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Terms Definitions
Motility, Tumbling
Glioblastoma multiforme
Chocolate cysts
KOH prep
mold hyphae
Bullet shaped capsid
multiple myeloma (stacked RBCs)
Ferruginous bodies in lung
Nutmeg liver
Congestive Heart Failure
Neurofibrillary tangles : intracytoplasmic microtubule inclusions
Heavily encapsulated yeast
Cryptococcus neoformans
RBCs in urine
Bladder cancer
Buffered charcoal yeast extract
Granular casts
Acute Tubular Necrosis
Tram-Track IF glomeruli
Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis
subepithelial humps on emergency medicine
smudge cells
CLL ( smashed lymphocytes)
Media - Eaton's agar
Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Media - Thayer-Martin chocolate agar
Yeast w/ capsular halo
Cryptococcus neoformans
Waxy casts
Advanced renal disease (CRF)
Multinucleated squamous cells w intranuclear inclusion
Hypochromic Microcytic RBCs
iron deficiency anemia
Budding yeast w/ pseudohyphae
Candida albicans
Basophillic stippling of RBCs
lead poisoning
Hirano bodies : intracytoplasmic actin inclusions (eosinophilic rods)
Lewy bodies : eosinophillic inclusions of ubiquinated neurofilaments in substantia nigra cells
Cigar shaped budding yeast
Sporothrix schencki
basophilic stippling
lead poisoning (dots in RBC)
Clue cells
Gardnella vaginitis (bacteria on epithelial cells)
Crushman spirals
bronchial asthma (coiled mucinous fibrils in sputum)
Kimmelsteil Wilson nodules
diabetic nephropathy (acellular nodules in glomerulus)
HPV infection s/as condyloma , cervical dysplasia ( look for perinuclear halos)
Branch septate hyphae w/ athroconidia
Tinea pedis
Dimorphic yeast sperules with endospores
Coccidioides immitis
Councilman bodies : eosinophillic inclusions w/i dying hepatocytes
Yellow fever
Smudge cell : fragile lymphocyte disrupted during slide prep.
Fruiting bodies and 45 degree branching septate hyphae
Ground glass nuclei
Papillary CA of thyroid
Kimmelstein-Wilson lesions : pink peripheral nodules of glomeruli
diabetic nephropathy
Peripheral Blood Smear - scant cytoplasm w/ round dense nucleus
Media - Bordet Gengou agar
bordetella pertussis
Reinke crystals
Leydig cell tumor ( rectangular crystals , ovary or testes)
WBCs in urine
acute cystitis (heavy neutrophilic infiltrate)
cerebriform nuclei
mycosis fungoides( cutaneous T cell lymphoma)
Homer Wright rosettes
neuroblastoma (ring of neural cells)
Aschoff bodies : fibrinoid necrosis surrounded by multinucleated giant cells
Rheumatic fever
Call-Exnor bodies : rosette-like structure resembling an ovarian follicle
Granulosa cell tumor
Asteroid bodies : flower-like spores at end of hyphae
Sporothrix schenckii
Reinke crystals in GU tissue
Leydig cell tumor
Spindle cells(4)
Spin the F**** LOG!- Fibrosarcoma- Leiomyoma (fibroid)- Osteosarcoma- Giant cell tumor of bone
Media - Buffered charcoal yeast extract
legionella pneumophila
Hemolysis - alpha incomplete /green(2)
Strep. Pneumoniae;Viridians strep
Dohle bodies : dilated endoplasmic reticulum of PMN, appears as gray cytoplasmic inclusion
acute inflammation
Target cells: bullseye(2)
- Alcoholic Liver disease- Thalassemias
needle shaped (-)vely birefringent crystals
gout ( uric acid)
pseudopalisading tumor cell arrangement
glioblastoma multiforme (foci of necrosis surrounded by intact tumor cells)
wire loop lesion
lupus nephritis ( thickened capillary basement memb )
Lewy bodies
Parkinson d/s (round pink nodules in neuronal cyto)
Tear drop cells : mis-shapen RBCs(2)
- Thalassemias- Myelofibrosis
RBC casts(4)
MING casts a red sky...- Malignant HTN- Ischemia- Nephritic syndromes- Glomerular inflammation
Media - chocolate agar w/ V, X
H. influenza
Media - MacConkey [pink colonies](3)
MacConKEE:- Klebsiella- E.coli- Enterobacter
Rectal polyp w/ glands & sawtooth crypts
Hyperplastic Polyp(normal--benign)
Owl's eye cardiac myocytes in cross section
Rheumatic fever
signet ring cells
gastric CA (have nucleus , compressed to one side of the cell)
Call Exner bodies
granulosa theca cell tumor of ovary (ring of cells with pink fluid in center)
hypersegmented neutrophils
macrocytic anemia ( vit B12 or folate deficiency)
Mallory bodies
alcoholic liver d/s ( ropy pink cyto structures in hepatocytes)
Orphan Annie nuclei : hypochromatic nuclei
Papillary carcinoma of thyroid
Weibel Palade bodies : granules contain vWF, adhesion molecules
nml in endothelial cells
Auer rods : cytoplasmic inclusion rods in leukocyte
Acute promyelocytic leukemia (AML)
depigmentation of neurons in substantia nigra
Parkinson/s d/s ( degeneration of dopaminergic nigrastriatal neurons )
Peripheral Blood Smear - Hypersegmented neutrophils
Megaloblastic anemia; B12 or folate deficiency
Epitheloid cells : epithelial looking cells on H&E
activated macrophages as in granulomas
Ito cell : stores vitamin A
Causes fibrosis of liver -> cirrhosis
Joint mice
c.Perfringes,Anthrax,Tetani(and fungi)
Darkfield microscopy
WBC casts
Apple-green bifringence
Bug:Mucoid capsule
Motility, Swarming
Proteus mirabilis
Bug:Metachromatic granules
Corynebacteria diptheria
Warthin-Finkeldey Giant cells
Heterophile Ab test
Flea bitten kidney
Malignant HTN
Spaghetti and meatballs
Malassezia furfur
Hemolysis - gamma none
Keratin pearls
Squamous cell carcinoma
Reid Index [increased]
chronic bronchitis
WBCs in urine
Acute cystitis
Stains - Ziehl-Neelsen
Mycobacteria(Acid-fast bacteria)
Lumpy-bumpy IF glomeruli
poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis
Starry sky
Burkitt's lymphoma [EBV]
WBC casts in urine
a/c PN
hypochromic microcytosis
IDA , lead poisoning
Media - Lowenstein-Jensen media
mycobacterium tuberculosis
Bug:Comma shaped
Campylobacter(*grow @ 42 degrees)
Stomatocytes : RBCs w mouth
Red inclusions in endocervical cells
Branching septate hyphae @ 45°
Bug:Captain's wheel
Paracoccidiomycosis[PARAot on the Captain]
surfur granules
Actinomyces israelii (clusters of bacteria )
keratin pearls
SCC (concentric layers of keratin)
Auer rods
AML, particularly promyelocytic (rods in WBC cyto )
RS cells
Hodgkin lymphoma( large binucleate cell with large nucleoli )
Branch hyphae w/ rosettes of conidia
Crinkled paper-looking cell with enlarged cytoplasm
Gaucher's disease
Reed-Sternberg cells : binucleat cells w prominate inclusion like nucleoli
Hodgkin's Disease
Red snappers on acid fast staining
Spike and Dome IF glomeruli
Membranous glomerulonephritis
Kidney has split basement membrane
Alport's syndrome
Anitschlow myocytes : reactive histiocytes
Rheumatic fever
Fried egg look(2)
- Mycoplasma pneumoniae- Oligodendroglioma
Peripheral Blood Smear - frosted glass cytoplasm w/ kidney shaped nucleus
Charcot-Leyden crystals : refractile crystals seen in eosinophils
bronchial asthma
Ewing sarcoma (ring of cells with central vessels)
Ferruginous bodies
Asbestosis (rod shaped structures with crystals on them )
Donovan bodies
granuloma inguinale (oval, rod shaped organisms in cells)
Heinz bodies
G6PD deficiency (red cell inclusions )
Blue dome cyst
fibrocystic disease of the breast
Pigment - lipofuscin
Yellow-brown granular pigment of "wear-n-tear".
Pigment - Melanin(2)
- ACTH overproduction (Addison's)- Malignant melanoma.
Pigment - Hemosiderin(3)
- Hematochromatosis- Left heart failure- Anemia of chronic disease
Hemolysis - beta complete /clear(3)
Strep. pyogenes;Staph aureus;Listeria
Homer Wright rosettes : "small cells" surrounded by fibrillary processes
Crescents in Bowman's capsule
rapidly progressive [crescentic] glomerulonephritis
Negri bodies
rabies ( large viral inclusions in neurons) (in emergency medicine)
Howell Jowell bodies
splenectomy or non functioning spleen ( blue black erythrocyte inclusions)
Russell bodies
multiple myeloma ( hyaline spheres in plasma cells)
Birbeck granules on EM
histiocytosis X ( eosinophilic granuloma)
Dx:Asteroid bodies - stellate inclusions w/i multinucleated giant cells(2)
- Noncaseating granuloma- Sarcoidosis
Media - charcoal blood agar with cephalexin
bordetella pertussis
Lactose fermenting(3)
Lactose is the KEE- Klebsiella- E. coli- Enterobacter
Masson bodies : clumps of Mac digested debris from lung
Bacterial pneumonia
Pigment - bilirubin(3)
- Hemolytic anemia- Hepatitis- Gall stones
Schiller Duval bodies : papillary infoldings into cysts in GU tissue
Yolk sac tumor
Short, curved hyphae w/ round yeast
Malassezia furfur(Tinea vesicolor)
Clue cells : epithelial cells w adherent bacteria
Gardnerella vaginitis
pick bodies
pick d/s ( silver prot deposits in neurons)
starry sky pattern
Burkitt lymphoma ( sheets of small lymphocytes with scattered histiocytes as stars)
tram track appearance on LM
membranoproliferative GN ( double contour capillary loops)
normal Peripheral Blood Smear - cells w/ granules & bilobate nucleus(2)
- Basophil- Eosinophil
Media - Mannitol salt agar
Staph aureus [ferments]from other staph
Hydatid sand :broad capsule full of silicates
Echinococcosis(sheep herder's disease)
Owl eyes nuclei
CMV ( due to viral particles in nucleus )
Rhomboid crystals in joint fluid , (+)vely birefringent
pseudogout (Calcium pyrophosphate crystals)
Bread and butter pericarditis(4)
A PURrrr:- Acute MI - Pericarditis, fibrinous- Uremia- Rheumatic fever
spike and dome on EM
memb GN ( irregular dense deposits with basement memb material between deposits )
Howell Jolly cells : RBCs w nuclear remnants(2)
- Splenectomy- Hgb SS
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