set one at a time and perform some action while the variable contains each individual value. a. and b
c. for
Which of the following is NOT needed for the program development? a. Asymmetric logic b. Sequential logic c. Case logic d. Decision logic
a. Asymmetric logic
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