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Terms Definitions
DISCREPANCY inconsistency
INTERIM meantime
BROCHURE pamphlet
NEOPHYTE beginner
BREVITY shortness
DEPOT warehouse
Milieu Surroundings
Paucity Scarcity
Vim Energy
EPITOME typical representation
FORTITUDE steady courage
GIST essential content
INFIRMITY physical defect
LETHARGY sluggishness, drowsiness
LEGION large number
CONSENSUS general agreement
BASTION stronghold, fortress
ALIAS assumed name
BRAWL noisy fight
FOYER entrance hall
Impetus Moving force
Apex Highest point
GAMUT the whole range
FIASCO complete, humiliating failure
CRITERION standard of judgment
Venture Something involving risk
Din Loud continuing noise
Avarice Greed for wealth
Stigma Mark of disgrace
CONNOISSEUR expert judge of quality
LEGACY material or spiritual inheritance
LEVITY lightness of mood, frivolity
OVATION enthusiastic reception, usually accompanied by generous applause
Reverence Feeling of great respect
Chagrin Feeling of deep disappointment
GRIEVANCE complaint made against those responsible for an unjust situation
PHOBIA unreasonably intense fear of something
HINDRANCE obstacle; something that delays reaching a goal
DROUGHT long spell of dry weather
NICHE a suitable or desirable place
INCUMBENT present holder of an office
Exodus Departure, usually of large numbers
BOON benefit (e.g., a boon to business)
GENRE a class or category, especially referring to the arts or entertainment
OBLIVION a condition of complete ignorance, forgetfulness, or unawareness
IDIOM expression peculiar to a language which has a different meaning from the literal meaning of the words which make it up (e.g., "hit the road")
Proviso Requirement that something be done, usually made in writing
Oversight Failure to include something through carelessness
FORUM a gathering for discussion of issues, often public ones
IMAGE likeness or reflected impression of a person or object
PEER an equal in age, social standing, ability, or some other quality
PARTISAN one who supports (usually strongly) a particular cause, person, or idea; in a contry occupied by an enemy, one who opposed the occupying enemy by acts of defiance or sabotage
Quandary Uncertainty about a choice between two courses of action
Tribunal Place of judgment, such as a court
Bigotry Unwillingness to allow others to have different opinions and beliefs from one's own
Pittance Very small amount or sum of money
PANORAMA a clear view of a very broad area
INITIATIVE desire or ability to take the first step in carrying out some action
CYNIC one who doubts the good intentions of others
MYRAID a large number of varied people or things
DICTION manner in which words are used or pronounced in speech
OVERTURE first step, which is intended to lead to others in either action or discusssion
GHETTO city area inhabited by members of a group that others look down on
Glutton One who overeats or who indulges in anything to excess
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