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Richard Arkwright
water frame
Wrote The Republic
21st Amendment
repeal of prohibition
Marine biologist & 1st environmentalist who wrote "Silent Spring."
Eastern America = One continous...
The Inca were located where?
novelist during the individualism movement inspired by emerson. He explored the limits of individualism in even more extreme and tragic terms and emerged as a scathing critic of trancendentalism. He wrote Moby Dick in 1851. The book was at first a failure- too dark for the public.
Prime minister of Germany. Won Franco-Prussia War. Creates Triple Alliance. Is dismissed by William II
secondary sources
Interprets and analyzes primary sources, 1 or more steps removed from event. ex. magazine, book review, and a biography
Salutary Neglect
Undocumented British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws, making colonies obedient to Great Britain
baby boom
population experts called the phenominon
Maximilien Robespierre
ruler of France from 1793-1794
Industrial Revolution
the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation; began in Great Britian
After defeating Antony, Octavian took this title..
Policy by which stronger nations extend their economic, political or military control over weaker nations or territories
An accomplice during a crime that helps by watching for others (Possible answer, nothing else found)
Spaniards born in South America; could not hold highest offices; well educated; one rank below peninsulares; driving force behind independence movement
Upper House, which consisted of 58 appointed members
Scipio Africanus
Roman general who commanded the invasion of Carthage in the second Punic War and defeated Hannibal at Zama (circa 237-183 BC)
water cure
forcing water down victims' throats until they yielded information or died
Cesar Chavez
Organized Union Farm Workers (UFW); help migratory farm workers gain better pay & working conditions
Henry David Thoreau
American transcendentalist who was against a government that supported slavery. He wrote down his beliefs in Walden. He started the movement of civil-disobedience when he refused to pay the toll-tax to support him Mexican War.
christian democrats
political movement based on combining democracy with moderate social reform
Any of various religions other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.
Another name for a don jon.
A keep
Adolf Hitler
Imposed brutal dictatorship on Germany and began his pursuit of world domination after becoming Germany's chancellor in 1933; instituted a program to purify the fatherland of Jews
He proved that we really exist
De Cartes
the first dynasty of Arab caliphs whose capital was Damascus
worldwide; extending to all parts of the earth
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, gives firsthand account of treatment of slaves
F.W. DeKlerk
90's, a South African president who legalized the ANC, ended apartheid, and released Mandela from prison
crier who calls the Muslim faithful to prayer from the minaret of a mosque
Delian League
A grand naval alliance of Greek city-states, created by the Athenians and aimed at liberating Ionia from Persian rule. Also served as a banking alliance also lead by Athens.
USS Dolphin
the ship in which American soldiers were arrested in the port of Tampico under Huerta's control, even though they were released, it still gave the US reason to fight
name of the island to which the nationalist forces in China retreated to at the end of the war
John Sutter
German Immigrant, Built a trading post and cattle ranch. Sutter's Fort was often the first stopping point for Americans reaching California.
1/2 million
How many immigrants were fighting in the war
A gasoline-based bomb that set fire to the jungle.
Proposition 13
Forced the state of California to drastically roll back property taxes
George Washington
young major sent to Virgina militia who was sent by King Goerge 2nd to the Ohio Valley to warn the French that they were on British land and must leave
Jan Hus
A Bohemian professor who taught that the Bible was higher than the pope. He was excommunicated in 1412 and burned as a heretic.
People with good ______ are reborn at a higher level.
(Rosa) Parks
An African American woman who was aressted for not giving up her seat to a white man.
My Lai
a villiage in northern South Vietnam where more than 200 unarmed civilans, including women and children, were massacred by U.S. troops in May 1968
Congo Independent State
leopoid II of Belgium claimed Congo independent state and was owned by a single person until Belgian parliament took away because of slave treatment and gave to Belgium to rule as a whole
Nicholas II
was the czar of russia and abdicated on the ides of february 1917
People hold the final authority in all matters of government
Reign of Terror
Violence in France after the French Revolution, lasted 1 year, conflict between the Girondins and Jacobins, executions of radical enemies of the revolution
July 2, 1776
Date that the representatives of the 2nd Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.
How long were vets to wait for the bonus?
Townshend Acts 1767
Taxes placed on imported goods, more admiralty courts created, suspended NY legis.
totalitarian state
a government in which a small group totally controls the lives of a country's citizens
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
employed young men on public-works projects, working in many national parks and to improve forest land
Haymarket Square Riot
In 1886, there was a labor-related protest in Chicago which ended in deadly violence.
the use of land for growing crops and raising animals; farming
Innocent the third
The pope in the early 1200's that struggles with Philip IV
Battles of Lexington and Concord
First military engagements of American Revolutionary War, symbols of American separation from Great Britain, 1755 in Massachusetts
Boer War
A war that went from 1899 to 1902, during which guerilla wafare from the Boers was countered by British troops burning crops and leading women and children into detention camps; Britain won, a peace treaty was signed in 1902, and they made the Union of South Africa in 1910, which combined Cape Colony and the Boer lands; the British promised the Boers only Europeans would be able to vote
Quakers and Pennsylvania
members of the society of friends, a religious group persecuted for its beliefs in the 17th-century england
William Penn Founds Pennsylvania (1682)
refuge for Quakers; Practice religious toleration; pacifists who refuse to bear arms; oppose slavery
as slave trade died out
when did interest in interior Africa begin?
Declaration of the Rights of Man
a statement of revolutionary ideals adopted by France's National Assembly
International Ladies' Garment Workers Union
An organization of people that make ladies garments. Their workers went on strike in the years just before the triangle fire.
Germany and the US
The two countries the led their way to industrial leadership were ____________.
Was not a change that occurred in Greek society during the Hellenistic Age
people's loyalty to their city-states increased
Boston Tea Party/East India Tea Company
1773 • After tea act, all tea thrown into Boston harbor • Happened b/c smugglers were upset that tax was lowered, East India Tea Co. had a monopoly on tea (fixed price, can't be involved in tea trade) • Paul Revere (and maybe Sam Adams) were there • British reaction: crack down, force colonists to pay for tea
Charles Goodyear
founder of Jainism
summer vs. winter
oldest city in africa
an agreement to end fighting
hostility toward or discrimination against Jews
which mound-building group used engineers and other organized labor to create the city of cahokia?
Vice President under Eisenhower and 37th President of the United States. resigned after watergate
businesses that are owned collectively by their members
an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security
The "buckskin" colonial soldiers whose military success did nothing to alter British officers' contempt
Federalist Papers
Written my Hamilton/John Jay/James Madison. Convinced people to be federalists.
George Whitefield
British Methodist minister who preached his way through the American colonies during the Great Awakening
1944, Allied invasion of Normandy which began land assault in Europe
a clergyman having spiritual and administrative authority
Sherman Antitrust Act
Outlawed any trust/agreement that operated in restraint of trade or commerce among several states
northern region of Rome; brought their culture
19th amendment
Guaranteed women the right to vote
labor force
those employed or seeking work actively
Sally Hemings
Mixed race slave from Charlottesville, VA, owned by Thomas Jefferson (3rd President of USA), had his children
Russo-Japanese War
tentions between Russia and Japan flared into a fight over China and Korea; Feb 8 1904 war broke out when Japanese launched a surprise attack, devastating Russian fleet; Japanese occupied Korea and drove Russians back to Manchuria; Roosevelt welcomed a negotiated settlement; resulted in Treaty of Portsmouth in which all concessions went to the Japanese; Russia acknowledged Japan's "predominant political, military, and economic interested in Korea"; both powers agreed to evacuated Manchuria
Washington Irving
American author. Sleepy Hollow/ Devil in Tom Walker/ all of his stories are based in the Hudson Valley.
In 1939 a majority of Americans believed that Europe's w3ars were of no concern to the US. The leaders of this movement were responsible for keeping the US out of the Leage of Nations at the end of WWI.
Social Security act
unemployement insurance; paid for retirment, disability and senior citizens 64+
original history research that can be biased
This group of friars emphasized love of nature.
Sanford B. Dole
American businessman who became president of the new government of Hawaii after the queen was pushed out
system of government in which two nations ruled a region as partners
In Hindu belief, a person's religious and moral duties
Korematsu vs. U.S.
amendment are suspended during war time, (japanese to interment camps)
government in which a king or queen rule over all
a way of direct control in which countries would provide for a colonies' needs, but not their desires
Rice and Indigo main cash crop for
South Carolina
battleship that had to travel all the way around south america in order to join the fleet in cuban waters
U.S. Sanitary Commission
a private relief organization that collected millions of dollars for projects to improve the living conditions of Union Soldiers
The unifying principle of the Whig party was opposition to
Andrew Jackson
group of Germanic people who rose to prominence under the leadership of King Clovis
Albany Congress
Called by Ben Franklin to send delegats from all colonies to New York. Goals were to hold a meeting with North Americans and to create a Plan of Union. Both ideas were rejected by almost every colony. (Gave Brittain proof colonies were nothing to worry about because they would never unite)
Mary I
daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon who was Queen of England from 1553 to 1558
Battle of Yorktown
American and French troops bombarded Yorktown with cannon fire turning its buildings to rubble
King Edward
Alfred's cousin, when this king died without an heir, it caused an English Civil War
This event in Germany showed the world how Nazi Germany viewed Jews
Harlem Renaissance
a period in the 1920s when African-American achievements in art and music and literature flourished. Pride in Culture and race.
74. Who were some of the greatest Renaissance artists? Can you match each of them with his most famous work?
Northwest Ordinance
Enacted in 1787, one of the most significant achievements of the Articles of Confederation. It established a system settling the western territories so they could eventually become states on an equal footing with the original 13 states
Distinguishing features of the caste system
skin color; jobs; cleanliness
grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the Americas, including the right to use Native Americans as laborers on it
Lexington and Concord
first "battles"; meant to get suppies from militia, but shots exchanged between minutemen and the british as the british continued to concord; Americans ambushed british, killing 170 British soldiers
Name the American General who defeated the Indians at the Battle of Tippecanoe?
William Henry Harrison
a member of the branch of Islam that accepts the first four caliphs as rightful successors to Muhammad
What are the main religions of Asia?
Christianity,Islam, BUDHISM!, Hinduism, Sikhism, SHINTO!
George McClellan
a general who led the new union army
Jacob Riis
A muckraker who wrote How The Other Half Lives.
willingness to go to the brink of war to force the other side to back down, President Eisenhower was always ready to threaten nuclear war to maintain peace, worried American public
Wilson created this organization to sell the war through posters, pamphlets, and movies
Committee on Public Information
Fall of Weimar Republic
when germany's economy went down the drain after WWI
edna st. vincent millay
wrote poems celebrating youth and a life of independence and freedom from traditional constraints
greece and yugoslavia
what areas became free of russia after the war?
Clara Barton
left her job in a patent office to nurse soldiers on the battlefield. the fact that she actually went out on the battlefield during fights made her so special
Sherman Anti-Thrust Act
An 1890 law banning any trust that restrained interstate trade or commerce.
New Orleans
Which battle in the War of 1812 was a victory led by Andrew Jackson
What new inventions came about in the Han Empire?
textile manufactoring, watermills, iron casting which led to steel, paper, rudder, force-aft-rigging
150. What were the chief Aztec crops?
corn, cacoa beans, squash, cotton
bill of exchange
issued by a banker in one city to a merchant who could exchange it for cash in a distant city, thus freeing him from traveling with gold, which was easily stolen
Peasants had to sell land in the Han Dynast. What were they forced to become?
tenant farmers because aristocrats held most of the land
54. How did Henry II change English law?
the same for everyone; created by England's royal judges; formed from custom and tradition; established common law
capital of india
wrote satires on rome
"living space"-the additional territory that, according to Adolf Hitler, Germany needed because it was overcrowded
II Duce
Mucilini; authoritism dictator
keeping communism within existing boundaries
george w. kirk.
command to colnel.
First permanent English settlement
Jamestown, 1607
Utopian Socialism
Hypothetical visions of perfect egalitarian, communalist societies
raise interest rates (people borrow less so no double money)
In a(n) protectorate, local rulers governed but western powers were in actual control.
(Thomas) Jefferson
wrote the Declaration of Independence
were did the trianglulare trade originate?
William Penn
Quaker founder of Pennsylvania colony
Who is Plato?
~Socrates "disciple"~The cornerstone of his thought was his theory of Forms or Ideas.~developed the belief that our world was not the only world of ginuine reality.~Wrote the Republic
JDB debow
the non-slaveholders of the south
The government did not have a_________ while in the Articles of Confederation.
created the formula to calculate the relationship between the sides of a right triangle
An important trading city where new mosques were built which attracted judges, doctors, religious leaders, and scholars, increased its population.
those who rule cannot be held responsible for the will of the people
Sought to rouse patriotic feeling and restore traditional Roman virtues by recalling images of Roman's heroic past
plaster figures in pits in Jordan
Term 3.2  Hudson Bay
the world's largest bay
Shosone indian woman who, along with her French fur-trapper husband, accompanied and aided Lewis and Clark on the expedition.
Seleucid Empire
WHAT: Empire resulting from the division of Alexander's conquests. Went from Messopotamia to India, but the eastern provinces were soon lost
WHERE/WHEN: See above, 3rd and 4th centuries BCE
WHY IMPORTANT: It isn't really, except that it was sort of a new empire and stuff
5 Things Stalin Did Against Public
Police Terror
Religious/Ethnic Persecution
Locarno Agreements
October 1925. Britain and France accept revisions of the Treaty of Versialles. Brought new hope to Europe and angered many people in Germany and in France.
plessy v. Fergusson
-railroad companies in Louisiana were required by state law to provide "separate-but-equal" cars for A.A. passengers -in 1880 a group of citizens selected Homer Plessy to challenge the law -He boarded the car on the train that was white only and refused to leave -he was arrested -Plessy appealed to the supreme court arguing that the Louisiana separate but equal law violated his right to equal protection under the 14th amendment -lost the case
Psalms 136:25
Verse stating that the Lord "giveth food to all flesh: for his mercy endureth forever"
Stonewall Jackson
He became one of the important southern generals in the first battles of the war. Standing near a wall during battle, he was an inspiration to his troops to turn the tide of battle and win the day.
Giving in to an aggressor to keep peace
natural laws
according to the ancient Greeks. the general rules that nature follows
William Shakespeare
Greatest playwright of all time; wrote MacBeth, King Lear, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet; introduced new words to the English language
george mason
virginia rep, refused to sign the constitution becasue it did onot contain a declaration of rights
Postwar economy
In the South, economic life hd sropped. Banks and buisnesses closed by inflation. Factories dead. ransporation system broken. Agriculture crippled (crops and farms destroyed and slaves freed)
to discuss in order to reach an agreesment
economic setup in which companies compete for profits
free enterprise system
Outline Darwin's life
Born 1809 to upperclass wealthy family. Went to Edinburgh for medical school, didn't like it. Went to Cambridge for clerge/natural history. John Henslow suggested him to go as captain's companian with Robert Fitzroyon the beagle. John Wedgewood approved. Voyage of beagle 1831-1836. Coast of South America, galapagos. Read Malthus's essay on the principle of pop. Campe up with natural selection. Pushed publication off until 1859 when he received Wallaces' letter
These invaders swept through the south & west of Europe conquering large areas after 476.
Germanic Invaders
Glorious Revolution
There was little bloodshed in England and little threat of social disorder, and the event soon came to be called the Glorious Revolution. Its achievements were set down in the Declaration of Rights, which was presented to William and Mary before they took the throne.
Council of Clermont
1095 in south france, pope urban II
Second New Deal
New set of programs and reforms launched by FDR in 1935
Election of 1860
Lincoln won b/c the Democratic party split over slavery. South no longer felt like it has a voice in politics. 11 states seceded from the Union.
Germany was declared a new independent Empire in the Palace of Versailles'
Hall of Mirrors
Hall Passes
Only 1 hall pass per quarter, must have planner, if you must leave without it you will recieve an office referral.
Deng Xiaoping
leader of China after Mao; wanted to reform China into capitalism
Racial “science"
Charts of what people were called when born from parents of different races: Castizo, Mulatto, Chino Labo etc.
George Marshall
came up w/ the Marshall plan - European Recovery Program
age of imperialism
time period from 15th to 18th centuries which fostered exploration
Home-front effects in the South
economy suffered because workers left or had to be paid
Lancaster Turnpike
Was probably the best road in the U.S. Built in the 1790's by a private company, the road linked Philadelphia and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Because the road was set on a bed of gravel, water drained off quickly. For a smooth ride, the road was topped with flat stones.
two cmps speech
1946 stalin makes a speech saying the US and russia we're incompatible. churchill calls this the iron curtain
what thought did the south enforce?
the thought of race control
Declaratory Act 1766
Parliament had the right to make laws for the colonies in all matters
North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO
defense alliance between US, Canada, Breat Britain, France, Italy, ......
what were the black codes?
southern laws designed to limit the right s of African Americans
all states must agree
who had to agree for the dec of in
mental problems and need to loose weight
Amphetamines are prescribed for people who?
Loose interpretation of the Constitution
If it doesn't say we can't then we can
How much of the earth is covered in water?How much of the earth's water is salt water?How much of the Earth's water is usable?The amount of fresh water on the earth is ______.
70+%, 97+%, 1%, almost always constant
No jobs in other areas of the US, Expensive Land
Name 2 push factors for people moving out west
New France
Joseph McCarthy
1950s anti-communist senator
bull leaping
form of bullfighting
George Pullman
Developed luxury railway cars
Society of Harmonious Fists-Chinese organization. Practiced Shadowboxing and tried to destroy Christian missionaries (Chinese Christians)
Monroe's Secretary of Sate
JQ Adams
Commercial centers grew wealthy because of
basic prinicple that government and those who govern must obey the law; rule of law
exclusive control or possession of something
a person selected by state legislatures to cast votes in presidential elections
The constitution can be changed through the process of
John C. Calhoun
Andrew Jackson's vice-president; called the 1828 tariff a Tariff of Abominations, a "disgusting and loathsome" tariff; believed that if the federal government refused to permit a state to nullify a federal law, the state had the right to withdraw from the Union
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were two alein men in Massachusetts who in May of 1920 were charged with payroll robbery and murder. They were persecuted more on theor views than on what they supposedly did. The courts rejected all appeals and they died in the electric chair on  August 23,1927. Their fate symbolized the bigotry and intolerance that lasted thru the 1920's.
* Mulattoes
mix of european and african.
Thurgood Marshall
African-American lawyer became the first black supreme court judge that helped fight discrimination in schools
no money
inflation- the economy has no money.
Rosa Parks
an African American seamstress who didn't give up her seat on the bus and was arrested
The attribute of accepting the facts of life and favoring practicality and literal truth.
dollar diplomacy
president Taft's policy of influencing Latin America through economic rather than military intervention
Washingtons cabinet
Established a cabinet with three department heads: secretary of state (Jefferson) secretary of treasury (Hamilton) secretary of war (Knox)
A japanese american whose parents were born in japan.
Federal Deposit Insurance
Corporation (FDIC)
Glass-Steagall Banking Act (1933)- established the ______________, which protects consumers by insuring deposits up to $2500. (an amount 
later raised $5000 during the D), gave Social Security to the elderly, Progressive Dream 
____________ _________ made travel by ship faster and easier
technological improvements
option to govern acts which is expressed either verbally or physical acts
pertaining to or characterized by the principle of political or social equality
Permission from the king to start a colony
Marcus Garvey
Civil Rights leader, founded the UNIA, to help african americans achieve equality through independence, believed african americans should be separate society.
a mob looking for gunpowder and arms stormed this prison in paris. The mob overwhelmed the guard and seized control of the building. The angry attackers hacked the prison commander and several guards to death. Then they paraded around the streets with the dead men's heads on pikes.
Roman Catholic Church
The church headed by the Pope
The sun centered theory of the universe is called:
Heliocentric Theory
James Oglethorpe
Tough minded soldier that was strong on buliding British Empire but also passion for reform
System used by nobles and rulers where peasants were bound first to the land they worked and then, by degrading obligations to the lords they served.
Hawaiin king, forced to accept a new constitution, died in 1891
the part of the country outside its capital or its largest city.
created during the early 1500s by a few people, but the most well known is calvin. this is basically known as biblical Christianity. Now also known as Huguenots, Presbyterians and puritans
defensive alliance
agreement to help out another country if attacked
an epithet of Buddha meaning "he who has attained his goal."
a company or group of people who are authorized to act as a single entity
Judiciary Act of 1789
creates the federal court system; establishes in each state a federal district court that operates according to local procedures
A person of high rank by birth or title
carry naiton
a extremist who wanted the banning of alcohol
Pragmatic Sanction
Proclaimed by Charles VI in 1713, it stated that the Habsburg possessions were never to be divided and were always to be passed intact to a single heir.
The belief that the sun was the center of the universe and the earth and everything elserotated around it.
What was the Specie Circular?
Jackson's directive that the government would accept payment for public lands only in gold and silver
who were edward II's "favorites"
piers gaveston and hugh despencer
Southern owner of a small farm who did not have enslaved people
Hudson River School
school of art, new style that uses illuminating, study nature and landscapes, murals
T or F: The 95 theses were pounded on the door of a church so there would be so much noise to attract the attention of all the people
patrick brought christianty to ireland
in 400 AD a preist named
Upton Sinclair/The Jungle
wrote a novel about the evils of capitalism, but the unsanitary conditions of meatpacking struck home and caused the Pure FDA and Meat Inspection Acts in 1906
Industrial Workers of the World
Formed in 1905. Progressive movement. Formed by \"rugged\" workers from all over the place, they were a giant union of awesomeness. Perhaps alone they were weak or simple.
Sedition Act
1798, (1) , made it a crime to write, print, utter, or publish criticism of the president of government, 1918 (2) made it illegal to try to prevent the sale of war bonds or to speak negatively about the government/the flag/the military/the constitution (basic denial of freedom of speech!).
Why were certain trade routes called the triangular routes?
Because they formed a triangle
At first what kind of government did the Turkish nationalists intend on creating?
A Western-style parliamentary democracy with a strong executive.
What did Ignatious Loyola do? Why?
He started the Jesuit Priests because he wanted ot convert everybody to Christianity.
What two things made the American public angry?
Germany's submarine warfare and the Zimmerman note.
6 people killed, 1042 people injured,Feb. 6, 1993. Wanted to use chemical & biological weapons.
WTC BOMBING: how many killed? how many injured? wanted to use what kind of weapons used?
what did woodrow wilson call WWI?
the war to end all warsthe war to make the world safe for democracy
simple life
Commercial/manufacturing interest envisioned activist central government strong in New England
feutal landlords in japan
jim bowie
at the Alamo
Taxes on imports and exports.
-Emperor Mutsuhito
-Brought a new Western political system with a legislative body
-Country was divided to 75 prefectures
-2 political groups liberals and progressives
*Liberals wanted a democratic model with supreme authority in the Parliament
*Progressives wanted power shared between legislative and executive branches
-Gave land to peasants, money to the Daimyo, and now farmers paid a tax based on how much money they made that year.
Economic restructuring policy that allowed people to own property, businesses etc.
civil rights act
no public discrimination
linkage institution
political channels through which peoples concerns become political issues on the policy agenda (elections, media, etc)
China split into several kingdoms during the Period of ???, which lasted for more than 250 years and changed China's culture.
the separation of people by race
Schecter Brothers
NRA declared unconstitutional, because it violated interstate commerce for a bunch of jews.
whipped for his worship practices which the Spanish interpreted as witchcraft; ran the Spanish out of New Mexico in 1680 with 17,000 warriors
any of the leading philosophical, political, and social writers of the 18th century French Enlightenment
convert who spread christianity from mesopotamia to rome
an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.
Sugar Act
1764-replaced molasses act. tax on molasses from anywhere expect GB. lower tax, so its enforced.England called it American Revenue Act.
Republican elected in 1953; wanted to boost the economy and reform the government and education
pledged to:
1) cut bureaucracy
2) curb the 'creeping socialism' of the new deal
3) balance the budget
4) reduce government regulation of the economy
spanish military bases located in the americas
missi dominici
Royal officials under Charlemagne who traveled around the country to enforce the king's laws
To do or say something in return
Constitutional Convention
(1787) When Virginia called for convention to fix control of commerce. in 86 only five states showed but Hamilton introduced idea of Philadelphia convention to deal with whole article of confederation. This convention consisted of 55 participants led by Washington. Much debate over revising/re writing constitution and large state/small state plan. Eventually came up with th Constitution and the "Great Comprimise" agreeing on House of representatives
Walter CAmp
athletic director and football coach at Yale; gave most of the game's modern character; limited to 11 on the fied, scrimmage line, 4 down system, quarter back; first all-american teams
Impact of Television

The __________ coverage-the evening news coverage demonstrated the ugliness and tragedy of the war, leading growing numbers of Americans to question U.S. involvement in the War.
In the concentration camps, the people least likely to be executed were
the healthiest
Election 1988
Rep- Bush wins against D- Dukakis
a hospital for the treatment of chronic diseases, as tuberculosis or various nervous or mental disorders.
a change in, or addition to, the constitution or law
social darwinism
idea that took darwin's ideas and applied them to society, used to justify racism, and nativism
Magna Carta
the "Great Charter" of rights, which King John was forced to sign by the English nobles at Runnymede.
Wu Zhao
Empress who ruled when China conquered Korea
Proved to be the savior of the Republic, and gained an amazing amount of popularity throughout France.
Roger Williams
Bought land from Indians and founded Rhode Island
New England
the place the Pilgrims landed instead of the place where they had permission to land
C.D. Howe
Minister of Trade and Commerce During the Pipeline Debate
Bessemer process
a new process to manufacture steel cheaply
discovered by Henry Bessemer
in aryan society, a member of the social class made of priests.
Northwest passage
Thought that above North America there was a passage that could get you into Americas. Fail.
Jacques Necker
financial minister who wanted to tax everyone in France
a member of the highest, or priestly, class among the Hindus.
Zoot Suit Riot
conflict between U.S. Navy sailors and Mexican Americans.
Convention of 1800
agreement that frees America from its alliance with France; forgives French for its $20 million in damages; some say this resulted in Adams losing his bid for a second term as president
Emperor when Zheng He was sent out to explore
Marian Anderson
one of the greatest concert singers of her time
Who was the leader of Germany after Hindenburg?
Adolf Hitler
Religon is born in the 600s in the Arabian Peninsula. Mecca-where the Ka'aba-ancient shrine. Muhammad is the founder of Islam. he is born into a prominent Mecca family. He was a trader and business manager. He is very interested in religion. While meditating in a cave outside city (Mt. Hira) he hears the voice of Angel Gabriel speak to him-"You have been chosen as God's prophet." Muhammad transcribed the words of Angel Gabriel (words of Allah) into the Koran (Qur'an). Islam="submision to the will of Allah." Muslim="one who has submitten." Koran is 80% as long as the New Testament. Composed of 114 surahs (chapters). Most memorized book in the world. The Bible is the most published book in the world. The Bible is made up of the Old and New Testaments.
Who was the author of the Leatherstocking novels?
James Fenimoore Cooper
Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia
President ot Paraguary from 1814-1840. He is conservative and isolates his coutry. He wants ito be self sufficient so he creates "State Farms" He was the first president of Paraguy and he makes Paraguya stable and peacful.
slave codes
the laws passed in the Southern states that controlled and restricted enslaved people
spheres of influence
section of a country where one foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers
A bacterial disease of fleas that can be transmitted by flea bites to rodents and humans; humans in late stages of the illness can spread the bacteria by coughing. High mortality rate and hard to contain. Disastrous. (280)
fugitive slave act
fugitive slaves were not allowed to a trial. a statement from the owner was all that was needed
Who blockaded Germany during WWI?
British ships stopped supplies from reaching German Ports, also intercepted weapons, food, and cotton but wilson reached an agreement with Britain
The three men of the First Triumverate
Crassus, Caesar, and Pompey
What did David Walker write
Appeal to colored citizens of the world
the average drive had...
a cowboy, cook, wrangler, and a trail boss
Plessy vs Ferguson
Was a court case that went to the Supreme Court that ruled that racial segration was legal in public facilities.
Name some things that made Russia different from the rest of Europe in terms of culture, government, religion, or education.
Russia was different because the Renaissance skipped over them so they were further behind. There were also many illeterate people and few educated nobles. They didn't follow western European culture and religion.
Why were extended families important to African Americans
They needed extended families so they would have stability, if there was only a mom and dad and one of them was taken away there would only be one but with extended families they would have aunts and uncles and people like that to help.
How were European peasants affected by Europe's growing involvement with the world?
Their lives did not change very much
What does the Third Amendmant say about the quatering of troops in privite homes?
no soldier shall, in time of peace, be quarterd in any house without the consent of the owner
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