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degrees Kelvin
Terms Definitions
circular motions
gregorian calender
modern calender
What substance is Pluto?
doppler shift
a blueshift or redshift
telescope where secondary meirror reflects back thru hole in primary where eyepiece is
*layer above the photosphere*radiates in Hydrogen Balmer lines (emmision spectrum)
fraction of incoming light returning directly into space
contain a different number of neutrons. can be radioactive and spontaneously decay.
constellation to commemorate table mtn at cape of good hope
infrared radiation
electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer then visible light but shorter than radio waves
blackbody curve
characteristic distribution of rdn from hot object
difference between mean sun and apparent sun
terrestrial planets
inner four planets which have densities similar to that of earth and composed of similar chemicals
Which of the following best describes the modern definition of constellation?
A)a collection of bright stars that are near one another in space
B)a group of stars that all lie at about the same distance from earth
C)one of 88 regions of the sky or celest
Light Year
bigger than the average distance between the Earth and Sun
unit of distance
distance light travels in a year
cosmic ray
high speed particles traveling through space
According to the nebular theory, what are asteroids & comets?
A)The are the shattered remains of collisions between moons
B)The are chunks of rock or ice that condensed long after the planets and moons had formed
C)They are shattered remains of collision
an atom that has become electrically charged due to the loss or addition of one or more electrons
Which of the following limits to resolution is impossible to fix by corrective optics or relocation of the telescope?
A)spherical aberration
B)light pollution
C)chromatic aberration
D)the limit due to diffraction
order of saturns rings, from closest to farthest from center
time zone
divide circumference of earth (360o) into 24 time zones. each time zone is (360o/24h) wide. 15o/hour
albert einstein
proposed that light sometimes acts as particles and used this idea to explain photoelectric effect
semiminor axis
one-half the minor axis of an ellipse
If Neil Armstrong stayed on the Moon for several weeks, he would notice which of the following?
A)The sun would not rise or set
B)The earth would exhibit phases, but would not rise and set. The sun would rise and set
C)The earth would not rise or set, and
Absolute Magnitude
"M" the apparent magnitude of that star if it were at the distance of 10pc
an ancient religion now known to be completely unfounded or anything factual.
big brother to MW
670 kpc away, 35 kpc across
an "outside" view of MW: stars, clusters companions
Space Shuttle?
First reusable space craft that glides into its landings like an airplane.
hot-spot volcanism
the creation of volcanoes on a planet's surface caused by a reservoir of hot magma in the planet's mantle under a thin part of the crust
stable Lagrange points
locations throughout the solar system where the gravitiational forces from the Sun and a planet keep space debris trapped
age of open clusters
9 to 10 billion years
type of star the sun is
g2v yellow dwarf
saturn's rings
many particles of ice and dust
many particle collisions cause rings to be thin
newton's second law
the acceleration of an object is proportional to the force acting on it
Newton's laws of motion
Newton's equations that describe the motion of matter as a result of forces acting on it
right ascension
angular distance of a body along the celestial equator from the vernal equinox eastward to the point on the equator nearest the body. analogous to longitude in the terrestrial coordinate system
Newton's 1st
Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it
the breakup of nucleus in the core of a massive star due to the effects of energetic gamma rays
light-gathering power
a measure of how much light a telescope intercepts and brings to a focus
brown dwarf
any of the planetlike bodies with less than 0.08 M and more than about 13 M; such bodies do not have enough mass to sustain fusion in their cores
Which of the following objects are made of least modified matter, resembling the original 'stuff' out of which the Solar System was made?
Asteroids and comets.
Event Horizon
the boundary of a black hole from which no radiation may escape
the part of the zodiac in which the influence of a planet is weakest
Does the universe look the same in the directions of the HDFN and HDFN (fractions of galaxy types statistically similar)?
A: Yes.
B: No.
A: Yes.
mass is a form of energy. what is the equation
Type I Cepheid
variable star found in the disks of spiral galaxies
great dark spot
a storm on neptune that disappeared in 1994
conservation of angular momentum
the law of physics stating that the total amount of angular momentum in an isolated system remains constant
Similarities between Uranus and Jupiter?
Both have rings, both are gaseous planets, and they are both in the solar system.
What is Saturn's ring made of?
What is Saturn's ring made of?
1. What is the temperature of the universe at present?
A: about 2.7 degrees Kelvin
B: about 10,000 degrees Kelvin
C: exactly 0 degrees Kelvin - absolute zero
D: about 1 million degrees Kelvin
E: about 300 degrees Kelvin
A: about 2.7 degrees Kelvin
because magnetic field is perpendicular to its axis
what makes us think Uranus might have ben knocked on its side by a collision?
What types of fundamental particles are in an atom?
A: just up quarks, down quarks, and electrons
B: just electons and positrons
C: just up quarks and top quarks
D: just down quarks, electrons, and positrons
E: just neutrons and electrons
A: just up quarks, down quarks, and electrons
What is the underlying reason why Mercury and the Moon are so similar in appearance?
Because both are small for a planet.
In the night sky, we are able to see some planets with the unaided eye because
They reflect the Sun's light
2. In Carol's (and Kaku's) theory of eternal inflation
A: our universe undergoes extremely fast expansion forever
B: many baby universes form, most of which are dead, but some which are similar to ours
C: astronomers can never buy much with the money they
B: many baby universes form, most of which are dead, but some which are similar to ours
Newton's 3 laws, including (3.1)
1) a body at rest or in a state of uniform motion will remain at rest or in uniform motion, unless acted upon by a net external force; 2) f=ma; 3) for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
2. Which is a reason that we know dark energy is a major component of the universe?
A: The universe is flat and regular matter doesn't contribute enough energy density.
B: The universe would not be 2.7 degrees Kelvin today without dark energy.
C: The grav
A: The universe is flat and regular matter doesn't contribute enough energy density.
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